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Part 10 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

He waited for few more minutes to see her face grow pale hearing his words.. The next thing he knew was she started to cough bad holding her chest.. Worriedly he quickly snatched the glass of water passing to her..
Armaan : Whats wrong ?
She shook her head as tears formed in her eyes.. Drinking it fully she rubbed her chest speaking in a horse voice..
Shilpa : My chest is paining.. It always happens when i vomit..
He set helpless for a minute knowing she was in deep pain.. Regret wash through him as he persuaded her to come for the party not even once thinking about her condition..
Armaan : Let me help you..

She glanced at him as he moved forward taking her into a another hug.. Tempted to push him away she moved her hand forward but abruptly stopped as he started to rub her back soothing her.. It felt good.. She closed her eyes for a minute forgetting about the tension between them.. Letting all the problems fade away for the moment.. Being held in such a embrace warmed her heart as she slowly gripped his waist.. She didint knew when and how but she started to cry feeling tired and miserable.. He stayed quiet against his will to comfort her more.. Yearning to tell he was there for her.. It surprised him as he thought how easily had the words formed in his mind.. Suddenly why was he feeling so sure about them.. Was it really her or the suddenly news of baby coming to the world.. He couldnt decide.. She moved her hands to his shoulders and buried her head on his chest speaking in muffled cries..
Shilpa : I am not hugging you Cauxe i am ready to marry you.. It just feel good to be held like this..
Something tugged in his heart hearing her words.. Disappointment washed through him as he realized she had just denied marrying him.. He knew it wasnt going to be easy to convince her.. He knew it in heart..
Armaan : I can try my best to correct things between us.. I am just thinking the best for us..
He waited for her to speak as he grew more and more nervous with every passing second.. But then he realized her breathing was deep indicating she had fallen asleep.. Probably the rough day had worn her out completely.. Slowly he lay her back on the bed and moved back the strands covering her face while staring down at her sleeping form with sadness in his eyes.. He slowly caressed her cheeks and spoke in a mere whisper filled with desperation..
Armaan : Plz for once let me do the best for Us..

Anjali gaped at Shilpa who kept staring down at her breakfast silently..
Anjali : You are Pregnant.. !! And you are Telling Me now.. ??
Shilpa : Anjie you were out of town so i didint..
Anjali : Do even say the word disturb.. You should have atleast called me and told me the news.. Omg now what are we going to do..
She set silently when Anjali started to curse hitting the table..
Anjali : This is happening all because of that selfish jerk.. He have ruined your whole life.. And pathetic man have no guts to come forward.. Did u tell him about Pregnancy.. ?
Shilpa put down her fork looking at Anjali..
Shilpa : I didint tell.. He found out himself when he saw the reports in my office desk and..
Anjali interrupted her furiously..
Anjali : That freak knows everything.. ?? Am damn sure the coward backed away avoiding you again..Whatelse should i expect from Armaan Mallik..
Shilpa looked away as the yesterday's memories cameback in her mind.. That night he had asked her to Marry him.. The very next moment when she woke up in actual she realized what a big decision it meant.. It scared her to even give a think about deciding what to reply to him.. And before he could wake she fled away from his apartment so she didint have to answer him for his proposal... As she knew No was going to slip everytime from her mouth whenever he asks her..
Shilpa : He asked me to Marry him friday night...
Anjali chocked her drink gaping at her stunned..
Anjali : HE WHAT.. !! Armaan Mallik. He actually asked you to marry him..
Shilpa : Yes..
Anjali was ready to advice her to say a Big No to him.. But then something stopped her.. It was when she actually realized a another life was growing inside Shilpa.. And surely the baby would need a father.. Trying to keep her voice calm she spoke..
Anjali : So.. What did you Reply to him.. ?
Shilpa walked up to the sink washing her plate.. A uneasiness grew as she spoke..
Shilpa : Nothing.. I didint reply to him.. And in morning i sneaked out of his house before he woke up..
Anjali : But whats your plan for ahead.. Do you think he would give up hereafter..
Shilpa looked back at Anjali with a determined face..
Shilpa : If he comeback again I will make sure i give a final rejection.. I am sure He will give up by then..
But as the words escaped from her mouth suddenly she wasnt sure of what she have said..

As the night approached Shilpa set on the chair staring outside the window.. It was pouring heavy making the outside view look spectacular.. Shilpa draped her hand on her flat belly caressing it softly.. She sighed as she realized a small life was growing inside her.. And it made her a smile whenever she thought she was going to be a mother.. Something she hadnt dream of yet.. But she knew she was going to love her baby no matter what happens in the future..
Her thoughts were interrupted as a loud knock came on the door.. She frowned as she glanced at  the clock.. Who could it be at this late night.. Her heartbeat rose as she realized it might be him.. He must have come here to confront with her.. Soon her doubts cleared out as his voice came from outside..
Armaan : Open the door Shilpa.. We need to speak
Shilpa drew back her steps not willing to open the door.. She didint want to confront with him.. Last time she led him to her apartment.. Shilpa closed her eyes as the memories of that night flashed in her mind.. Still it gave her goosebumps whenever she thought about that night.. She set in the couch gripping it tight as her heartbeat rose.. Suddenly a stop came to his knocks and no longer he was talking.. Did he leave.. ? She wondered as she leaned on the sofa closing her eyes for the moment.. But her relief was only for a moment as her eyes flew open hearing footsteps in the living room.. Next thing she knew he was leaning down at her , scrutinizing his gaze on her face.. She gasped as she stared at his drenched form she couldnt help but notice how devastatingly handsome he was looking.. Her eyes grew wide as she set up speaking in a raspy voice..
Shilpa : How did you get inside.. ??
He sighed and straightened up looking down at her calmly..
Armaan : I do have a spare key to your apartment.. Just all these days didint have a situation to use until today..
She frowned badly shaking her head..
Shilpa : You cant just barge inside my home whenever you want..
Armaan noticed her flushed face and realized she was actually feeling c0ncious of her dressing.. Unknowingly his gaze dropped down at the curvy shot black nightdress she was wearing..
Shilpa noticed his gaze on her and got up instantly with a thudding heart.. He looked away embarrassed of being caught..
Armaan : I didint mean to barge inside.. But you didint leave me any option.. And i had to talk to you..
Shilpa : There is nothing we need to talk about.. I told you already baby is mine and i can take care of myself alone.. I dont need your help..
Getting frustrated he gripped her arm and pulled her to him staring directly in her eyes.. Shilpa stared back at him trying not to be effect with his presence..
Armaan : The baby is also Mine.. You cant just decide watever you want on yourself.. EVEN I HAVE SOME RIGHT..
He calmed down as he noticed the hurt in her eyes as she struggled against him.. A guilt rose in his heart as she eyes welled up..
Shilpa : You are hurting me..
He loosened his grip slowly rubbing her arm mouthing a sorry.. But she brushed away his hand speaking in a strained voice..
Shilpa : Just leave me alone Armaan.. Go from here..
Armaan : Not until you answer my question.. Marry me Shilpa.. I am thinking the best for us..
She glanced at him with a bitter smile..
Shilpa : Why are you suddenly offering Marriage.. ? Is that becauxe you are regretting what you did with me ? Or you feel like its your baby so you have to marry me anyhow thinking of ur so called reputation..
He moved close to her and spoke softly..
Armaan : I told you I dont regret anything.. I.. I just cant i dont know why.. I dont give a damn care about any reputation.. I am just thinking about you i want to take care of you..
She shook her head not willing to believe in his words..
Shilpa : I dont know.. I am scared to trust whether you mean your words..
He tried to protest when she spoke in tears..
Shilpa : I also had dreams.. Beautiful dreams stored for myself.. I dont want to marry for the sake of a responsibility.. I always wanted to marry for love.. Someone who could love me back.. I cant live a life waiting whole life for being loved someday..
That stopped him from talking as uncertainty grew in his heart.. She was asking for something he wasnt sure about.. Love.. Could he offer love to anyone after being betrayed badly by someone who he have loved to core.. Love was something buried deep inside his heart locked and he wasnt yet ready to bring it out for anyone..
Shilpa knew she had hit the right point.. She knew it would hurt him with the mention of love but it was the easiest way of getting away from his question..
Shilpa : As i said Armaan.. We both know you dont want to love anyone else.. And i dont want to marry without Love.. I am clear with my decision so plz go back now..
With his mind full of questions and doubts he walked out of her apartment without a further word..

Anjali set in her cabin doing her work when her phone rang.. Seeing the caller she smiled..
Anjali : Goodmorning Shilpa.. How are you feeling sweety..
She sighed tiredly and spoke from the other end..
Shilpa : Just the morning sickness is bothering me.. You know right the pain rise in my chest..
Anjali : Ohh Shilpa.. Just rest for more time you dont need to go anywhere.. I will come after work and meet you for sure.. So tell me whats up..?
Shilpa : He came last night Anjie.. He was still asking the same question.. I denied him..
Anjali set quiet for a second not willing to protest with her.. In heart she wished Shilpa would have said yes..
Anjali : If he is really willing to take responsibility..
Shilpa interrupted her words instantly..
Shilpa : I cant marry him without love.. I have loved him for such a long time.. I dont think i can bear for any long to be out of love..
Anjali : I understood what you are saying Shilpa.. Dont worry we will together figure out something soon.. Just take care of yourself now..
Shilpa : I will.. Byee Anjie..
Cutting the call Anjali kept thinking about everything when a knock came in her cabin door..
Anjali : Come in..
As she looked up her eyes grew wide seeing the person infront of her.. Armaan Mallik...
Anjali : What are you doing here..
Armaan hesitated for a minute and spoke urgently..
Armaan : Can i speak to you Anjali for sometime.. I need to discuss something badly..
Anjali was ready to say no to him but then gave a thought about it.. Slowly she gave a nod and directed him to take a seat..
Anjali : Ok fine.. Tell me what you want to say..
Armaan takes a seat infront of her and speaks quickly..
Armaan : I want to Marry Shilpa.. And i need your help in it Anjali..
Anjali raised her eyebrow with a smile..
Anjali : Actually Armaan i am very much surprised to see you take responsibilty so soon.. But glad you have actually realized.. How can i help you in this..
Armaan sighed looking at her confused..
Armaan : I want to marry her.. I wished to correct many things between us.. But she doesnt want to marry me.. She says..
Anjali : She will only get married for love.. I know that..
Armaan looked away shifting in his chair..
Armaan : Love.. I am not sure.. But i know i can take good care of her.. Even the baby.. I have been always a responsible person from long time.. I have faith in myself to give a good life to her..
Anjali stared at him and shook her head..
Anjali : You know right i hate you Armaan Mallik.. You really think i am going to help you..
He smiled at her..
Armaan : I was just hoping you would.. Anjie plzz i am just thinking the best for her i promise you i am willing to do whatever i can to correct things.. I can take the best care of her.. Trust me..
Anjali shook her head sighing..
Anjali : Shilpa is going to kill me when she finds out I AM ACTUALLY Helping You.. But Armaan mallik let me clear it out for you.. If i am helping you i am also gonna think about the best for Shilpa.. And she wish to have some affection and love in life.. I just want to know are u willing give a try for that ? If yes we are on Deal
Armaan opened his mouth to bring out a excuse but stopped staring at her for a minute.. He gave a thought about it for a minute when something clicked in his mind.. Maybe this wasnt going to be that bad..
Armaan : Yes I am willing to try and do whatever i Can.. Its a Deal

Anjali to direct Armaan on proposing Shilpa.. But will it lead to a rise in jealousy
in Shilpa's heart seeing their sudden new friendship ?


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