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Epilogue : Remember Me (ArSh FF)

"I knew you would come back to me Armaan " Sarah spoke happily not able to believe her eyes. She had almost given up the thought that Armaan would be back to her. " I was so correct you have comeback Armaan " She spoke eagerly while opening the door fully inviting him into her hotel room. Armaan stared at her for a while and gave a sarcastic smile. "Ofcourse after all i had something important to finish. "
The tremor in his voice made her flinch for a second as Sarah stared at her uncertainly. What was running in his mind. She wondered. Seeing how he was mocking at her dissapointed all her happy thoughts..
Not for long. Now that you have come to me i will make you mine forever. A seductive smile formed on her lips as she gave a thought about it. Without a further word Armaan walked inside the room which surprised her at first. But again a her smile grew as she felt she was near her plan.
" Armaan you dont know how happy i am to have you here. " Sarah spoke following him inside. With a wide smile she hugged him from behind only to feel him grow still. Armaan flinched at the contact and closed his eyes trying to control the fury in his mind. Muttering under his breath his brushed away her hand , he took a step forward making some distance between them. Sarah stared at him in shock noticing the disgust in his eyes as he glared at her. She felt a unknown fear grow within her as he spit out in disgust. " Stay away from me. "

" What the hell is wrong with you Armaan. If you dont want me to touch you why are you here ? " Sarah spoke as the frustration took over her at once. His sudden change in behavior was really ruining her plans which she didint want to happen at any cost.
Again the mocking smile came on his lips as he shook his head. "You are really desperate to get me back right. You really need to flaunt me with you fake tears and try to get sympathy from me.. "
"Armaan I.. " She spoke bewildered, trying to touch him. But Armaan once again interrupted her by taking a step back. " I am here just to clear out few things. As i am done i will be gone with bidding a final bye forever "
For the first time she felt loss of words hearing how strong the words came out from his mouth. Suddenly she started to see her own defeat infront of her face.
"Do me a favor and truthfully tell me, Why are you back ? " He spoke quietly staring at her in her eyes
" How can you even ask me that Armaan. Ofcourse i love you " She spoke desperately trying to hide the fury rising within her.. Armaan laughed feeling disgusted of her words.. " I cant believe this. I still cant believe what a fool i have been. Damn what a big fool i was to trust a women like you to love me even. Do you even know what is the meaning of love. Oh wait what am i asking even. Ms. Sarah only understand Money afterall. "
" Shut up Armaan. Just Shut up. Ok fine i am after money. And you know what i am not even ashamed of it. For godsake i am practical women. I need to look for the best for my future. " She spoke loudly as finally the frustration and anger started to spill out through her words..
"Am thankful to you that you do have some guts to speak out truth. So tell me was money the real issue that you left me ? " Armaan was already disgusted while confronting her like this. But he knew in his heart he would be making peace with himself only when he would let go his past. And deep in his heart he knew he wasnt going to be surprised if she said yes.
" Ofcourse , but i always knew you didint care enough to know my plan. I had to get success in my life and in that moment you were less close to it. You really think i wud prefer wasting time waiting for a day you could be successful ? I dont think so Armaan. "
Armaan felt as if he is staring at a stranger who stood infront of him glaring at him. Was this the women he was wasting time all his life. "There was a time when i was such a big idiot to trust a women like you. But finally i have learned you are the biggest mistake in my life. " He noticed her face grow ashen hearing his words, instead of feeling bad it gave him more confidence. " You know what Sarah. Before i leave i want to thank you for leaving me. For walking out of my life. If you didint go i wouldnt have met the real love of my life. Shilpa my wife , my life. The only one who taught me how to love from heart. Am so glad to have a girl like her who is worth enough to be called my wife. "
He shook his head and headed to the door feeling the burden and anger lift from his heart. As he touched the door knob Sarah spoke hissing in anger.."You are making a big mistake Armaan. Dont you even think i will come back begging for a man like you.. "
He turned around with a mock smile.. " I am so glad am walking away from the biggest mistake in my life. And yes do me a last favor and never comeback into my life. Good bye Sarah "
He couldnt believe how much relief he felt in his heart as he walked away from the room leaving behind his past and heading back for his present and future.

1 Years later :

" Why is everyone after my wife ?? " Armaan complained as the irritation took over him. Infront of him set Nikhil , Anjali's husband who grinned at him mischievously.. " Come on Dude stop whining like a kid. She had to go out shopping with Anjie and Mom "
" Ya right she doesnt have time for me these days. " He mumbled and adjusted the blanket of the sleeping baby in his arms.. " Cant believe Avni is growing so fast. " He spoke happily caressing the soft cheeks of his baby girl who kept sleeping peacefully. Nikhil smiled down at her .. " She looks like you but she have the calm nature of Shilpa. Always silent "
" No way Man. Avni is going to become like his daddy. Am going to spoil her the best i can. " Armaan spoke grinning widely while adjusting the sleeping baby on his lap.
"No You are Not !! " Came the voice behind her. Armaan cursed under his breath and turned around to see Shilpa who was frowning at him with her hands on her hips. Anjali stood beside her grinning at the scared face of Armaan.
" Ohh Shona you are back. I was just u know. This Nick was telling me to do that not my fault." Armaan spoke quickly putting all blame of Nikhil. Nikhil stood up and raised his arms defending himself. " Ohh no no no dont drag me into this Armaan. You always do that.. "
" Forget it " Shilpa spoke away muttering under her breath.. Armaan passed a deadly look at Nikhil who shrugged his shoulders following Anjali inside..

"Come on drop you anger away now darling " He hugged her from behind while nuzzling her neck while she kept folding her clothes. Shilpa finally smiled and then frowned looking around.. " Where is Avni ?"
" Ohh Anjie took her with them for tonight. She wants to spend sometime playing with her. "
Shilpa narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously, Armaan shook his head quickly.. " I swear I didint threaten or blackmail her to do that.. " Poor Nikhil had to face it
Shilpa shook her head smiling as he again pulled her back close kissing her temple. He held her close and spoke huskily.. "So tonight we are going to play Home alone together.. "
Shilpa giggled turning around to face him. She locked her arms on his neck slowly brushing her nose with his enjoying the soft touches. " Perfect life with my perfect man " She spoke sighing blissfully as he smiled brushing a light kiss on her lips.. " Shona Shona.. " He whispered softly as he started to shower intense kisses on her neck while trying to undo the buttons of her dress. Shilpa felt her breath hitch pulling him close. She started to walk backwards and soon they both hit on bed breathing hard, only to be disturbed with the ring of phone..
" Damn " Armaan muttered getting annoyed as Shilpa took her phone in her hand. " Its mom " She mumbled softly staring up at him. For a minute she tried to high her smile seeing the irritation filled in his eyes..
" Why the hell everyone wants my wife " He complained loudly looking away with a cute pout..
" Stop cursing Armaan " Shilpa gasped lightly and giggled. She stared at him for a minute and then switched off the phone placing it back on the table.
" YOU !! " Armaan spoke surprised and happily while she grinned back at him..
" I like when you do such naughty things " He mumbled softly with a teasing smile while slowly unbuttoning her dress. " And now i would like to do more naughty things with you. "

After hours of sweet love making in the early hours of morning , they lay in  eachothers arm enjoying the silence together. He kissed her forehead and pulled her close as she stared at him smiling..
" That was the deep passion which i wanted to have with you after having Avni. It has been a long time isint it.. "
Shilpa suddenly giggled as a sudden thought came on her mind. " I actually thought you were not touching me all those days because.. Because i had gained some weight.. "
He frowned more and set up leaning to the headboard. Shilpa blushed and set beside him slowly tracing a finger on his chest.. " Now which idiot put that nonsense in ur head "
She bit her lip and stared at him with a sheepish smile.. "Actually Armaan. I thought you lost interest in me because i gained some weight and.. "
He groaned and interrupted her words.. " And here i was wasting my time thinking you were running away from me cause you needed sometime to recover from the pregnancy.. "
" Why are you so good to me ? " She spoke in wonder staring in his eyes as he smiled down at her.. " Because you are perfect for me.. "
She bit her lip again as her eyes grew misty . " I never thought. You will love me like this. I always kept hoping you would notice me , or notice how much i loved you.. "
He brushed away the tears and shook his head with a sigh.. "I dont want to repeat all those talks. I am just glad i let go of my past and fell in love with you. I wish i could tell you how glad i am to have you in my life. "
She smiled at him widely as a devilish grin formed in his lips. Before she knew she was pinned under him on the bed again.. He started to kiss her passionately as she moaned and opened to him fully responding back with equal passion .. He broke the kiss and stared down at her swollen lips and flushed cheeks... "No more talking. Let me feel you over again and again.. "
Shilpa woke up again after few hours. This time as she opened her eyes she got to see two angelic eyes staring down at her curiously.. Avni smiled widely as Shilpa held her close.. " Aww My Baby is here.. " She gave a kiss on her cheeks which made Avni  happily clap her small hands. Shilpa set up holding Avni close as Armaan walked inside the bedroom with the breakfast. " Goodmorning Mommy and Baby.. "
" Paaa " Avni squealed happily jumping on Shilpa's lap. Shilpa rolled her eyes while Armaan laughed keeping down the breakfast tray and taking her in his hands.. " See Shilpa she had learned to say Paaa before Mommy.. "
Shilpa shook her head and smiled while tickling Avni "When did she comeback.. "
" Nikhil came sometime before to drop her back home. " He replied sliding behind her holding both of the close. Shilpa took Avni and placed her on her lap as Armaan played with her making funny faces. She stared down at her beautiful baby who kept laughing.. " She is such a happy baby " Shilpa spoke sighing blissfully as he gave a kiss on her cheeks.. " That she is. After all She is Avni Mallik "
Shilpa gave a nod and turned around staring at Armaan with a worried look. " Armaan if anything ever happens to me you have to take care of her."
Armaan frowned at first and then shook his head. " Stop throwing dramatic lines on me. Nothing is happening to you. I promise to take care of you both angels.. "
Shilpa smiled and brushed a light kiss on his lips.. " Whatever happens in life. Even if i leave or not you will Remember me ?"
He glanced at her for a minute and then sighed dramatically. " Am going to kill the person who is filling up all those dramatic thoughts in your mind "
" Come on Armaan answer me " Shilpa spoke ignoring his comment. Armaan stared at her quietly for a while and cupped her face.. " No i am not going to Remember you.. " He smiled seeing the surprise flick through her eyes.. " All i mean to say is, I have to Remember you if i ever forget you. And i am not going to forget you in this lifetime.. "
She felt all the worry fade away from her as he kissed her reassuringly.. Their cozy moment got interrupted as Avni started to jump trying to get their attention.. Armaan laughed and picked her up in his arms running out of the room making her laugh.. Shilpa shook her head and followed the father and daughter behind them knowing it was where her future lied..


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