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Chapter 36 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 Hey Krishna!

Feeling the Sun disturbing his eyes, Armaan opened his eyes and frowned as his body ached. He looked around and found himself laying on the couch.  Not used to seeing himself sleeping there, Armaan got confused and looked around.  He saw Riddhima walking around with her toothbrush in her mouth and towel hanging from her shoulders, just like a typical house wife.  Her eyes fell on him and she spoke with a bright smile.

"Goo-" She started to talk but realized she had a brush in her mouth and took it out.  "Good morning Armaan!" Armaan was stunned seeing Riddhima talk to him in such a nice tone.  "How are you Armaan?  Raat ko neend toh achhi aayi na?  I know couch bohat hi comfortable jagah hain, but sone ke liye... nahh." She said in her usual teasing voice and Armaan made a relaxed face.  Riddhima would never change.

"Yeah.  Bohat maza aaya sweetheart." He tried to sit up straight but hissed feeling pain in his shoulder.

"Ole, ole, ole, ole, ole... Almaan baby ko dard hua?"  She talked to him as if he was a baby with her eyes wide open.  Her expressions changed into a wide smirk as she went back to doing her work.  Armaan just rolled his eyes and looked at the time and almost had a heart attack knowing it was 8:00.

"Oh f**k!  It's 8:00!  Riddhima tumne mujhe uthaaya kyun nahin!" Armaan asked, angry because he was so late.

"Kyun?  Aaj koi zaroori kaam hain kya?"

"Riddhima don't act so innocent!  Tumhe pata hain na aaj meri ek important client ke saath meeting hain!  Why didn't you wake me up damn it!"
"Itna gussa kyun ho rahe ho Armaan?  Sorry.  Mujhse galti ho gayi." She spoke in a not so sorry tone.  Armaan gave her a nasty glare and stood up.  Just when he was about to go to the bathroom, Riddhima ran quickly there and shut the door on his face.  Armaan just stood there like a statue, not comprehending what just happened.  As soon as he realized what Riddhima did, he started banging on the door like crazy.

"Riddhima!  Open the door damn it!" Riddhima covered her mouth with her hand and giggled.

"Sorry Armaan.  Better luck next time!"

"Riddhima open the damn door now, will you!  Main meeting ke liye already late ho chuka hoon and I can't afford to get more late!  Riddhima!"

"Sorry Armaan!  Lekin main iss ghar ki bahun hoon.  Aur main bhi already bohat late ho chuki hoon.  Aur ghar ki bahu late ho, yeh achhi baat nahin hain Armaan.  So pehle main tayaar ho loon, phir ek-do ghante mein tum bhi naha lena.  Okay?" She spoke mischeiviously.

"E-ek do ghanta!  Tum pagal ho gayi ho!  Tumhe itna time lagta hain nahane mein?!" He questioned incredulously.    Riddhima, who was brushing her teeth now, spoke up.

"Arre yeh toh bohat hi kam time hain!  Usually lagte toh mujhe teen-chaar ghante hain, lekin sirf tumhare liye main ek-do ghante lagaungi." Riddhima giggled silently at her own statement, enjoying the show.

"Thank you, Riddhima.  Thanks a lot for being soo considerate!" He spoke with gritted teeth.

"Oh, you're most welcome jaan-e-man!" Saying that, Riddhima did her little happy dance and went back to brushing her teeth.

On the other hand, Armaan cursed Riddhima so much for making him late for office.
"Hey Krishna.  Kya karun main iss ladki ka?" Shaking his head, he sat down on his couch and opened his laptop, waiting for Riddhima to come out.


Like she had told Armaan, Riddhima came out of the shower in about 1 and half hour.  She took her sweet time, beautifying herself.  She knew Armaan had an important meeting today so she made up the plan to make him late for the meeting the previous night.  That's why she made him sleep on the couch.
"Ab dekhna Armaan.  Main tumhe kaise pareshaan karti hoon." She smirked and walked out, drying her hair.  Armaan, who was working on the laptop, looked up and that was the only mistake he made. 

He was mesmerized by her attire.  She wore tight black skinny jeans along with a creamy backless top.  He watched as tiny drops of water made their way from her shiny black curls and down her tiny slender back.  A sudden rush of desire flowed through his veins.  He felt jealous of the water drops as they travelled down her body without any hesitation.  For a moment he wished he was as lucky as those drops.  All he wanted was to go up to her and lick those drops and make hot and passionate love to her like no one ever had.  He felt like a teenager with his hormones raging insanely.  His fingers curved into a fist as he imagined himself crushing her petite body against his and loving her. 

Giving into his wishes, Armaan walked up to her with slow heavy steps, his eyes caressing her curvy body.  He stood extremely close to her, his breath kissing her bare nape ever so lightly but even his slightest touch was enough to create a havoc inside her body.  Riddhima looked up in the mirror with jerk and a loud gasp escaped her throat seeing him so close to her.  She could feel her heart thumping against her chest and her mind went in a frenzy.  Armaan moved closer to her and pulled her close by her shoulders.  Dipping his head down, he placed a soft, feathery kiss on her nape.  Feeling his lips kiss her, she closed her eyes in pleasure and parted her lips.  Moving up to her ear, he left a small trail of soft, feathery kisses.  Riddhima breathed heavily as his kisses became moist and more passionate.  Her insides were burning with pleasure and desires.  She was aching for more from him.  Her mind was in frenzy.  His touch was created a havoc inside her body which made her forget everything. 

Armaan was simply losing his mind feeling her so close to him.  His arm circled around her waist, pulling her closer to his body.  Her soft flesh lured him towards her and he forgot what he was doing.  He groaned as her hand clutched his for support and bit her nape lightly, making her moan in pleasure as she arched her neck.  They could feel their hearts racing inside them.  The close proximity was igniting a fire through their bodies.  He placed soft, yet passionate kisses on her ear, making her twitch.  She turned her face towards him and looked at him intensely.  He could see the passion and want in her eyes, making him go insane. 

"Riddhima." He whispered in a husky, seductive voice.  She blinked softly and stared into his beautiful, magnetic eyes and he did the same.  He suddenly pulled her close by her waist with a jerk and her hands landed on his muscular chest.  With his hands, he slowly moved her hair from her face and she closed her eyes, breathing heavily.  His hand travelled down the side of her face to her neck and down her chest. 

"Armaan... please." She whispered softly, pleading him not to put her through this torture, but Armaan was far from heeding into her demands.  He was thirsty.  Thirsty for her, for her beautiful, gorgeous body which always did wonders to him.  He felt like a swimmer which had been kept away from land for years, like a man craving for water for days.  Slowly he moved near her but she backed away from him, not wanting to give into her desires.  She shook her head in a no but kept moving back.  Her back collided with the cold, concrete wall but she kept staring into his passion filled eyes. 

Armaan came closer to her and dipped his head to her neck.  He kissed her nape passionately and she turned her face to side giving him more access to her soft flesh.  His kisses started to become more and more urgent as he covered every inch of her neck area and moved further down, leaving a trail of wet kisses and love bites.  Her hands clutched his long silky hair pulling him closer to her body.  Moving up, he captured her lips into a hot, steamy kiss.  Riddhima felt as if her heart was going to explode with excitement.  She tried pushing him away but he instead grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the wall, kissing her urgently and passionately. 

As the kiss grew wilder and more passionate, his hands roamed all over her body, feeling and exploring her like crazy while Riddhima massaged his back, trying to calm him but it wasn't working.  Instead, it just aroused him more and he probed her lips, making the kiss deeper and sensual.  Once out of breath, Armaan stopped kissing her but kept his lips over hers.  Both stood there, their eyes closed and hearts racing crazily against their chests. 

"Please stop Armaan.  Please." Riddhima whispered, not sure if he heard her but he did.  With his eyes still close, he held the back of her head and pulled her close.

"I can't, Riddhima.  I can't." he started "You're driving me completely insane.  You're making me feel like I've never before.  When I'm around you, I have no control over myself.  I can't stop myself.  I can't keep my hands off you.  I'm thirsty for you.. for your body.  I don't know what you've done to me, but I can't stay away from you." He confessed honestly and she slowly opened her eyes. 

She was simply stunned knowing how he felt.  His confession put her in a dilemma.  She didn't know if he was saying the truth or if he was just making up another thing to get her to trust him.  A part of her told her he was lying but there was a tiny part inside her which screamed saying he was telling the truth and he meant every single word he said.  She stared at him, observing his facial features carefully for any signs of lie but she didn't find anything.  His beautiful face reflected nothing but honesty and truth.  She felt something stir inside her as she gazed at him.  He slowly opened his eyes when he received no response from her.  His eyes met hers and sparks flied in the air. 


"Yo, Bro! What are you doing!  Are you man or an animal?!" Abhi said, staring at Armaan in horror as he stuffed the final paratha in his mouth.  Armaan looked up and gave Abhi a murderous glare, daring him to say another word.  Abhi just shrugged his shoulders and went back to eating his breakfast, calmly. 

"Armaan!  What are you doing?  Hurry up and eat the food na!" Armaan looked up and saw Riddhima looking at him with a small smirk playing on her lips which made him glare at her. 

After their little moment in their room, Armaan had quickly taken a shower and had rushed downstairs and had full plans in his head to break through all the traffic sections to reach ME, but Riddhima had different plans in her mind.  As soon as he had gotten down, she and Bi had dragged him to the table saying he needed to eat something or else it'll affect his health.  Armaan tried explaining them about the important meeting he had with his clients but Riddhima said he needs to eat.  What made it worse was Riddhima kept adding paratha after paratha on his plate which annoyed him to no extent, adding to his misery.  He wanted to scream and tell people he was getting late for his meeting, but everyone would just look at him and then go back to laughing.  So to hurry up, he started stuffing the parathas in his mouth.  He wanted to pull his hair out in frustration.  He saw Riddhima talking to others with a wide smile on her face and glared at her.

Riddhima... I hate you so much right now!  Tumhari vajah se main apni meeting ke liye bohat late ho chuka hain.  Damn you!  Bohat ho gaya Riddhima.  Ab tak har baazi tumne jeeti hain, lekin ab nahin.  Aaj ke baad, harr baazi meri hogi.

He looked around and once he saw no one looking at him, he stealthily scooted his chair back.  He pretended to eat the paratha while picking up his laptop bag.  Once ready to take off, Armaan stood up and ran out the door, shocking every single person in the room. 

"Armaan!" Riddhima yelled his name, but he just got into his car and was out of their eyes within seconds.  Riddhima, who was still standing at the door, shook her head slowly with a small smirk. 

Sigh... Armaan, Armaan, Armaan... tum bilkul pagal ho.  Tum dekhna.  Yeh baazi bhi meri hi hogi.  You're going to lose, once again. 

She thought to herself with a smirk and then went inside the house.


Even though the office was quite at a distance, Armaan reached ME in no time.  He was so late for the meeting that he felt he was going to lose the contract today.  He wanted to kill Riddhima for making him so late.  As soon as he parked the car correctly, he jumped out of the car and almost ran into the office.  Getting in the elevator, Armaan quickly reached the top floor and ran to the conference room for the meeting.  Entering the room, he saw everyone getting ready to leave.  He saw of the employees of the office walk up to him and heard him talk.

"Sir, aap kahaan the?  Yeh sab kabse aapka wait kar rahe the.  Now they want to leave without signing the contract.  Please kuch kijiye sir, warna yeh contract humare haath se nikal jaayega." Armaan looked at everyone and heard someone speak.

"Mr. Mallik.  Yeh sab kya hain?  Hum approximately aadhe ghante se aapka intezaar kar rahe the.  Where were you?" A lady questioned.

"Humse toh kaha gaya tha ki Mallik Empire ke log strictly professional aur bohat hi punctual hain.  Is this how professionals behave?" Armaan carefully studied all the men and women in the room to get an idea of how everyone was.  His eyes scanned the young man who just dared to questioned his professional behave.  Only he and God knew how brutally he murdered that guy in his mind in under a second, but made sure he didn't let that show on his face.

"Well, to know how professional we are, you first need to speak with us.  Am I correct Mr..." Armaan  said with a small, challenging smile.

"Vivek.  Vivek Singhaniya." Vivek introduced himself in a very proud tone.  Armaan wanted to go punch the hell out of that Vivek guy, but knew it wouldn't be right at the moment.

"Right." he said and looked at the main person who was his client. "Mr. Singhaniya.  I apologize for coming here so late.  I know this isn't right but I have a very valid reason." Armaan tried explaining himself.

"Which is?"

"Mr. Singhaniya I've recently gotten married.  My wife has been trying to adjust to the new environment and I've been trying to help her out.  She cares a lot about me so I had to stay back for a while and that's the only reason I got late.  And you know the traffic of Mumbai.  I would've gotten here earlier but the traffic held me back.  I'm sure once you see my presentation, you won't be disappointed." Mr. Singhaniya thought over this for a moment and then nodded.

"Ok Mr. Mallik.  You have once chance to impress us.  If we think your presentation is worth it, then we shall sign the contract with you.  But remember.  You don't have that much time." Armaan  smiled at his reminder.

"Don't worry Mr. Singhaniya.  I'm sure you'll love it."

"I like your confidence." Armaan  smiled and walked up to the front while the others took their seat. 

The lights went off and Armaan  presented his presentation.  He explained every single thing with great detail and care which managed to impress everyone.  Armaan knew everyone was really getting impressed by his presentation and became even more confident every passing second that they were gonna get the contract.  Very soon, he finished his presentation and the lights came back on.  Everyone clapped as he finished the presentation and then stood up. 

"Wow Mr. Mallik.  I'm very impressed.  I must say the plan is very good.  What do you think son?" he asked his son, Vivek.

"Yeah Dad, I guess it's alright."

"So it's done then.  The contract goes to you.  Congratulations." He extended his hand for a handshake, which Armaan  gladly accepted.


"And Mr. Mallik.  A big congratulations to you for your wedding.  Hope you have a happy married life." Mr. Singhaniya said happily, which brought another smile to his face.

"Thank you once again."

With that, the clients left and Armaan gave himself a pat on the back.

Dekha Riddhima.  Yeh baazi bhi meri hui.  Ab dekhna.  Aaj ke baad, harr baazi meri hi hogi.  I promise you.  Ab mujhe sirf ghar aane ka intezaar hain.  Tumhara defeated chehra dekhne ke liye main bohat utaavla ho raha hoon.  Just wait up sweetheart. 

Armaan thought to himself and left the conference room.


As the sun succumbed into the horizon to light the other side of the world, the streets of Mumbai became quiet and Armaan drove back home.  He went straight to his room to change and quickly went down for dinner after freshening up.  He was totally famished since he didn't even have lunch because of his busy schedule.  As he walked down to the kitchen, he heard his stomach growl smelling the delicious aroma of the food.  As he came near the table, he was surprised hearing the significant laughter of Muskaan and the other girls. 

"Muskaan, Nikki, Anjali?  Tum sab yahaan?"

"Jeeju.  Riddhima ki shaadi aapse ho gayi, isska yeh matlab nahin hain ki hum Ridzi ko dekhne bhi nahin aa sakte.  Aajse hum roz yahaan aayenge.  Dinner ke liye.  Kyun Ridz?"

"Of course!" She replied with a big smile. 

"Oye Ridz.  Tu kya kabse sab ko serve kar rahi hain?  Baeth ke khaa na!" She smiled and nodded and took her seat beside Armaan . 

"So Armaan .  How was your presentation?" asked Anjali.

"Mm.. guess what?"

"You lost the contract?" Riddhima asked sadly, trying to mock him which made Armaan  laugh on the inside.  With a small smirk, he turned to Riddhima and spoke.

"No baby.  In fact, we got the contract." As he said this, the smile faded from her lips and she looked at him in shock. 

"Wow!  That's great!  Lekin kaise?" asked Rahul.

"Simple Rahul.  Main vahaan par pohanch gaya aur situation sambhaal li.  Unnko meri presentation bohat achhi lagi so we got the contract." he spoke, not moving his eyes from Riddhima even for a second. 

"That's awesome!" exclaimed Atul.

"Haan.  Aur yeh sab sirf meri Riddhima ki vajah se ho raha hain.  Thanks a lot Riddhima.  Tum meri zindagi mein mere liye good luck ban kar aayi ho.  Thanks a lot." He winked at her and she gave him a tight, angry smile.  She was so angry because her plan failed.  She rested her cheek on her hand and started eating.

"OMG Riddhima!" She jumped in her seat hearing Anjali.

"Kya hua?"

"I don't believe this yaar!" She exclaimed, confusing Armaan and Riddhima.

"Armaan!  Maine kabhi socha bhi nahin tha ke tum meri behen ke saath aisa karoge!" Armaan  got scared hearing Muskaan.  Did she find out about them?  But if she did, then how?  Did Riddhima tell her?

"K-kya matlab?" He stammered.

"Ridz ki gardan ko dekho yaar!  Kitna achha mark hain na Armaan ?" Armaan looked at her neck and was somewhat relieved seeing nothing but the love bites, but his face turned red as he recalled their hot moment from the morning.

"Hmmm... love bites haan?" Nikki said in a teasing tone and Riddhima became embarrased as she realized everyone had seen those bites.  She had tried to hide them using her long hair, but it obviously didn't work since they had seen her hickeys already.  They all laughed seeing Armaan and Riddhima's flushed faces. 

"Shut up guys!  Aur Muski.  Tu kya mere inn love bites ki baat kar rahi hain?  Tere bites ki baat karun?" She wiggled her brows and as expected, she immediately closed her mouth.  For a while, they talked about other random things like the festivals when Riddhima suddenly exclaimed. 

"OMG!  Guys!  Tum log kuch bhool rahe ho!"


"Guys!  Kal Christmas hain!  It's Christmas time!" Riddhima said in a very happy voice but was surprised when everyone suddenly became quiet.  She looked at everyone, trying to find someone else excited and happy about Christmas time, but saw nothing.  In fact, she saw everyone's eyes flickering towards Armaan , which confused her.  Turning her head, she looked at Armaan and was shocked seeing his face all hard and strangely emotionless.  His eyes were bloodshot red and she could see a thin line of water in his eyes, which was really scaring her.  What happened to him?  He was fine a moment back.  What happened to him suddenly? 

"Mujhe ab aur bhook nahin hain.  Main uppar jaa raha hoon." Saying this, he stood up and walked up to their room.  An awkward silence prevailed at the table as she saw him walk back to the room.

"Riddhima.  I think you should go up.  He needs you right now." Abhi spoke to her and Riddhima nodded, not sure of what Abhi meant by that.  Why did he need her now?  What was wrong with him?  Nevertheless she stood up and walked up to their room.  As she opened the door, she was confused seeing Armaan sleeping on the bed.  Of course she didn't want to sleep on the same bed as him, but a part of her trusted him enough.  Wondering about what was going on with him, she switched off the lights and laid on the bed, staring at his back.

Yeh achaanak Armaan  ko kya ho gaya?  Kuch daer pehle toh sab theek tha.  Toh phir yeh... pata nahin.  Lekin mujhe pata lagaana hoga.  Zaroor kuch hua hain.  Pata lagaana padega.

With these thoughts in her mind, she drifted into a deep sleep.



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