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Chapter 44 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

It was evening time and Shah Nivaas was filled with happiness, smiles, laughters and excitement. After all, it was Shubhankar and Kirti's sangeet ceremony.  Wherever you went, you would see people dressed up nicely and blessing Shubhankar and Kirti for their life.  While everyone was busy talking to their friends and family, our beloved group was standing in a corner, talking amongst themselves.

"Kya yaar.  Yahaan pe kaun kya bolta hain kuch bhi samajh mein nahin aata." Atul whined.

"Beta.  Issko Gujarati bolte hain."

"Abe woh toh mereko pata hain.  Lekin aisa toh kaisa yaar.  Ek desh, lekin do-sau se bhi zyaada languages.  Kitna confusing hain yaar.  I wish neeche subtitles hote.  At least samajh mein toh aata.  Yahaan toh gaali dete hain, toh bhi pata nahin chalta." They giggled at Atul's words because they knew it was true.

"Yeah, lekin ek tarah se achha hi hain.  Jitna kam pata ho, utna hi achha." Said Rahul.

"True.  Lekin guys.  Muskaan aur Riddhima kahaan hain?" asked Nikki.

"Uppar tayaar ho rahe honge.  Aur kya?" Abhi said carelessly.

"Hey guys!" Muskaan said happily and they looked at her. 

Rahul was totally spellbound seeing her dressed in a violet lehenga choli with beautiful sequins and a magenta dupatta neatly pinned to her shoulder.  Muskaan blushed, averting her gaze as she saw Rahul admiring her from head to toe with his jaws touching the floor.

"Main kaisi lag rahi hoon?" Muskaan asked lovingly.

"Huh?" He asked as he was pulled out of his thoughts.

"Maine puchha main kaisi lag rahi hoon?"

"Beautiful." Rahul said with a smile and Muskaan blushed even more.

"Oye hoye.  Muskaan ka chehra toh dekho." Anjali teased.

"Aisa lagta hain jaise gaalon mein gulaab utar aaye hain.  Kyun Abhi?" They giggled as Muskaan turned redder and Rahul smiled and winked at her.

While they giggled at Rahul and Muskaan, Armaan felt a presense and small, dreamy smile replaced the big grin on his lips.  He looked up and saw Riddhima walking down the stairs with a beautiful smile on her face.  He studied her look from head to toe as she descended down the stairs like an angel.

She wore a cream colored lehenga choli with an amazing blend of sequins on the purple borders.  Her choli was small so it exposed her sexy and toned stomach.  Her dupatta was nearly placed around her neck, which enhanced her beauty.  Her face had minimal make up, which only consisted of black kohl and a little bit of lip balm.  She wore purple and silver bangles and the Kadas Bi gave her a few days after marriage.  Her ears were filled with long diamond earrings along with a matching necklace and 'maang tika' which adorned her forehead.  Her beautiful hair flew behind her as she walked down the steps, making her look heavenly.

Armaan's heart started beating faster seeing her.  He felt like the fairy in front of him just stole his breath away.  He was speechless.  Everything around him ceased to exist as he saw her.  Words like 'beautiful', 'mesmerizing', and 'stunning' were like an insult to her beauty.  Why did she have to be so perfect?  Every time he looked at her, she looked more beautiful than ever and he fell in love with her all over again.

Riddhima felt someone's strong and intense gaze on her and moved her gaze to see Armaan staring at her with love oozing from his eyes.  The first thing she noticed about him was how hot he was looking.  He was wearing a velvet black Patiala kurta which had a very unique design around the neck.  His hair was gelled back neatly which gave him a killer look.  Plus his charming dimples and electric blue eyes killed her.  If looks could kill...

Armaan saw her staring at him and he smirked.  So she was checking him out, wasn't she?  Of course he was.  How could she resist him?  Riddhima saw him smirking and knew he caught her.  She turned red due to embarrassment and turned her face away as she quickly walked down to Kirti and talked to her with a smile.  Armaan kept observing her and he knew she knew he was staring because he saw her looking at him from the corner of her eyes.

"Kaisi ho Riddhi?  Aaj toh badi sundar lag rahi ho." Kirti complimented her and Riddhima smiled.

"Main theek hoon Di aur tum kya mujhe compliment de rahi ho?  Compliments toh aaj sirf tumko milega.  After all, aaj sab ki aankhon ka taara tum hi toh ho." Riddhima said teasingly and Kirti blushed along with Shubhankar.  "And mere hone waale Jeeju.  Aaj toh aap kuch zyaada hi handsome lag rahe ho.  Lagta hain Di se shaadi karne ki khushi mein aapka chehra kuch zyaada hi khil gaya hain.  Kyun Di?"

"Riddhi.  Tum bhi kya.." Shubhankar laughed, making Riddhima and Kirti giggle.

"Waise Riddhu.  Main kabse dekh rahi hoon.  Jabse Armaan aaya hain, tera chehra bhi kuch zyaada hi khila hua hain.  Kyun?  Baat kya hain?  Armaan aaya, iss liye itni khush hain?" Kirti said teasingly, making her go red.

"K-kya Di.  Aisa kuch nahin hain."

"Achha?  Jab Armaan nahin tha, toh kaise muh latkaaye rehti thi.  Ab jab woh aa gaya hain, toh usske saath jaake time spend kar na.  Dekh kabse tujhe taare jaa raha hain." Kirti said looking at Armaan.  Riddhima followed her gaze and saw Armaan staring at her and immediately looked away.

"Nahin Di.  Armaan ke saath toh puri zindagi padi hain.  Abhi ka time sirf tumhare liye.  Okay?" Kirti smiled and nodded.  Riddhima hugged her and then walked to the kitchen to see if everything was going good.

As she walked in the empty lanes of the house, she suddenly saw Armaan jump in front of her and she gasped jumping back.

"Hey Krishna!" She screamed as her hand automatically raised up to her chest.  Armaan grinned seeing her reaction.

"Hi baby.  Aaj bohat sexy lag rahi ho." Riddhima glared at him and decided to ignore the 'baby' part.

"Tum mental ho kya?  Bhagwaan ne akkal diye bina neeche bhej diya kya?  Abhi mera heart fail ho jaata toh?"

"Chk.  Aisa kabhi hoga hi nahin.  Tumhara dill toh mere paas hain.  Phir woh fail kaise ho sakta hain?"

"Ha-ha-ha.  Very funny." She said angrily and walked past him while he followed her.

"Oye.  Riddhima.  Kya kar rahi ho?"

"Basketball khel rahi hoon.  Kheloge?"

"Sure!" Riddhima glared at him and kept walking. "Oh c'mon Riddhima.  Maine tummhe abhi compliment diya aur tum ho ke mujhe aise ignore kar rahi ho?"

"Toh kya tumhari aarti utaarun?"

"Not that I would really mind, but bohat awkward feel hoga.  Don't you think?"

"Look.  Get to the point.  Tumhe kya chahiye?"

"Tum." She stopped in her tracks as she heard him speak sincerely and looked at him, trying to find something which told her he didn't mean what he said but all she saw was a vast ocean of love.  She felt intimidated so she started walking away but he caught her hand, twisted it behind her and held her against the wall, startling her.

"Armaan yeh tum kya-"

"Shhh..." he placed his finger against her lips and spoke huskily. "Don't say anything." He slowly held his head against hers and cupped her neck. "I missed you so much.  Those three weeks away from you were worse than hell for me." He moved his nose against hers and slowly moved to her ears and moaned as he felt himself going high on her seductive fragrance.  "I love you." He whispered as he slowly glid his nose across her jaw bone.  "Mmm... You look so beautiful." He said dropping his free hand down to her bare waist and squeezed it, making her wince in pain.  Very slowly, he moved closer to her lips and slowly captured her lips.  He kissed her.  Slowly, softly, gently and so did she.  He smiled through the kiss as she responded back.  They kissed, totally unaware of the rest of the world until they heard someone call them.

"Armaan!  Riddhima!  Kahaan ho tum dono!" Hearing them, Armaan parted from her and looked behind him to see Rahul looking for them.

"Armaan, chhodo mujhe." Riddhima said, twisting her arms to get out of his hold.

"Chk.  Tumhe toh kabhi nahin chhodunga."

"Armaan, leave me.  Sab humara wait kar rahe hain." She spoke through her gritted teeth.

"I don't care.  Main tumhe nahin chhodne waala.  Not till you say you love me."

"Yeh kaisi zidh hain Armaan?  Leave me!"

"Nope.  First tell me you love me."

"I'm sorry Armaan.  Lekin mujhe jhooth bolne ki aadat nahin hain." She jerked his hands away from her and walked away from him while Armaan smirked and leaned against the wall.

"Oh really?  Look who's talking her." He chuckled lightly and followed her.


Armaan was standing in a little area away the crowd as he kept looking around. His eyes were dying to see a glimpse of Riddhima but he couldn't find her.  Where was she?

"Looking for me?" Armaan turned as he heard a slightly familiar voice and saw Maithli standing there with a smirk on her face.  Although he was in no mood to flirt with her, he forced a smile on his face and talked to her.

"Oh hey Maithli.  How are you?" He asked politely.  After all, she was going to play a big role in bringing Riddhima back into his life so he couldn't really spoil it.

"I'm good, as usual.  And my, my.  Someone's looking very sexy today." She said checking him out.  Armaan felt so uncomfortable under her gaze, which actually surprised him.

"Thank you." He said awkwardly.

"Oh come on Armaan.  What is this?  I just complimented you and you're just awkwardly gonna say 'thank you'?  Hello!  I wanna hear compliments too!" Armaan felt like getting some duct tape and wrapping it around her mouth.  Good Lord she was so annoying!  Her high-pitched voice was gonna make him deaf!  He was about to say something mean to her when he saw Riddhima's reflection in the glass decorations and he swallowed his anger.  Time for action.

"Maithli, you don't need compliments.  I mean, come on.  I don't think words are enough to describe how beautiful you are." He said flirtily, angering Riddhima.  She was actually walking by to get some stuff when she heard Maithli's super annoying voice and hid behind the pillar to eavesdrop on their conversation, obviously unaware that Armaan saw her.

"Awww.. that is so sweet Armaan." Maithli said hitting his chest lightly.

"'Aww.. that is soo sweet Armaan.'" Riddhima mimicked her. "Chudail kahinki.  Jee toh karta hain ussko pankhe se ulta latka doon.  Problem solved.  Naaginn.  Ek murder allowed hota na, by God isska toh main cold blooded murder kar deti." She spoke to herself.

"Of course.  I'm a very sweet person you know."

"Humph!  Sweet my foot!  Mujhse toh kabhi aise sweetly baat nahin ki."

"I know you are.  You know?  I have a wish.  Will you fulfill it?"

"Sure.  What is it?"

"I want a hug from you." Riddhima eyes were like the size of a huge volleyball as she heard her.  What the *beeep*!  Armaan looked at Riddhima's expressions and tried so hard not to fall to the ground and laugh.  She was so adorable!

"Oh my pleasure." He said mischieviously as he saw Riddhima's face turn into tomato red.

"Yeh bhi ek number ka flirt hain.  Humph!  Harr kissi ladki ke saath flirt karna zaroori hain kya?  Aur yeh kya ussko hug karne jaa raha hain?  Main abhi zinda hoon Mallik!" Armaan slowly started advancing towards Maithli while Riddhima quickly thought of an idea.  Her gaze fell on the coffee mug beside her and immediately picked it up and cooly walked up to them.  As she neared them, she deliberately bumped into Armaan and spilled the hot coffee all over Maithli, who jumped and screamed in pain.

"Andhi ho kya?  Dekh kar nahin chal sakti?  Meri saari dress kharaab kar di!" She said sadly as Riddhima mentally patted herself.

"I'm so sorry Maithli.  Woh pata nahin kaise mera paer fisal gaya aur.. I'm sorry.  I really didn't mean to spoil your dress."

"Apna sorry apne paas hi rakho Riddhima.  I know you very well.  Tumne yeh sab jaan mujh kar kiya na!"

"Kya?  Main?  Main aisa kyun karungi Maithli?" Riddhima acted all innocent in front of her while Armaan suppressed this urge to laugh at Maithli.  He loved Riddhima for doing this.  Damn Maithli was annoying!

"Kyunki main Armaan ko-" Maithli started but stopped as she realized Armaan was still there.

"Kyunki tum Armaan ko kya Maithli?" Riddhima spoke through her teeth, getting angrier second by second.  Maithli tried thinking of something but couldn't find anything logical.

"Kuch nahin.  Lagta hain mujhe ab ghar hi jaana padega." She said sadly since she didn't want to leave Armaan.  He was the main reason she even came to the party.

"Hmmm.. you should.  Waise bhi aisi sadi hui, gandi dress mein tum kissi joker se kam nahin lag rahi." She said making an icky face as she eyed her dress. "So you should leave.  Warna sab kahenge ki Maithli ke paas dhang ke kapre khareedne tak ke bhi paise nahin hain." Riddhima said making fun of her while Armaan covered his mouth with his hand.  The jealous Riddhima was so much fun!  Maithli glared at Riddhima because of her comment and Riddhima immediately put up the 'peace' sign. "Just saying!" Maithli gave her the nasty look and walked out while Riddhima glared at her back.

"Hmm.. very nice.  Story achhi thi Riddhima."

"Kya matlab?"

"Tumne usse jhoot kaha.  Ke tum fisal gayi thi.  Tumne yeh intentionally kiya.  Haina?"

"Kya bakwaas kar rahe ho?" Armaan smirked.

"Really?" He leaned his hand against the wall, trapping her. "Iss liye uss pillar ke peechhe chhup kar meri aur Maithli ki baatein sun rahi thi?" Riddhima looked at him with wide eyes as she realized he had seen her.  But... how? "Maine tumhe iss kaanch mein dekh liya tha." Riddhima looked at it and mentally smacked herself for not paying attention.  "I thought tumhe jhooth bolne ki aadat nahin hain?" He said tauntingly and Riddhima quickly walked away from him, making him chuckle.

"Haaye.  Main marjaavaan."


"We're better."

"No, we're better."

"Nikki, kaha na.  We, boys, are ten times better than you girls when it comes to singing."

"Oh yeah?  Well Mr. Abhi.  We girls are infinity times better than you boys when it comes to dancing."

"Ok, that's BS!" Rahul argued.

"No, what YOU are saying is BS."

"Anjali tum-" Atul started but stopped when he saw Anjali give him the death glare.

"Wanna say something sweetie?"

"Guys.  Ladkiyaan hum ladkon se better hain."

"What the hell Champ!  Are you seriously going to side these girls?  Are you gonna leave us like that?"

"Sorry Armaan.  But the girls are better."

"SHUN!" They yelled together and turned to the girls.

"Ignore him.  Boys are better."

"Oh really?  Then prove it."

"Theek hain.  Toh ho jaaye?"

"Ho jaaye!"


Armaan whistled and the DJ turned the lights off, leaving the spotlight on them as he turned the music on.  What started off as a competition soon turned into a happy and light dance show as they started enjoying themselves and forgot about the whole competition thing.  The girls danced gracefully and happily whereas the boys were fierce and crisp, especially Armaan.  Mostly because he was determined to show Riddhima that he loved her.

When Riddhima started dancing with him, she wasn't happy.  Dancing with him was the last thing she wanted to do but unfortunately for her, she couldn't do anything about it.  When she danced, she was almost determined to show him she didn't care about him but when he started to sing for her, her heart started melting but then she stopped herself and started acting pricey as the next song came up.  As they danced to the beats of 'Ooh La La', Riddhima soon forgot about her anger and danced with him.

On the other hand, Rahul took full advantage of the fact that they were 'dancing' and romanced with Muskaan.  In the whole 'Mission-Bring-Riddhima-Back', they couldn't spend good time with each other which really made him mad but he didn't say anything.  Mostly because he knew how Riddhima meant to her but now it was him and her.  No Armaan-Riddhima.  It was time to make up for those lost moments and he was making sure he took advantage of it.

As the song switched to 'Character Dheela', Abhi brought his playboy image out as he sat on the couch and watched the sexy girls dance to the disco beats.  It had been forever for him since he had actually seen anyone other than Nikki.  Not that he really minded, but come on.  You obviously need free time.  Don't you?  But this obviously didn't go well with Nikki as she literally dragged him away from the girls and danced with him against his will.  As the song played on, he told her how much he missed his old life which Nikki understood but she cared less about it.  After all, he was hers.  Once he was done with his part, Nikki decided to get a little naughty so she brought out her wild side.  That obviously shocked Abhi but he enjoyed it.  Maybe Nikki wasn't such a bore.  Well, he was proven wrong the next second.

As the next song came on, Atul brought his wild side out as he danced crazily to the beats of 'Dhinka Chika'.  Anjali tried to stop him, but she soon joined him and danced crazily.  Atul was shocked when he saw her sing and dance crazily like him but then danced like a lunatic and Anjali supported him.  As the song went on, even Shubhankar jumped down and danced crazily and he even pulled Kirti with him and soon the entire hall was twirling and dancing with happiness.

As they were all dancing, Riddhima suddenly felt someone tap her shoulder and immediately turned to see someone very special smiling at her.  For a minute she was speechless but when she overcame her shock mode, she screamed and hugged the person in front of her.


  Armaan stopped as he heard Riddhima scream a name and saw her go hug someone.  He didn't know who he was but he definitely didn't like the way she was hugging him.

"Oh my God, Vishal!  I can't believe it's you!" Riddhima said happily as she parted from him. "Tum itne dinon se kahaan the yaar?  I missed you so much!"

"Sorry Ridzi.  Tumhe toh pata hain na.  Mom-Dad humesha mujhe koi na koi kaam ki vajah se bahaar bhej dete hain.  Kaam mein itna busy ho gaya tha ke kissi ke saath baat bhi nahin ho paayi."

"Itna ko kitna busy ke mujhe, apni Ridzi ko bhi phone karne ka time nahin milla?" She pouted.

"Sorry na Riddhu." Riddhima rolled her eyes and faced the other direction, making Vishal smile.  He held his ears and looked at her. "Please Riddhu?  Mujhe maaf kar do?" Riddhima looked at him and smiled.

"Fine.  Maaf kiya.  Lekin ab ke baad tum mujhe kabhi ignore nahin karoge.  Okay?"

"Okay meri Maa, I won't.  Now chal give me a big smile." Riddhima smiled big and hugged Vishal.  Armaan saw this and was angry.  He hated the way Vishal touched Riddhima.  It killed him to see her in his arms.  He didn't even know him, but he already hated him.  No one could touch Riddhima, other than him.  Unknowingly, he clenched his fists and shook with rage.

"Oh my God, VISHAL!" He heard Muskaan scream and glanced back to see her run to Vishal and hug him tight, almost making him fall.

"Hey, Muski!" Vishal said with a big smile. "Kaisi ho tum?"

"Main bilkul first class!  Lekin kameene.  Tu itne dinon se kidhar tha!  Na koi phone, koi message, koi email, nothing!  College ke baad Muski ko bhul gaya kya!" She said angrily as she hit him.

"Nahin re.  Tumko koi kaise bhul sakta hain jaaneman?  I missed you so so so so sooo much!"

"Oh yeah?" Vishal nodded and Muskaan smiled. "Maine bhi tereko bohat miss kiya.  Aur kya baat hain hero.  Bada handsome lag raha hain.  Sab ladkiyaan marti hogi terepe, haina?"

"Of course.  After all, I'm 'the' Vishal Mehta.  How can you resist me?"

"Conceited much?"

"Nah.  It's true.  Waise dekha jaaye, toh tum dono bhi kuch kam nahin lag rahi.  Ek Ms. India," he looked at Muskaan. "toh dusri Ms. Universe." He looked at Riddhima. "Apne ko toh aish hi aish hain boss." Muskaan and Riddhima giggled at his compliments, unaware that they were boiling Armaan and Rahul's blood.

"Saala kabse meri Muskaan pe line maar raha hain.  Jee toh karta hain usski taang tod doon."

"Taang kya.  Mera jee toh ussko maarne ka karta hain.  Kabse kissi na kissi bahaane se Riddhima ko chhu raha hain.  Kameena."

"But seriously Ridzi.  You look hot.  I swear I can just marry you right now, you know?"

"Bas bas Vishal.  Bohat ho gaya.  Lekin by the way.  Aaj achaanak yahaan kaise aa gaye?"

"Arre buddhu.  Mujhe news milli ke Kirti Di aur Shubhankar ki shaadi ho rahi hain.  Toh bas.  Delhi ki first flight li aur yahaan aa gaya."

"That's very sweet Vishal." Kirti said happily and Vishal smiled and gave her a hug.  They all talked for a long time and once the guests left, they went to the balcony and sat down on the couches they had there.

"So guys.  I know aap sab jaanta chahte hain ki main kaun hoon toh let me just introduce myself.  Mera naam Vishal hain, Vishal Mehta.  I'm 24 and single.  Ready to mingle." He said winking at the girls who laughed. "Main Riddhima aur Muskaan ke saath pala bada hoon.  I went to school with them, I went to college with them and vagera, vagera, vagera.  Ab main Delhi mein rehta hoon and I'm the son of Raajdeep Mehta.  Armaan, you probably know him." Armaan smiled and nodded and Vishal chuckled.  "Yeah, so.. I guess that's all about me.  Now it's you all's turn." Vishal sat down and heard everyone introduce themselves.  He knew he was going to get along with everyone but he was getting some negative vibes from Armaan.  He had guessed the reason but he still wasn't sure.

"Ok so guys.  Now I'm really getting bored.  We should play a game.  What say?" said Atul.

"Yeah but abhi kya?"

"Ummm.. Truth or Dare?" Muskaan suggested and everyone agreed to it.  They brought an empty bottle and layed it in the center as they got around it and Abhi spinned the bottle, which landed on Shubhankar.

"Hmm... Truth or Dare Shubhu Jeeju?"

"Ummm... Dare."

"Ohhh.. Dare haan?  Okay.  Umm.. narrate your love story to us." As soon as Abhi said that, Kirti blushed like crazy and so did Shubhankar, but he decided to go with the dare.

"Ok.. So... Main aur Kirti ek dusre ko bachpan se jaante hain.  Hum dono humesha saath saath rehte the.  Saath mein khelte the, saath mein school jaate the, saath mein padhaayi karte the.  We were great friends.  Main Kirti ko humesha se bohat pasand karta tha lekin kehne ki himmat hi nahin huyi.  I'm very shy you know.  Phir hum dono saath mein college jaane lage.  Main jaanta tha ke Kirti bhi mujhse pyaar karti thi lekin kahin na kahin andar darr bhi tha.  Ke kahin main usse kho na doon.  Iss liye maine kabhi usse kuch kaha hi nahin."

"Mere dill mein bhi yehi darr tha.  Main jaanti thi ke Shubhankar mujhe chahta tha, lekin main sure nahin thi.  Iss liye maine kabhi usse kuch kaha hi nahin.  Phir ek din college ke logon ne Valentine's Day ki party rakhi.  Humne ek game kheli.  Uss mein humme apne dill ki baat kehni thi.  Aur woh hi hua.  Shubhankar toh kuch kehne se raha.  Iss liye maine hi jaa ke apne dill ki baat keh di.  Jab maine ussko sab kaha, toh Shubhankar ka muh dekhne laayak tha.  He was shocked.  But that was the best day of my life.  Ab mujhe life mein Shubhankar ke alaava aur kuch nahin chahiye." They all smiled seeing the love between Shubhankar and Kirti.  They loved each other so much!  Not everyone was so lucky to get the person they loved so much.  They clapped in admiration as the future couple smiled at everyone and Shubhankar spinned the bottle.

"Vishal!  Wow!  Truth or Dare?"

"Bhai main toh bohat hi sweet sweet ladka hoon so truth."

"Hmmm.. ok.. so... Are you in love with someone?" Vishal chuckled and nodded.

"Yup.  I'm in love."

"Who?" Riddhima asked.  Vishal turned and looked at her with a smile.

"Hain koi.  Someone very special." Riddhima nodded with a small confused smile and Vishal spinned the bottle, unaware of Armaan's gaze on him.  Seeing the way he was looking at Riddhima, he was almost sure Vishal was in love with her.  The mere thought angered him so much but he couldn't do anything about it.  The bottle spinned and it landed on Riddhima.

"So Riddhima.  Truth or dare?" asked Muskaan.

"Ummm... dare."

"You sure?"

"Oh yeah."

"Theek hain.  Toh jao.  Go say 'I love you' to Armaan and kiss him."

"WHAT?!" Riddhima screamed while Armaan flashed all this 32 teeth because he felt like he was flying.  If he could, he would just go and kiss Muskaan for this.  Umm, hug, he meant.



"Oye!  Gala phaadna band kar!  And sweetu.  It's a dare.  If you don't do the dare, you'll have to bear the punishment.  So what're you going to do?  Will you do the dare or bear the punishment, which is going to be worse than this?" Riddhima was stuck.  What was she supposed to do now?  She decided to go with the dare.

"Fine." She reluctantly got up and walked to Armaan, who had this big, wide smile on his face.  Riddhima felt so damn embarrassed.  She could kill Muskaan for doing this to her.  But she couldn't do anything now.  As she neared him, she felt her heartbeat touch the skies.  She slowly bent down and hesistantly placed a kiss on his cheek and pulled back and looked dead in his eyes as she spoke the words.

"I love you, Armaan." Both stared into each other's eyes as everyone else giggled, bringing them out of their trance and Riddhima immediately went inside as she was embarrased to death.  After a while, everyone else also retired to their rooms and fell asleep.  Only two more days till the 'D' day.



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