Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Last part : Summer Heat(AR mini )

Armaan's eyes searched for Riddhima across the beach. He wanted to confess everything that he had finally confessed to himself just now. He heard hooting and whistling from a large crowd and he hoped that it wouldn't be Riddhima that all these guys were gesturing at. Armaan got a good view of the reason behind all this commotion and much to his surprise, there she stood. Riddhima Gupta. Armaan boiled with anger as he watched her dance like a sl*t with so many guys. Armaan knew that this time she hadn't had a drop of alcohol as he had been watching her from a long time. He couldn't believe that she would get so worked up about what he did with Audrina earlier. "She crossed the limit of this stupid jealousy game. I can't fu*king believe her stupidity." Armaan pushed through the crowd and Riddhima was engrossed into dancing that she didn't even notice Armaan in the huge crowd. He caught hold of her wrist and dragged her out of the crowd. Riddhima's anger flared as he pulled her a few distances away from the party as he didn't want to create a scene. "Let go of my hand
right now" Riddhima said icily trying to control her rising anger. "You're leaving this party right now and then we'll talk" Armaan said firmly. But he knew she wasan't going to give up and listen to him so easily. "I am not going anywhere. And definitely not with you." Riddhima raised her tone and released herself from his tight grip on her arm. She was about to walk back when Armaan caught hold of her bare waist and pulled her back. Riddhima started screaming "let me go" and fought to get out of his grasp as if he was strangling her. Armaan ended up crashing to the sand and pulling Riddhima down with him. They rolled on top of each other and finally landed with Armaan on top of Riddhima, their faces just inches apart. Both were panting for breath and unable to hold his desire in, Armaan crushed his lips onto Riddhima's making her blood boil even more. She tried hard to push him off but it resulted to her lips slightly opening, giving Armaan full access to her mouth. Riddhima refused to reciprocate as she was too angry at him right now, but as he continued to kiss her harder than ever, she finally gave up and payed heed to her desires. She kissed him back hungrily as her hands reached his soft locks, yanking them and pulling him closer. His hands remained at her waist as he tightened his grip on her and pulled her closer if that was even possible. Both were lost in each other and they didn't give a damn about who was looking at them. They were finally getting to taste each other after the longest time. Armaan's hands snaked up Riddhima's back playing with her bikini strings, and Riddhima came back to her senses and pushed Armaan away with all her strength before anything else had happened. Riddhima was shocked at what she had just done and it angered her even more. "You're a disgusting, hungry pig!" she spat at Armaan before leaving the beach and heading towards the hotel. Armaan just sat on the sand smirking knowing that she wanted him just as bad as he wanted her. She made everything so much easier for him.


Riddhima stood by the window panting for breath. She was mad at Armaan for kissing her, but she was more mad at herself for reciprocating and almost leading it to something else. She knew she loved Armaan but she had to control her desires. She was not a fool to forget about everything so easily. She couldn't give in, no matter how tempting it was.

Armaan got himself a spare key to Riddhima's room and turned the lock happily knowing that he was about to give Riddhima a huge shock. As soon as Armaan opened the door, Riddhima spun around in horror. "How the f*ck did you get in here?" she asked worried about his intentions. "I got a spare key sweetheart" he smirked at his evil ways. "I don't want you here so get out. And about whatever just happened outside, just forget about it. I know it's much more difficult for you to keep your hormones in control around me" Riddhima said. Armaan grabbed her and pinned her to the wall leaving her speechless at his actions. "Can you really forget about it? It wasan't just me who couldn't control their hormones. You kissed me back the same way. Actually because of you, it could have led to something else" Armaan said knowing that he was right. "It was a mistake. I was trying to get you off of me and for how long could i have kept fighting you. You're much stronger than me so what was I to do? And I decided that i should give you alittle surprise as I know you were just dying to get physical with me" Riddhima spat back arrogantly. Riddhima was a tough cookie but Armaan knew that if not his words, his touch would melt her easily. He placed his hand gently on her stomach and caressed it passionately. "Tell me that you didn't kiss me because you feel for me. Tell me that my touch is not affecting you right now. Tell me that your heart doesn't crave for me like mine does for you." Riddhima now had her eyes closed and she moaned Armaan's name lightly. "Tell me that you weren't trying to make me jealous out there because you wanted me to confess my true feelings. Armaan continued to make small patterns with his thumb on her stomach as his face inched closer to her ear. "Tell me Riddhima. Why are you quiet now? Why don't you have a witty reply for me like you always do?" He whispered in her ear challenging her to speak up. Riddhima snapped back to reality and yelled back at him to stop making her fall for him again. "I don't want to play this love game with you because I'll always lose" Riddhima said with pain in her eyes. "You won't lose this time baby. I promise i will never hurt you again. Riddhima, I have realised that you're the only girl I want. I used to search for you in every girl I made love to after we broke up. I always knew what I felt for you was more than lust, but i just couldn't muster up the courage to admit it. What happened with Audrina was nothing. I made it look like I bit her neck but trust me, I didn't. Her boyfriend would kill me if I did. I was just about to confess everything to you but by then, you had formed that big crowd and I was so angry seeing you acting all sl*tty with those guys and my temper flared. If I had any doubts about what we feel for each other, then they were all cleared after that kiss. I want you and you want me. It's as simple as that Riddhima" Armaan said feeling light after pouring his feelings out. Riddhima knew that whatever he was saying was true but she still wasan't ready to take him back yet. Maybe it was just her ego that didn't want to give in. "Either way Armaan, I can't trust you as of now. You've done alot of damage and-

Armaan knew that her ego didn't want to give in, and she was just making petty excuses now. Riddhima's feelings were now crystal clear to Armaan so now he knew what he had to do. As always, he had to take authority and just go ahead with his lewd desires. He knew she would submit herself to him at some point when she couldn't resist anymore. Before she could say anything more, Armaan captured her lips in a steamy and hungry kiss. His hands caressed her waist and then moved down to her legs that he was just longing to touch. He caressed her thighs and rubbed his finger on her inner thigh trying to convey to her how badly he needed her right now. Riddhima put her hands on the wall trying hard to stop the erratic beating of her heart. No, she wouldn't give in. She wouldn't let Armaan get his way so easily. His hands then snaked to her toned backside and he palmed it hauling her in, close enough to breathe for him. Riddhima couldn't hold back anymore. Armaan was doing some things he had never done before and it was driving her crazy. She kissed him hard and passionately while her hands snaked to his chest and abs and she caressed them. His hands moved up and gently caressed her breasts while Riddhima sunk her fingers in Armaan's hair. They stayed kissing like that for awhile until they finally broke apart in order to breathe. Armaan picked her up and dropped her on the bed.

Riddhima was fine with the kiss but no way was she going to get into bed with Armaan so soon after everything that happened. Armaan studied her face and he knew she wasan't willing to give in, but he didn't care as he knew she would follow his lead soon enough. Armaan buried his head in the nape of her neck gently biting it, making Riddhima moan and then kissing it to soothe her. Armaan kissed every inch of Riddhima's face: her eyes, her nose, her lips, her forehead, her jaw. He pulled the strings of her bikini impatiently and he let it slip off her body. He then unbuttoned her shorts and yanked them off, throwing them on the floor. Riddhima was done with playing hard to get now. She wanted every bit of Armaan and that too tonight. She yanked Armaan's shorts off, pulling him closer to her. Armaan placed wet kisses on her bosom and all the way down to her belly button. Riddhima grabbed Armaan's hair and clasped her fingers in it as Armaan dipped his head lower. He then bit her belly button hard and then kissed it. Riddhima then decided to take charge. She flipped Armaan over so that she was now on top and she bit him all over his chest leaving marks. She kissed him like it was her first time.

Armaan was now inside of Riddhima and she moaned louder and louder. Riddhima dug her nails hard in Armaan's back as he bit her earlobe, still inside of her. Armaan pulled Riddhima on top of him and she kissed him with so much passion and heat that it sent a shiver down his spine. Armaan came out of Riddhima and inched closer to her ear. "Any doubts anymore Ms.Ego? Or do I need to prove my love alittle more to you because I don't really mind" Armaan whispered seductively in her ear. Riddhima panted for breath and whispered huskily against his lips "you're crazy." Armaan smiled and then whispered back "im crazy for you Riddhima Gupta". With that he kissed her so passionately that it made Riddhima gasp so quietly that it was barely audible.

Riddhima awoke next morning to see Armaan sleeping peacefully with his head buried in her chest. She smiled thinking about the crazy first day and not to forget night, she spent in Cali already. Armaan awoke and kissed her softly. "Wow last night was even better than I imagined" Armaan said with a wink. "Well I guess the summer heat helped in making it better" Riddhima said as she winked back.


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