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Part 11 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Lying on bed he stared straight up at the ceiling as he recalled the conversation he had with Anjali today.. He recalled her words which she spoke so assuredly.. she wish to have some affection and love in life.. I just want to know are u willing give a try for that ? The question kept flowing inhis mind continuously making him feel a sudden uneasiness.. Was he capable enough to give the love and affection she was seeking.. Could he again love someone the way he had loved Sara from long time.. NO The word instantly rang in his heart as he closed his eyes painfully.. He knew love was something hard for him.. But also he knew now two lives were depending on him.. One was his best friend and one was a small baby who was yet to be born.. Swallowing a lump in throat he leaned forward opening the bedside drawer to take out photo album.. A album which had memories of them together.. As he slowly started to go through pages a smile formed in his lips.. His eyes grew misty seeing the happy smile on their face as they posed for everyone pic.. A then he frowned as two
particular pics caught his eye..One in which he stood with Sara hugging her.. He recalled that day when they again had a fight regarding Sara's not finishing demands.. He knew how much foul mood he was that day.. But then he eyes drifted back to the next pic where he stood with Shilpa who was buxy putting cake icing on his nose.. He laughed as he recalled he had actually threatened Anjali to take the pic.. But it had come out perfect, they didint even knew when she took the pic.. He still remembered that day when he came to her with a bad mood she almost bribed him with chocolate cake.. Something which he couldnt deny or keep himself from smiling.. He caressed the pic as his heart spoke in desperation.. She had done so much for me.. But then suddenly why should he be backing out from his responsibility.. With a ache in heart he put away the album and closed his eyes as the words rang in his mind.. Maybe i could love...

Shilpa set in her cabin going through files when Anjali walked inside with a bright smile..
Anjali : Heyyy Goodmorning Darling...
Shilpa looked at her surprised and then smiled..
Shilpa : Goodmorning Anjie.. What are you doing here.. You have a off day right..
Anjali : Ohh yes thats why only i am here..
Shilpa : Take a seat then we can..
Anjali interrupted her urgently..
Anjali : No sweety i will come later to talk actually i am here to meet Armaan..
Shilpa put down her pen and gaped at Anjali
Shilpa : Armaan.. ? You are joking right.. I thought u cant stand him at all..
Anjali smiled at her as the words rang in her mind.. Have to tolerate for you..
Anjali : Thats true but today he wanted to have some important discussion with me.. Thats why he called me here..
Shilpa : Armaan called you here.. ??
Anjali : Ahaan yes he did.. I will come after meeting him ok.. Cya baby..
Shilpa stared at her retreating back and looked down at her file frowning.. What did Armaan have to talk with Anjali suddenly.. And Anjali agreed to meet him so easily.. ?

Armaan put down his file and smiled as Anjali walked inside his cabin..
Armaan : Goodmorning Anjie..
Anjali : Morning yourself.. So are we going to talk here or..
Armaan raised his eyebrow looking around..
Armaan : Umm whats wrong about this place.. ?
Anjali : You dumb.. What if she walks inside and hears about everything.. Lets go to the corner coffee shop and talk privately..
Armaan agreed and followed her outside when suddenly Anjali stopped infront of Shilpa's cabin..
Anjali : There is something i need to do badly..
Before he could guess what she was doing  , Anjali opened the door smiling..
Anjali : Hey Shilpa I am going to have coffee with Armaan.. Wanna join us?
Armaan gaped at her and looked back at Shilpa who stared at then in bewilderment... She gave a look at Armaan and spoke gritting her teeth..
Shilpa : No thanxs.. You can go..
Anjali smiled closing the door..
Anjali : Ok Kool..
Shilpa opened her mouth in surprised as she stared at the closed door.. Why was Anjali behaving like that.. She gasped in surprise as she realized she was feeling a ting of jealousy in her heart.. Why was she being jealous.. And jealous about what.. Shutting away her thoughts she got back to her with a foul mood..

Armaan took a seat infront of Anjali and spoke stunned..
Armaan : What was that for.. ?
Anjali took her coffee grinning at him..
Anjali : I was playing around with her.. Didint you see Jealousy..
Armaan looked away sipping his coffee..
Armaan : I dont think Jealousy is a good idea.. I dont wish to see her upset anymore..
Anjali : Its not my plan either.. My Plan is helping you to Propose her in the way she want Armaan Mallik..
Armaan glanced at Anjali confused.. He knew Shilpa from long time back.. What was that hidden from him that he didint knew..
Anjali put down her coffee and looked at him sadly..
Anjali : She might have been your best friend for a long time.. But she is also a girl.. A girl who have dreams just like everyone.. She wants everything to be perfect for her too.. Do you think its selfish of her ?
Armaan : No.. I am surprised why i didint knew about it..
Anjali : There are many things she keeps hidden from you and me Armaan.. And those are things which eat her up every single day.. She smiles but we dont know what keeps running in her mind..
Armaan started to grow uneasy as he heard Anjali confess about Shilpa.. The things which she was hiding from him.. As the tension grew in the talk Anjali thought of changing her talk..
Anjali : So forget this talks.. Now tell me whats the plan..
Armaan : You tell me whats the plan..
Anjali rolled her eyes gritting her teeth..
Anjali : Typical Armaan Mallik.. Ok first plan.. You have to become caring towards her..
Armaan : I am always caring towards her..
Anjali : Caring my foot.. All these years i have noticed you only care when you realize.. Otherwise you dont give once a damn about her.. Like a typical men you dont even know when you are ignoring her..
Armaan tried to protest but decided to stay silent as her words started to make sense to him..
Anjali : Take care of everything about her.. Try to make her happy.. Try to show her you are there for her everytime.. Believe me every girl loves when such caring gesture comes from someone she love..
A chill ran down his body as her words rang in his mind.. Someone She love.. Ofcourse it was a truth he couldnt deny.. Something he had to keep in mind.. He glanced at Anjali with a smile..
Armaan : You are such a great help Anjie.. Thank you..
Anjali rolled her eyes getting up from her seat..
Anjali : Am just doing the best for my best friend.. She havent realized it but i know this is the best thing for her and the baby..

Shilpa got up from her seat suddenly feeling hungry.. She regretted for skipping out her breakfast.. She had to keep in mind now a baby was growing in her.. She couldnt become irresponsible towards food now..
Armaan walked inside the office rubbing his neck lost in his thoughts.. Suddenly he grew still as he heard a whimpering noise.. As if someone was in pain.. Realization struck through him that the noise was coming from Shilpa's cabin.. He quickly moved with a thudding heart.. God plz keep her safe..
He opened the door and noticed her sitting near the corner crying silently.. She held her leg taking off her shoes , as it was bleeding lightly.. He moved beside her and set infront of her worried..
Armaan : What happened..
She glanced at him clearing her tears.. Her lips trembled as she spoke..
Shilpa : I was feeling hungry.. So i thought i will go and have something from canteen.. I was about to move when my feet collided with the side of table and it got hurt..
His gaze shifted to her stomach instantly..
Armaan : Are you hurt any other place.. Baby..
She shook her head looking away from him..
Shilpa : No.. Its just my leg..
Before she could speak further he lifted her in arms and settled her on sofa.. He took out his handkerchief and slowly draped it around on her wounded leg.. Shilpa tried to protest softly..
Shilpa : Its ok.. I can manage..
He got up instantly and glanced at his watch..
Armaan : Can you wait for 1o minutes.. I will wrap up my work and get my keys..
Shilpa : But..
Armaan : You are hungry right.. And yes stop eating canteen food hereafter.. Let me take you home and fix up something for you.. Will you mind going to my place..
Shilpa : Yes i will.. Plz you dont need to bother..
Armaan : But you are hungry.. Very much.. You cant skip food everytime..
She set silent knowing he was telling true.. She gripped her stomach as she started to feel more hungry but still her mind kept protesting...
He leaned down to her and slowly cupped her cheeks caressing it..
Armaan : Atleast trust me on this please..
She stared at him as her mind filled with thoughts.. Just for once..For only last time..
Shilpa : Fine i will go..

Precap :

She stared down at him as he slowly put the bandage on her foot...
Shilpa : I am still not saying a yes to you.. You know that right..
He smiled and glanced up at her warmly..
Armaan : I know that.. But atleast you have started to like me again..


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