Sunday, 27 October 2019

Part 1: Summer Heat(AR mini )

"This is beautiful".

Riddhima Gupta sighed as she watched the breathtaking sight in front of her. The blazing hot California sun shone on her, blocking her view from the blissful sight in front of her. She loved the feel of the sand in her toes. The sounds of the soothing waves were music to her ears. Riddhima was finally relaxed and stress-free. She was disconnected from the outside world and it gave her a sense of relief. She was miles away from her hectic life back home in Toronto, but best of all, she was miles away from him. It had been about one month since she had last seen him yet she couldn't forget that last look he gave her before she fled from that party. It was a look of anger with a hint of pain. Wait, who was she kidding? Armaan didn't feel pain. He was a ruthless, egoisitc, self-centered bas***d who only cared for himself.

Then why? Why, considering everything that happened between them, why did she still care? Why could she still hear his voice ringing in her ears? Why could she feel his presence everywhere she went? Why did his touch still linger on her skin? Why? Riddhima shook her head vigorously. She was aware that deep down in her heart, she still felt for him. But she would never admit this to
herself. Riddhima failed to understand what was so special about this one guy that she just couldn't get him out of her system. She had been with so many guys in the past and they meant absolutely nothing to her. They were no more than guys who payed for her at restaurants and malls, guys who listened to her talk for hours, guys who she never really got intimate with. Yes, she did share a kiss or two, but nothing that really meant something to her. Guys were never meant to be taken seriously. They were just a mere pasttime and a source of entertainment for Riddhima. But Armaan Mallik was different. Her mind flashed back to him. He was the most sexiest, charming, and mesmerising guy she had ever met. Those big blueish greyish eyes that captured her heart the first time she looked into them, those adorable dimples that just made her melt, that broad and muscular body that aroused and tempted her, his perfect hair that she loved to run her fingers through. She could go on and on about his physical achievements. But then she thought back to what was under all that physical beauty. She hated his personality with a passion. He was so selfish, careless, and he had no respect for women whatsoever. Despite his horrible personality traits, she had fallen in love with him. And that was the worst of all because he was the same man who wounded her. She just couldn't understand how she can loathe him with all her strength, but still love him with the shattered bits of her heart.

But no. Riddhima Gupta was not one bit stupid or helpless to love or let alone feel for a man who never cared about her. This was her summer, far away from him. She had time to get over him and forget everything. This summer, she was going to live her life. She was going to party, relax, enjoy, and hopefully meet some new people. Riddhima took one last look at the ocean and smiled before jogging back to her hotel to get ready for her first day in Cali. Riddhima showered and got dressed into crisp white shorts and a yellow bikini top. She put on light eyeliner and mascara which was her favorite kind of makeup. Today, she was heading out to the beach for some relaxation. She smiled at her complexion in the mirror and walked out the door.


"What the hell am I doing here?" Armaan Mallik thought as he entered his hotel room. Why did he make the sudden decision of escaping for the summer? Was it because she left Toronto? No, of course not. But why California? "Oh right, maybe because there's the gorgeous beaches, partying till the wee hours, and not to mention, hot chicks" Armaan smirked at the thought of hot chicks. But then his mind abruptly raced back to the hot chick he was trying to forget about. Riddhima Gupta. That conceited, overconfident, and ignorant bitch. He hated the thought for ever having a fling with her. But he hated himself even more for allowing her to cross his mind again. He couldn't recall a day in the last month when he hadn't thought of her. But why?

Armaan Mallik had every girl whipped and crazy about him. He didn't think about girls, girls thought about him. He had been with so many girls that were nothing but a one night stand for him. He wouldn't even tolerate them for more than one night. They were girls who would feed his ego by constantly telling him how gorgeous and perfect he was, there were girls who were serious about him and wanted commitments. He shuddered at the thought of commitment. And then there were girls who just wanted what he wanted. Just one night with him for the sake of pleasure. Armaan had a different girl with him in bed almost every night and he never gave those girls a second thought after sunrise. Girls were just fun for him. They are nothing but trouble when taken too seriously. He didn't find joy in breaking those girls' hearts but he always got what he wanted and that was pleasure. He loved winning this love game. But playing the love game with Riddhima Gupta was different. His mind flashed back to her. Gosh, she really was one hell of a chick. She was the sexiest, wildest, and most outgoing chick he had ever met. She had those beady emerald green eyes that were simply breathtaking, rosy pink lips that he longed to kiss once again, that silky smooth ivory skin that he loved to touch, and those legs... He gulped. No, he wouldn't go there again. But then his mind flashed back to her personality that made his blood boil. She was so controlling, careless, and bratty. And she didn't give a damn about him. It's true that for some strange reason, he had been thinking about her too much lately, but that could just mean that he lusted her just like every other chick. He was certain there was nothing more to it, and he wouldn't even let there be. He loathed her, but he also lusted her so bad that it clouded his hatred completely.

Either way, this was Armaan Mallik's summer and he wasan't going to let his thoughts about her invade it. This summer, he was going to party and spend time with California chicks. Armaan took one last look at the ocean through his window, and headed for the shower. Armaan showered and threw on some shorts and rushed out the door. Today, he was off to the beach, which he knew would be his favorite place for the summer.


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