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Part 12 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

They walked inside the apartment in silence.. The same tensed awkwardness hanging between them.. He stood still for a minute looking at his own place.. Wasnt this the same place where they had shared such beautiful memories together.. Where they had laughed together and had precious moments.. Suddenly everything was gone and awkwardness was hanging around the place with her presence.. He noted that fact in frustration.. She stood behind him looking at him uncertainly , she knew the very same thoughts were running in his mind like hers.. She moved inside the apartment murmuring softly.. " Things change so soon right.. ? "
He glanced at her and gave a curt nod while pulling off his coat.. " Things change.. People change.. "
She shot him a look when he spoke hurriedly justifying his words.. " I didint mean by you.. You have even changed a bit.. Still the same.."

But you have changed a lot... The thoughts rang in her mind as she walked inside the kitchen.. He smiled as he noticed Shilpa back to her normal behavior of wandering around his house as she want.. He slowly followed her and stood leaning in the doorway of kitchen while she drank water..
Shilpa turned around and gasped in surprise to see him " I.. I was just drinking water.. "
She noticed something change in his eyes as he glanced away speaking in a quiet voice.. " You can do watever you want here.. And water.. Just make sure you dont drink too much that your hunger goes.."
She gave a silent nod and move forward , when again the pain shot in her wound.. She winced in pain and gripped her foot when he came forward worriedly.. " Is it hurting again.. Cant you watch while walking around.. "
Her heart clenched as she heard the worry in his voice.. Something which soothed her lonely heart.. He lifted her from waist to the counter and moved to one of cupboard taking out the first aid kid..
Slowly he took off the handkerchief and started to clean the wound.. She winced in between, whenever she made a noise he glanced up at her with such a worry that everytime she had to loose away from his gaze..
As he kept doing his work she couldnt help but think the sudden change in him.. Why was he giving so much attention to her.. Suddenly his caring nature was melting down her heart for him.. But she didint want that to happen.. Maybe she would have a more better future on herself , without him around.. Maybe.. Why was she suddenly not much sure about her own decision.. Was her mind changing about the whole marriage thing.. She stared down at him as he slowly put the bandage on her foot.. "I am still not saying a yes to you.. You know that right.. " From her voice he knew she was feeling nervous.. He smiled and glanced up at her warmly.. " I know that.. But atleast you have started to like me again.. "
Shilpa couldnt help but a soft smile formed on her lips shining her eyes.. He stared at her for a minute to see something he had been missing from days.. Her smile.. " How can you tell that i have started to like you again.. "
Giving a nod he got up and put down the first aid kid , with a smile he looked at her " Cauxe atleast now you have stopped saying Go away Armaan "
They laughed together as he mimicked her own words.. Laughing she glanced at him when he looked at her at the same time and their eyes locked together warmly.. His smile faded as he glanced down on her lips.. Not again kiss.. She trembled and looked away and knew if it would start from kiss it would lead to another mistake.. Again the awkwardness filled between them which Armaan broke changing the topic.. " Why dont you go and get fresh.. I will make some breakfast now.. "
She gave a nod and slid down walking away.. But as a thought crossed her mind she cameback hesitantly.." Armaan.. "
Armaan glanced at her while taking a frying pan.. " What you need.. ? "
She spoke softly glancing down at her clothes.. " I am feeling very uncomfortable in them.. "
He tried to speak when she interrupted him again.. " Armaan can you just drop me back home.. "
He moved towards her and gripped her arm walking to his room.. She tried to speak when he spoke sarcastically.. " Ya right change back there and get into your sleep.. You can change into some comfortable here i have some old ones.. "
Together they stared at the old clothes of him in the closet.. He rubbed his chin and shrug his shoulders... " Just take any of them which is comfortable for you.. Uhh i will go and fix some sandwhiches now.. "

After pouring the juice in the glass he glanced at his watch and frowned.. She had been inside for more than 15 minutes.. What was taking her so long.. Keeping aside the meal he walked to his room and opened the door looking for her.. He cursed as he noticed her slowly drifting back to sleep while lying on the bed.. But more than that he groaned as he noticed she was wearing one of his old shirt.. Just the shirt... Quietly sitting beside her he nudged her from sleep.. " Shilpa.. Get up i told you dont sleep.."
She whimpered in sleep opening one eye.. " Umm hmm "
He shook his head and with one swift he pulled her up into sitting position.. She opened her eyes groggily but instantly leaned on him closing her eyes.. He grew still as he felt her soft body against his.. Suddenly all the unknown feelings rising back in heart.. This is ridiculous..He said out loud in mind suddenly feeling uneasy with the new emotions rising in him.. Unwillingly he pushed her back and nudged her a little more.. " Get up and Eat Shilpa "
She opened her eyes wide hearing his loud voice.. She rubbed her eyes and yawned.. " I am tired.. I feel sleepy plz later.. "
He shook his head as she dropped back on the bed closing her eyes.. He leaned down on her and whispered softly.. " Get up and eat now "
She moaned trying to turn away but he held her arms.. " Let me just... Sleep.."
He stared for a moment when the words blurted out from his mouth.. " Get up or i will kiss you right now.."
She opened her eyes slowly.. He waited expecting her to push him away moving out of her sleepy mood.. But instead her eyes grew dark as she spoke in a mere whisper... " Then kiss me... "
He took a sharp intake of breath as he eyes locked with her eyes.. In the next instant his lips were on hers kissing her gently.. He just prayed.. Prayed in heart that she would comeback into her senses before he would loose his own.. Soon it was answered as she gasped on him and pushed him back sitting up on the bed stunned.. " What are you doing... "
He instantly got up from bed avoiding to make any eye contact.. " I fixed something to eat.. Come and eat.."

Anjali took a seat in his sofa.. " Thats a good progress.. So where is Shilpa now.. "
Armaan glanced at his room sighing.. " She is sleeping.. I cant believe i ran around her for an hour , she is so stubborn.. "
Anjali raised her eyebrow at him.. " Well Armaan.. Shilpa is born stubborn.. She is going to be more demanding in coming time.. Are you sure you can handle it.. "
A soft smile came on his lips.. " I enjoyed it today.. I am sure i can cope up with her stubbornness.. " Not to forget the kiss.. He thought as he remembered what happened sometime before..
Anjali gave a nod and spoke quietly.. " I have got to do a very serious talk with you.. But not here i fear she might come out in between of talk.. "
Armaan frowned..  " What type of talk.. ? I will come to your place today evening.. "
Anjali got up smiling fully.. "Deal anyways its a off day for me i shall see u back then.. And yes plz drop Shilpa back home when you come on evening i need to meet her at night.. "
Armaan gave a nod smiling.. " That i will do.. byee Anjie.. "
He hug a light hug and opened the door for her to leave.. As he turned around he grew still when he saw Shilpa standing near the sofa narrowing her eyes at him.. " Why did Anjali come here.. ? "
He let out a breath of relief feeling glad that she didint hear anything.. But soon he felt loss of words as he started to feel distracted due to her dressing.. " Uhh what.. ? "
Shilpa shook her head and turned around to leave.." Forget it.. Maybe its your personal matter.. "
He gripped her arm and turned her back to him.. " Anjie right.. She just came to do some business talk with me.. "
Shilpa raised her eyebrow doubtfully.. " Business talk. ?? "
Armaan gave a innocent nod.. " Ofcourse.. Uhh we are thinking of dealing a new project together.. She is a fashion design remember.. I need her suggestion in some new project.. "
Shilpa studied him for  a bit and gave a nod turning around.. Why was she anyways question him.. That also about her best friend.. Why was it bothering her so much to see them suddenly becoming good friends.. She walked to the dining table and poured a glass of water for herself.. " So you both are now in good terms.. ? As in good friends.."
He moved beside her nodding.. " Ya we are on pretty good terms now.. I am glad.. "
He smiled and glanced at her to notice a flicker of emotion pass through her eyes.. Was Anjali telling the truth.. ? Was Shilpa really starting to get Jealous.. ?
The same thought rang in her mind as she muttered under her breath.. "Stupid hormones.. "
He looked at her as she started to walk back to his room.. He tried to keep his eyes of her body , as her curves were nicely reflecting from the shirt she wore.. Once again he gave a thought about Anjali's words.. No way Shilpa cant get jealous of her own best friend... He argued in his mind.. Or maybe clearing the doubt would be the wise thing.. He quickly spoke before she walked inside the room.. " Shilpa are you staying back here , I have got to go to Anjie's place in evening.. I told her i will come to have some discussion.. "
She turned around to face him quickly.. He noticed several emotions growing in her face.. First surprise , then confused and then he gulped as she passed a look at him narrowing her eyes.. Gritting her teeth she spoke instantly walking away.. " I am getting ready.. Drop me back home plzz "
He sank into the sofa as she closed the door with a loud bang.. He ran a hand in his hair as he realized indeed Anjie was telling the truth.. Shilpa was really starting to feel jealous now.. " Ohh No "

Anjali : We need to speak about Sara..

Armaan flinched as he looked at her frowning.. " Sara.. There is nothing to talk about her.. Not anymore.. "

Anjlai shook her head with a smile.. " Ofcourse there is.. Because when i see your behavior now i have started to realize You never had feelings for Sara like the ones you have for Shilpa.. "


Love Aishy <3

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