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CS & Part 1 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Character Sketch

Armaan Mallik : 24 yr old guy who is always smiling in life.. Always focused in life to do something big , strong and a person with a warm heart.. His love of life Sara means everything to him.. Loves her with all his heart always been patient towards her ignoring her impatient behavior.. If Sara means life to him there was one more person who was equally important , always beside him in every step since childhood.. His best friend Shilpa Malhotra.. His parents died when he was a child , which made him seek a shelter in Shilpa's house living with her and her mother.. Right now facing problems due to fights happening between him and Sara..

Shilpa Malhotra : 22 yr old girl who is always smiling and silent.. Loves to spend her time around her best friend but always remembers her limits knowing he was committed to his love.. Knowing this fact tries to spend much time with her friend Anjali who understands her true feelings towards Armaan.. But always fail when he appears to her with that charming smile and teasing behavior.. Right now curious and worried seeing the tension rising in her best friends life.. Wish to solve the things but knows she wasnt required to come in between.. Specially when Sara hardly likes her..

Sara Kapoor : 23 yr old arrogant girl who wants everything to be on her way.. Tries to control Armaan in her way but always fail and she blames Shilpa for this.. Just wish to stay with Armaan as he is rich as easy way for her to deal with her needs.. Glad that Armaan doesnt know about it.. Right now very much distracted with the offer she has received recently for which she can even sacrifice her so called Love..

Anjali khanna : 23 yr old a successful fashion designer who is very dedicated towards her work.. A daring person and straight forward girl who knows how to deal with people around her.. But always hold a soft spot towards her best friend Shilpa as she loves her dearly.. Tries her best to advice Shilpa to stay away from Armaan knowing Shilpa's hidden feeling towards him.. Dislikes Armaan and always taunts him whenever she meets him.. Just doesnt go off limits for sake of Shilpa who always stop her from telling him the truth..

Padma Malhotra : 40 yr old widow who learned to live her life with her daughter alone after sudden death of her husband.. Took over responsibility of Shilpa meeting with her every need.. Loves Armaan dearly since he became a part of their small family.. But feels bad whenever she sees the hidden love rise in Shilpa's eyes towards Armaan.. In her heart she wishes Armaan someday realize how much Shilpa loved him..

- Note : Other characters required will be added slowly to the story.. For now the mentioned ones are just the main characters in the FF..

Part 1 :

Within the gleaming celebration of the party Shilpa set in the corner of the room staring down at her drink.. She looked up at Armaan who was dancing with Sara , she could clearly notice the happiness shining in his face while he smiled down at her.. Indeed he was happy and content to have his love beside him.. Shilpa looked away as a unknown sadness formed in her heart.. She had to gain a control on herself.. Here she was in her best friends birthday party.. She had to be happy for him and share his happiness.. Not sulking up alone in a corner of room.. But it was hard.. Knowing how strong feelings she had towards him.. But she knew she had to control all these feelings.. For the sake of their friendship.. Shilpa came out of her thoughts as she felt a tap on her shoulder.. She looked back to see Anjali who stood narrowing her eyes..
Anjali : Get a grip on yourself Shilpa..
Shilpa : Anjie plz dont start again..
Anjali : Shut up Shilpa.. Cant u even see what you are doing to yourself.. First of all coming to this party is such a big mistake.. You cant even smile happily around anyone.. This Armaan is such a jerk..
Shilpa : Anjie stop it.. I told you dont say such things to him..
Anjali rolled her eyes picking up a drink..
Anjali : Oh come on Shilpa.. Face the truth he is a selfish self centered not caring guy.. Why are you even sticking around with him anyways.. He doesnt deserve your caring.. That freak cant even see a true love other than his wanna be hot girlfriend..
Shilpa : Anjie i told you before also.. I dont need anything other than friendship for him.. Can we just.. Avoid this talk..
Silence stretched between them.. Shilpa sighed and gave a smile when suddenly she felt his hand snake in her waist sending shivers down her body.. She gripped her glass tightly trying to control rising sudden emotions.. She glanced at Armaan who gave a warm big smile, like always his eyes full of tease.. Anjali turned around gritting her teeth..
Anjali : And here comes the Fool..
Armaan turned to her with a smirk..
Armaan : Anjie baby thank you for the compliment.. How nice of you..
Anjali faced him talking sweetly..
Anjali : Believe me if you like so much i would love to pass such compliments everyday..
Rolling his eyes he turned back at Shilpa and frowned..
Armaan : Why are you sitting in corner.. Arent you enjoying..
Shilpa gave a small smile staring back at her drink..
Shilpa : No.. Ofcourse i am enjoying.. Just away from crowd got little bored
Armaan moved away and gave a bow to her ..
Armaan : When the host of party is here mam you should never be bored.. Let me entertain you.. Can i have a dance with you.. ?
Shilpa hesitated and looked back at Anjali for help who narrowed her eyes at Armaan in anger.. Armaan noticed the interaction and instantly grabbed her hand pulling her on her feet..
Armaan : For once listen to your heart..

She took awkwardly in his arms while moving to the rhythm of the music with him.. Looking around she spoke softly..
Shilpa : Where is Sara.. ?
Armaan : She would be around talking with some friends.. But Shona why are you so worried..
She couldnt help but smile as he spoke out his favorite pet name for her.. She loved whenever he called her with that name..
Shilpa : Just i dont think we should dance.. Like this
He gave a funny look at her teasingly pulling her close.. Shilpa gasped and looked at his shining blue eyes..
Armaan : Ohh if you are worried about Sara forget it.. Come on Shona you are my best friend..
Shilpa looked away from his eyes closing  her eyes..
Shilpa : Plzz Armaan.. You also know well.. She doesnt like me at all..
He shook his head protesting when she spoke again..
Shilpa : Dont try to deny it.. You and me both knows the fact well..
He smiled down at her touching his forehead with hers.. Shilpa tried her best to maintain the distance between them .. But failed as she couldnt fought with his tight grip..
Armaan : Well.. Ok i know Sara always become hyper with you sometimes.. But Shilpa just consider me here.. I am always there for you.. Remember you are my best friend Shona.. ? I would always treat you the best...
Shilpa opened her mouth to speak but decided to stay quiet.. She loved having dance with him.. But tonight openly that also so close , it was weird and scary.. She glanced up at him and gasped as she saw the intent look on his face while he stared down at her.. Shilpa gave a shaky laugh..
Shilpa : Armaan.. Dont stare at me like that...
He raised his eyebrow grinning..
Armaan : Like what.. ?
Shilpa : Like that.. I mean intent manner.. Plzz i am not Sara..
He frowned badly and tried to protest when Sara came towards them.. She glanced at Shilpa grimly.. Instantly Shilpa backed away and excused herself.. Sara turned back to Armaan folding her arms..
Sara : Ammy I need to talk with you..
Armaan passed a warm smile looking around..
Armaan : Sure we will do baby.. But first lets cut the cake..

Shilpa took her seat and drank the water when Anjali came towards her..
Anjali : What the hell was the Shilpa..
Shilpa looked away avoiding her words..
Shilpa : I donno..
Anjali : Ofcourse you know what i mean.. Do you even know how you both were dancing... LIKE LOVERS..
Shilpa looked at her in surprise shaking her head.. Anjali calmed herself and spoke softly..
Anjali : Shilpa plss.. I love you a lot.. And i am just trying to warn you.. Dont get yourself too much close to him.. Cauxe in end you will end up hurt..
She shook her head sadly knowing she was already going through the hurt.. Whatelse was there left to face..
Shilpa : I know.. Anjie i am trying my best.. And will keep trying always..
Anjali gave a nod and grabbed Shilpa's hand..
Anjali : Now come on lets go.. Your birthday boy is going to cut his baby cake..

Shilpa followed Anjali and stood between the crowd beside her.. She looked up when Armaan looked back at her and winked with a smile.. Passing a smile she gave a nod when he bend down to cut the cake.. Taking a piece he turned back to Sara feeding to her and gave a tight hug kissing her cheeks.. Everyone clapped around them but Shilpa stood motionless as the loneliness grew in her heart.. She glanced at Anjali and saw her occupied in a conversation.. Getting the perfect opportunity Shilpa walked out of the room with a heavy heart..

Shilpa set on the railing of the terrace while staring down at the city life.. Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought about everything.. What was she doing to herself.. With her own life.. Here she was away from her mother , away from Kasauli to Mumbai to work with Armaan in his new firm.. It was  not easy as she missed her mother.. Her very own support.. Who always was beside her everytime.. Now living in a apartment alone made her miss her mother.. She was glad Armaan was happy in his life.. He had everything he wanted.. But what about herself.. Was she ever destined to get a love for herself..  To live a beautiful love which she always dreamed about..
Shilpa cleared her tears as she felt his presence behind her.. Armaan set beside her on the railing and turned around facing her..
Armaan : When i took cake you were not around..
Shilpa turned towards him passing a sad smile..
Shilpa : I know i should have left like that.. I was just not feeling well..
He touched her cheeks caressing it softly with worried eyes.. Shilpa reminded herself instantly it was only a friendly gesture..
Armaan : You look worn out.. Are you fine Shona..
Shilpa : Yes i am.. Just little tired.. You tell me did you enjoy the party..
His face brightened up with a smile..
Armaan : Ofcourse.. This was the bestest birthday.. Having Sara beside me it was a bliss..
Shilpa gave a silent nod speaking softly..
Shilpa : I am glad to see you so happy..
He titled his head as a amusing smile formed in his lips..
Armaan : You know Shona.. Sometimes i think.. If Sara wasnt there maybe i would have gone for you..
Shilpa tensed at once.. She looked away as her heart squeezed hearing his words.. Something impossible..
Shilpa : Armaan plzz.. Dont ever say such thing.. And i dont have interest of being a substitute..
He held her hand shaking his head worriedly..
Armaan : Shona i didint mean so.. What i was saying is you are a very caring and loving person.. If Sara wasnt ever in my life maybe we would have been together you know.. Dont u hear friends make good couples..
Shilpa passed a smile climbing down from railing..
Shilpa : Not in our case.. Armaan i am getting late i better run back home..
Armaan tried to talk when his phone rang.. He looked up at her and gave a nod..
Armaan : Ok go with Anjie.. I will call you later..
As he turned around Shilpa gave a curt nod and whispered before working out..
Shilpa : Good night Armaan..

Staring up at the ceiling she kept thinking when a soft knock came on her bedroom door.. Frowning Shilpa set up on the bed for a minute wondering who it could be.. Slowly she got up and opened the door to see Armaan who was leaning to the door frame , his coat hung on his shoulder with a stupid grin on his face... Shilpa sighed as she realized he was drunk..
Shilpa : Armaan .. How did you get in here.. ?
He smiled at her widely and walked inside the room ..
Armaan : I have a spare key.. Remember ..
Shilpa : Armaan.. You again drunk..
He turned around confusedly and jumped on the bed..
Armaan : Am i.. ? Oh ya i did have a drink.. I was little upset you know..
Shilpa set beside him on the bed cautiously..
Shilpa : Why are you upset.. ?
Ignoring her question he looked at her for a while making her feel uneasy.. Suddenly he pulled her on top of him.. Shilpa gasped and stared down in his eyes which was shining again..
Shilpa : Armaan.. Stop it..
He rolled and pinned her under him making her stunned with his strange behavior.. Shilpa stared at him with wide eyes as his eyes traveled down on her body..
Armaan : You smell So great.. Shonaaa..
Shilpa took a sharp breath and closed her eyes in fear as he leaned down brushing his nose on her neck rubbing on the spot slightly.. This shouldnt be happening.. Its wrong.. Her mind screamed in alert..
Shilpa : Armaan plzz.. I am.. Shilpa..
He moved his face up and stared at her with humor..
Armaan : Ofcourse not.. You are Shonaaa..
She cursed under her breath.. Indeed he knew who she was.. But still he was doing something which both of them was going to regret at high time.. Armaan bent his head on the crook of her neck brushing light kisses making her body respond back to him.. Shilpa felt trapped..  Never in life she was in such a position with him.. Never so close.. He is drunk.. He is not in his senses.. She reminded herself continuously.. And right now she hated herself.. She should stop him push him away , but her body was reacting badly to his every single touch.. As he kept kissing her neck Shilpa lay still beneath him , powerless while tears formed in her eyes.. This was wrong.. She controlled her body from reacting to his touch.. She gripped the sheets tightly stopping her hands from touching him.. Closing her eyes she prayed this bad dream to get over..
After several minutes Shilpa felt his deep breath on her neck.. Instantly a relief was through her as she realized he was alseep.. Clearing her tears she push him on his back covering him with the sheets.. Quickly she got up from the bed and set down on the sofa and stared down at her trembling hands.. Tomorrow was surely going to be a bad day for both of them..

Love Aishy <3

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