Monday, 21 October 2019

Epilogue : Dangerous Desire (AR)

"Armaan!  Tum kahaan ho?  Please tang karna band karo na!" Riddhima yelled for him as she walked around, trying to find him with her hair tied up in a messy bun.

"Oye kaan khajoore!  Tereko office nahin jaana kya?  UTH!" Muskaan screamed her lungs off, trying to wake Rahul up, while he just wouldn't budge.

"Atul, main last time keh rahi hoon!  Get up, and go take a shower, warna main tumhe kabhi baat nahin karungi!" Anjali said sternly and Atul immediately got up and ran to the bathroom, as she got back to work with a smile.

"Oye saand ki aulaad!  Utho!  Nikhil ko school chhodne nahin jaana kya?" She yelled, but Abhi just slept through her screams.  When he didn't an inch, Nikki glared at him and sat on him, immediately waking him up as he coughed and slowly got up and walked to the bathroom.

This was the typical morning at Mallik Mansion.  The boys had gotten super lazy after their marriage.. oops.  Let's rewind that a little.  About five years had passed by ever since Armaan and Riddhima had come back from their beautiful honeymoon.  Shortly after that, Atul and Anjali; Rahul and Muskaan; and Abhi and Nikki got married and even they went on their honeymoon, so Armaan and Riddhima obviously used the empty house to their benefits.  Very soon after that, they received the news of all four of the girls being pregnant, which meant quadruple happiness in the house.

Those nine months were pure torture for the boys.  Handling the girls' mood swings was extremely difficult.  One minute they would be extremely happy and sweet to the boys and then aggressive and abusive the next.  Middle of the night, they wanted ice cream, chips, sweets and all other crazy things.  But even though the nine months were torture, they were one of the best nine months of their lives.  The feeling of having a baby ' their baby ' was overwhelming and beautiful.

Nine months later, four beautiful babies came into this world.  Abhi and Nikki had Nikhil; Rahul and Muskaan had Remonica; Atul and Anjali had Aaryan; and Armaan and Riddhima had Arimaa.  The feeling was out of the world and inexplicable.

Now the kids were four years old and going to preschool.  Over the years, their friendship has gotten stronger and stronger.  They always put their friends before themselves and they had pretty much sworn to love each other and always back up for them.  It was amazing.

"Armaan!  Kahaan ho tum?" Riddhima shouted for him as she walked around her room.  All of a sudden, his big strong hands came and circled around her waist, making her jump 10 feet in the air.

"Good morning baby." Riddhima smiled lovingly as he nuzzled in her neck, placing slow, loving kisses along her nape.

"Where were you, Armaan?"

"Just wandering around.  Damn I missed you." He said, pulling her slowly towards him and captured her lips, kissing her slowly and gently and she kissed him back but slowly pulled away after a while.

"Stop.  You gotta go drop Arimaa off at school."

"No, it's Atul's turn today."

"Mmhmmm... and... what about office?  Don't you have work today?"

"Yeah, but not that important, to be honest.  Guess I'll just skip for today or distribute the work load between my three sweet brothers.  I'm sure they won't mind."

"Why though?"

"I don't know.  I guess I just... want to spend some time with you." She smiled and placed her arms around his neck as she looked at him with admiration in her eyes. "Why're you looking at me like that?" She slowly shook her head and stared into his eyes.

"Nothing.  Just comparing."

"What to what?"

"The Armaan that's standing in front of me to the one that I met almost 6 years ago on the road." He smiled knowing exactly what she was talking about.

"And what do you see?"

"A totally different, but lovable guy, who mercilessly stole my heart." He smiled and pulled her close.

"And you know what I see when I look at you?"


"My angel, my savior, my love, my life.  Everything." She blushed and shook her head.

"You're too cheesy, Armaan."

"I know... But it's the truth.  Thank you so much, Riddhima, for coming into my life and making it better.  I know, I've said this trillions of time, but I mean it every time I say it.  You changed my life for the best.  You gave me what no one ever could.  You gave me all the love in the world, filled my life with happiness, which I probably never even dreamed of.  Today, I have my brothers, my sister-in-laws, and most importantly.  I have you and my precious daughter.  I don't know what I'll do without you two." He spoke with all the love in the world, making her smile.

"Thank you." Armaan was confused. "For giving me, such a beautiful family." He smiled and embraced her, unaware of alll the eyes on them.  On the door, stood the three brothers and besties, looking at them with pure admiration.

"See.  I told you they are perfect for each other." Abhi said happily.

"Yep.  Our brother's back."

"Can't believe they even got married.  I swear, six years ago, I never thought these two devils are gonna marry each other." Muskaan said chuckling to herself.

"Who's the devil mom?" Remonica asked in her baby voice, making everyone look down to see the kids standing in front of them, and Muskaan picked Remonica up in her arms.

"No one's the devil sweetie."

"What were you all talking about?" Nikhil asked.

"We were talking about your Chachu and Chachi." Abhi said picking him up.

"What about them?" Aaryan questioned so Anjali picked him up too.

"We were talking about the way they met."

"Well, how did they meet?" Nikhil asked.

"Hmm.. that's a very long story dear.  Let's just say they were meant to be.  They met, fought, fell in love, went through tons of hurdles, but finally got together." Rahul spoke, looking at them lovingly.

"Just like a fairytale?" Remonica asked innocently, making them smile.

"Yeah Chiku, just like a fairytale." Atul said contently.  In all this, they just didn't see Arimaa, who was standing there, listening to them talking about her parents.  Seeing her cousins in his/her parent's arms, she felt kind of left out, so she looked at her parents and walked up to them; she pulled her father's hand with her tiny fingers, making them part.

"What happened Arimaa?" Riddhima asked with a smile.  She didn't say anything, but held her arms up, telling Armaan to pick her up, which he did.  He placed a sweet kiss on her cheeks, making her flash her cute little dimples.

"Daddy, I didn't know yours and Mumma's story was a fairytale." This confused them as they exchanged looks.

"Who said that?" Armaan questioned.  She pointed at everyone at the door, surprising Armaan and Riddhima.  They smiled widely, giving them a thumbs up, which Armaan and Riddhima happily returned as Armaan pulled Riddhima in his arms.  This was it.  Life was at its best.  It couldn't get any better.

-The End-

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