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Last Chapter : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Armaan opened his eyes slowly to see the most adorable sight in front of him.  Riddhima was sleeping peacefully with her hand under her head.  He slowly angled himself towards her and carefully observed her.  Her thick, long lashes were softly resting on her rosy cheeks.  A thick, curly fringe was covering a part of her face, which he didn't like at all.  Very slowly, he pushed the fringe back and Riddhima opened her eyes, looking at him straight in the eye.

"Good morning wifey." He greeted her lovingly, bringing a beautiful smile to her face.

"Good morning, hubby." She said huskily.

"God you sound so sexy." She softly chuckled at what he said and held his hand.

"Do I just sound sexy?"

"Ohhh... I like this Riddhima.  Very naughty."

"And now you're gonna have to deal with this naughty Riddhima for the rest of your life."

"And I don't mind it either." Riddhima smiled big when she remembered something from last night.

"By the way.  Did you think about our honeymoon yet?" Armaan bit his tongue and scratched his head.

"Ummm... Riddhima... I..." Riddhima knitted her brows together, disappointedly, and got up to leave when he grabbed her hand and pulled her down as he got on top of her and pinned her hands to the bed.

"Let me go I-"

"What if I say I already got the tickets for our honeymoon?" Riddhima looked at him with her mouth slightly open.

"What?" She asked, just to make sure she heard him correctly.  He got tickets for their honeymoon?  Already?!

"Yes sweetheart.  I got the tickets for our honeymoon."

"But... how did you get 'em so soon?"

"I have resources baby." He winked.

"I know that very well, but where are we going?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"Uh, because I'm going on the honeymoon with you."

"What if I don't want to tell you?"

"Sorry.  You can't say no."

"And why is that?"

"Because I can cancel our honeymoon.  If you're Mr. Armaan Mallik, then I'm Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik." She said wrapping her hands around his neck. "And I'm damn sure you wouldn't want that, right?"

"Hmmm.  Fine, I'll tell you, but you'll have to guess first."

"Armaan, I'm horrible when it comes to guessing!"

"Not my problem."

"Ugh!  Fine!  Ummm... Is it in India?"


"The States?"










"Yes." Riddhima gawked at him as something clicked her.  Honeymoon... Europe... France...

"Paris." Armaan smiled widely and didn't say anything, but his silence told her everything. "We're going to Paris." It was more of a statement than question.  She was smart, wasn't she?

"Yep.  We sure are." Riddhima smiled widely and hugged him, pulling him down on her.

"I love you Armaan!  How did you know I wanted to go to Paris?"

"Like you said last night.  I'm your husband.  Of course I know where you wanna go."

"And.. Where are we going to stay?"

"Well that, my dear wifey, is a surprise."

"I didn't know you could surprise people like that."

"Well now you know.  Now come on.  Get ready.  We're going to leave in a few hours."

"What?!  Already?!  But... What about all the packing?!" Armaan rolled to the side and pointed in front of her.  Riddhima was shocked seeing all her clothes packed and in the bags.

"When in the hell did you do this?!"

"That's not important.  Now go and get ready." Riddhima pouted and covered her head with the blanket.

"I wanna shleep." She said like a little baby and he smiled.

"Sorry baby, but you have to get up." He pulled the blanket off and saw her look at him with a whiny face.

"I don't want to." He gave her a look and picked her up in his arms immediately and she almost screamed.

"What the heck!  Put me down!  Now!"

"You crazy or what?  No ways.  Now it's time to have some fun in the bathroom."



"Armaan, we have the entire honeymoon left for 'fun in the bathroom'.  As of now, I have to go get ready.  So no thanks.  Now put me down before I cancel our honeymoon." He immediately put her down and let her go to the bathroom.  Riddhima giggled and walked to the bathroom, but then stopped.  Looking back, she saw him smiling at her and she ran back to him and kissed his cheek loudly.

"I love you so much!" She giggled and ran back to the bathroom before he had the chance to process what she just did.  When he finally realized what happened, he chuckled once and ran his hand through his hair.  Life was at its best.


Riddhima was walking downstairs with the girls while talking to Padma.  They had told everyone about Rahul and Muskaan and as expected, they all were more than happy to get them married.  They even called up the panditji and he said the best date for their marriage would be a month later which would be the best since Armaan and Riddhima would be back by then.

"Okay Riddhi.  Take care of yourself and Armaan too.  Okay?"

"Yes madam." She bowed in front of her and giggled and softly kissed her forehead.

"I'm proud of you." Riddhima smiled big and hugged her as she got a bit emotional.

"I'm gonna miss you a lot."

"I will too beta.  But we can always call each other.  Right?" Riddhima nodded and Padma smiled.

"Now come on, let's go.  You're getting late for your flight.  You all have to go to Mumbai, right?" They nodded and Nikki thought of something and whispered in Riddhima's ears.

"Only we are going to Mumbai.  Someone here is going to Paris." Riddhima blushed a little but then elbowed her.  After a few more exchanges between Padma and the girls, Padma left and Riddhima was left alone with the girls.

"So Mrs. Riddhima Mallik.  Paris, huh?" said Anjali.

"Good Lord you're lucky Ridz.  Your husband married you two times and now he's taking you on a honeymoon in Paris.  That's like heaven!"

"Seriously Ridz.  Now when you get there, just don't think about anything.  Live your life with him.  You are going to love it.  Seriously!  Just forget about the world, break all the barriers and make him yours.  Okay?" Riddhima blushed and nodded.

"But damn man.  Paris!  The land of love!  And knowing Armaan, I know he's not gonna let you sleep so yeah.  Better prepare yourself for the longest nights of your life."

"Shut up you guys!  You guys are teasing me like crazy right now, but when you three get married, I'm gonna take full revenge!  I promise you!"

"Yeah, you can do that, but promise me something Ridz." Nikki said putting a very serious face on.


"When you come back..."

"When I come back...?"


"Come on Nikki, say it!"

"When you come back, you will tell me that I'm going to be a Chachi."

"Yeah fi-" She started but then stopped as her brain processed what Nikki said and turned red-der.  All the girls bursted out laughing as they saw Riddhima's red face.

"Come on Riddhima, promise me!  Come on!" They all started teasing her and Riddhima just ran away from them as their teasing was becoming too much for her to handle.


"All the passengers, please fasten your seatbelts. The flight is about to take off.  Have a nice journey." The flight attendant announced into the mic and all the passengers fastened their seatbelts.

Away from all the noise and crowd were Armaan and Riddhima, lost in their own world.  He had his hand around her waist and face close to hers as her green, almond eyes stared into his beautiful, ocean, blue eyes.  A soft smile adorned their lips.

"Don't you get tired of looking at me?" Riddhima asked and he shook his head.

"I can stare at you for eternity."

"Yeah right.  All of those lines are so filmy."

"So what?  Filmy, but true."

"You know what?  You've become a hopeless romantic in the past few days.  But... I don't mind it."

"Now I can't really help it.  If you have a beautiful, sexy, and amazing wife you just have to become a hopeless romantic." He leaned in to kiss her but she moved back and shook her head and he gave her the evil look for doing this to him, making her giggle.  She looked out the window and a small, peaceful smile formed on her lips.

She was spellbound seeing the beauty of the scene in front of her.  They were thousands and thousands of feet above the ground, surrounded by serenity.  The white-gray clouds were overlapping each other.  Miles and miles away, she could see a beautiful blend of pink and purple.  All of this felt like a dream.  A beautiful, extraordinary dream which she never wanted to
come out of.

"What are you thinking about?"

"This is so beautiful, Armaan.  I never knew I was going to able to see the beauty of God's creation this closely.  It just seems like a dream to me.  Like I'm going to open my eyes and all of this is going to disappear within seconds."

"But it's not a dream, Riddhima.  All of this is true." Armaan said softly and Riddhima looked at him.  Staring into his eyes, she saw the honesty in his eyes which told her she wasn't dreaming.  Looking out again, she placed her palm on the window.  Armaan smiled and placed his hand over hers, bringing a warm smile to her face as he inhaled deeply and started kissing her nape.

"Armaan, no.  Not here." She said, shying away.


"There are too many people... I don't want anyone to see us." He moved to her ear and slowly whispered.

"No one will.  Everyone's asleep.  And I really don't care if they do." He said sucking on her earlobe.  She closed her eyes and breathed heavily as his hand slowly moved into her shirt.  She felt him make several designs on her waist.  Her body was set on fire.  His touch drove her insane and created a storm within her.  She felt as if she was going to collapse right at that moment.

"Armaan... Please.." She whispered helplessly.  Her heart was pounding against her chest and she slowly turned in her seat as she faced him.  He let his gaze drop to her luscious, juicy-looking lips and unknowingly licked his lip.  Raising his hand, he slowly moved his finger down her forehead, nose and lips as he leaned in and kissed her lips.

Pushing her against the window, he sucked, licked, and nibbled on her lips as he tasted her juicy lips.  He felt addicted to her.  She was his drug.  The closer he was, the more he wanted her.  He was feeling this need to hold her body, as if his life depended on it.  Never before had he felt so addicted to or dependant on anyone.  He could feel her soft hands going inside his shirt, pulling him closer.

As they drowned in the whirlpool of love, passion, and desire, they totally ignored the presense of the flight attendant standing there.  She faked a cough as they slowly parted from each other.  They were highly embarrassed knowing they got caught.  Riddhima immediately turned crimson red and faced the window while Armaan cussed the flight attendant out a million times.

"Excuse me Sir, Ma'am.  Would you like to have something?" She asked politely.

"Do you know Hindi?" Armaan asked with a tight smile and she shook her head.

"No Sir, I'm sorry I don't."

"Oh ok." He said. "Zeher de do mujhe.  Yahaan main apni wife ke saath do pyaar ke pal bitane ki koshish kar raha hoon, aur tu angres ki aulaad yahaan beech mein taang ada rahi hain.  Samajh mein nahin aata ke mujhe do pal shaanti chahiye?  Jee toh karta hain tera keema bana doon." Riddhima covered her mouth with her hand while the flight attendant just stood there, trying to figure out what he said.  After a moment of silence, she finally spoke up.

"You're right Sir.  I'll get that for you now." Saying that, she walked away with confusion sketched all over her face and Riddhima bursted out laughing.

"And what are you laughing at?"

"Oh my God, Armaan!  Why did you say all that?"

"What?  She deserved it!"

"Armaan, she was being polite!  She was doing her job!"

"Her job is to make sure the passengers aren't dying.  Not to disturb couples who-who are romancing each other!"


"Riddhima!  Okay, forget it.  Let's go back to what we we're doing." He said leaning in towards her, but she instead placed his finger on his chest and stopped him.

"I'm sorry.  But I'm very sleepy, so good night.  You should go to sleep too." She giggled and covered herself with the blanket and closed her eyes while he protested.

"What?!  You can't be serious Riddhima!"

"Good night Mr. Mallik!" She said with her eyes closed and Armaan cussed.

"Oh God, why does this always happen to me?  Whenever I try to spend time with my wife, some idiot comes up outta nowhere and ruins the moment.  Why me God!  Why me?!" He looked at Riddhima. "Good night!  I would might as well go to sleep too." He took the blanket and covered himself too.  After a moment, Riddhima opened her eyes and blew him a silent kiss and closed her eyes with a smile as both went to sleep.


Riddhima slowly opened her eyes and found herself staring at the dark blue seat in front of her. For a moment, she was confused.  Where was she?  Then she thought about the events from yesterday and remembered where she was.  She was in the airplane, waiting to arrive at Paris.  Feeling something warm and hard under her head, she slowly rose up and saw Armaan sleeping blissfully with a pout.  She exhaled sharply as she moved closer to him and placed a lingering kiss on his lips as she slowly parted from him and looked at him.  She could see a small smile on his lips which confused her.

"Wow.  I didn't know my morning was going to have such a beautiful start." Riddhima gasped as she heard him.  He slowly opened his eyes and looked at her with a smile.

"Couldn't you say you were awake?"

"Nah.  I wanted to see what you would do."

"Well now you know." She said half-smirking, half-blushing as she got up.

"Where are you going?"


"Can I come?"

"No way!  Move!" She said, hitting him playfully as he laughed.

After freshening up, she came out and as she walked back to her seat, she saw a flight attendant talking to Armaan, which looked more like flirting to her.  She slowly and carefully walked to the seat and she heard their conversation.

"Oh come on now.  Tell me you're a bachelor.  A sexy guy like you can't be taken already."

'What the hell is that s**t doing beside my Armaan?  And how dare she call him sexy!  Only I have that right!'

"I'm sorry Ms..." He paused to look for her name and smiled. "Ms. Sonia, but I am happily married."

'Good boy.'

"Oh damn.  That sucks for me.  I thought... maybe we had a chance together."

'Have you ever seen your face in the mirror?  If a kid sees you without all that make up, he's gonna scream his lungs off.  'I thought we had a chance together.'  Biatch.'

"Sure..." Armaan said getting totally uncomfortable by the fact that she kept coming close to him.  Riddhima's blood boiled seeing this and she quickly walked up to them in anger.

"Excuse me." She said in a cold tone and the flight attendant looked at her.  She immediately stepped back seeing the murderous look she was giving her.  Riddhima glared at her and sat down in her seat.  Armaan knew the third World War was about to start so he decided to keep his mouth shut.  Riddhima sat down and took his hand in hers and pecked his lips.

"Can you please get me and my husband an orange juice?"

"Sure ma'am." Riddhima smiled. "Anything else sir?"

"No, that's it." She nodded once and walked away as Riddhima glared at her retreating back and cussed.

"What the hell was she doing?  How dare she flirt with you?  I feel like strangling her!"

"Ooohhh.. jealous?" Riddhima threw daggers at him and he made the peace sign. "Just kidding."

For a while, they didn't talk, but then Armaan decided to break the annoying silence.

"C'mon Riddhima!  Are you seriously gonna spoil your mood because of a freak like that?" Riddhima looked at him. "I mean, c'mon!  You're gonna find flirts everywhere.  Plus I can't help it if I'm that handsome and sexy.  Girls are obviously gonna be attracted to me.  But you know I'm only attracted to one person.  You." Riddhima's heart melted as she heard him.  He was right.  She couldn't ruin her mood because of a jerk like her.  They were here to enjoy so they should. "Smile?" She smiled and hugged him.

"I love you."

"I love you more."

"Nah.  I love you more." They bickered over who loved who more for a while till the flight finally landed in Paris.  They went out of the airport and rented a taxi.  When they finally got in the car, Riddhima asked him the question which was bothering her.

"Armaan, we're in Paris now.  So please tell me where we're gonna stay."

"Nah.  Can't tell."


"Because.  It's a surprise."

"What's the point of it though?!  We're gonna be there in a while anyways so..."

"That's exactly the point baby.  I want you to see it yourself.  So you have to wait.  Plus patience is the key so..." Riddhima rolled her eyes and looked out the window.  Too much patience is bad for health.


The rest of their ride was filled with awe and appreciation as they toured the beautiful city. The tall buildings were built with so much care and precision which just made them fall in love with France.  If they could, they would definitely settle in Paris.  As they reached the 'surprise place', Armaan blindfolded her and told the driver to take their lugguage inside.

"Armaan, what are you doing?  Come on now!  Enough with the surprises already.  Tell me where we are." Riddhima said impatiently.  Armaan smiled and decided to end her torture.  He went behind her and slowly removed the black strip from her eyes.  Riddhima shook her head once to adjust her eyes and as her vision became clear, her mouth dropped open with astonishment.

In front of her was a small, but beautiful cottage in between some trees with a small fountain in front of it.  She could see the breathtaking view of the mountains miles from the place.  God she was in love with the place!

"Armaan... This is so beautiful!" She whispered softly.  Armaan smiled and cupped her face, making her face him.

"Not more than you." Riddhima smiled with moist eyes and held his hands.

"Thank you so much!" He blinked his eyes and she looked at the house again. "Can I go inside?"

"Of course you can!  After all, we're gonna be staying here for two good weeks." Riddhima smiled widely and ran inside the house as he followed her.   She opened the door and forgot how to breathe as she looked around the place.

The cottage screamed elegance in every way.  It was made with white marble floor and the walls were painted soft white.  There was a small, light blue sofa in the middle of the living room with a small glass table in front of it.  Adjoined, was the small kitchen.  There was a small stove beside the window and a counter in front of it, which had the bowl of fruit and a beautiful flower vase on it and there was a refrigerator beside the counter.  Walking around, she saw a two rooms.  One was their bedroom.  It was a big one with a king-size bed along with a big bathroom which had a shower and jacuzzi.  She walked into the other room and saw the fire place.  It was cosy and one of her favorites in the house.

As she watched the flames of the fire burn, she felt Armaan's warm and strong hands circle around her stomach and rest his chin on her shoulder.

"Did you like it?"

"I love it, Armaan.  This place is beautiful.  I wish I could just live here forever."

"Well, you can if you want to.  I don't mind living here with you."

"Yeah right.  Isn't this place for rent?"

"Not really."

"Then how did you get it?" Riddhima inquired with a frown.

"I bought it when I came here the last time."

"You have to be kidding.  This is ours?" She asked, totally surprised.

"Yep." Riddhima smiled happily and immediately hugged Armaan.

"I love you, Armaan!  You're the best!"

"That, I sure am.  And now that I made you so happy, I definitely deserve a kiss." Riddhima looked at him with her hands around his neck.

"Yeah, you really do." She winked at him and kissed him lovingly.  He definitely deserved a kiss.  After all, he made her so happy.  This was the least she could do.  After a moment or so, they parted and they had the sweetest smiles anyone could ever imagine.

"Now I think we should start unpacking.  Right, Hubby?"

"After you wifey." Riddhima smiled beautifully as they started unpacking.

It took them almost 2 hours to unpack and they shared some amazing moments while doing so.  There was some mischief, some romance, some naughtiness, some laughing, some chasing, but most of all, there was love.  If a bystander saw them at any time, they would say the couple was madly in love, which was 100% true.

Once they were done with all the packing, they took shower and changed into long sleeved clothes.  Riddhima sat beside Armaan on the sofa in the living room with his arm around her as she kissed him slowly and gently.  He slowly sucked her lip as he brought it between his teeth and slowly nibbled on it while she mimicked him.  The kiss wasn't fierce, neither hungry.  It was just perfect and pure.  Just like their love.  When they felt out of breath, they stopped kissing, yet their lips remained in contact.  Opening their eyes, they sat there, drowning in the others eyes.  Riddhima let her gaze drop down as she suddenly felt shy of his intense gaze, while he pushed a fringe back, bringing a warm smile to her face.

"You look lovely when you blush." Riddhima turned red as he said that and hid herself in his embrace.

"Thank you."

"For saying you look lovely?" She shook her head. "Then for what?"

"For bringing me to this beautiful place."

"Oh, for that?  I did this for myself.  I love showing off, you know?" Riddhima playfully hit his chest and he laughed.

"Riddhima, you don't have to say thanks.  You deserve every bit of this."


"Well, one, because you're the Armaan Mallik's wife so everything has to be lavish."

"And two?"

"The answer is simple." Riddhima scrunched her brows and looked up to see him staring back. "Because I love you.  More than I love myself." Riddhima smiled.

"I love you too." She said and hugged him a bit tighter.

"You know what, Riddhima?  We should start planning now."

"About what?"

"A cute little child."


"Yeah, why?"

"Armaan, we basically just got together and you're already thinking about kids?"

"Yeah, so what?  We're gonna have a kid one day.  I think it's better if we start planning for it now so that there won't be any problems later on." He said cutely.

"Hmmm.. not a bad idea."

"Exactly.  So the first thing is first.  We're gonna have a little girl."

"Girl?  Why?"

"Because!  Boys are rascals!  Girls are totally adorable!  We're gonna have a girl.  She's gonna have beautiful eyes like yours." He started talking about his 'girl' with child-like excitement and Riddhima just stared at him with a smile. "And... her hair is gonna be straight.  Like, beautiful!  Just like mine!"

"Straight?  No.. her hair will be curly.  Like mine."

"No..." He whined.

"Why?" She mimicked him.

"Because!!  Ok, fine.  She's gonna have wavy hair.  Yours and mine.  Okay?"

"Hmm." She smiled happily as she watched him get all happy and excited.

"Okay.  Ummm... she's gonna be all crazy and loving like you, but super intellegent like me." Riddhima giggled and nodded.

"And... what is she going to be?"

"A business-woman?"

"No ways!  She's going to be a doctor!  Very smart and intellegent!"

"Right!  Doctor!  I'm gonna make sure people are with her all the time.  No guy is going to look at her!  You know?  Boys are very dumb and stupid.  Scumbags.  That's why I'm always going to stay with her and protect her from others!" He said happily and Riddhima giggled.  He was so adorable!

"But Armaan, what if we have a boy?"

"A boy?" He asked with a frown and Riddhima nodded.

"Then... you decide."

"Hmm.  If we have a boy, then he's going to be just like you.  Beautiful eyes like yours, a cute nose, long hair.  He's going to be very smart like.. you and very mischievious like me, and he's going to be a businessman.  Just like you." Armaan flashed his adorable dimples as he heard her.

"Done.  But what about the names?"

"Armaan, why don't we combine our names to make one?"

"That's an amazing idea, but what will the names be?"

"If it's a girl, her name will be Arima.  And if it's a boy, his name will be Ridhaan." Armaan smiled as he thought about those names.

"Amazing!  I love those names!" Riddhima smiled happily.  She loved seeing that smile on his face.  It just brightened her day and now she knew she was going to see it everyday from now on.  Everything was going to be perfect.  They spent the rest of the day making future plans with more romance and more mischief.


Riddhima rolled to her side and placed her hand on the other side of the bed with her eyes closed. She frowned in her sleep as she didn't feel the warmth of Armaan's body and opened her eyes.  Her eyes searched the entire room but she didn't see a glimpse of him.  Where did he go?

"Good morning wifey." She flipped her hair and saw Armaan walking up to her with the breakfast tray in his hands.  A big smile made its way to her lips.

"Armaan... yeh kya hain?"

"Breakfast in bed for the lady."

"Lekin.. kyun?  I mean.."

"Pyaar jataane ke liye vajah ki zaroorat hain kya?" Riddhima smiled at his words and looked at the tray.  There were pancakes in a dish along with omlette and orange juice which made her mouth watery.  She took a small bite of the pancake and her face lit up.

"Oh my god!  Yeh kisne banaaya?  Tumne order kiya kya?"

"No.. I didn't order it." Riddhima looked at him with confusion.

"Toh... kisne banaaya?" Armaan scratched his head and smiled sheepishly.

"Ummm.." Riddhima waited for him to answer but he didn't, she immediately understood what he was trying to say.

"Yeh... tumne banaaya." She said it as a statement rather than a question.  He looked at her and nodded.

"Mujhe laga tumhe achha lagega.  Agar tumhe pasand nahin aaya toh main abhi kuch mangva leta hoon." He said quickly as he started to get up, but Riddhima held his hand and pulled him down with a smile.

"Bohat achha hain!" She said happily as his curved up to form a beautiful smile.

"Really?!  Tumhe pasand aaya?" She nodded.  She made a small bite and held it in front of him as he ate it and nodded, pleased with his work, making her giggle.

"Mujhe nahin pata tha ke tum itna achha khana bana lete ho.  I'm impressed."

"Well, thank you, my dear lady." Riddhima giggled and saw him make a bite for her.  Being the devil she was, she took the bite, but then bit his finger slightly making him jump in pain.  That was so unexpected!  Riddhima laughed and rolled to the other side of the bed and ran as she knew Armaan was going to come after her and that's exactly what happened.

"Oye!  Ruko!  Riddhima ki bacchi, I'll get you for doing this!" They ran around the house like small kids while Riddhima laughed like a lunatic.  As they ran around, Riddhima started running out of energy.  Armaan saw that and took advantage of it.  He quickly increased his speed and caught her arm as he twisted her hand behind her back.

"Pakad liya!" He said and watched her as she laughed insanely.

"Oh my God!  Tumhara face... haha!!"

"Riddhima.. Stop laughing." He ordered, but Riddhima kept laughing which annoyed him. "Riddhima-" She totally  ignored him and kept laughing.  Okay, that was enough.  He grabbed the back of her head and gave her a hard kiss on her lips, silencing her.  Riddhima just stood there, totally shocked as she looked at him.  What the hell?  She was about to respond back, but even before that, he pulled away from her looked at her shocked face.

"What was that for!"

"There was no other way to make you shut up." Riddhima made a face, but then they both laughed it off and hugged each other.


"Riddhima, chalo late ho raha hain."

"Armaan, five minutes!" Armaan sucked his teeth hearing her.  They were getting late and only God knew what Riddhima was doing.  They were fixing to go to a nice restaraunt and then shopping, but for the past 30 minutes, she had been saying '5 minutes.'  Women... Armaan thought to himself.

"riddhima, agar mere paach ginne tak tum bahaar nahin nikli na, toh main door tod kar andar aa jaunga.  Ek..." He held up his index finger and tapped his foot impatiently. "Do... Teen... Chaar..." He took a long pause. "Paanch." He immediately turned and was about to go break the door but stopped as he saw Riddhima standing in front of him and eyed her down.

She was wearing a magenta-colored dress, which came down to her knees.  The dress was sorta loose, but it looked perfect on her.  A little bit of make up, bangles in a hand, small earrings, and white sandals were enough to make her look elegant.

"Wow.  You look beautiful."

"As always.  Ab chalo.  Late nahin ho raha?" Armaan smiled and walked up to her, pulling her closer. "Aren't you getting late now?" Riddhima asked mischieviously.

"Nah.  Not at all.  I don't wanna go now.  I don't think I would wanna leave now that my wife is looking so delicious."

"Too bad.  I wanna go now.  I am very hungry."

"Yeah, we'll go, but after I get a kiss." Riddhima gave him the 'really' look. "What?"

"Armaan, whenever I give you a kiss, I have to go and redo my make up and I'm not going to do that, okay?"

"Well, too bad." He grabbed the back of her head and smacked his lips onto hers, tasting her strawberry lips as he moaned hungrily.  She tasted so good!  It was like a drug to him, which he couldn't quit.  Riddhima's hands made their way up to his hair, pulling and caressing it which added fuel to his desires.  Riddhima started running out of breath, so she slowed the kiss and so did Armaan.

"Armaan, bas." She whispered with a shy smile.  They opened their eyes and laughed a little as he let her go.  She turned and went back into the room to fix her attire.  She knew she was in a mess because of what just happened.


Riddhima was in the kitchen, cutting the vegetables for lunch with a slight smile on her face. Usually she wouldn't care if she had to cook because it was a just a part of her daily routine, but this was different.  Today, she wasn't cooking because she had to, but because she wanted to.  She wanted to do something for Armaan and make these two weeks special for both of them.

As she heated the stove, she felt his big, strong arms circle around her tiny waist and his lips place a soft kiss on her nape, making her smile.

"Kya kar rahe ho?" She asked lovingly.

"Apni pyaari biwi se pyaar."

"Aur aapki pyaari biwi kya kar rahi hain?"

"Boring sa kaam."

"Achha?" He nodded as he kept placing soft, feathery kisses on her nape. "Tum bohat badmaash ho gaye ho.  Pehle hi achhe the.  Angry young man." Armaan chuckled lightly and held her up against the fridge in a swift motion, shocking her.

"Armaan, what are you doing?  Leave me."

"Why?  You just said you like the angry young man more.  So here he is."

"Oye!  Main mazaak kar rahi thi!"

"Too bad.  You called for it.  Now deal with it." He was about to kiss her, but stopped as his phone went off.  Riddhima pressed her lips together as she tried to hide her giggle seeing Armaan getting p.o'ed because of his phone.

"Kyun?  Ab phone kyun nahin utha rahe Mr. Angry Young Man?  Usually toh Mr. AYM kabhi apna phone miss nahin karta." Armaan glared at her, making her giggle, as he answered the phone.

"Hello." He said angrily.

"Saale kameene, jaake marr jaa!" Armaan jumped as he heard thousands and millions of abuses being showered on him.

"What the hell Muskaan!"

"Oye naashpitte!  Riddhima ko phone de!"


"Oye kyun waale!  Behen hain meri!  Ek din ho gaya, ek baar bhi mereko phone nahin kiya!  Pata hain kitni yaad aa rahi hain mujhe tum dono ki!"

"Toh chilla kyun rahi hain?!  Kaan ke parde phaadne hain kya mere?!" Armaan yelled back.  Like, come on!

"Oye!  Zyaada smart matt ban!  Phone de Riddhi ko!" Armaan tossed the phone to Riddhima, who was initially shocked, but then recovered and placed the phone to her ear.


"RIDDHIMA MALLIK!" She jumped hearing Muskaan scream her lungs off.

"Oh f**k Muskaan!  Why are you screaming?!"

"Woman!  I'll scream as much as I want to!  And get on Skype!  I wanna see both of you!" Riddhima looked at Armaan who was almost about to cry because he had those morons disturbing them on their honeymoon!  Good Lord!

"Ummm.. Muskaan.  There is no Wi-Fi connection here so yeah... can't exactly Skype you at the moment." Riddhima lied through her teeth and Armaan looked at her in shock.  She lied?!  Why!

"Oh man!  Are you serious?"

"Yeah, sorry.. But I promise I'll Skype you as soon as I can."

"Ok, love ya."

"Bye." Riddhima said bye with a smile and ended the call and looked up to see Armaan looking at her in shock. "What?"

"You lied to Muskaan?"

"Yeah... so?"

"Why did you lie?"

"Oh.. so you do want to Skype her instead of spending this time with me?  Okay, no problem.  I'll call her and say-" Riddhima took out the phone and was about to hit redial, but he instantly caught the phone and threw it in some corner of the house and pinned her to the fridge, smacking his lips on her as he kissed her with maddening passion.

His tongue wildly roamed inside her mouth, tasting her sweetness.  She kissed him back with equal fervor, drowning in the ocean of passion, intensity, and desire.  They fought the sweet and tempting war of dominance as their tongues fought.  She wrapped her arms around his neck, ruffling his hair sensually as she pulled him closer.  His hands roamed around her back, making their way up to her hair and he pulled her hair down, setting it free.  She moved her hands down to his vest and struggled to get it off his body, which he noticed, and immediately took his shirt off.

With the little bit of strength she had, she turned and pinned him against the fridge, and cupped a side of his neck, as she sucked on the other side and he placed wild kisses on her nape.  She slowly moved down his hardcore chest, licking and kissing it.  Armaan went weak in the knee as her lips travelled down his torso.  His body was set on a strange fire.  He lost all his senses and drowned in the ocean of desires.  All the demons he had been trying to hide were now coming out with all their strengths and it was getting hard for him to control himself.  Not that he wanted to either.  He moaned as she moved back up and captured his lips.

He hugged her figure and started pushing her back blindedly as they hit the walls and pillars and then finally landed on the couch with him on top of her.  He parted her legs and caressed her inner and outer thighs, setting her body on fire.  His hands moved inside her shirt as his lips moved down to her throat.  He hungrily moved down her chest and kissed her navel hungrily, making her moan with pleasure.  He slowly raised her shirt up and took it off and threw it in a corner of the room as he fondled and squeezed her breasts, making her wince in pain, but then stroked her waist, making her feel better.

They drowned deeper and deeper into the ocean of love, but there's always a disturbance.


"Riddhima come on!  How much time do you need to get ready?"

"Five minutes Armaan!"

God, women take forever to get ready!  As of now, they were at the biggest mall in Paris and they had already shopped for tons of things.  Since they were going to the Eiffel Tower, Riddhima wanted to look good and saw a beautiful dress at the shop nearby so she was dressing up now and Armaan was waiting for her to come out.  He heard the door open and talked without paying attention.

"Thank God tum aa gayi, pata nahin kitna-" He looked up and the rest of his words remained unsaid as he became mesmerized by her beauty.

She was wearing a purple colored, strapless dress which showed her perfect curves.  Riddhima smiled as she watched him eye her down and thought to mess with him a little.  Her hair had been put up neatly, making her look sexy and elegant at the same time.  Riddhima turned back around and saw him swallow his saliva.  She could tell he was getting turned on and she was pleased seeing the effect she had on him.

"How do I look Armaan?" He looked at her and opened his mouth to say something but no words came out.  She could tell he was having difficulty speaking, which made her happy.  "Bolo?" She instigated him.


"Just nice?" He just smiled and moved his eyes away from her, which surprised her.  He did like her dress right?  Or was she overthinking it?

"We should go now." Riddhima was about to say something but he just left without her and she followed him.

Yeh Armaan aise kyun behave kar raha hain?  Kya main achhi nahin lag rahi?  Armaan ne aisa toh kabhi bhi behave nahin kiya.  Toh phir...

Riddhima thought as they walked to their car.  The ride was silent because Armaan was just looking out the window, looking very stiff, while Riddhima peaked at him every now and then.  Maybe he wasn't turned on or anything.  Maybe he disliked the way she looked, but didn't want to hurt her feelings.  Maybe that's why he wasn't saying anything.

Very soon they reached the Eiffel Tower and Armaan stepped out of the car and hesitantly opened the door for Riddhima, who just stared at him as she stepped down adn followed him. They went to the second floor, which contained the most famous restaurant, Le Jules Verne.  Since it was evening time, the tower was beautifully lit, glowing beautifully and gracefully in the dark.  Riddhima was enchanted by the beauty of the place.  It was no less than paradise for her.  She was in love with the place.

Very soon, they reached the restaurant.  It was a beautiful place, filled with lights, beautiful vanilla aroma, rich furnitures, amazing decorations, and what not!  The place was amazing.  Riddhima followed Armaan as he walked to their table.  He pulled the chair out for her with a small smile, which Riddhima gladly returned as she sat down.  Right after they took their seats, a waiter came up and took their order.  After he left, there was an awkward silence between them as both looked around.  When Armaan didn't say anything for a while, Riddhima finally decided to speak up.  The silence was killing her.

"Armaan, are you okay?" Armaan looked at her.

"Why are you behaving like this?  You didn't say a word on our way, didn't even glance at me.  Why?  Am I looking horrible?" He stared at her with shock written all over his face.  He was totally flabbergasted.

"Are you crazy?" She raised her gaze with confusion.  "Do you know sexy you are looking right now?" Her heart almost stopped beating at his words, but she was still having doubts.

"You're lying.  If I'm really looking so sexy, then why weren't you talking to me?  You didn't even glance at me after I came out.  Look, you don't have to lie to me.  You can say I'm looking-"

"Shh." He placed his finger over her lips, interrupting her.  He slowly moved his finger away from her lips and held her hand as he closed his eyes.  "You look way beyond sexy, Riddhima.  You don't even know how much courage it's taking me to not throw you in the bed and make love to you like no one's ever have.  The only reason I wasn't looking at you was that I was afraid to lose control.  Nothing else." Riddhima blushed profusely as she heard him.  God, she was so wrong!  Here he was badly turned on by her, and she thought he found her ugly.  He was right.  She was insane.  But now, she decided to lighten up the mood a little.

"So I turn you on?" She asked with mischief evident in her eyes.  He smirked, realizing she was playing around him now.

"Most definitely.  You have no idea what's going through my head right now." Riddhima averted her gaze and giggled lightly.

"I know what's going through your mind, my dear-one-tracked-minded-hubby."

"Oh really?" He arched a brow and she nodded. "Can you please tell me in detail what I'm thinking of my so-not-innocent-wifey?"

"No thanks.  I'm not shameless like you."

"Uh-huh?  I totally saw how not-so-shameless you are in the kitchen this morning." Riddhima turned beet red, recalling their 'moment' from the morning.

"Shut up, Armaan.  Let's talk about something else."

"No ways.  I wanna talk about this only.  I just can't help, but imagine how mouth-watering you would look when we're-" Before he could complete his sentence, their food arrived and Riddhima silently thanked the waiter for coming in.  God, Armaan was shameless!  They served themselves and started eating the delicious cuisine Armaan had ordered.  As they ate their food, Armaan kept dirty talking to make her blush, whereas Riddhima's mind drifted to a world filled with thousands of thoughts.

Of course she knew Armaan wasn't saying all this to irritate her.  He actually wanted it.  And to some extent, so did she.  But she was scared.  She knew this definitely wouldn't be his first time, but it would be for her.  The mere thought of surrendering herself to him completely was scaring her.  What if she wasn't 'good enough'?  What would happen then?  Kisses and make outs were okay.  But taking it further than that?  Was she even ready for it?  She was engrossed in her thoughts, that she didn't even hear him call her name.

"Riddhima?" He shook her hand and she came out of her thoughts.

"What happened?"

"That's what I'm asking.  What happened to you?  What were you thinking about?"



"Yeah." She nodded with a smile.

"And guess what."

"What?" She asked with a confused smile.

"There is another surprise for you."

"Really?" He nodded and called someone to payed their bill and they left the tower happily.  Unaware of where Armaan was taking her, Riddhima just followed him with curiosity.

"Armaan, where are we going?"

"We're almost there." She grabbed his hand and tried pulling him close, but she, instead, stumbled and ended up crashing into his chest while his hands circled around her tiny waist. "Woah.  Patience?"

"No, tell me now." He smiled and pointed to the right and she followed his gaze to see the most beautiful sight in front of her.  There was the Seine River, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Paris.  He observed her face carefully.  She was definitely surprised seeing the beauty of the river.

"Are we gonna go in the boat?" She asked, looking at him.

"Yep.  Let's go." He picked her up in his arms, shocking her, and walked to the boat which was reserved for them.  He slowly and carefully put her down and took a seat beside her, making her smile.

They spent some good three touring the beautiful, glowing city of Paris.  It was definitely a night to remember.  Just beautiful and romantic.  Very soon, it was time for them to go back to their house.  As they left the river to go back, it suddenly started to rain, much to her pleasure.  Being the rain lover she was, all she wanted to do was spin around like crazy and just enjoy the rain and she did until Armaan literally dragged her to the cab and told the driver to drive to their house.

By the time they got back home, they were dripping wet.  Since it was night time, it was getting chilly and Armaan noticed that Riddhima was hugging herself.

"Go and change.  You'll get sick." He said looking away from her tempting body.  She nodded as she tucked her hair behind her ear and walked into their room to change into something good.  Armaan watched as she walked inside the room and went to the fireplace to warm up the house.  He looked around for a match box and found one in the drawer; he set the woods inside on fire, feeling the heat warm him up.  He realized he was soaking wet so he took his shirt off and threw it on the couch as he started wiping his body with the towel.

He was sitting down on the warm carpet, rubbing his hands together when all he felt another presense in the room and turned around to find a slightly hesitant Riddhima standing at the door, gazing down.  He looked at her from head to toe and was left speechless.  She was wearing his black shirt, which was too big for her, yet she looked mouthwatering to him.  The shirt came down to her thighs, flaunting her milky, white legs.  In short, she was looking sexy.  Shyly, she walked to him and sat down in front of the fire with her hands in front of the fire.

Riddhima was very well aware of his gaze on her, but was scared to look at him.  Not only because of the way he was looking at her, but because of the way he looked.  He was a Greek God, without a doubt.  His chest, abs, biceps, triceps, tattoos... Damn, he was sexy.  If only looks could kill...

"Armaan... please.  Don't look at me like that." She said in a low, shy, and scared voice.  He said nothing and slowly tucked his hair behind her ear, making her close her eyes in pleasure and breathed heavily, turning her head.  Her lips quivered because of their closeness and he slowly placed his lips over hers, kissing her slowly.

"I love you." He said meaningfully as he parted from her, telling her how much she meant to him.  "We don't have to do this if you're not ready." He said, shocking her.  He knew what had been going on in her mind ever since that conversation they had there.  It wasn't like he was unaware of it.  Her eyes said everything she felt.  Yeah, he wanted to make her his in every way, but not without her consent.  He didn't want to take their relationship to the next level if she wasn't ready for it.

Riddhima, on the other hand, was astonished by what he said.  Was he even real?  Which guy would do this?  If it would've been another guy, he probably would've gone ahead without giving her needs and wants any consideration, but Armaan was different.  He wasn't like those and she respected him even more after this.  Now she was convinced.  She knew exactly what she wanted.  As he started to get up, she held his hand and pulled him back.  Armaan, who was not expecting the sudden pull, lost his balance and landed on top of her.

"Riddhima, we don't have to do this if you're not ready.  Seriously."

"I think I know what I want." She said and held his face as she kissed him.  Armaan was shocked initially, but soon recovered and parted from her for a moment.

"Think about it again.  Don't say I didn't warn you."

"Done." She said with a shy smirk and pulled him into a kiss again.  The fire inside their body increased rapidly as they kissed hungrily and forgot about the world as he made love to her.  After months of wait and pain, they finally became one.


The rest of their honeymoon went by really quick for them.  Ninety-nine percent of the times they were too busy doing their favorite thing and if too bored, then Riddhima would force Armaan to get up and take her out.  Even before they knew it was time for them to go back to their life, but the precious memories made in Paris were the ones that were never going to be forgotten.  Now it was time for them to go through some more chapters of life, which they did not mind as long as they were with each other.  A story that once started with hatred and thorns had changed into a beautiful and enchanting lovely.  All because it had a dangerous desire.


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