Thursday, 24 October 2019

Part 1 :Betrayal (AR)


As the Sun shone through the window, she turned to the other, only to find more light there.  Suddenly, the alarm rang, waking her up.  She sat up, and dismissed the alarm, and jerked her eyes open, but quickly put her hand up in front of her eyes, as to protect those.  She again slowly opened her eyes, revealing those beautiful eyes of her.  She quickly looked at the calendar which was in front of her, which announced 'August 20, 2010'.  Her lips formed into a smile.
" Aaj toh woh aa jayega. "  she said, as her grinned grew more bigger.  She quickly got out of the bed, and ran towards the bathroom, making her soft, shiny hair fly gracefully behind her.
She quickly brushed her teeth, and had a shower.  She got out of the bathroom and walked to her walking-closet.  Changing into a dark blue strapless top, which ended at her mid-thighs, and black jeans shorts, she walked out of the closet, and went to her dresser.
She brushed her silky, black hair and applied black kohl, and a tint of lip gloss on her face.  She wore blue bangles in her right hand, and a Relic watch in the other, with a pair of blue sapphire earings.
She looked at the reflection in the mirror.  A smile appeared on her face.  She recalled those moments that she had spent with him, right before he had left.


" Armaan?  Tum jaa rahe ho? "  she said with tears in her eyes, though she tried her best not to let that show.
" Haan Riddhima. " he said without looking at her, and was still packing his bags.
" Jaana zaroori hain kya? " she said in cracking voice, which grabbed his attention, and he turned towards her, and saw those precious tears in her eyes.
" Agar jaana zaroori nahi hota toh main kabhi nahi jaata.  Lekin I promise, main roz tumhein phone karunga, aur jaldi aa jaunga. "  he said while cupping her face.  Finally the tears rolled down and he kissed them away, letting his lips linger there for a while.
" Tumhe pata hain na, ki tumhara rona mujhe kamzor kar deta hain.  Toh phir kyun? " he said with his forehead against her.  Both were breathing heavily.
" Kya karun?  Jab bhi tum mujhse door jaane vale hote ho, toh yeh aasoon apne aap hi aa jate hain. " she said in a voice only audible to Armaan.
" Yeh aasoon mere liye bohat keemti hain Riddhima.  Please inhe mat bahaon.  Varna main ja nahi paunga. " Armaan managed to say.
" Toh mat jao. " she breathed.  She opened her eyes and looked into his.  He looked at her trembling lips and slowly captured them, with his own.  He kissed her gently, yet lovingly.  His hand went down to her waist and pulled her closer, while hers went around his neck.  He pulled the buckle that was keeping her hair into a bun, and let her hair fall down on her shoulders, while Riddhima ruffled his hair, arousing him even more.  Slowly, the gentle kiss, turned into a passionate one.  He pushed her to the wall, and kissed her passionately.  She clutched a fistful of his hair, making him moan, and he kissed her fiercely, telling her how much he wants her, and loves her.  Their tongues fought for dominance, and Armaan lifted her up by her waist and placed her on the bed, not breaking the kiss.  They kept kissing each other, when Armaan's hand moved into her shirt, and her eyes opened in shock.  Suddenly, her entire body went stiff, and she slowed down kissing him, ending to a complete stop, which didn't go unnoticed by Armaan.  He too slowed down, and eventually stopped, understanding the situation.  He slowly left her lips and placed his forehead against hers.  He cupped a side of her face.
" Not until you want it. " he said with his eyes closed and Riddhima smiled a bit.  After a lot of self-control, he left her and stood up, fixing his shirt.  He took his bag and walked out of the house.

Flashback Ends'

It had been 3 months since he'd left.  Armaan had went to Malasiya for a business trip, with Rahul.  That trip was really profitable for Mallik & Garewal Industries, as it would've made the company's reputation even more better, and would've taken the company to heights.
Mallik & Garewal Industries was owned by Armaan and Rahul Garewal, who were business partners, as well as cousin-cum-best friends.  Both had spent their childhood together, as Rahul's parents had died in a plane crash.  Rahul only had 2 people that were 'THE' most important people in his life, and they were Armaan and Muskaan.
Rahul had met Muskaan during college times, and were each others enemies, but then eventually fell in love with each other, and got married.
Muskaan and Riddhima were really good friends.  They had their own company named R & M Enterprise.  Both were interested in fashion designing, so they decided to open their own company, and now, don't be surprised if these names are taken by every girl in Mumbai.
Coming back to the present, Riddhima was standing right in front of her dresser, remembering that beautiful moment between her Armaan, before Armaan had left.  She touched her lips, feeling his essense in it, and closed her eyes.
" Bas kuch aur pal Armaan.  Aur uske baad, tum mere paas hoge. " She breathed heavily, and opened her eyes.  She walked to the kitchen, and made herself a cappuccino, as her maid, Ganga, was on a leave today.  She took it, and went to the living room, and sat down, taking a sip of her drink.  She switched the channel onto SAB TV, and watched 'Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah'.  She smiled at one of the scenes when the door bell rang.
" Iss waft kaun aa sakta hain?  Armaan ko aane mein toh abhi time hain. " She placed her coffee mug on the table, and went to answer the door.  When she opened the door, she found no one.  She looked around, but saw no one, and was about to go, when she saw a mail on the ground.  She looked on it to see who it was from, but found nothing, except for her address.  She took the letter, and went inside. She decided to open the mail, but as soon as her hand reached for it, an unknown fear crossed her heart.  She suddenly felt scared of that mail.  A few beads of sweat broke out on her forehead.  After debating a lot, she finally opened the mail, and was shocked out of her witts seeing the material in there.  Her hands started to shake, and the mail, dropped from her hands.

What was in the mail?  Who sent the mail?  Why was Riddhima shocked seeing the material in the mail?  Tune in to find out!


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