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Last Part : Remember Me (ArSh FF)

He set in the car, parked outside the house. His heart kept debating on whether he wanted to do this. He could still show his back and run away from the problem. But that would mean throwing off the problem of Sara on Shilpa. Disgust filled in his heart as he realized what a coward he was being. Sara is the past. Shilpa is my Future.. He chanted in his mind as he got out of the car.. Minutes passed as he stood infront of the door staring at it blankly. As he gave a soft knock on the door it flew open and infront of him stood the last person he had wished to see right now..
"Ahh Finally Armaan.. " Sara spoke in her famous sultry voice passing a seductive smile at him.. His jaw clenched as she ran down a hand on her tight dress. Her actions disgusted him as he realized what she was trying to do. He couldnt believe she had the guts to stare at him with lust knowing he was married.. He tore off his gaze and tried to walk pass her as she held his arm with a smirk.. " Running away from me ? "

Armaan stared at her blankly and brushed off her hand. "Shilpa.. Where are you.. ?? " He spoke flatly quickly walking away from the disaster which stood near the door narrowing her eyes..
"In Kitchen.. " Shilpa replied loudly. A smile formed in his lips as he headed the way. A sense of peace filled in him hearing her sweet voice.. He walked inside trying to keep a grim look but seeing the wide smile on her lips he felt his tension loosen at once.. " I am so glad you came.." Shilpa spoke gently staring at him lovingly. For a minute he felt guilt pass through him as he realized what a coward behavior he was having through him. If only he could possess the same strength and faith she had. He pulled her close and held her in his embrace.. " I told you not to overwork yourself Shona.. "
"I am done with the dinner Armaan. Its time we face her.. " She spoke without looking at him. Armaan narrowed his eyes and shook his head disagreeing.. " I have nothing to do with that women. Your free to do the talking. I am retiring to the bed as i am done with my dinner.. "
Shilpa at first thought of protesting but then gave a thought on it.. A slow smile crept on her lips.. " So shall we make a deal ? "
" What deal.. ? " Armaan spoke suspiciously loosing up his tie..
" Not a hard one. The deal is i will do the talking and you wont interrupt me. In return i wont press you to do any talking with her.. "
Armaan gave a thought on it for a minute.. " Ok fine.. I will go and freshen up "
She gave a nod as he walked out with a grim look on his face.. Just few hours Armaan. I will correct everything..

Armaan cleared his throat awkwardly as he took a seat beside Shilpa in the dining table.. Sara's face brightened up while Shilpa glanced at him with a lovely smile.. He stared at her for a minute and then leaned down kissing her softly.. " You look lovely today.. " He whispered softly pulling back.. From the corner of his eyes he noticed Sara flinch while Shilpa's gaze was stick on him. He glanced back at her to notice hurt and pain filled in them.. "You didint need to do that Armaan. Just dont use me to make your ex girlfriend jealous " She whispered softly..
His eyes widened as he tried tried to speak. She had taken his kiss in a wrong manner. And right now he couldnt do anything to correct it while Sara set infront of them staring suspiciously.. " Uhh i hope everything is Ok.. ? " Sara spoke with a smug look. Armaan looked away disgusted while Shilpa forced a smile on lips.." How is the food Sara.. " She spoke changing the subject..
"Quiet good.. " She spoke with a shrug.. For a moment they ate in awkward silence.. Shilpa put down her fork and stared at Sara. " So tell me Why are you back ?? "
"Excuse me.. " Sara spoke hesitantly as she stared at Shilpa and then glanced at Armaan who kept eating his dinner in silence. A rush of disappointment went through her seeing how Armaan ignored her. Behaving as if she didint even exist here.. Not for long Armaan..
" You are not stupid Sara. You very well know i wont invite you here without a reason. So why dont you spill out the truth that you are back here for Armaan "
Shilpa knew how much her heart pained as she spoke the words.. Armaan clenched his jaw but set quiet while Sara smirked.. " So.. You want the truth from me ? "
" Would be better if you dont lie Sara.. " Shilpa spoke softly sipping her drink while staring carefully at the arrogant women who set infront of her..
" You are indeed correct.. I am here for Armaan. But when i come what i get to know ? You have finally succeeded to snatch him away from me.. "
Hearing the rudeness filled in Sara's voice made her uncomfortable. She glanced at Armaan who set still without a word. If only he wud confront her for a good. Speak up Armaan
Shilpa gave the same smug look at her "I am not going to repeat the same old talks of how you walked away from him Sara. Reality is that he is my husband and he is mine.. "
Tension grew between them. Shilpa glanced a look at Armaan who still set quiet without a word.. She never thought this conversation will make her upset and Armaan hadnt done anything so far to improve it.. Speak up Armaan
"Whatever Shilpa.. You cant deny I am his first love. And first love can never be forgotten. I had to comeback for that. For his own good. For his happiness.. "
Speak up Armaan.. Her heart kept pleading while she tried to keep herself calm infront of Sara.. " Why Sara ? Dont you have guts to say you couldnt make good enough from your carrier and now you need fame of Armaan ?"
Shilpa spoke sarcastically as she noticed Sara flinch as her face grew ashen. Before she could retort back Shilpa interrupted.. " Armaan is now a successful Business man. In past also you wanted his money. And even now all you need is his money to spent of on ur carrier.. "
" Shilpa ! " It was Armaan's voice which stunned her as she turned around. Armaan stared at her bewildered but then his expressions softened as he tried to touch her hand.. Shilpa pulled it back and hardened her expressions..
Sara seemed to notice and smiled widely.. "Armaan himself doesnt believe i have any interest in his money.. "
" Come out of your fantasy world.. " Armaan replied sarcastically as Sara glared at him..
" As i said Sara past has nothing to do between us Now. If you think you can comeback and get Armaan you are wrong. If you think you can come and manipulate him you are wrong. You are his past. And Now all i have to say to you is.. Let him go.. " Eventhough Shilpa had spoken the words in a strong voice after seeing Armaan's behavior tonight she felt betrayed. Who was she kidding. Seeing the way how he reacted today had shown her enough reality..
Sara glared at her with a offended look while Armaan shifted in his seat uneasily.. Between all this confrontation he felt the fear that something was going wrong between him and Shilpa.. A sudden change in her behavior was scaring wits out of him.. As the tension hanged between them Sara broke it getting up.. "Who the hell you are to tell me what i need to do ? "
" Let him Go Sara. Would be better for you.. " Shilpa whispered staring at him with a new confidence in her eyes.. Sara fumed in anger as Shilpa got up slowly and spoke again.. " Let him Go.. Now shall we call off this dinner"
Without a further word Sara took her bag and started to walk away. But then she stopped infront of the door and turned around with her arrogant smile.. "Armaan if you wish to free away from this so called wife of yours... You know where to find me tonight.. "
Armaan bit back a curse and clenched his fist as Sara left them in deep tension.. He set in silence trying to calm down himself while Shilpa kept taking out the plates. Thats when he noticed her hands shaking. He got up to see her lips trembling while tears formed in her eyes.. Guilt hit him so hard that he felt knocked 0ut at the moment. How could he do this ?  How could he be a coward and let her face the worse.. Shame filled through him. The silence broke as she started to cry breaking down in painful sobs.. He moved forward helplessly trying to touch her when she pushed him back and slapped on his cheek.. Bewildered in shock  he held his stinging cheek as she stared at him in hatred and pain. And it scared him to the core..
"Shilpa.. " He stepped forward hesitantly..
" DONT TOUCH ME !! " She shrieked in anger and walked away back to their room in a furious pace.. Shocked with her sudden outburst he followed her inside.. " Shilpa stop stressing yourself for godsake.. Its Over!!"
" Really its over ?? " She spoke with a mocking question as he lowered his eyes in shame.. " What kind of husband are you Armaan Mallik.. ? I really need to know why did y0u get offended when i spoke to your ex girlfriend."
He glanced up sharply and stared at her stunned.."Shilpa you are seriously taking it wrong. I interrupted because i was worried for you.. "
" Ya right.. " She spoke not believing him even for a second.. Armaan sighed as she cleared her tears and stared to open up the buttons of her dress..
" What.. " His words faded away as he stared at her confused while she dimmed the lights taking off her dress.. He stared down at her momentarily distracted from her beauty, forgetting that they were arguing a moment before.. Shilpa stepped close to him and stared in his eyes blankly.. " What do you feel when you see me.. "
" What.. Ofcourse you have to know i love you.. " He spoke in a pleading manner staring in her eyes reminding himself not to be distracted. He noticed a sudden relief washing through her eyes as she stepped more closer in his embrace..
" You still believe am beautiful.. Even if i am 9 months pregnant.. ? With a big belly.. "
" You are seriously testing my patience now Shilpa.. Ask me how i am finding hard to resist you.. "
" My soul or my body.. " She questioned softly..
" Both.. Your body and your soul is mine.. " He whispered staring in her eyes... " I remember you said to Sara to let me go.. I just have to confess to you I have let her gone the moment you stepped in my life as my wife. With my child. She was a bitter past. You are my present and future. I have let her gone.. "
She stared at him and smiled through her tears.. " I knew you would prove me wrong.. I knew it in my heart. But now just do one last favor for me.. "
" Anything.. " He replied softly planting a kiss on corner of her lips..
" One last favor.. Break down all the insecurities and bring out real you.. Shove off the coward man and bring the real Armaan "
" Go to her and tell her you have let her gone.. Do one last favor for me.."
He stared at her blankly as her words rang in her mind.. Let Sara go and bring back the Armaan.. One last favor..
She stepped back at gave him a brave smile. She knew she was doing the right and it was time Armaan face it himself.. " Go back to her and let her go fully from our life. And dont comeback until you have my old Armaan with you.. "
"Shilpa " He spoke desperately trying to push away her words from his mind.. But she shook her head and stepped back far away from him.. "One last favor do that for me.. I love you Armaan.. "
His eyes teared up as he took a step back and mumbled softly.. " And i love you with all my heart.. "
She slide down crying as he walked out of the room. Her sobs hit his ears painfully but he determined himself not to stop.. Not this time.. Instead he would face his past strong ..And this time he was going to do what he should have done long time ago..


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