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Chapter 40 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Slow and Steady Steps

As I heard some strange noises coming from my surroundings, I opened my eyes to the bright light coming from the window and I closed my eyes again.  I sat up on the bed and stretched with my eyes closed and moaned.  I yawned and saw Armaan on the other side of the room, searching for something and I frowned.  How in the hell was he up so early today?  With this question in my mind, I looked at the clock.  It was only 8.

"Oh shit!  It's eight o' clock!" I jumped on the bed as I saw the time.  I was very late!  I looked at Armaan and questioned him.  "Oye body builder!  Tumne mujhe uthaaya kyun nahin!" I yelled at him but he just totally ignored me and acted like he didn't hear me.  "Armaan!  Main tumse baat kar rahi hoon!" This time he heard me and turned around.

"Talking to me?" His answer made me mad, but I put a sugar-coated smile on my face and said in a very sarcastic tone.

"Nahin.  Tumhare peechhe jo dus pandra log hain na, unnko bol rahi hoon.  Duh, tumse baat kar rahi hoon!  Tumne mujhe uthaaya kyun nahin?"

"Kyunki mujhe na, tumhari shakal dekhna pasand nahin hain.  Subah subah bohat daraavni lagti ho.  Just like a chudail you know!" My mouth dropped open at his comment.  I looked like a chudail?!  What the...!

"Tumne mujhe chudail bulaaya?!"

"Apne kaan ka ilaaj karva lo Riddhima.  I said chudail jaisi, not chudail."

"Ha-ha-ha.  Very funny!" he faked a laugh and turned to me.

"I know right!" I just rolled my eyes and got off the bed.

"Mere paas tumhari bakwaas sunne ka time nahin hain.  I'm going to go take a shower." I took the towel on the bed and started walking to the bathroom when I felt a tug on the towel and turned around to see him holding the towel in his hand.

"No ways.  Pehle main jaunga.  I'm getting late for office.  Tum baad mein chali jaana."

"Armaan.  Tum pagal ho kya, have you lost it?  Main already bohat late ho chuki hoon aur agar maine ek aur minute waste ki na, toh sab ko lunch bohat hi late se milega.  So pehle jaungi, I'll go first."

"Riddhima.  I'll go first!"

"No, I'll go first!"

"Listen.  Iss ghar ka maalik main hoon.  Toh pehle main jaunga!"

"Oye!  Tum maalik ho toh main maalkin hoon!  Merese panga liya na, toh raat ko garden mein sona padega!" I said pulling the towel towards me and then he did the same.

"Oye!  Baap ka maal hain kya!  'Garden mein sona padega.'  I'm going first!"

Armaan was making me mad now.  Why couldn't he understand?  Look at this.  He is the owner of M.E.  If he gets there late, no one's gonna say anything to him unless they wanna get the 'unemployed' tag on them.  If I get late here, EVERYTHING'S gonna be late!  So who should go to the bathroom first?  Me, right?!

"Armaan!  Tum zid kyun kar rahe ho!  Jaane do na!"

"Kyun jaane doon?!  Aur main zid kar raha hoon?  Main zid kar raha hoon toh tum kya kar rahi ho?!" I looked away from him as I knew he was not gonna give in so soon.  He was a very stubborn man, I tell you.  But I was Riddhima Gupta, oops.  Riddhima Mallik, I meant.  If he was stubborn, I was mega-stubborn.  I knew how to get around men.  Putting my smirk on, I slowly looked up into his eyes and raised my head.

"Toh tum pehle bathroom jaana chahte ho?" He gave me a little confused with a dash of scared look.

"Ye-yeah."  I smiled and slowly started to walk closer to him, making him move back.

"Are you sure want to go first?" I asked sexily, looking straight into his eyes and reducing the distance between us little by little.  If I wasn't imagining, I think I heard him gulp and kinda laughed on the inside. He was slowly losing control over himself and that's what I wanted.  As soon as his back hit the wall, I placed my hands on both sides of his face, blocking him completely.  I brought my face extremely close to his and let my gaze drop down to his delicious lips and then back into his eyes.  I moved my nose along his and I saw him close his eyes with pleasure.  I smiled evily as I knew my plan was working.  His grip on the towel loosened and I slowly and carefully opened the bathroom door.  As soon as the towel was in my hands, I quickly moved away from him but I felt his strong arms grab my waist and pull me into the bathroom as he closed the door behind us.

I gasped as he pushed me against the bathroom wall and pressed his body against mine.  As I looked into his eyes, I saw this strong and passionate emotion screaming at me as his blue orbs bore into mine, making me go crazy.  Did he have any idea what kind of effect he had on me?  Did he know how my heart would beat wildly when he was so close to me?  He obviously didn't.  His eyes bore into mine and I lost control over myself once again.  My heart thudded so loudly and crazily that for once I thought it'll explode right now.  Could he feel my heart?  Did he feel what I did?  Maybe not.  I had stopped denying my feelings for him a long time ago.  I was way past that stage now.  I did feel something.  I knew it.  And this wasn't a mere infatuation.  It was something much stronger, much purer.  Was it love?  I don't know.  I don't know if I loved him or not but I couldn't completely eliminate that option.

Suddenly, I felt some icy cold drops of water fall onto my skin.  I didn't say anything and neither did he as we stared into each other's eyes.  We held each other's gaze as the water ran down our bodies.  I watched as the water dripped from his hair and moved down his gorgeous face, his long neck and down his chest.  My hadns moved up to his face, slowly and carefully.  I wondered if he was real.  Was this man standing in front of me real or was he just a figment of my imgagination?  A dream?  If it was a dream, then I would never want to wake up.  A shiver ran through my spine as I touched his cheek and I was so glad he didn't disappear from my vision.

His eyes moved to my hand touching his cheek and then to my eyes.  He moved closer to me and at once captured my mouth.  Cupping my neck, he kissed me slowly and gently while I kissed him back with equal passion, as my hands moved down to his shoulders.  I held him close to myself with the fear of collapsing to the ground.  I felt his strong hands glide down to my lips as the kiss grew more passionate and wild.  He moved his tongue around inside my moth as we fought for dominance.  I could taste the sweet chocolate in his mouth, which made me crave for more.  A strange, dangerous desire arose in me.  The desire to kiss him till eternity and even after that.  The desire to hold closer to my body and never part.  The desire to feel his bare flesh against mine.

I slowly moved my hands to his shirt and started unbuttoning it.  I quickly worked my hands on his shirt and tried removing it but he made it easier by removing the shirt and throwing it in a corner of the bathroom.  He quickly moved my hands away from him and pinned them to the wall.  He kissed me hungrily as if life depended on it.  I felt his big, strong hands roam around my body, feeling and squeezing the curves on my body as I moaned in pleasure.  His hands moved up to my breasts and squeezed them, making me wince in pain.  As he heard me groan, he moved his hands down to my hips and pulled me closer.  Soon we ran out of breath and he left my lips, letting me fill my lungs with oxygen, but he was far from stopping.

He slid down to my neck and started placing wet kisses along my nape as I threw my head back.  He licked the wet water drop on my neck and bit it.  My body, shivering due to the cold water dropping on my skin, was on fire.  As he started moving down, he probably felt my shirt come in his way and the next moment, his hands crawled into shirt and he removed it immediately and threw it in a corner.  He quickly grabbed my waist and pushed me against the wall as he kissed my chest once again.

This just felt right.  Like, it was meant to be.  The way his body crushed mine made me want so much more.  My insides exploded with pleasure each time his manly lips touched my body.  As much as I enjoyed his touch, it was getting too much for me.  I found it difficult to breathe when he touched me like this.  In a swift motion, I turned and pinned him to the wall.  I held his shoulder and kissed his neck, sucking and licking every inch of his flesh and heard him groan in pleasure and want.  Moving down, I kissed him manly chest and felt him hold me tighter as he caressed my perfect curves.  This passion was burning in my veins, making me go insane.  My mind was filled with thoughts of him and only him.

All of a sudden, he turned and pinned me to wall again.  I opened my eyes and looked into his ocean blue ones.  I was intoxicated by his eyes.  They were so deep and beautiful.  I could drown in them for eternity.  What was so special about them?  Why did they always raise my heartbeat?  Why did they make me go so crazy?  His eyes were like an ocean.  An ocean of emotions, passion, and... and... I didn't know what else there was.

As we stared into each other's eyes, an image flashed before my eyes.  I saw an image of a pair of beautiful, gorgeous blue eyes staring at me with great intensity.  Then I saw another image of an unknown man saving me from falling, but I couldn't see his face because my stole was covering my face.  Those images disappeared and the next thing I saw was his eyes, boring straight into mine.  Then it clicked.  Armaan Mallik.  I saw his eyes in my dreams that day.  He was the one that saved me from falling that day in the office.  It had been him all this while!

"Armaan?" I whispered his name as I stared into his eyes with tons of questions.  There were so many questions but no answers.  Maybe even he didn't have the answers to these questions.  Why on Earth is he gonna know the reason I saw his eyes in my dreams even before meeting him?  Like seriously.  Actually, no one's gonna know the answer to this question.  But still.  Why?  I saw his gaze drop down to my body and then back up.  All of a sudden, I felt conscious.  Dude, I was standing almost naked in front of him!  He removed his hands from me and left the bathroom after giving me a look, leaving me wondering to myself.  I slid down the wall behind me and hugged my knees as I thought about everything.


"Hey Riddhima.  May I come in?" I looked up from my book and saw Jennifer standing in front of me.

"Oh hey Jennifer.  Yeah, come in." I put my book down and took off my glasses.  Jennifer smiled and sat down beside me.  "What's up?"

"Nothing.  I was just wondering if you'd wanna go shopping today."

"Shopping?  Again?"

"Yeah.  Shopping, again."

"Lekin hum kal hi toh gaye the na.  We shopped for so many things."

"Riddhima, come on.  Don't be a spoiler.  We're girls yaar.  Shopping karna is our birth right!  And Valentine's Day is coming up.  Aren't you gonna go shop for your dear husband?" Oh crap.  Valentine's Day was coming up, wasn't it?

"Oh God.  I forgot about Valentine's Day!"

"Kya Riddhima.  Tum bhi na."

"I'm so sorry yaar."

"Nah.  It's okay.  But you have to come with me.  I've got the perfect plan for Valentine's Day."

"What do you mean?"

"Listen.  What we're gonna do it that..." Jennifer explained everything to her in a very low voice and Riddhima smiled at her plan.

"Wow Jennifer!  That is such an awesome plan!  I love it!"

"Thank you.  Now tell me.  Are you gonna go shop with me?"

"Of course I'm gonna come!  That's like a no brainer!"

"Fantastic!  So lets call the boys and the girls.  We're gonna have a blast today!" she said happily and I frowned.

"Baaki sab ka toh theek hain but I don't think Armaan maanega.  He's really against shopping and all."

"Oh yeah.  Ek kaam karo.  Call him and talk to him.  You're his wife and I'm sure he'll listen to you."

"Okay!" I said with a big smile as she walked out of the room.  How could I forget about Valentine's Day?  The day of love?  It was a shame on me for actually forgetting about that.  But I was gonna make up for it by preparing for the day.  I was really looking forward to this day now.  At the moment, I thought it was better to call everyone and tell them about this.  Soon I talked to everyone and asked them to come with us and they had gladly agreed.  Obviously Armaan being Armaan threw tantrums but I didn't listen to him and forced him to come.  But I had been very careful in not telling others about the little plan I made with Jennifer.  The next five days are gonna be fun!

As we got in the car, I saw Armaan get in the driver's seat and all the girls sat in the back to do our gossips.

"Wooh. Valentine's Day's shopping is just amazing.  Like, every year!  The sales on jewelries and clothes and other things are just mind blowing.  Right Anji?" Jennifer said happily.

"Absolutely.  Plus the jewelries are gorgeous.  It's like heaven for us girls.  Those heart shaped pendants are the best."

"Yeah.  Me and Riddhima go to the malls like every year and we literally empty the entire mall in one day!"

"I know right!  And remember the dresses we bought last year?  They're soo pretty na!" I said happily.  Just when I was about to say something else, I heard Rahul.
"Oh my God.  There they go with their gossips!" All the girls looked at the boys and we said together.

"Shut up Rahul!" He jumped in his seat at this and covered his ears.

"Ouch!  That was my ear you know?"

"Serves you right!" Muskaan said with a big smile as he muttered something to himself.  Rolling our eyes at him, we went back to our conversation.

"Anyways.  Mujhe tum sab se ek baat karni hain." Said Jennifer.

"Yeah, bolo."

"Ok.  So as we know ki Valentine's aa raha hain.  Right?  So.  Maine aur Riddhima ne milkar ek plan banaaya hain, to surprise the boys.  Listen." At this, Jennifer told them about our little plan in a very low voice and as we had expected, they were very happy with this plan.

"OMG!  That's soo awesome yaar!"

"Thanks Nikki!  Now just remember to keep this a secret.  The boys shouldn't have a clue about this.  They only know that we're going to shop for accessories and stuff.  Okay?"

"Okay!" We said happily and smiled widely at our plan.  Valentine's Day was gonna be fun!

We started talking about something totally random so that the boys don't suspect anything.  I laughing at something Nikki said when my eyes suddenly fell on the rear view mirror and my heart skipped a beat seeing those ocean blue eyes staring at me.  I felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest any moment.  I suddenly remembered our moment in the bathroom and felt blood gushing into my cheeks.  I still remembered the way he looked at me before leaving the bathroom.  Why did he look at me like that?  It seemed like he wanted to tell me something, but what?  What did he want to telll me?  I wish I was Edward Cullen from Twilight.  Why?  Because I really wanted to know what was going on in his mind.  But alas.  God really hated me and that's the only reason I was being tortured like this.  I was pulled out of my thoughts as I saw two fingers snapping before my eyes and saw the girls staring at me.


"Apne pyaare pati dev ki aankhon mein doobna band karo aur humari baat par concentrate karo.  Saari zindagi ussi ke saath rehna hain sweetheart.  Kyun girls?" Muskaan said and everyone nodded in agreement.

"Ha-ha-ha.  Very funny.  Muski.  Jab teri shaadi Rahul se hogi na, toh main bhi yeh hi kahungi.  Samjhi?" Like I had expected, this immediately shut her up and we all laughed seeing her turn beet red.

Very soon we arrived at the mall and we were shocked, if that was the correct word, seeing about a million people in the mall.  Seeing so many people, I looked at the girls and they knew exactly what to do.

"Crash-time!" We all yelled and immediately ran up the escalators and barged into the shops.  As soon as we were in the shops, we shopped like crazy, picking up everything we liked and checking them out at the counter.  By the time were done with half the stuff, the mall was almost empty and if I wasn't wrong, the boys almost fell asleep.  When we were done shopping at that mall, we decided to go and shop at another one.  Of course the guys were ready to go jump off the cliff but being girls, we knew exactly what to do.

Luckily the next mall wasn't filled with so people so we were more than happy.  I mean come on girls.  Wouldn't you want to shop peacefully at a mall knowing no other chick's gonna go steal something you're gonna want later?  That's a no brainer right?  Exactly.  So as we shopped for some others stuff, we decided to shop for some other things like jewelries, dresses, accessories, etc., etc., etc.
As I passed by one of the shops there, my eyes fell on a showcased ring and I fell in love with it.  It was a simple, yet beautiful ring which consist of a thin gold band with a small diamond stud in the middle.  Simple, yet elegant.  I was never really a fan of those huge glittery rings which looked more like an anklet.  Jewelries should be simple and elegant.  They should reflect your personality, not the price tag.  I couldn't help but go near it but as soon as I saw the price, all that excitement flew out the window.  Rs. 200,000.  That was expensive.  I hated when this happened.

"Beautiful ring, isn't it?" I heard an unfamiliar voice and turned to see who it was.

"Hi. I'm Vivek.  Vivek Singhaniya." I was surprised hearing this name.  It was so familiar.  Where have I heard this before?

"Hi.  Umm... do I know you?" I asked politely and carefully.

"Ummm... personally?  Nope.  Business-wise... yeah." I was surprised.  He was in business?  I frowned, letting him know I didn't know about him.  "Main Raj Singhaniya ka beta hoon.  Singhaniya Enterprise?" Then it dawned on me.  He was the one ME had signed a contract with!

"Oh yeah!  I'm so sorry Mr. Vivek!  I completely forgot."

"It's okay.  I thought so.  And you're Riddhima, right?"

"Yeah, but how do you know?"

"Who doesn't know?  You're known by everyone in this country.  You saved ME from getting destroyed, married Armaan Mallik and what not?"

"Is this a good thing?"

"Of course!" I laughed at this.  I liked this guy already."

"Nice to meet you Mr. Vivek."

"Oh please.  Don't be formal with me.  Just call me Vivek."

"Okay, Vivek."

"Much better!" I laughed at this as I saw him make weird faces.  The next moment, I saw Armaan walk up to us with hard expressions and stand in front of me.
"Hi Vivek." He said in a very challenging and mean tone.  I looked at Vivek and saw him glare at Armaan.  What the' What was going on?

"Hello Armaan.  Nice to meet you again." Vivek spoke with sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"Ummm' Armaan' Vivek' tum dono aise?" I started but was interrupted by Armaan as he placed his hand around my waist and pulled me closer.

"So.  Tum meri wife se toh mile hoge na?" He said a bit harshly, making it sound like he was mocking Vivek.

"Of course.  She's very pretty indeed.  You're very lucky Armaan." He said nicely and I gave him a confused smile.  I didn't know what was happenening.  A silent war was going on between the two, but for what?

"Riddhima we should leave now.  Everyone's waiting for us." I forced a smile on my face and nodded.  I saw Armaan give Vivek the deadly glare before turning and took me to another shop.  When no one else was in site, he grabbed my hand and pinned me to the wall, shocking me by behavior.

"Armaan!  What are you-" I started, not knowing he was trying to do but he interrupted me, as he tightened his grip on my arms.

"Tum vahaan uss Vivek ke saath kya kar rahi thi?" I was taken back by his question and the way he asked me.  What was he trying to imply?  Was he doubting me?

"What do you mean?"

"Answer my question damn it!" he said angrily as he held my arms tighter and I closed my eyes in pain and became angry.  He couldn't treat me like this!

"I don't think I need to answer any of your questions.  Aur mujhe chhodo, mujhe dard ho raha hain." I tried moving away from him but he held me closer and tighter.  I could tell he was going to say something to me but then changed his mind as he closed his eyes and put his words together.

"Look, Riddhima.  Vivek is not a nice guy.  Usse door raho.  Woh achha insaan nahin hain." I was confused once again.  Vivek wasn't a nice guy?  But he seemed so nice and genuine.  What did he mean by Vivek isn't a good guy?  Was he hiding something from me again?  So many questions rose in my mind at his statement.

"What do you mean?" I asked softly.  I was very curious now.

"You don't need to know.  Bas usse door rehna." Saying this, he left me and walked out, leaving me wondering to myself.  Why was this man so confusing and mysterious?  He is gonna drive me insane one day.  Goodness Gracious!


I was sitting in the cafe along with the rest of the gang as we made plans of Rahul and Muskaan's and Atul and Anjali's marriage.

"Guys.  Tum sab ko saath mein hue kitna time ho gaya hain, lekin ek baar bhi shaadi ki baat nahin ki.  Saari life girlfriend-boyfriend rehne ka hi plan hain kya?" said Nikki.

"Nikki.  Mujhe toh shaadi karni hain.  Lekin Mr. Atul Mallik kuch zyaada hi sharma rahe hain." I heard Anjali and almost fell outta my seat as I saw her glare at Atul.  Poor guy.

"Anjali.  Mereko toh shaadi karni hain.  Lekin mujhe yeh nahin pata ki shaadi kaise honi chahiye.  Desi ya videsi?" At this point, everyone's eyes were on Atul.

"Champ.  Tu kehna kya chahta hain?" Armaan asked him.

"Chhodo.  Mere idea bohat stupid hain."

"Atul.  Bolo na.  Hume bhi sunna hain."

"Achha theek hain.  I was wondering if we could get married in a simple church way?  I mean, I don't want our marriage to be so traditional.  I mean, I don't mind it, but I think a simple wedding will be better.  Aage Anjali ki marzi." As Atul finished telling us about his idea, we all became quiet as we thought about it.  Simple church wedding.  Not a bad idea.  As much as I loved the rituals and ceremonies in the Indian wedding, I thought a church wedding was beautiful.  Then I heard Muskaan.

"Wow.  Church wedding.  Idea toh bohat hi achha hain yaar.  Oye Rahul.  Let's do it this way.  Church wedding... I love the idea!  What say?" Muskaan said excitedly.
"Yeah.  I think the idea's very nice.  Church wedding will be perfect."

"Yeah Atul.  The idea's perfect.  I love it."

"So tay raha.  Main aur Rahul aur Atul aur Anjali.  Hum sab ek hi din, ek hi time par shaadi karenge.  In a church.  What say?"

"Perfect!  Lekin aise hi shaadi thodi ho jaayegi.  We're gonna have to make soo many arrangements first!" said Jennifer.

"Theek hain.  Toh kuch din mein usski bhi planning karne lagenge." Said Nikki.
"By the way guys.  Humaare iss group mein sabki shaadi hone vaali hain, sivaaye Abhi aur Nikki ki.  You two should get married.  Like seriously!  Kitna maza aayega na!" Muskaan said happily and I looked at the two.  Like I had expected, the situation became really awkward for them as Abhi kept staring at her while she just looked down not knowing what to say.  I just wished everything became alright between them soon.  They didn't deserve the pain.  But all I could do was just pray.


By the time we all reached home, it was around 5 so it was alright.  Now the boys, for some reason, wanted to eat something made by us so even though we were tired, we decided to make something for them.  Like all of us had expected, as soon as the guys saw food in front of them, they attacked it like crazy and finished it within seconds and then they were asking for more after it.  Since the other girls were pretty tired, I told them to go eat with the boys and that I'd finish up the remaining work in the kitchen.  Of course they tried their best to help me but I literally pushed them out of the kitchen.

As of now, I was putting the dishes back in their spots.  When I was done placing the last set in its place, I turned and I immediately moved back seeing Armaan so close to me.  Damn he scared me!

"Tu-tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?" I whispered.

"Tumhe kuch dene aaya tha." He spoke with a straight face and I was confused.

"Mujhe?  Kya?" I asked and saw him move closer to me and I moved back until I hit the counter.  He stood like an inch away from me and I just closed my eyes in fear.  What was he trying to do?  The next moment I felt something cold and hard move up my chest and around my neck.  I immediately opened my eyes and saw Armaan tying a necklace around my neck though I couldn't see what it looked like.  I turned and looked at my reflection in the glass in front of me.  It was the same necklace I had seen in the mall today!  But how did he know I wanted this?  I turned and looked at him with questioning eyes but saw him standing at the entrance of the kitchen.  What the... I asked him my unspoken question through my eyes.  I saw the corner of his lips curve upwards and he winked at me before leaving, giving me another shock.  What the hell was up with this man?  What was he?  He never leaves a chance to surprise me.  But I guess that's what I liked about him so much.  He was full of surprises.  I smiled to myself and held the necklace in my palms.  I guess I was slowly starting to find the answer to my question.  Actually... I had known the answer very well.  I had just been living in denial all this while.  Smiling to myself, I walked out of the kitchen.



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