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Chapter 42 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

A Sudden Twist in Tale

Riddhima's POV

I squeezed my eyes as I felt the bright light annoy me and wake me up harshly.  A sharp pain suddenly penetrated through my head and I immediately clutched my head in agony.  What the freak?!  I sweared under breath for the umpteenth time and opened my eyes slowly to see myself in a totally unknown, but beautiful room.  Where was I?

"Good morning Riddhima." I heard Armana greet me cheerfully and turned my head to see him come in with a tray filled with food which shocked me.  No.  Actually, shock would be an understatement.  Armaan Mallik was bringing food for her?!  Did the Sun rise from the opposite side today?  I watched him carefully as he placed the tray on the bed and sat down in front of me.  He picked up the glass filled with fresh orange juice and handed it to me.

"Here.  Have this.  You'll feel better." I was surprised at the sweet tone he used.  I tried remembering the last time he used this tone for me, but sadly there were no such moments like these.  What happened to him all of a sudden?  Why was he being so sweet?  Where were we?  Who's house was this?  What the hell happened last night?!  I reluctantly took the glass and slowly started drinking it, trying to see if he mixed poison in it.  You never know...

"Armaan.  Hum kahaan hain?" I finally questioned him.

"Hum ek cabin mein hain Riddhima."

"Lekin kyun?"

"Kyunki kal baarish huyi thi Riddhima.  Aur humaari car bohat peechhe reh gayi thi." He spoke looking at me doubtfully.  I was confused.  What was he talking about?  The car was left behind?  And when was it raining?  The weather was perfect when they went to the club.  Wait.  The club?  I felt some memories from the previous night come into my mind.  The club... Rahul and Muskaan kissed... the paper dance game... Armaan and Jennifer danced together... I gulped down about seven drinks... Vivek came up to me... provoked me... and... I did the sexy dance with Armaan... and then... then?  Then what?  What happened after that?  Oh my God!  I don't remember anything!


"Kal kya hua tha Armaan?" I asked almost instantly, interrupting him.  I watched him as his face went pale, like all the blood was rushing out of his face.  I could see it was taking him great efforts to control himself and I heard him speak the next moment.

"Yo-you... don't remember anything?" All of a sudden I felt goosebumps rise on my skin.  I was scared of my answer.  Like, something was going to go wrong. 

"N-no." I stuttered.  His eyes turned red and he looked away and his fingers curved into a fist, scaring me.  I knew something was wrong.

"Armaan?  Kal kuch hua tha kya?" I asked again, almost something happened.  His silence was killing me.  Why couldn't he just tell me?  His eyes reflected pain and sadness and anger, which I could see he was trying to hide, but failed.

"Nothing.  Kal kuch nahin hua tha." He said coldly and stood up, facing away from me.  "Hurry up and get ready.  Your clothes are in the bathroom. We're gonna leave in an hour." Saying this, he left quickly and I was confused.  What the hell happened after the pub?  I tried jogging my memory to see what happened after the party, but all I could remember was Vivek forcibly taking me outside the party.  I knew nothing happened since I was with Armaan.  He would never let anything happen to me.  I know him.  Besides if he did something to me... you know... I could... feel it.  I mean... it would hurt... right?

Anyways.  As per Armaan's instructions, I stood up and went to the bathroom, took a shower and wore a white tshirt and tight fitted jeans and came out within an hour and saw Armaan sitting outside in the car, lost in his own thoughts.  Hesitantly, I I walked to the car, opened the door and sat in the seat next to his.  There was this awkward silence between us which made me not even want to move a centimeter.  It felt as if I'll move just a little and a ghost will come up from nowhere.

"Seat belt peheno." I jumped in my seat as I heard his sharp, cold tone. 


"I said wear your seat belt." He replied in the same rude and harsh tone, making me flinch.  What the heck was wrong with him?  With shaky hands, I put the seat belt in with a 'click' and looked straight.

It took us almost 30 minutes to get back home.  Trust me.  Thirty minutes seem like a small amount of time, when in reality, this was no less than pure torture for me.  At the speed Armaan was driving, it almost felt like I was riding an airplane.  No joke.  Plus there was nothing but silence.  You could only hear the roaring of the car engine and screeching of the tires whenever he pushed the brakes.  It really was creepy and scary but yeah.  Couldn't really do anything about that, sadly.

As soon as we arrived, I literally jumped out of my seat and pretty much ran inside with him following me.  I was pretty much scared of being around him because of his random mood swings.  As I walked in, I saw everyone in the hall with some pacing around the room and some seated on the sofas.  Maybe they were waiting for us?

"Hey?" I said slowly, making them turn their faces towards me and I saw relief pass through their faces.

"Oh thank God!" I heard Anjali talk with relief as they all walked to me.

"Riddhima, are you okay?"

"Where were you?"

"And where's Armaan?"

"Is he okay?"

"Oh God Riddhima!  Will you talk?" I heard everyone pose a trillion questions in front of me and I was left dumbfounded.  How on Earth did these people expect me to even understand a word they said?  I tried my best to make them listen to me but they just didn't hear me.  From the corner of my eyes, I saw Armaan walk inside the house and move directly towards our room, when everyone saw him and stopped him.

"Armaan!" Rahul called and Armaan stopped in his tracks.

"Dude!  Where were you?" They all repeated  their 40 billion questions for him.  Very soon, they just stopped their questions as they saw the cold look in his eyes.

"Are you all done now?  If yes, then I'm going to room.  I'm getting late for office." He said coldly, surprising everyone and started walking towards our room.

"But you said you're not going to office today?" Abhi questioned.

"Yeah, but I've changed my mind now." He spoke without looking back as he climbed the stairs.  Once  in the room, he shut the door with a bang and there was nothing but silence between all of us.  All of us were shocked at the sudden change in his behavior.

"What the hell happened to him?" Muskaan asked in daze.  This question was on everyone's mind.  What the hell did happen to him?

"Why is he acting like the old Armaan?" Rahul wondered out loud as he stared at the closed door.

"Riddhima.  Did something happen last night?  Like, a fight between you two?" Anjali asked me.

"I don't know Anjali.  I don't remember anything from last night, it's all blank!  He came to me in the morning and he was acting all nice and sweet and when I told I don't remember anything, he was so mad!  Like he just turned into a different Armaan!" I explained what happened as they all fell into deep thoughts.

"Don't you think it's probably because Riddhima doesn't remember anything?  I mean, it's quite possible, right?" We nodded as we thought about what Atul said.  It was quite likely.  But what could've happened when I was drunk?  I mean, it couldn't have been anything major.  I mean, dude!  I was drunk!  What could've happened?  And why would it matter anyways?  But either ways, it was something I did.  I knew it and I had to find out.  But that was like banging your head into the wall on purpose.  How could I make him spill the truth?  This was gonna be difficult.  Very difficult.


Three weeks... three weeks had passed ever since that drunken night. Trust me when I say these weeks were torture.  Soon after that morning, it turned out that Armaan  had to go to Singapore for three weeks for a very important meeting with some clients.  They had to sign a huge deal which was very crucial to ME so I know how important it was for our company.  But at the same time, I didn't like being away from Armaan.  In these three weeks, I hadn't talked to Armaan even once.  Whenever I tried calling him, his phone either came dead or unreachable.  I guess he did that on purpose.  Maybe he just didn't want to talk to me.  and that was hurting me.  I couldn't bear the fact that he just didn't want to talk to me. 

And that's probably because of what happened on the party night and because I totally forgot about it.  But now I remembered.  I didn't remember every single thing that happened, but I remembered the main points.  Vivek tried forcing himself on me, Armaan saved me, the rain, the cabin... I confessed my love for him... the song in the rain... his confession... I remembered it all.  In fact, I remembered everything the day after he left!  I started getting glimpses of all the things that happened and one by one I put the pieces together and wah-lah.  I remembered.

I loved him.  I loved Armaan Mallik.  I was madly, deeply, crazily and insanely in love with him.  I always loved him, since day one, but I guess my ego was just too big to accept it.  I mean, he was Armaan.  Falling in love with him meant making fun of yourself but I was so wrong.  Loving him was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Whenever he was around me, I felt like heaven was right here.  When he touched me, I felt like my happiness had no bounds.  Whenever he kissed me I felt like the most beautiful and amazing woman on this universe.  I felt totally different when I was around me.  I felt better... happier... content.

Now all I wanted was him to come back as soon as possible.  I knew what I was going to do.  I would tell scream and say 'I love you Armaan Mallik' and embrace him tightly.  Then everything will be perfect.  Him, me and our perfect life.  The one I've always dreamed of.  The one he's always wanted.  We would go on a very romantic honeymoon... he'll make me his in all ways... we'll have two cute kids, Aaryhhaa and Riddhvaanshh... just perfect.  Everything will be good.  I quickly looked at the clock and saw it was only 9:00 PM.  Thirty more minutes till he came...  These minutes were going to be torure.  Pure torture.  To kill time, I plugged my headphones in and flipped through the songs on my iPod Touch.  Just then my eyes fell on this this one particular song, "Everything About You" by One Direction, and I immediately touched it and put it on repeat, closing my eyes with a smile as the song empowered my senses.

As the lyrics played in my ears, I imagined him singing this for me and smiled.  I was just so happy.  The feeling of love was just so damn good.  I felt ecstatic as every now and then my eyes would raise to the clock and my heart would skip a beat knowing he'll be here in just a few minutes.  I was so impatient!  This was so crazy!  I giggled to myself as I thought I was slowly going insane, but I didn't mind it.  I stood up from the couch as I couldn't sit any longer and walked to his wardrobe.  I slid the door open and touched all his shirts, feeling his essense in them.  I decided to be picky and took my favorite black shirt and held it close to me.  I could smell him in it and I hugged it thinking it was Armaan.  I slowly the sleeve in my hand and slowly danced around room singing along.

"It's everythin about you, you, you.  Everythin that you do, do, do.  From the way that we touch ba-by, to the way that you kiss-on-me."

I sang it over and over again because I was just too happy.  He was the only person on my mind!  I really wanted him to get here as quick as possible.  Did he not know his wife was waiting for him?  I stopped and repeated the thought in my mind.  His wife.  A smile made its way to my lips as I said it aloud.  I was his wife.  Riddhima Armaan Mallik.  The name was like music to my ears.  I was his wife and he was mine.  Only mine.  No one in this world could separate us.  All of a sudden, I heard some loud noises and paused the song.

"Armaan!  You're back!" I heard Nikki's loud voice and smiled wide as I heard her words.  My Armaan was back!  I threw my iPod on the bed, not caring if it broke or not and ran outside my room.

I held the stair handle and smiled widely as I saw Armaan hugging everyone with a small smile.  He was back.  My Armaan was back!  I pretty much flew down the stairs and stood behind him, panting as he turned and saw me.  I smiled at him contently seeing him right in front of me.  My heart fluttered inside my chest as I studied every inch of his face.  I was expecting him to pull me into his arms then and there but that didn't happen.

Instead, he just gave me a cold look and walked up and I stared at his retreating back.  My heart started sinking.  What just happened?  Why did he do that?  Several questions ran through my mind as I saw him, but then I remembered.  He was still mad at me for not remembering that night.  I wondered what he would do when he found out I remembered everything?  He would be so happy!  He would probably hug me, kiss me, I don't know what else would happen!  I smiled happily as I walked up the stairs to our room.

As I walked in, I was disheartened hearing the sounds of running shower coming from the bathroom.  I was dying to talk to him, to embrace him, to tell him how much I loved him but he... he just didn't want to talk to me.  He didn't even want to see my face.  Maybe that's why he went directly into the bathroom instead of talking to me.  But I couldn't blame him either.  I was the one that hurt him so much after giving him so much happiness.  I wish I could go back and change what happened but alas.  That just wasn't possible.  I just wanted one chance from him, to make everything right and I was going to get it.  As soon as he came out, I was going to tell him everything and make him mine again.  I wasn't going to give up so soon.  Determined, I sat back down on the couch and plugged the headphones back, switching to "One Thing" by One Direction.

That song explained everything.  How I felt, what I wanted, how much I needed him.  I loved him so much.  He was my life.  My reason to live, my everything.  I couldn't live without him.  A second without him was like a lifetime.  He made my life beautiful.  He completed me and he needed to know that!  If only he would come out of the bathroom and talk to me once!

After about 15 minutes, he finally came out wearing a black muscle shirt and a black cargo and I stood up while his back faced me.

"Armaan.  I want to say something to you." I tried talking but he kept walking away from me, but I wasn't going to give up.  "Armaan I'm talking to you!" I said, getting frustrated and he immediately turned and looked at me.

"What do you want Riddhima?" He asked me angrily and stepped back seeing his anger but I was determined.

"Armaan.  I wanna tell you that... I remember everything from that night." I said slowly and saw his face soften for a moment before hardening again.

"Which night?" My heart started sinking when I heard him.  "I don't understand what you're talking about." I looked at him in disbelief.

"Why are you lying Armaan?  I know you know what I'm talking about.  Don't lie!" I said angrily.  Why was he lying?!

"Riddhima look.  I don't have time for all of this.  I am very sleepy.  I don't have time for all this nonsense." He said and started walking away.

"You're doing this because I hurt you, right?  Because I forgot everything about that night right?  Because I forgot... that I told you how much I loved you.  Right?" I saw him stop in his tracks, but not look back.  "Armaan.  I might've been drunk but.. everything I said was true.  Every single word I said came right from my heart.  I wasn't lying when I said I loved you.  Armaan... I love you.  I love you a lot.  More than anything in this world.  I... I can't live without you." I said with tears rolling down my cheeks and whispered the last part.  He didn't say anything as I silently shed tears and waited for him to speak up.

"But I don't love you." He said coldly without any emotions.

His words killed me then and there.  I felt as if someone had sucked all the happiness out of my life and filled it with emptiness.  Something broke inside me.  Its was my heart.  But unforunately, a broken heart makes no noise.  I didn't have anything to say.  What could I say?  He hated me now.  Suddenly I heard him talk again as I heard him.

"I don't love you Riddhima.  I never did, and I never will.  You mean nothing to me.  I said I loved you that night so you would leave me alone and shut up about it.  And how did you even think I could fall for a girl like you?  Seriously Riddhima.  You have no sense.  I am just waiting for the day you'll leave so that I can live with peace.  Now if you're done with your stupid rant, can I please sleep?" He spoke rudely and went to bed, turning off the lights while I slowly dropped to the floor.

His words tore me apart.  He didn't love me.  I was absolutely nothing for him.  He... he wanted me to leave.  So I was wrong, wasn't I?  He felt nothing for me.  All those times when I thought he loved me too, he didn't.  I was just a pastime for him.  It was only me, that was so stupid.  How could he love me anyways?  I was nothing compared to him.  Absolutely nothing.  I felt more and more tears roll down my cheeks as I stared at him in the dark.  He wanted me away from his life, didn't he?  So that's how it was going to be.  I will leave.  I'll leave this house, his life... him and never come back.  That's what he wanted, so let it be that way.


Armaan's POV

I turned to the other side on the bed to protect myself from the Sun's bright and annoying rays.  As my usual habit, I moved my hand across the other side of the bed, trying to find comfort in Riddhima, but surprisingly all I could feel was the soft, flat bed sheet.  I slowly opened my eyes and frowned when I didn't see her.  As I sat up on the bed, my eyes frantically searched for her.  She wasn't in the room.  My started beating fast as I didn't see her anywhere in the room but then consoled my heart thinking she's downstairs.  I thought and went to the bathroom to take a shower and came out in no time.  Since it was weekend, I didn't have to go to office so I was more than happy.  I could spend more time with everyone.

With this thought, I walked down to the hall, but I was surprised seeing everyone sitting on the sofa.  They appeared to be very sad and upset and... they looked like they were going to kill someone.  As I moved closer, I was shocked seeing tears flowing from Anjali's, Muskaan's and Nikki's eyes.  They were crying?!

"Guys?" I said and they looked up.  "What's wrong?  What's wrong?  Where is Riddhima?" I asked, genuinely concerned.

"Atul.  Tell this man to get out of my sight before I end up doing soemthing I don't wanna do." I was stumped as I heard Rahul.  He sounded M-A-D.  But why?


"Armaan tum jao yahaan se." Atul spoke, not looking at me.

"Guys tum log aise kyun behave kar rahe ho?  Aur Riddhima kahaan hain?"

"Chali gayi woh!  Hum sab ko chhod kar chali gayi woh!  She left us!" Muskaan got up and screamed at me as I froze hearing her.  She left?  Riddhima left?  No.  This wasn't possible.  Riddhima couldn't leave.  She can't leave!

"Wh-what?" I asked, just praying they would say she was here... that she didn't leave me.

"Haan.  Riddhima chali gayi.  She left.  All because of you!" Muskaan screamed and threw a paper at me.  I slowly bent down and read the paper as I stood up.


Jab tak tum yeh letter padhoge, tab tak main yahaan se bohat dur jaa chuki hogi.  Main jaanti hoon tum bohat khush hoge.  Aakhir tum yeh hi toh chaahte the.  Right?  You wanted me to leave, so I am leaving.  Lekin ek baat humesha yaad rakhna.  Main tumse bohat pyaar karti hoon.  In fact, maine toh humesha tum hi se pyaar kiya hain.  Aaje se nahin, lekin uss din se jiss din se tum meri zindagi mein aaye.  I never hated you.  Aur waise bhi.  Tum se nafrat kar hi kaun sakta hain?  You're amazing.

Pata hain Armaan?  Jab tumne mujhe blackmail karke mujhse shaadi ki na, toh main upset nahin thi.  In fact main khush thi.  Bohat khush.  Kyunki meri shaadi tumse huyi.  Tumse shaadi karna meri zindagi ka sabse achha faisla tha.  Tumhare saath bitaaya hua ek ek pal mere liye bohat keemti hain.  Inhe main humesha sambhaal kar rakhungi.  Humesha.

Jab tumne mujhse kaha ke tum mujhse pyaar nahin karte, main toot gayi thi.  Aur... main issi liye jaa rahi hoon.  Jab mujhse pyaar hi nahin karte, toh yahaan rehne ka kya matlab?  Main sirf itna kehna chahti hoon ke... apna khayaal rakhna.  Aur baaki sab ka bhi.  They need you.  Bye.

Riddhima.. Gupta

I kept reading the letter over and over again, not wanting to believe this.  She left.  Riddhima left.  She left me... this house... all of us.  Why?  Why did she leave?  Why did I say all that to her?  And... why did she believe what I said?  Everything I said was nothing but a lie!  I love her!  She's my life damn it!  My only reason to live!

"Main toh soch bhi nahin sakta tha ke tum aisa karoge Armaan.  Tum ne Riddhima se zabardasti shaadi ki thi?  How could you Armaan! Abhi said angrily.

"You lied to all of us!  You married her to make her life hell, didn't you?" I heard Nikki talk.

"Tumne usski zindagi barbaad kar di Armaan!  You broke her!  Usske dill ke hazaar tukde kar diye tumne!  Ghin aati hain mujhe tum pe!  Chhe!" Muskaan spoke with disgust.  She was right.  I broke her heart into thousands and millions of pieces.  I deserved this. 

"How could you do this to her Armaan?  She loves you so much!  Tumhare liye ussne pata nahin kya kuch nahin kiya.  Khud ko badal diya.  Apni saari zindagi tumhare naam kar di!  Aur tumne?  Tumne kya kiya?  You bloody said you didn't love her?  Why?  Why did you do this Armaan?  Why?  Why did you say you don't love her when we can clearly see it in your eyes!  Tell me Armaan!" Rahul yelled at me in anger.

"Because I didn't want to lose her damn it!" I yelled back.  It was true.  I lied to her because I didn't want to lose her.  Tears rolled down my cheeks without my permission and I fell on my knees as my legs just gave away.

"I lied to her because I didn't want to lose her.  I love her a lot... she's my life damn it!" I paused as more and more tears fell down my face.  "Whenever I love someone they just leave me.  Just like the way Mom did... like dad... like Malaika... She left me too... She hates me... She hates me..." I cried my heart out and I felt my three brothers come up to me immediately and hug me.  I was broken.  Mentally and emotionally.  I couldn't lose Riddhima.  She turned my world around.  She made me a better person.  She couldn't leave me!

"Please bring her back." I whispered and they pulled away from me.

"Armaan.  If you want her back, you're gonna have to win her trust again.  You broke her heart and you're gonna have to put it back together.  But you know it's not easy.  You were cruel to her.  Don't expect the wounds on her heart to heal any time soon.  But before you even try to get her back, you gotta take the fear of losing everyone out.  It's ruining it Armaan.  Okay?" I listened to Atul as he explained everything to me.

He was right.  My fear was ruining everything.  Why did I have this fear anyways?  Because I lost Mom, Dad and Malaika?  Maybe.  Maybe that was the reason to everything.  But Riddhima?  Riddhima wouldn't do that.  At least not after this.  She left this time because of me but not again.  I won't let her.  I'll protect her and our relationship from any harm.  All of a sudden, I felt like a totally different person.  Determined and happy.  I nodded and wiped my tears, as I stood up and turned to go upstairs.

"Armaan, tum kahaan jaa rahe ho?" I heard Anjali ask me and I turned with a big smile.

"Riddhima ko lene." I ended with a wink and saw her mouth drop open and eyes go wide with shock.  I chuckled at her expressions and ran upstairs.

As soon as I got in, I immediately opened my closet and I took out the black shirt she loved and wore it as I took off my muscle shirt and replaced my sweats with dark jeans.  Yeah.  I knew she loved seeing me in dark colored shirts.  I had seen her admiring me when she thought I didn't know about it, but I did.  I knew it but I always hid it behind a straight face.  I laughed remembering all those instances when this happened and I couldn't help, but smile.  My eyes fell on the table which had our marriage picture and I picked it up, softly caressing her face.

"I'm sorry Riddhima.  I'm very sorry.  Main jaanta hoon main gadha hoon.  I'm a douche.  But please forgive me Riddhima.  Maine tumhara dill bohat dukhaaya hain na?  I promise.  Aaj ke baad main tumhe kabhi hurt nahin karunga.  Never.  Bas ek baar mere paas aa jao.  I miss you jaan.  Love you." I said aloud with a smile and kissed the glass, thinking it was her.  I loved her so much.  I was madly in love with her.  She made me feel like I was complete.  I smiled as her face came before my eyes and I immediately took out my cell and starting pressing numbers when I heard Muskaan yell my name and ran down the stairs again.


"Kya hua?  Aise gala phaad ke kyun bula rahi ho?" I asked, shocked at how she was calling me.  Like W*F!  I am her brother-in-law you know?  God!  Treat me with some respect!  "And dude!  I'm married you know!  So back off!  You have Rahul for that!"

"Shut the f**k up!  No one's looking at him anyways.  He's mine and I can rape him whenever I wanna!"

"What the hell?!" Rahul exclaimed in shock.  I wanted to laugh my ass off seeing his face as he heard Muskaan but I controlled myself.  I couldn't wait to have this woman as my Bhabhi.  This house is gonna be heaven after she comes in.  Correction.  Change heaven to hell.  It's heaven wherever my Riddhima is.  If that made any sense at all.

"Oye!  Muh band kar warna makkhi ghus jaayegi!" She scolded him and he immediately shut his mouth.

"Ek info milli hain." Said Nikki.


"We know where Riddhima is." Anjali said coming forward.

"Where is she?!" I asked getting totally impatient.

"She's in Surat." I looked at Muskaan, totally confused.  Why the hell was she in Surat?  That's in Gujarat.  As far as I knew, wasn't she a Punjaban?

"Woh Surat mein kya kar rahi hain?"

"Dude.  Woh obviously apne parents ke paas hain.  Aur kahaan jaayegi?"

"Lekin woh toh Punjaban hain na?  Phir woh Gujarat mein kya kar rahi hain?"

"Dhakkan, ulle de pathe, marr jaane, bevakoof, gadhe.  Tereko itna bhi nahin pata?  Dad pure Punjabi hain aur Mom pure Gujju.  Ab samajh mein aaya?" Muskaan told me and I smiled an amused smile.  So she was a Gujju huh?  Wow.  This was gonna be fun.

"Oye.  Tu muskura kyun raha hain?"

"Bas.  Aise hi." I smiled and quickly dialed the airport's number and booked 7 tickets to go to Surat.  I smiled and turned and saw everyone looking at me as I was crazy.

"Oye.  Saath tickets kyun?" Rahul asked me.

"Kyun?  Tum sab nahin aa rahe kya?"

"Hum log kyun aayenge be?"

"Oye kamino.  Main kya udhar akele Riddhima ko lene jaunga?  Saalon.  You all should be helping me, lekin tum sab toh bas.. HUH!  I don't care.  You all are coming with me and that's final.  We're leaving in 5 hours so pack your bags!" I said and coolly walked away, not giving them another look.  Yeah.  You had to be harsh sometimes.  I was just so impatient right now.  I wanted to see her.  Like now.  But that wasn't gonna happen.  These six hours were going to be pure torture, regardless of what anyone said. 


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