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KaSh os :And i was like.... Baby

He looked at her, while she looked back. And then the same once again, he made no move of trying to walk towards her, nor did she do anything back. His eyes blazed into her cool ones, while her lips curved into that same dangerous smile. Her mouth opened and closed, again and the one again. Her arms folded across her chest, while his posture exactly the same, but no one made a move.

"Are you going to say something?" they both snapped out of their thoughts, as they heard the lady in front of them speak. "Do you want the divorce or not?"

A spite of anger swapped through the woman standing at the side. "I thought we had that clear, the divorce will happen"

The man's eyes quickly diverted from both the ladies. "Listen Janet, we need this divorce sorted out soon"

"But Karan-"

His eyes snapped at her, making her words cloth of her throat. While the immense power of his stare broke her down. Karan Singh Grover, also known at one of the biggest architect around, his tall lean figure, his beautiful sculptured body was indefinable, though right now his weakness was being shown. However no one could escape his patronising eyes, that spoke volumes, but that didn't stop others from gazing away, who wouldn't?

"We need it finalised Janet" the lady from the side spoke. "It has to be done" she slowly stared up and looked into Karan's eyes, for that one moment it felt like nothing was wrong, and that everything would be alright. But when faced into reality, both knew that none of it was true.

"Shilpa" Janet, the mid 40 lady spoke. "Think about this please, you both are making a big mistake"

Shilpa Anand, the young lady. Her hair tied up in the bunch, though her eyes filled with tiredness. She was the young model on every guys mind, but the only guy on her mind was the guy who made her house; Karan. But here the stand, in the middle of some office declaring their divorce for one another and now wasn't the time for her to be thinking about that. Shilpa, was the dream girl, and for most men still is, but the charm had left, her charm was filled with that only one person, who wasn't going to be her's anymore. She looked determined to win her fight, but her eyes spoke differently. Those same eyes, were now scared, scared of what may happen, of what will happen.

Shilpa heaved. "It's not hard to make the papers Janet, just do it" her words stung her own mouth, but seeing the face of Karan opposite her, who was wishing the same.

"Fine, it will be done by tomorrow" Janet said, pushing her glasses further back her nose. "But-" she paused, looked at them. "Remember, that lovers are made in heaven and breaking them will be a sin. Especially marriage"

Karan and Shilpa both nodded, uncaring at what the elderly woman was trying to say. Karan looked at Shilpa, his eyes filled with sorrow, but his mind filled with annoyance. They both looked at one another and left the room.

"Are you happy with this?"

Her voice stung his heart once again. He closed his eyes in pain, though tried not to reflect it in his voice, he gulped softly. While turned to look his wife beside him, he stared into those same beautiful eyes that captured him one day, he felt his heart scrunching up in many pieces, but this had to be done, this was the end.

"Do i have a choice?" he muttered. Karan looked at the floor and then up to Shilpa, who started back with the same intensity. "Did we ever have a choice?" his voice pained, while he glanced to see her face stained with the same emotion.

"I guess not" Shilpa whispered. "We never did"

Karan closed his eyes at her words; he slowly turned on his heels as he started to walk out of the office. He stared up and then gave a small turn back.

"Pick up your things tonight" anger surged through his voice, as his eyes were filled with fury. "Maybe this will be the last of us" saying the last words he opened the glass door and walked off, leaving Shilpa staring behind him.

            Shilpa walked carefully, holding onto the railings for support. This was it! Those words wouldn't have left her mind even if she tried, but then was this actually it? She looked up and stared at the low cloudy sky, she left like her world was falling in pieces and it was all her fault. A lone tear escaped her eye, as she turned to see a droplet of rain drop falling onto her face; the tiny drizzling was just starting. She laughed, more at herself than anyone else, her eyes grew weak as she glared at the horrible sky in front of her, once, there was a time where she loved the drizzle, where she loved the rain. However at this corpse moment, all she wanted to do was scream, scream at every, scream at her and more off scream at him.

"I started this, all me" she whispered as she found herself in her car, wondering off to her house. "Stupid" she gripped her steering wheel hard into her hand, her palms hurting with the reckless pain.

She threw her head back on the seat, and the once again. Screaming in frustration, she screamed, and screamed, hoping he'll hear it. But on one could hear her pain. Another tear slipped off her eyes as she saw the droplet of rain hitting her windshield, slowly taking a turn she found herself in her house. Her head bowed down, she walked into her mother's house, but all she wanted to do was walk into her husband's house, be picked up in his arms, as he would start kissing her. Another tear creeped down her eye, suddenly she screamed, as she felt something on her leg.

Shilpa bent down and smiled, picking up her beautiful dog, the last thing she had to love left. She picked up her dog and moved to the sofa, praying that no one was in the house, but seeing everything dark she knew that no one was.

"My fault, my entire fault" she whispered again, as hugged her dog to her chest. Crying, crying in pain now she was. Shilpa cried, she cried for her love, she cried for her happiness, she cried for the memories, she cried for her life.

She grabbed onto the pillow, as she stuffed herself into it, her tears slipping like no other into it, while her dog was firmed into her chest, as she felt her smooth tears hitting her slips, like the salty beach. The memories came flooding back, the honeymoon, the holidays in Goa, everything came hitting back like it was just yesterday.

"I hate you" she screamed. "I HATE YOU" she looked up in despair screaming, shouting. "YOU!" she muttered, shouting into the ceiling, as she buried her face into her palms. "How could i do this? How!" she asked, she questioned herself. "How could i let the 5 year relationship go down the drain how?" she demanded, to herself, to god, to her love.

"This is it" she whispered, calming herself. "I've lost him" she looked up to see the clock, knowing that there were only 30 minutes left, till she had to go and meet him and that was it. She lost her first love, she lost her best friend, she lost her 5 year relationship, and her 2 year marriage and for what?

            Karan gabbed the vodka bottle from the shelf, opening it and sipping it. He sat himself on the sofa, his legs slipping off the side. While he plugged himself into the drink, his lips moulding them around the top of the bottle, as he sat back and let the liquor pour down his body. He leaned his head back on the soft pouch of the sofa, as he felt his dog curled in front of him.

"She's left his breezer" he muttered to his dog.  "All i did was love her, and all she did was break my heart" he ran his hand over his dog, who curled himself closer to Karan. "They are right, a dog is a men's best friend"

Karan looked up and stared at the clock in front of him. It was nearly 8 at night, was it his fault that he went wondering off after they left the office? No. The fact that all he could think about was losing his wife, that same beautiful wife that he had been married for 2 years, that same wife that he met 5 years ago on the road somewhere. He'll always love her, something would have changed that. Well except the divorce now. Karan buried his head into the crook of the sofa, knowing that she would be here; he would be seeing his lover for the last time, until they divorce.

He threw his head back, laughing humourlessly. "Why can't you see how much i love you? Why?" tears slipped down his eyes, as he wondered, as he asked. He then noticed how quickly time would be passing by, but the fact that he was drinking which annoyed his wife the most. His soon to be ex-wife; his last and only lover

"Karan?" he jumped at her voice, it felt so new to him, though it's been his heart the whole time.

Karan turned around to see the petit girl standing right in front of him; he slowly started to get up from the sofa, when he suddenly felt like his legs were going to give away.

"Karan!" Shilpa moved forward worried and scared. But saw him put his hand to stop her, he slowly collected him-self and stood straight. "Are you alright?"

He nodded unsure of the question himself. "Have a seat" he spat the words out, anger suddenly quickly forming in his body. "You know where things are"

Shilpa snapped her eyes to his and then at the vodkha bottle. She should have known. She shook her head pathetically, while she knew that he was watching her every move. Her eyes darted around the house, it had only been 3 weeks since she last saw this place, but everything was still in the same place. Not even one small piece was moved from where it had been. Her eyes scattered to the kitchen, it looked the same, actually it looked too clean, like no one had bothered cooking or anything. Her eyes quickly flashed with realisation, she mentally kicked herself, she should have known that Karan would have eaten take out every night.

"You haven't been eating" it wasn't a question, it was a quick statement. "Hasn't Karti been here, hasn't she been cooking for you?" her eyes looking for answers, knowing that she had made sure to send her maid here to cook for him.

Karan smirked and shook his head. The grim expression on his face said it all. "I can fed for myself, thank you"

Shilpa laughed, and shook her head, doing her best not to comment on his statement. "I'm sure you can" she slowly looked down to see breezer curled around her leg, she bent down and caressed his fur. "I'll miss you baby" she whispered in his ear.

Karan wiped the small darting tear from his eye before she could see it. He watched as Shilpa moved to walk up the stairs, she turned around asking, seeking for permission, Karan nodded.

"It doesn't changed?" he heard her comment come from their bedroom upstairs.

Karan laughed what could he have changed? "Everything's still the same Shona" he whispered to himself. "You've just changed"

Karan walked up the stairs, holding onto the banisters for support, he leaned against the frame of the door. As he watched Shilpa, her eyes diverting from all the pictures around the room, their pictures. While Karan's eyes did the same, he looked at the photographs, his eyes picking out their marriage picture. He smiled softly as he saw her beautiful smile, her eyes shining the white bridal dress. He then looked at their first night pictures, he smirked, watching in sudden passion at the picture of his wife sprawled across the bed, in nothing but her undergarments, looking with just lust in her eyes as was his at that moment. Karan remembered how his honeymoon took place two years ago, the best moments of his life, making love to his beautiful wife.

"Do you remember?" he asked her, demanding for the truth. "How you begged me that night, as we made love? Do you remember how soar you were in the morning that you couldn't even walk?" tears bashed down from his eyes.

Shilpa turned around and looked at him. Her eyes filled with the same contrast of guilt and regret as Karan's. Her fingers gripped onto the side of the desk, supporting her body before it gave away. While Karan just stared back as her, his eyes filled with remorse, though his body language spoke to differ. She watched him, while soothing tears slipped down her own cheek, the urge to walk over to him and kiss away the pain was tempting.

"I remember" she hiccupped and said. "I wouldn't forget it for the world" she looked up to him, while his fists were pained across his palms, pushing it to hurt.

Karan shook his head. "Take your stuff and leave" anger poured out once again. "It's in the boxes in the closet" he mumbled, while watched the horror on Shilpa's face arrive.

"Karan-" she started off, while looking at the picture behind her. She turned on her heels and looked at the frame standing behind her. Her eyes smouldered as she watched; the picture had more memories then ever. She smiled at she remember the thing where Karan took her to Hong Kong, and the best bit was they were newly married and knew nothing about the language.

Shilpa giggled softly, at the confused picture in front of her. Karan's face asking for direction, while her head buried in shame, while they were trying to find a place. She smiled remembering the night that came after the horrible morning, after all that pain, came amazingly glory of pleasure.

"I guess this was it" she murmured to herself. "The end of us" she looked at the glass frame and saw his reflection identical to her own.

Karan was shocked with the sudden movement. Shilpa was on the floor, her hand gripping onto the side of their bed, as she cried her loud sobs echoed the room. Her head pressed down onto the side of the mattress, as her heart cried out.

"I HATE YOU" she screamed, her fingers twisting into the sheet. "I HATE YOU SO MUCH" her voice pained in agonised.

Her loud cries covered Karan's heart. "I hate you for this, I hate you so much for this" she half mumbled, half screamed.

Karan shook his head in dilemma. "ME?" he shouted, as he walked over towards her. "You're blaming ME for this?" he grabbed onto her arm and pulled her into a standing position, in front of him.

Shilpa shook in his touch, as he gripped harder onto her arms. "You actually think that this is my fault!" Karan demanded from his wife. "You think that I'm the one ruining your career, but I'm not the one risking my marriage for it!" he said angrily, his eyes blazed in fury, in defence.

Shilpa cried harder at his words. "It's your entire fault, all yours" she hit him hard on his chest, pushing Karan back a little. "You!"  she cried louder accusing , while Karan gabbed onto her arms and pulled her closer to him.

"The only think I liked to be accused for is falling in love with you" he spat the words out right into her lips. "All I ever did was love you, such a bloody crime" ashamed he stammered, annoyed at the circumstances.

"And all I ever did was love you back" Shilpa screamed at his face. "But what on earth is happening?"

Karan's eyes flashed as he brought her flushed body pressed hard against his. "The hell is that, YOU care more about your career then your own husband" Karan accused her, while tears snapped down his eyes. "I love you, don't you get it" he shouted at her. "I don't care if you do modelling again or not, all I ever want is you" his voice softened at his last words.

He pressed his forehead against hers, while Shilpa cried even more, her fingers attached to Karan's shirt, as she poured tears out of her eyes. "I can't stop loving you" she mumbled, burying her face into Karan's chest.

Karan wrapped his arms around his wife, pulling her closer to him. As he buried his face into her hair, taking in her sweet scent, as he kissed the side of her neck. "I love you, I don't care about anything else Shilpa, your all that I ever want, all that I ever need" he said, cupping his palms softly onto her cheek.

"Shona" his voice turned husky, as he watched her beautiful lip quiver. "Shona" he said once again, as he watched her eyes roll back.

Using his nose, Karan started to draw lines onto her neck. While Shilpa's head was throw back in delight, as he started to make gentle movements across her neck. Slowly and carefully he kissed her neck, his lips gently at first and then hard the next. He sucked onto her neck, hearing her moans, and her groans pleasured him to go forwards.

"Karan" her fingers gripped his arm, as Karan bit into her neck, and then slowly sucked onto her pulse point, her sweet point.

"So beautiful Shona" he whispered hoarsely into her ear. "I have you forever; I'll make love to you forever"

At that moment, both of them knew that there was no use of the fighting, and what exactly wee they fighting for? Their love was stronger, in the 3 weeks they spent apart, it made them realise that their love could take on any challenge.

"I love you" she whispered again, but the words still rang in his head. His hands gripped onto her waist as he pulled her closer, his lips playing havoc onto her neck, as he kissed her skin, sucked onto it, pulling it between his tongue and driving her mad. "You..." her voice shook. "You have no idea what you doing to me"

Karan's eyes rolled back into his head at her words, he gently pulled his lips away from her neck and dragged in up her chin, while he watched her shiver, his lips tracing her jaw line and resting just next to her lips.

"Do you love me?" he asked, as he lips moved right above hers.

Shilpa tired to catch her lips with his. "Yes, yes I do" she answered. "I love so much" before she could have the time to adjust, his lips were pressed dangerously onto hers. Shilpa moaned as she felt his lips move in the same passion as hers, she felt his hands wrap themselves around her body. As they moulded together, Shilpa hissed in pleasure as she felt his fingers dancing onto the ends of her dress.

"I love you Shona and I always will my Baby" he said soothingly, as he took her lobe into his mouth and made her moan in pleasure. Karan looked up and saw her face filled with concentration, he slowly brought her closer to him.

He hushed her softly. "What is it love?" he asked, but seeing her very confused, well trying to be confused face, he knew something was definitely up.

Shilpa closed her eyes, as another tear slipped off. She brought herself closer to him, her fingers interlocked with him. "I-" she took a deep breath. "Baby" she whispered softly, but Karan just looked at her confused.

She heaved softly under his touch. "Baby" she murmured and hid into his chest. Shilpa slowly leaned up and whispered. "I'm pregnant"


Janet looked at the couple sitting in front of her, and this time together, holding hands. She smiled at them, and threw the papers into the recycling bin. She turned to see them both holding hands and looking dazing into one another's eyes.

"I guess God does make couples in heaven" Janet whispered as she watched Karan and Shilpa leave the room smiling, holding hands and Karan's hand onto Shilpa's stomach.


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