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Chapter 41 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Cuz Baby You My Everything

About 5 days had passed by and everything was going perfect in Mallik Mansion. The girls had decided to go and stay with the Malliks for two reasons.  One, because they all had started to plan for Atul and Anjali's and Rahul and Muskaan's marriage.  And two, because Valentine's Day was coming up and they were busy making plans for the little surprise they made for the boys and they were successful in keeping that a secret.  Although the boys did get suspicious a few times but Muskaan and Anjali took care of that.

Not only that, but ever since the day Armaan gifted Riddhima that necklace, so many things changed.  Riddhima became surer about her feelings for him with each passing second.  She felt like she had reached heaven.  All she wanted was him.  Her day started with his thoughts and ended with his.  She really hated those times when he wasn't in front of her and when he was, she couldn't think about anything else.  She felt like a lovestuck teenager with betterflies flying around in her stomach when he was around her.  Now all she wanted was Armaan to say the same for her.  She wondered at times if he felt the same about her but then she would just remove all the negative thoughts and say that he did love her.  After all, his actions told her he did.  But all she could do was contemplate and wish she was right.

As of now, the girls were in Riddhima's room, thinking about some plans.

"Guys.  Humne plan toh bana liya.  Lekin hum unn ladkon ko vahaan le kaise jaayenge?  That too without doubts?" asked Nikki.

"This is seriously a problem haan.  Agar humne ladkon ko ainvayi vahaan jaane ko kaha, toh they'll be very shakki.  There's gotta be a way out." said Jennifer.

"Socho guys.  Warna saari mehnat par paani pher jaayega." said Anjali.  The girls thought and thought but couldn't think of anything right until Riddhima finally came up with an idea.

"Got it!  Guys.  Aaj ladkon ko zyaada kaam hain nahin.  So obviously woh ghar jaldi aa jaayenge.  So.  We should tell them to come home around 5:30 and tell them to take us out for dinner.  I know woh nakhre dikhaayenge but hum unhe kuch bolne ka mauka hi nahin denge.  Kaisa raha idea?" Riddhima asked excitedly.

"Idea toh bohat hi achha hain Riddhu.  Lekin phone kaun karega?" asked Muskaan.

"Obviously Ridz karegi.  After all, woh iss ghar ki maalkin jo hain." Anjali said jokingly and Riddhima rolled her eyes.

"Whatever guys." She said and took out her phone and quickly dialed Armaan's number and waited for him to pick the phone up impatiently.

"Hello?" she heard Armaan and felt her heartbeat increase.  A small smile brightened her face as she heard him.

"Armaan?  Riddhima bol rahi hoon." she said slowly and carefully and heard him talk after a short pause.

"Haan bolo.  Kya kaam hain?"

"Woh... actually hum sab girls ne mil kar aaj raat ko bahaar khaane ka plan banaaya hain.  Toh hum chaahte the ke tum boys ghar jaldi aa jao aur humme bahaar le jao."

"Lekin Riddhima aaj toh-" Armaan started to protest but Riddhima interrupted him.

"No lekin-vekin Armaan.  Tum boys ko aaj saare paanch baaje se pehle ghar aa jaana.  Okay?  Bye." Saying this, she quickly hung up before he could say another word and turned to the girls. 

"Soo.. they're coming!" Riddhima announced happily and the girls cheered happily.  Now they were only waiting for the evening.  Tonight was going to be fun!


 Everyone was soon standing at the entrance of a club, dressed in their best party clothes.  The boys were definitely confused because they didn't know why they were here.

"Oye Muskaan.  Hum yahaan kya kar rahe hain?" asked Abhi.  The girls exchanged looked and then told them.

"You'll find out soon my dear brother-in-law.  Have some patience." Riddhima said, disappointing the boys again.  The boys just sighed, cursing the girls for keeping secrets like that.  All of a sudden, they felt the girls tie a black cloth around their eyes and they were shocked again.

"What the... yeh sab kya hain Riddhima?  Ek toh tum hume yahaan bina vajah bataaye laayi ho aur ab yeh.  What's up with the mysteries, haan?" Armaan asked exasperately while the girls silently giggled.

"Chill my dear hubby.  Zyaada gussa sehat ke liye bohat haanikaarak hota hain." Riddhima spoke huskily close to his ears, looking at him naughtily, obviously unaware of the chills her voice sent through him.  "Right girls?" The girls agreed to this and giggled silently.

As Jennifer opened the door for them, the girls lead the boys inside the club, one by one.  The boys were confused because they didn't hear any sounds coming from the club.  Suddenly, the cloths were removed but when they opened their eyes, they found themselves standing alone in the dark.

"Gu-guys?  Hum kahaaan hain?" Atul asked in a scared tone.

"Pata nahin yaar." Rahul said, totaly surprised.

"Anjali?" Atul said her name slowly, but was scared when she didn't reply.

"God yaar.  Ab yeh girls kahaan chali gayi?" Rahul asked tiredly.

"Riddhima?  Where are you?" Armaan asked, slightly getting worried.

"Mereko toh darr lag raha hain yaar.  Kahin yeh girls hume uppar pohanchaane ka plan toh nahin bana rahi?" Rahul said.

"Aye!  Tu aisa kyun bol raha hain?" Atul asked, almost yelling.  Boy he was scared!

"Toh kya bolun?  Yeh girls hume yahaan bina vajah bataaye laayi hain aur ab gaayab. " Atul thought about this for a moment as Abhi spoke up.

"Agar aisa hain toh sabse pehle meri maut aane waali hain."

"Kyun?  Tune kya kiya hain be?" Armaan asked, suddenly interested in this conversation.  Abhi sighed morsefully and answered.

"Kissi ka dill tod diya." He answered sadly, referring to the pain he gave to Nikki.  No one said anything for a while, as they started looking around to find the switch but didn't find anything.  As the guys moved in the opposite directions, they bumped into many things and they couldn't help but scream as they thought they just bumped into a ghost.  They screamed their lungs off as the lights came back on and they looked up to see about 100 people standing in front of them, with their raised hands filled with drinks.  They were shocked seeing this but then they were even more shocked seeing the girls, who stood in front of the crowd.  The boys couldn't help, but eye their girls down.

Armaan stared at Riddhima from head to toe and was mesmerized seeing her.  Starting from the bottom, she wore high, silver heels, which were covered by her long, simple and elegant pale yellow tube dress.  Along with the dress, she wore simple diamond bracelet in her right hand and matching earrings along with the necklace that Armaan had gifted her.  Adding to her look, she had her hair pulled back in a neat bun with minimal make up.  She looked like a freshly blossomed flower which made him not want to tear his gaze away from her.  Similarily, Atul was in the state of shock seeing Anjali wearing a silk baby blue halter dress which came down to her knees.  The dress had a low neck so lots of her chest was revealed to him.  Rahul and Abhi weren't far from the two as they were also lost in Muskaan, who wore a red dress, similar to Anjali's, and in Nikki, who wore a long pink top with black leggings below it. The boys were shocked seeing the girls wearing those clothes.  They were wearing plain clothes like 5 minutes ago!

The girls just giggled at their state and Riddhima walked up to Armaan with a smirk playing on her lips.  Very slowly, she raised her hand up to his chin and closed it with a 'click' sound, breaking his little trance.

"I know main aaj bohat sexy lag rahi hoon.  Lekin aise stare karna... not a good thing." Armaan felt his ears going red and hot at her words as he looked everywhere, other than at Riddhima.  Riddhima looked up d chuckled seeing the other staring, no, gawking at the other girls.  Boys will be boys, she thought to herself.

"Guys.  Stop staring, okay?"  I know hum bohat hot rahe hain, but don't make it so obvious.  It's embarrassing.  Right?" She asked, not really expecting an answer.  Like she had expected, they turned red and blushed har at her words, making it difficult for Riddhima to control her laugh.

"Riddhima, yeh sab kya hain?  Tum hume yahaan kyun laayi ho?  Ab toh bata do yaar.  Yeh party vagera.. what's going on?" Abhi questioned.

"Abhi.  Aaj date kya hain?" Anjali posed another question.

"February 14th." He answered, not really understanding where they were going with this.

"Aur har saal, February 14th ko kya hota hain?" asked Muskaan.  Everyone thought about this and suddenly Atul spoke up as he remembered.

"Oh my God!  Valentine's Day!  Guys!  It's Valentine's Day!" he said loudly, making other jump in fright but also remember what it was and what problem they were going to be in.

"Thank God yaar.  At least kissi ko toh yaad aaya." Nikki said.

"Yeah.  Warna mujhe toh laga tha ki humaari saari mehnat par paani phir jaayega." Anjali said sarcastically.

"Waise Anji.  Tum bohat lucky ho.  At least tumhare hone waale husband ko Valentine's Day ke baare mein yaad toh raha.  Armaan.  Kuch seekho apne chhote bhai se.  Dekho usse kaise yaad aaya.  Tumhe bhi yaad rakhna chahiye.  After all, ab tum single thodi ho." Riddhima said mischieviously, taking Armaan by surprise.  The girls giggled seeing Riddhima openly flirt with Armaan and Riddhima just smirked seeing Armaan staring at her with shocked expressions.  It wasn't everyday she would see the Armaan Mallik getting stumped by her.  Taking the opportunity, she winked at him making his eyes go wider than wide.  What had gotten into her?  Riddhima silently giggled at his face and turned to the crowd.

"So guys.  Now that the main people are here, rock the party!" she said popping a champange bottle as everyone cheered and the DJ started playing the disco beats.

Very soon you could see almost everyone grooving to the beats and forgetting about everything that was going on around them. Everyone was too intoxicated for anyone to know what they or anyone else was doing.  Away from the crowd and the intoxication was the group, sitting at the bar, laughing and talking about everything.

"Wow Rahul.  I can't believe you forgot about Valentine's Day.  Like, you're supposed to be the romantic guy here.  I mean, if Armaan forgot, I wouldn't have said anything cuz he's Armaan, but you?  Tch tch tch.  I didn't expect this from you!" Nikki said, tauting the two and the other guys for forgetting it was Valentine's Day.

"And forget that.  Didn't anyone from the office remind you?" Anjali asked them.

"Dude.  Forget the office.  The calendar!  Didn't you boys check the calendar?!  As far as I know, all the calendars in this world have this marked.  Being slow?" Muskaan said, glaring at Muskaan.

"Oye Muskaan.  I'm sorry na.  I don't know how I forgot about it.  Please forgive me na." Rahul got up and walked to Muskaan, who turned away from him with her arms crossed in front of her.  Muskaan just rolled her eyes and turned the other way.  Rahul looked at her for a second before turning her and smacking his lips onto hers, taking her and everyone else by surprise.  Recovering quickly, everyone else went 'oooh' and 'aaahhh' seeing Rahul kiss Muskaan shamelessly, which was a shock for Muskaan.

She just stood there, still as a statue with her eyes wide with shock.  This was so embarrassing!  Coming out of her shock mode, she tried pushing him away, but he locked her body between his two hands, making it impossible for her to escape.  She knew what he wanted.  He wanted her to surrender and forgive him, which was the last thing she wanted to do, but then again.  She wanted to get out of the embarrassing situation she was in.  Unwillingly, she slowly kissed him back, making him smile.  He closed his eyes and deepened the kiss.

"Guys, chill out." Anjali said.

"Get a room you two." Abhi said, rolling his eyes.

"Muski!" Riddhima said, not believe the fact that Muskaan was kissing Rahul in front of everyone and she didn't even care!

"Rahul!" Armaan exclaimed, shocked that Rahul had gotten bold enough to kiss a girl in front of everyone.  God the miracles love does.

"Guys, get a room foor God sake!  Stop the PDA already!" Anjali said, not interested in their PDA.

Away from the noises and disruptions, Muskaan and Rahul kept kissing each other, all the anger totally forgotten.

"Guys, kuch karna padega.  Yeh toh ek dusre ko chhod hi nahin rahe!" Nikki said, totally annoyed.

"Lekin kya karein?" Atul asked.  Riddhima knew what to do.  She smiled and walked up to the long lost duo.

As she stood close to them, she gently tapped Muskaan's shoulder and put a fake smile on her face, waiting patiently for her to turn, but when she didn't, another idea popped into her her head.  Very slowly, she raised her hand to Muskaan's hair and pulled it.  Like she had expected, Muskaan immediately stopped and turned to see Riddhima looking at her with a fake smile.

"Oye.  Tune mere baal kyun kheence?" Muskaan asked, not liking the fact that Riddhima was being a disturbance to her and Rahul's romance.

"Well sweetheart, if you didn't step kissing him, my next plan was to kick you, so be happy.  And what the hell do you think you were doing kissing him back like that?  What happened to your anger?  Vanished?" she said, making Muskaan go red with embarrassment.

"And Rahul, what's gotten into you?  You used to be so shy, and now you're openly kissing your girl?  What happened dude?' Armaan questioned him teasingly.

"Guys chill.  She's officially my fiancee.  So back off.  You guys are acting like you've never kissed before.  I know how decent you all are." At this point, Armaan and riddhima immediately looked at each other.

Riddhima was surprised by the look in his eyes.  Something was different about them.  Very different... very unusual.  It was like something had just totally changed about him.  There was this glint in his eyes which said so much to her, yet she couldn't understand what he wanted.  His eyes were so charming and charismatic and she just couldn't take her eyes off of him.  He was looking so handsome and desirable.  She wondered why she didn't notice this before.  Taking a moment, she eyed his look down and was pretty impressed by his choice.  He wore black smart trousers along with a black cotton button up and a fine coat over it.  His long hair was neatly gelled back, giving him a killer look.  He look like a Greek God.  Totally unrealistic, but she knew he was real.  He was true.  He was hers.  Forever.  She felt proud to be known as Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik.  He was hers, she was his.  Life couldn't get better.  Yes she knew why they had gotten married in the first place but so many things had changed in the past 4 months.  Armaan wasn't the same Armaan and nor was she the same Riddhima.

"Hello!  Guys!" They came out of their little trance as Atul snapped his fingers in front of his eyes and looked at him.

"Eye locking again?" Anjali questioned in a teasing tone as Riddhima looked away but Armaan kept his eyes stuck to her, observing each and every move she made.

Very soon, all the girls had forgiven the guys and they had forgotten about the burst of PDA they had witnessed between Rahul and Muskaan.  Atul, Anjali, Rahul, and Muskaan were on the dance floor, dancing to the slow seductive numbers played by the DJ and they were kissing slowly.  On the other hand, Armaan, Riddhima, Jennifer, Abhi and Nikki were sitting on the bar.  Armaan and Jennifer were catching up with each other on so many things while Riddhima was watching the uncomfortable silence between Abhi and Nikki.  Both were stealing glances at each other when the other wasn't looking.  She could tell they were dying to talk to one another but there was this hesitation there which was stopping them from doing so.

Wow.  These two are just gonna stare at each other and not say a word.  Dumbos.  I gotta do something.  The way they are going, they ain't gonna say a word for another what?  Hundred something years?  They're gonna be oldies when they confess their love for each other.  Lord help me dude.  Nikki, this is gonna be hard.  I know it.  But you gotta have the strength to deal with this.  You two love each other, and I promise I'll get you to together.  I guess it's time for me to step into my 'sister-in-law' shoes.  I'm sure you two are gonna love me for this.

Smiling to herself, Riddhima walked up to the DJ and got the mike from him and walked to the dance floor.

"Hello everyone.  Can I please have everyone's attention?" Riddhima spoke into the mike and everyone slowly stopped and looked at her.  "Thank you.  Well, I know you all must be cursing me for pausing this beautiful evening but don't worry.  I'm not going to make this boring at all.  I think we can make this evening a little more fun by playing a game.  Paper game.  What say everyone?" Riddhima asked the crowd and she smiled hearing everyone cheer.  "Ok then.  So here's how this is going to work.  Two bowls.  Both are going to have names of everyone.  One has all the girls and the other has all the guys.  One by one I'm going to pick out all the slips and whoever gets paired, they're gonna dance.  Three rounds, 3 long songs, no stepping out.  Okay?" Riddhima said happily and everyone nodded.

One by one she picked out all the slips and everyone that was paired together were at the floor, ready for the game to begin.  Atul was paired with Anjali, Rahul with Muskaan, Abhi with Nikki.  Only one pair was left.  There were two slips left in the girls' bowl, which contained the names of Riddhima and Jennifer, and only one in the guys' bowl, who contained Armaan's name.  Riddhima was almost begging to God that her name would come out, not Jennifer's.  With shaky hands, she removed a slip of paper out of the bowl and slowly opened it.  Color faded from her cheeks as she read the name.

"Armaan and... Je... Jennifer." Everyone clapped as she said her name.  Riddhima put the slip back in bowl dejectedly as she slowly looked up and saw Jennifer hugging Armaan happily and him hugging her back, but staring at her with a smirk on her face.  Riddhima hated the way he had her arms wrapped around Jennifer.  It was truly killing her from the inside but unfortunately she couldn't do anything about this.  She had brought this on and now she had to deal with it.  She watched him, as he held his hand out and she grasped his hand as he led her onto the dance floor, not tearing his gaze away from Riddhima.

"One, two, three... GO!"

Riddhima, who was sitting at the bar counter, heard the DJ announce through the mike as he started playing the songs and much to her annoyance, those were all slow love songs.  She angrily told the bartender to get a vodka for her and within seconds the drink was in front of her.  Holding the small glass in her hand, she looked at Armaan and Jennifer and saw them dancing closely and immediately gulped the drink down and closed her eyes in agony as the drink burned her throat.  One by one the couples kept losing the game as one person accidently stepped out and only 4 couples were left in the game as they slowly approached the second last round of the game.  According to the rules, the guys folded the paper again and they stepped on it coming really close to their partners.

While the other couples were busy dancing with each other and having a good time, Abhi and Nikki were finally breaking the ice between them and were starting to talk.

"Nikki, please.  Forgive me.  Just give me one chance.  Please baby." Abhi said, almost pleading her to forgive him.

"Why Abhi?  Why should I forgive you?  After all that you said to me that day, why should I give you another chance?  You used me Abhi.  You used me to satisfy your sexual needs and now you're expecting me to forget everything and act like everything's ok?  Why?" Nikki questioned him.

"Nikki I know what I did was wrong.  I know I've been a jackass, a complete moron and a lot more but I truly do regret all this.  And I-"

"So you're doing this just because you want to keep this guilty feeling away right?"

"No Nikki.  I'm not doing this because I'm guilty.  I'm doing this because I..."

"Because you?  Because you what Abhi?  Tell me." Nikki asked him as he cupped her cheek and moved closer.

"Because I love you Nikki." Nikki felt tears brimming in her eyes as she heard those words fly out of his mouth.  For years she had been dying to hear these words from his mouth!

"Say it again Abhi, please." She whispered slowly.  He gently cupped her other cheeks and repeated those three magical words.

"Nikita Malhotra.  I love you.  I loved you then, I love you now and I always will.  I've loved you since the day I ever laid my eyes on you.  The only thing that ever stopped me from realizing this is my playboy image.  I always thought you were just a fling, my feelings towards you were just infatuation and that it'll pass as time went by but I was wrong.  I've loved you since day one.  That night when I made love to you... that was the best night of my life.  And when you told me you loved me I... I was so happy.  I felt like I had everything.  But when I realized what I did... I felt so ashamed of myself.  I felt like I used you because I wasn't sure about my own feelings.  I was scared... scared to lose you and our friendship.  That's why I said all that crap which I didn't even mean.  Believe me Nikki.  The past few months have been horrible for me.  When you ignored me, I felt like everything inside me was breaking into pieces.  I felt like killing myself for saying all that to you.  I know I hurt you a lot Nikki.. and I ... I hate myself so much for doing this to you.  Please forgive me Nikki.  I love you." He spoke with tears in his eyes as he wiped hers.

"I forgave you a long time ago Abhi.  I can't hate you.  I love you." She confessed and embraced him happily.  She had gotten everything today.  Her love was hers and only hers and she was proud to know that.  Both stood there, hugging each other as tight as they could and cried their eyes out before Nikki broke away from him.  She sniffed and wiped his tears.
"Ab chalo rona band karo.  Pata hain?  Tum rote hue bilkul cartoon lagte ho." They giggled at her words and he smiled.

"Toh tum bhi kahaan kuch kam lagti ho." He said jokingly.
"Ahaan?" she said, daring him to say it and he nodded, making her hit him but he hugged her again and both smiled contently.  "Abhi.  Don't ever hurt me again.  I'll die."

"I'll never hurt you baby.  I promise." She smiled again when they heard the DJ.

"Oops!  Sorry!  Abhi and Nikki, you're out of the game guys!" Both giggled and walked out, holding hand in hand.

On the other hand, Riddhima felt anger rushing in her veins.  She looked up with her eyes bloodshot red and with a pained look.  Seeing him clinging onto her like that just killed her and she gulped down another shot of vodka and closed her eyes feeling the sour and bitter taste of the drink burn her throat.

"Well hey there Riddhima." Riddhima heard a man say her name and slowly turned her face after composing herself and saw Vivek standing there with a smile.

"Oh hi Vivek.  How are you?" Riddhima questioned polietely, trying hard to supress her anger.

"I'm good, as usual." He said with a smile, making her force a smile on her face.  He paused and checked her from head to toe.  "My my.  God you're planning to kill people, aren't you?"

"What do you mean?" Riddhima asked with a confused smile.

"Do you realize how stunningly gorgeous you look tonight?" Riddhima laughed as she understood he was trying to flirt with her.

"Yeah, I know that, but the thing is that I'm taken." She said, adding a wink at the end as he laughed.

"Yeah, I know, but you can always break some rules."

"Nah.  I'm good."

"I know you are.  By the way, I think your husband is very interested in the girl he's dancing with.  Don't you think?" Riddhima got confused listening to him and turned around to see Armaan carrying Jennifer in his arms, which meant they had reached the final stage of the game.  That made her happy but the fact that Jennifer was in his arms bothered her.  A lot.  Unknowingly, he grip on the glass tightened and Vivek saw that.

"You know what?  I think Armaan looks better with Jennifer." As soon as those words left his mouth, Riddhima jerked her head towards him and glared.

"Dont' get me wrong or anything, please.  But look at Jennifer man.  She is hot.  I mean, she's got the moves, the body, the hotness, everything.  She's a bomb and you..." he said looking at Jennifer and then at Riddhima, trying to provoke her.

"You what Vivek?" Riddhima asked.

"You... you are just too plain.  I mean, you're good, but Jennifer's a bomb man." He said observing Riddhima's expression and saw her looking at Jennifer.  "And I don't think you're a match for her." Like he expected, Riddhima looked at him and said nothing.  All of a sudden, and idea popped in her mind and a smirk formed on her lips.

"Well you're in for a shock then Vivek." She winked as she finished the drink in her hand.  Vivek watched her as she left and an evil smile came upon his lips.

"No sweetheart.  You're in a shock, no me." He chuckled to himself and left the counter.

"And the winners of the game are Armaan and Jennifer!  Give them a big round of applause everyone!" The DJ announced and everyone clapped for Armaan and Jennifer as they came down.  "And now, we are going to have a very sexy, very hot performance here.  And the performer is none other than Riddhima Mallik!" As soon as Armaan and everyone else looked up and the lights went off, leaving only one in the middle which focused on Riddhima, who had her back turned to everyone.  Very slowly, the music started and she started singing as the dancers started coming onto the stage.


Hey girl
Hey boy
Would you be my babydoll?
Sure.  If you promise to be my bad boy

She turned and everyone was just shocked seeing her appearance.  Her long curly hair was down and flying and instead of a long dress, she was wearing a yellow belly shirt, which revealed her flat stomach and a short blue skirt, revealing her long and toned legs.  She was looking sexy!  As she started grooving to the music, Vivek came up and danced with her.

You may, be my bad boy.
Could be you be my baby boy?
I'll be your bad bay.
Could be you be my baby boy?
I'll be your bad bay.
Could be you be my baby boy?
I'll be your bad bay.
Would you be my bad boy?
I'll be your bad boy

She sang looking directly at Armaan as Vivek held her waist.

Hain zara teekhi teekhi
Hain zara meethi meethi
Humko na maar daale
Yeh adaayein kissi ki

Allah bacchaaye ishq aisi bala hain
Allah bacchaaye ishq aisi bala hain
Jo bura hain woh dill ko lagta bhala hain
Jo bura hain woh dill ko lagta bhala hain

They danced as everyone watched the couple dance on the floor with a smile, except Armaan who was furious.  Seeing Riddhima dancing with Vivek like that made his blood boil.  He felt like walking up to him and beating the hell out of Vivek for even trying to touch Riddhima.  She was his damn it!  How could he even try to touch her!  He gritted his teeth as hard as he could and curved his fingers into a rock solid fist, ready to punch him.  He watched them as they rapped their parts of the song while Riddhima kept staring at him with a smirk.  There was this mischievious look in her eyes which told him everything.  She was doing  this to make his jealous.  And it was working.  Very well.  When everything became unbearable for him, he moved onto the stage and pulled her towards him.

Hum jaahaan mill rahe ho
Aisi koi jaga ho
Log ho khoob saare
Sabki hum pe nigah ho

Riddhima smirked as she realized her plan worked and placed her hands around his neck as both danced really close to each other.  Their eyes bored into each other as their hidden desires started coming out and he turned her around and held her body close to his and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Allah bacchaaye har nazar behayaa hain

She sang softly and bit her lower lip as he bent and kissed her neck softly, slowly licking and caressing it with his tongue.

Allah bacchaaye har nazar behayaa hain
Jo bura hain woh dill ko lagta bhala hain
Jo bura hain woh dill ko lagta bhala hain

Riddhima slowly turned her head in his direction and looked into his eyes in a very passionate way and sang.

I'm  gonna give it to you once and for all
You can play with me I'm your baby doll
I'm  gonna give it to you once and for all
You can play with me I'm your baby doll

Would you be my bad boy?
I'll be your bad boy
Would you be my bad boy?
I'll be your bad boy
Would you be my bad boy?
I'll be your bad boy
Would you be my bad boy?
I'll be your bad boy

He turned her and both sang and danced together in rhythm, enjoying themselves as he placed small kisses along her neck.  Wanting to tease him more, she pushed him away and danced with others in the crowd and Armaan chuckled to himself, enjoying the game she was playing.  He moved through the crowd, trying to find her admist the crowd but failed to find her.  He thought she was just playing around so tried finding her again but failed.  He kept looking around but couldn't find her and started to get worried.  His eyes fell on the entrance and saw someone taking a very drunk Riddhima out and he became worried.  Something wasn't right.


"Chhodo... kya kar rahe ho tum Vivek?  Leave me." A very drunk Riddhima said, trying her best to get away from Vivek, but her protests were useless in front of him.  Without using much efforts, he opened the door to his car and made her sit inside and then closed it.  As he got in the car, he checked her out from head to toe.  Damn she was sexy.  Only he knew how hard it had been for him to keep his hands to himself all the time he had seen her.

He had known about Armaan and Riddhima's marriage ever since the day the news came out on TV and the moment he layed his eyes on her, he knew he wanted her.  That was when he started gathering information about her.  In fact, he even stalked her for a couple of days before coming out in front of her.  Then as they both started knowing each other, it became harder for him to control his hidden urges and all he wanted was to have sex with her.  But there was one problem that always intervened.  Armaan.  Whenever he tried getting close to her, Armaan would pop up from nowhere and ruin his plans.  He knew Armaan told Riddhima to stay away from him because Armaan knew about his reputation.  He was a player.  A big one.  He would spend a night with girls and then leave them the next day and Armaan knew Vivek wanted to do the same with Riddhima.  That's why Vivek made the plan to attend the Valentine's party and provoked her against Jennifer so that she could get drunk, but fortunately for him, she was already drunk so it was no problem for him.  Smirking to himself, Vivek started the car and drove off, whistling to himself.

"Vivek... mujhe jaane do warna... warna main... Armaan ko bulaangi." She said weakly as he started laughing.

"Armaan nahin aane waala Riddhima.  Do whatever you want." She started to feel scared as she heard him and started hitting him with her tiny fist, trying to make him stop the car but her act made him very mad.  He immediately stopped the car and got out and harshly pulled her out as he closed the door behind her and pinned her to the car.

"I've had enough of you Riddhima." He said angrily as he held her tight against the car.  He tried moving closer with the intention of kissing her, but Riddhima held her hand against his chest, trying her best to stop him which didn't go well with him.  He was determined to get her tonight and he was ready to go to any extent to get what he wanted.  Tired of her efforts, he took hold of her hand and pinned it to the car, making it easier for her.

"No!  Leave me Vivek!  Please!" she cried as he moved closer to her with a devilish smirk.  She shivered and closed her eyes with fear asVivek came closer, inch by inch every second.

All of a sudden, Vivek felt a strong hand grab his collar and throw him away from her.  Not feeling any movements, Riddhima slowly opened her eyes and saw Vivek lying some 10 feet away on the ground, struggling to compose himself.  Surprised at the sudden turn of events, Riddhima looked in front of her and saw Armaan looking at Vivek with his eyes screaming murder.  She held onto car as she looked at him with relief.  She felt safe... secure.  He was there for her.  She knew it.

"You bloody bas***d.. how dare you Vivek?  How dare you!" He spoke with gritted teeth as he slowly walked up to him and kicked him right in his stomach, making him wince in pain.  "Tumhari himmat kaise huyi meri biwi ko haath lagaane ki."  With anger, he picked him up by his collar and made him stand up.  "Tumhe kya laga?  Tum aise ghatiya plans banaate rahoge aur mujhe kuch pata nahin chalega?  No Vivek.  You're wrong.  You are so f**king wrong!" he said angrily and punched him straight across his face, making him stumble back.   In anger, he punched him so many times that Vivek started bleeding.  He didn't even have the strength to hold himself together.  "Riddhima sirf meri hain Vivek!  Sirf meri!  Aur agar tumne Riddhima ke paas aane ki bhi koshish ki na, toh I will kill you!" He yelled at an unconscious Vivek and punched him one last time, making him fall to the ground.

He turned around and looked at Riddhima, who was staring right at him with something like fear and caution in her eyes which confused him.  Then it dawned on him.  She was afraid of him because of the way he just fought with Vivek.  In fact, anyone would be scared.  The angry and murderous look in his eyes would make anyone run from him and Riddhima was no exception.  Putting an expressionless face on, Armaan walked to her but she stepped back.

"Come here." Riddhima shook her head, much to his surprise so he tried again.  "Riddhima come here." He spoke slowly getting irritated by her refusal, but again, she just shook her head.  Putting his hands on his hips, he questioned her.  "Why?" She just looked at him from top to bottom and remained silent, making him raise his brows.

"Main vahaan aayi, toh tum mujhe bhi maaroge." She said cutely, surprising him.

"Aur tumhe aisa lagta hain kyunki?" he asked, totally confused.

"Kyunki maine tumhe gussa kiya hain na?  Vivek ne tumhe gussa kiya, toh tumne usse itna maara.  Ab maine tumhe gussa kiya, toh tum mujhe bhi maaro ge na?" she asked innocently making him smile.

"Nahin.  Main tumhe nahin maarunga.  Yahaan aao." She gave him a calculative look.

"Pakka?" she asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Pakka." She thought for a moment and slowly walked to him with her head down and fingers together in front of her.  As she came and stood in front of him, he took his coat off and put it on her, protecting her from the harsh cold weather.  She looked at him with her eyes big and full of questions, melting his heart.

"Tumhe thand lag rahi thi na?  Iss liye yeh jacket.  Iss pehen lo.  Warna bimaar pad jaogi.  Hmm?" she nodded again and he smiled at her innocence.  "Ab chalo." Riddhima nodded and followed him to their car without saying a word.  Armaan opened the door and sat inside, thinking Riddhima was already sitting in her seat, but surprisingly she wasn't.  She was just standing there, staring at him with her big eyes.

"Riddhima tum kya rahi ho?  Andar baetho." He said protectively but she shook her head with defiance. 

"Mujhe andar ni baethna." She said with a cute pout.


"Mujhe khelna hain." Armaan was shocked.  She was acting like a total kid!  In his mind, he tried going through all the times he had seen her being stubborn and acting like a 5-year old, but didn't remember any.  Shocked, he stepped out of the car and stood in front of her.

"Riddhima.  Yahaan zor daar baarish ho rahi hain aur tumhe khelna hain?" She nodded.  "Are you mad?"

"Main tumhe mad lagti hoon?" He put on a fake smile and sarcastically.

"Nahin.  Tum bilkul mad nahin ho.  Tum toh bilkul theek ho.  Ek dum pari jaisi.  Theek hain?  Ab chalo.  Andar baetho." He tried talking to her like she was a little baby but she pulled away and had this big smile on her face.

"Sacchi?  Main pari jaisi hoon?" He nodded with a fake smile and tried to get her in the car but she kept moving away from him.  "Bolo na!  Main pari jaisi hoon?"

"Haan tum bilkul pari jaisi ho.  Ab toh chalo Riddhima.  Bohat raat ho gayi hain and you're drunk!"

"What?  I'm drunk?  I'm not drunk!" She asked innocently.

"Well let's see.  You had at least five glasses of vodka, you can't walk, you don't know what you're doing and you're saying you're not drunk?"

"I'm not drunk!  And you're wrong!  I had seven glasses of vodka, I know what I'm doing and I can walk!"

"Really?" He asked with his arms crossed.

"Yes!" She crossed her arms in front of her and said proudly.

"Prove karke batao."

"Humph!" She flipped her hair and turned around and slowly started walking in front of him like a model would.  She was walking perfectly straight when she suddenly stumbled but luckily Armaan was right behind her so he caught her hand and pulled her to him.  She stared into his eyes dreamily as his cold, minty breath kissed her face and he smirked.

"Dekha.  Kaha tha na?  You're drunk.  Ab chalo.  We need to go home." As soon as he said that, she pouted and moved away from him.

"Nahin!  Mujhe ni jaana!" Saying that she turned and started running away from him as she took her heels off and then stuck her tongue out, saying he couldn't catch her.  Getting into his playful mood, Armaan smiled and started running after her.  They ran through the darkness of night, laughing and chasing each other without caring about the bystanders that saw them.  Something told him the night was going to be an amazing one. 


"Tum mujhe nahin pakkad sakte!" Riddhima yelled happily as she ran away from him and he followed her with a huge smile on his face. She kept laughing and giggling because every time he tried to catch her, she would increase her pace and he would be left with nothing.  Surprisingly, even Armaan was loving the little cat and mouse game.

He felt as if he was living the awesome part of his childhood again.  God this felt so good!  He felt happy!  He felt ALIVE!  All he wanted now was the night to never end.  Determined to catch her, Armaan made quick leaps and caught her by her waist and twirled her around as both laughed their hearts out.  He finally placed her down and she turned in his arms as she laughed but her giggle was slowly replaced by a small, dreamy smile as she watched him laugh with all his heart.

He looked so adorable when he laughed.  Just like a small child.  The way his ocean blue eyes sparkled brought a big smile on her face.  The warmth his deep laughter gave her was unmatchable.  She had never seen him laugh.  It was always either a smirk, a small sarcastic chuckle, or a straight face.  Nothing else.  If only he laughed like this all the time.  With admiration, she cupped his cheek and his laugh slowly came to hault.

"Tum na.  Haste hue... bohat cute lagte ho.  Just like a small child." She said softly, using her hands to illustrate 'small'.

"Sacch?" He asked her with hope in his eyes and she nodded.

"Mucch." He smiled as he heard her and watched as her soft smile turned into a childlike one and she exclaimed.

"Golawaala!" She said happily and he turned around to see a golawaala walking around.  He turned and looked at her as she jumped and clapped and then grabbed his hand.  "Almaan!  Mujhe gola chahiye!  Pleash, pleash, pleash, pleash, pleash mujhe gola dilaa do na!  Please?" She said stretching her last 'please'.

"Lekin Riddhima itna raat ko gola khaogi toh tum bimaar pad jaogi."

"I don't care mujhe gola chahiye!  Pleash Almaan!" She pouted and talked like a little baby.  As much as he wanted to say no, he couldn't refuse her.

"Okay fine!  Lekin sirf ek.  Okay?"

"Haan haan.  Chalega chalega." "Tum mujhe nahin pakkad sakte!" Riddhima yelled happily as she ran away from him and he followed her with a huge smile on his face.  She kept laughing and giggling because every time he tried to catch her, she would increase her pace and he would be left with nothing.  Surprisingly, even Armaan was loving the little cat and mouse game.

He felt as if he was living the awesome part of his childhood again.  God this felt so good!  He felt happy!  He felt ALIVE!  All he wanted now was the night to never end.  Determined to catch her, Armaan made quick leaps and caught her by her waist and twirled her around as both laughed their hearts out.  He finally placed her down and she turned in his arms as she laughed but her giggle was slowly replaced by a small, dreamy smile as she watched him laugh with all his heart.

He looked so adorable when he laughed.  Just like a small child.  The way his ocean blue eyes sparkled brought a big smile on her face.  The warmth his deep laughter gave her was unmatchable.  She had never seen him laugh.  It was always either a smirk, a small sarcastic chuckle, or a straight face.  Nothing else.  If only he laughed like this all the time.  With admiration, she cupped his cheek and his laugh slowly came to hault.

"Tum na.  Haste hue... bohat cute lagte ho.  Just like a small child." She said softly, using her hands to illustrate 'small'.

"Sacch?" He asked her with hope in his eyes and she nodded.
"Mucch." He smiled as he heard her and watched as her soft smile turned into a childlike one and she exclaimed.

"Golawaala!" She said happily and he turned around to see a golawaala walking around.  He turned and looked at her as she jumped and clapped and then grabbed his hand.  "Almaan!  Mujhe gola chahiye!  Pleash, pleash, pleash, pleash, pleash mujhe gola dilaa do na!  Please?" She said stretching her last 'please'.

"Lekin Riddhima itna raat ko gola khaogi toh tum bimaar pad jaogi."

"I don't care mujhe gola chahiye!  Pleash Almaan!" She pouted and talked like a little baby.  As much as he wanted to say no, he couldn't refuse her.

"Okay fine!  Lekin sirf ek.  Okay?"

"Haan haan.  Chalega chalega." She said excitedly, making him smile.  He stopped the golawaala and led Riddhima to him.  He watched her as she tapped her chin thoughtfully with her brows knit together.  God she looked so adorable!  How on Earth did she look so adorable, even in the sexiest clothes!  She was seriously the only girl that could do that.  She really knew how to drive someone insane.  He chuckled as he thought to himself, making Riddhima turn and look at him. 

"Has kyun rahe ho?" she asked innocently and he shook his head.

"Kuch nahin."

"Jhoothe.  Koi aise hi thodi hasta hain?  Itni stupid nahin hoon.  Reason bolo."

"Riddhima, kuch nahin hain." He said softly.

"Armaan, kuch hain." She said mimicking his tone.  "Mtch.  Bolo na!"

"Riddhima.  Agar tum zyaada zidh karogi na, toh main tumhe gola nahin dilaaunga." He said warning her, and she made a face as she looked away and muttered something inaudible under her breath before turning to the man.

"Mujhe na... Kaala khatta chahiye!" She said happily as the man smiled at her childishness and started working on her request.  As soon as he finished, he handed her her gola and she ate it with her eyes closed. 

"Mmm... Ek dum tashty hain!" She said like a child as she relished her treat. 

"Aise kya dekh rahe ho?" She asked as she saw Armaan staring at her.  He became embarrassed at being caught like that so he just shook his head. 

"Ohhh.. Samajh gayi."


"Tumhe mera gola khaana hain na?"

"Kya?!" He exclaimed, totally surprised.

"Itne shocked kyun ho?  I know tumhe mera gola khaana hain." He suppressed his laugh with great difficulty and decided to have some fun.

"Haan.  Mujhe tumhara gola khaana hain.  Lao do." He took a step forward but she took two steps back and shook her head.

"Nahin!  Main apna gola nahin dungi.  Tumhe chahiye, toh dusra le lo."

"Kyun?  Mere  saath share nahin karna?" She shook her head. 

"Tum saara khatam kar doge.  I know it."

"Nahin karunga.  Promise." Riddhima thought about this carefully before making her decision. 

"Okay fine.   Dono saath mein khaate hain.  Okay?" Armaan smiled widely and nodded.  This was going to be fun!

Riddhima put the gola in between them and she put her mouth on one end of it and he put his on the other end.  Very slowly, both ate their ends of the gola as they moved towards each other.  Armaan  knew what was happening while Riddhima was too engrossed in her gola to understand anything.

Riddhima opened her eyes as she felt something inexplainable and her heart stopped seeing his face merely inches away from hers.  She felt as if she was getting high with his masculine scent.  Lord he smelt so good and desirable.  His eyes... they were so intoxicating.. so intense and beautiful... she couldn't look away from them.  They were so magnetic and attractive.  They pulled her to him.  They made her want to drown in them and stare into them for eternity and beyond that.  Whenever she looked in those blue oceans, her heartbeat would rise expontentially.  Her mind would just go in frenzy and she just wouldn't know what she's supposed to do.  Her heart would take over her mind and everything would just fade around her.  What could they call this?  Passion?  Lust?  Attraction?  Obsession?  Infatuation?  Or... love?

She slowly raised her hand and cupped his cheek, moving closer to him.  They could feel each others breaths kiss their faces softly and gently.  She tilted her head slightly and moved up till she could reach his lips.  She slowly licked her lower lip, trying to moisten it as her gaze dropped from his eyes to his delicious lips and closed her eyes, knowing what she wanted and so did he.  A sudden and loud thunder sound make her open her eyes and pull back excitedly.  She looked up at the sky covered in dark, overlapping clouds and felt some cold drops of water fall on her skin and smiled big.

"Baarish!" She exclaimed and clapped and jumped in happiness while Armaan quickly took shelter under a tree, trying not to get more drenched.  She spread her arms wide apart and spinned as the rain started pouring down on her, leaving Armaan mesmerized.  He watched her as the rain made her clothes stick to her body.  Her shirt almost became see-through as he saw her chest and outlines of her bra.  He was having a hard time controlling his manly urges seeing her like that.  The weather was suddenly becoming so romantic and beautiful which made it harder for him.

"Yayy!  Kitna mazzhaa aa raha hain!  Armaan!  Vahaan kyun khade ho?  Yahaan aao na!  Dekho na!  Kitna achha mausum hain!" She giggled to herself as she went back to enjoying the rain.  Armaan ran his fingers through his gelled hair and smiled as he saw her.  Riddhima stopped when she saw him just standing there with his eyes closed and ran to him.

"Tum yahaan aise khade kyun ho?"

"Kyunki mujhe baarish mein bheegna pasand nahin hain."

"Kyun ni pasand?"

"Kyunki baarish mein bheegne se zukhaam ho jaata hain aur isse infections bhi ho sakte hain." Riddhima made a face as he heard her.

"Tum kitne boring ho!"

"Boring, and me?" He asked, amused because she called him boring, she nodded.  "Kaise?"

"Armaan.  Baarish mein hi toh zindagi ka asli mazaa hain!" She stepped back into the rain and spinned again.  "Inn baarish ki bundon ko mehsoos karo.  Innke geet ko sunno." She said happily.

"Riddhima yeh sab filmy lines hain."

"But it's true!" Armaan just rolled his eyes at her words.  Riddhima walked to him and pulled him into the rain.

"Riddhima yeh tum kya-"

"Shhh..." She put her finger on his lips, making him go quiet.  "kuch matt kaho." She whispered.  No one said anything as they heard the soothing sounds of the rain.  "Inn bundon ki sargam ko sunno.  Yeh tumse kuch kehna chahti hain.  Mehsoos karo isse Armaan.  Feel it." She said softly and paused.  With her hands, she closed his eyes and slowly moved behind him and opened his arms.  "Innki bundein jab hume chhuti hain toh dill ko sukoon milta hain.  Aisa lagta hain jaise ki hum kissi aur hi duniya mein hain.  Jaise hum jannat ki saer kar rahe ho.  Innse dur matt bhaago Armaan.  Innhe gale lagao.  Apnao innhe.  Yeh humse pyaar karte hain, aur hum, innse." She finished with a soft smile as she rested her chin lightly on his shoulder.  He opened his eyes as if in a trance and then slowly came back to reality and turned around.

"Riddhima.  Bas.  It's very late and we should leave now."

"Lekin mujhe-"

"Chup!  No lekin-vekin.  Ab chalo!"

"Lekin hum jaayenge kahaan?" Riddhima asked innocently and he looked around.  She was right.  Where were they going to go now?  They left their car miles away and they weren't going to find a taxi anywhere, which meant they were stuck.  What now, he asked himself.  As he looked around, he saw a few cabins at a distance and thought it was better to spend the night there.  Then they could leave in the morning.



"Vahaan." He pointed to the cabins and she pouted.

"Lekin woh toh dur hain.  Mujhe uthaake le jaaye na."


"Pleash?" She pouted and he gave in with a smile.

"Fine.  Chalo."

"Yayy!" She cheered and he picked her up on his back with a smile and walked to the cabins.  He met some people there and rented the cabin for a night and went inside with her.  As he closed the door behind him, he put Riddhima down on her feet and she was just left in awe seeing the place.  The cabin was a big one with hardwood floors and cream colored furniture and it consist of a hall, a big and beautiful bedroom, a big and beautiful balcony with an amazing view and a small, cozy kitchen.

"Wow.  Yeh jaga toh kitni khoobsurat hain.  It's so beautiful." She spoke in awe as she looked at every corner of the cabin and Armaan  smiled looking at her.  She was so cute! 

"You like it?" He asked softly. 

"Like it?  I love it!" She said happily and immediately ran into the bedroom and he followed her with a smile.  Seeing the huge room she was left spellbound again and she immediately jumped on the white king sized bed
"Yayyy!" She cheered as she jumped on the bed happily and flopped herself down once he sat down.

"Almaan!  Hum yahin pal lahe?  Mujhe na.  Yeh ghal bohaaattt pasand hain!"

"Really?  Tumhe yeh ghar pasand hain?" She nodded like a child and he asked another question.  "Kyun?  Tumhe humaara ghar nahin pasand kya?" Riddhima thought for a moment before answering.

"Pasand hain... lekin... mujhe itna bada ghar bhi nahin pasand.  Mujhe na, ek chhota sa ghar chahiye.  Matlab, itna chhota bhi nahin, but medium sized.  A nice one.  Jahaan sirf main aur tum ho."

"Tum aur main?"

"Haan.  Mera na, bacchpan se sapna tha.  Ki main bilkul aise hi ghar mein apne dream man, apne husband ke saath rahun.  Aur... humaare do, chhotte chotte bacche ho.  Aur you're my husband.  So main toh tumhaare saath hi toh rahungi na." She said happily and Armaan was touched by her words.  Riddhima was pretty much imagining her future with him.  The thought of living with her in a house like this one with two children brought a soft smile to his lips as he literally imagined the whole picture in his mind.  This was turning out to be amazing.  He never thought Riddhima would be having such thoughts in her mind but it was probably time for him to learn about how she felt.

"Achha?  So I'm your dream man?"

"Haan.  Tum hi toh mere dream man ho.  Mera Raj, mera Romeo, mera Ranjha..." she paused as she looked deep into his eyes.  "mera armaan (wish)." She stared into his eyes as he looked at her with a smile.

"Lekin tum toh mujhse nafrat karti ho na?  Tumhe toh meri shakal tak dekhna pasand nahin hain."

"Aisi afvaayein kaun phela raha hain?" She asked, getting ready to hit the person and he just laughed.

"Tum hi ne toh kaha tha." He said softly and Riddhima stopped and looked at him.  No one said a word for a moment as they stared into each others eyes, reading and feeling what the other felt.

"Tum na, bilkul buddhu ho.  Totally mad."


"Kyunki tumhe toh mera jhooth pakarna bhi nahin aata.  Itni baar jhooth kaha maine, lekin tumhe toh kuch samajh mein hi nahin aata.  Tumse koi kaise nafrat kar sakta hain?  Pata hain tumse nafrat karna kitna mushkil hain?"

"Really?" She nodded.  "Why?"

"Kyunki tum bohaat achhe ho." He went speechless as he heard her.  She just called him nice?  This was a first.  He was so used to people calling him mean and stone hearted.  "Anjaane mein hi sahi, lekin tum humesha meri madat karte ho.  Mujhe humesha girne se bacchaate ho, mujhe abhi Vivek se bacchaaya, aur pata nahin kitna kuch kiya hain.  Tum dikhaate nahin ho, lekin tum meri bohat care karte ho na?  I know it.  Tumhare aankhon mein sab dikhta hain mujhe.  You know?  Tumhari aankhein na, bohat khoobsurat hain.  They're beautiful.  Just like the beautiful ocean.  Aur... tumhari naak..." She said, dropping her gaze to his nose and touching it.  ".. bohat cute hain.  Chooo cutee!" She pinched his name and spoke like a baby, making him giggle and slowly moved her finger to his lips.  "And I... " She paused as she stared at his lucious lips.

"You?" He asked making her look up.

"I... I..." She stuttered as her heartbeat rose again.

"You what Riddhima?" He pushed a strand away from her face.

"I love you Armaan." She whispered softly and Armaan felt like his heart just stopped beating.  She loved him.  She loved him.  She loved him.  She loved... him.  Those words kept repeating themselves in his mind.  All of a sudden everything around him changed and ceased to exist.  This couldn't be real.  It had to be a figment of his imagination, but it wasn't.  This was true, it was real.  Words weren't needed as their eyes spoke everything.  It was him and her.. her and him.  No one else.

"Armaan... agar... agar tumhe mere liye... ek gaana gaana hota.  Just one song describing how you felt about me?  Toh tum kaunsa gaana gaate?" She asked innocently, breaking the silence and he remained silent.  All of a sudden, she heard loud noises of the rain pouring down and exclaimed as she ran out to the balcony and felt the water kiss her tiny figure again.  Armaan followed her out with a mesmerized smile and leaned against the wall as he slowly started singing.


Aye kaash, kaash yun hota
Har shaam saath tu hota
Chhup chaap dil na yun rotaa
Har shaam saath tu hota

He watched her spin in the rain and jump with happiness and excitement.  When she spotted him, she splashed water on him, making him turn his head.

Guzaara ho tere bin guzaara
Ab mushkil hai lagta
Nazaara ho tera hi nazaara
Ab har din hai lagta

He slowly turned his head and looked at her.  His eyes screamed passion and the love he held for her.

He slowly walked to her in the rain and twirled her in as he started dancing with her.  She didn't know what was happening but it just felt right.  This was what she always wanted.  Him to love her and keep her like his princess and that was happening.  He loved her too.  She knew it!  Every instinct of her told her he was madly in love with her! 

Haale dil tujhko sunaata
Dil agar yeh bol paata
Tujhko hai chaahta jaan

Tere sang jo pal bitaata
Waqt se main woh maang laata
Yaad karke
Muskuraata haan

He lifted her in the sky and spinned her around with her hands wide apart, embracing the rain and slowly brought her down as he moved his lips against her chest, making her close her eyes with pleasure.



He made her stand on her feet and hungrily kissed her neck as she moaning with pleasure.  It was becoming so hard for him to control himself and the fact that she was responding to his desires made it even more difficult.  If only she would stop him.

All of a sudden, she pushed him away and ran away to the other end of the balcony and held the walls tight as she breathed heavily with her eyes closed. 

Tu meri raah ka sitaara
Tere bina hoon main awaara
Jab bhi tanhaayi ne sataaya
Tujhko besaakhta pukaara

She opened her eyes as she felt his warm and big hand hold hers firmly and his deep and velvety voice sing melodiously in her ears.  His other hand slowly moved down her shoulder as he grasped her hand and placed soft kisses on her ear and nape.

Aa chaahat hai meri la
Par meri jaan
Dil mein hoon rakhta haan...

She slowly turned and looked at him with a smirk as he continued singing.  He blew air on her face, making her turn her head and scooted closer as she slowly opened her eyes back and looked at him.  As he moved in for a kiss, Riddhima slapped his hand away and moved away making him smile at her antics. 

Haale dil tujhko sunaata
Dil agar yeh bol paata
Tujhko hai chaahta jaan

She hid behind a curtain and Armaan came and stood in front of her.  They walked very slowly with their hand sliding across the white satin curtain as he sang passionately, looking straight into her eyes.

Tere sang jo pal bitaata
Waqt se main woh maang laata
Yaad karke
Muskuraata haan



You're the one to me
Our love was meant to be
I know you feel it too
Each time I look at you

As they reached the end, Riddhima started singing about how she felt.  He suddenly pulled her close, taking her by surprise, but she kept singing and started walking away but he held her hand.

Khwaabon ka kab tak loon sahara
Ab toh tu aa bhi ja khudara
Meri yeh dono paagal aankhein
Har pal maange tera nazaara

He twirled her in again and held her close to him as he placed her hand his heart.  He slowly raised his hand and brushed her curls away because they were blocking his view.

Aa samjaun inko kis tarah
Innpe mera bas nahin chalta haan

Very slowly, he bent and placed his hands behind her thighs and picked her up effortlessly while she just giggled happily.

Haal-e-dil tujhko sunaata
Dil agar yeh bol paata
Bakhuda tujhko hai chaahta jaan

Tere sang jo pal bitaata
Waqt se main woh maang laata
Yaad karke muskuraata haan



He slowly carried her to the bedroom and layed her down as he stared at her beautiful face and admired it.  He lightly pinched her nose and giggled as she opened her eyes and looked at him lovingly.



"Ek baat puchhun?"


"Tumne mere savaal ka javaab kyun nahin diya?"

"Kaunsa savaal?"

"Maine tumse kaha ki main tumse pyaar karti hoon, lekin tumne to kabhi yeh nahin kaha ke tum mere baare mein kaisa feel karte ho."

"Yeh savaal tha?" She nodded.

"Implied tha.  Ab chalo bolo.  Kya tum mujhse pyaar karte ho?" Armaan smiled.

"So jao Riddhima." He said softly and was about to walk away but she held his hand and stopped him.

"Nahin!" She protested and pouted.  "Mujhe jaanna hain!  Bolo na!"


"Pleash." Armaan stopped and looked at her.  "Tum bhi mujhse pyaar karte ho na?" He smiled seeing the innocent look in her eyes.  He took her hand and sat down on his knees, looking directly into her eyes while caressing her cheeks softly.

"I love you too." The corners of her lips curved upwards into a beautiful smile as his words played in her mind over and over again.  Silence prevailed as the green orbs stared into the blue oceans before her thick, black lashes covered them and she fell into a deep and sound sleep.  As her eyes closed, he smiled and planted a soft kiss beside her lips.  He stood up and got in the bed next to her and wrapped his arm around her waist and waited for sleep to take over him as he stared at her calm face lovingly. 


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