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Part 13& 14 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

part 13 

He stopped the car infront of her house and glanced at Shilpa who set stiffly in her seat.. She kept staring straight ahead but he could clearly see the disturbed look on her face.. Why was she so upset all of a sudden.. Jealousy wasnt something he wanted her to feel.. He glanced at her and spoke softly..."I will come to your place after meeting Anjie.."
She flinched and shot him a look.. " Why.. You dont need to come "
He sighed and gazed at her with his eyes full of concern.. Why cant you understand.. " I just wanted to have a check on you when i come from her place.. "
Shilpa looked away from him and got out of the car without saying a word.. Armaan leaned to the window waiting for her to give a reply.. Why was she being so stubborn and difficult.. She glanced back at him clutching her bag.. "You dont need to come to my place.. I guess you might be getting late for your meeting now..."
There again it went.. His expression hardened as he noticed jealousy passing through her eyes.. Without a further word he got back into his seat and drove off leaving behind her stunned..

Anjali walked inside the living room passing coffee mug to Armaan.. " So tell me.. How did it go with Shilpa... "
He took a sip and glanced at her warily.. " She is turning jealous day by day.. And i dont even know why.. "
Anjali laughed hearing his words.. Its surprised Armaan as he spoke quietly.. " Arent you upset.. ? Your best friend is getting Jealous of you.. "
Anjali shook her head with a smile.. " She is just behaving normally how a girl would do.. Come on She loves u Armaan Mallik.. What do you expect then.. She will give big smile everyday whenever u speak ur sudden friendship with me.. ? Grow up man.. "
Armaan protested at once.. " But we both know we are doing this to make Shilpa realize that i am serious about this.. I still dont think Jealousy is a good idea it will hurt more.. "
Anjali set quiet for a while surprised by his words.. Was this really the Armaan Mallik whom she used to hate the most.. But now seeing the sudden care and worry towards Shilpa She couldnt help but admire him.. "Ok fine No more jealousy.. We will try our best to go according to our plan.."
He smiled giving a nod.. " Ok then now tell me what important talk you wanted to do ? "
Anjali drew a breath and spoke softly.. We need to speak about Sara..
Armaan flinched as he looked at her frowning... Sara was the last person he wanted to remember now and talk about.. He just wished and wanted to throw her memories out of his head... " Sara.. There is nothing to talk about her.. Not anymore.. "
Anjlai shook her head with a smile... Is this man for real... " Ofcourse there is.. Becauxe when i see your behavior now i have started to realize You never had feelings for Sara like the ones you have for Shilpa.. "
Armaan gaped and at her and instantly opened his mouth to protest and argue with her on that.. But suddenly everything grew blank and he couldnt make out whether he should be offended with her statement.. He glanced at her and spoke stammering.. " What.. I dont understand.. "
Anjali shook her head and spoke pressing him more.. " Ofcourse you do.. You are just trying to avoid it.. Cant you see Armaan the way you care for Shilpa i havent seen you do that to your Ex.. I am sorry i have to talk about her here , but its just to make you realize how wrong you are.. I havent seen Sara care about you the way Shilpa did.. Open your eyes and see the Reality Armaan Mallik.. There were two girls in your life.. One was using you other one was loving you.. "
He swallowed as he glanced away closing his eyes.. Why was Anjali's words sounding so sinfully truth.. Watever she was telling was suddenly making sense to him.. He shook his head running a hand through his hair frustratedly.. " I dont understand.. How.. I mean.."
Anjali placed a hand on his and spoke gently.. " Then let me help you.. Tell me did you ever sleep with Sara.. "
Armaan shot a look at her and spoke stunned " What type of question is that Anjie.. "
Anjali rolled her eyes and spoke.. " Just say in Yes or No Armaan Mallik "
Armaan sighed and shook his head.. " No.. Never.. Its just.. "
Anjali interrupted him instantly.. " I got my answer i dont want any of your stupid explanations now.. You are such a one piece Armaan Mallik.. The girl whom you claim to love , you dont touch her once but the girl with whom you claim to have friendship you slept 2 TIMES.. Now thats really incredible.. "
Armaan got up from the sofa and walked upto the window staring outside.. With a deep breath he spilled out feelings in his heart.. " Ok fine i admit it.. I never had the feeling of doing anything beyond with Sara... I donno maybe i did love her , i used to admire her until she left me.. And we both know what happened afterwards.. I just want to say i can take responsibility of her and the baby.. I wont back out.. "
Anjali got up from her seat and spoke cheerfully.. " So lets just throw away topic of ur ex.. Its now over Armaan she was ur past.. Ur present and future should be the Baby and Shilpa.. "
Armaan turned around and looked at with a sudden easiness.. He slowly spoke out loud the words.. " Shilpa and the Baby..My present and Future"

Armaan set in his car and glanced at her house for a while.. Waiting for few minutes finally he gained some courage and called Shilpa.. After several rings she picked up the call and spoke in a sleepy voice.. " Heloo "
Armaan hesitated a bit and replied.. " Shilpa.. Sorry did i wake you... "
Shilpa set up on her bed and glanced at her time to see it was past 9.. Did he spent that much time in Anjali's house.. The thought started to bother her mind although she tried to ignore.. " Yes i was just taking some rest...Why did you Call ? "
A smile formed on his lips as he leaned on his seat.. " I am just sitting in the car which is parked infront of your house.. As you said not to come inside i thought i will call and ask.. "
A small smile formed on her lips hearing his words.. " Ask what.. ? "
Armaan closed his eyes as suddenly the images of her dressed in his shirt cameback into his mind.. His eyes flew open as he cleared his throat and replied.. " Just wanted to ask.. How are you Feeling now.. "
Shilpa sighed and dropped down on the bed.. " I am fine.. Just this vomiting tires me a lot.. "
A awkwardness grew between them as they both went silent for some time.. Neither of them spoke enjoying the sound of shallow breathing which hanged between them.. But soon he broke the awkward feeling speaking in a soft voice.. " Shona.. I just wanted to tell you I care about you a lot.. "
She bit her lip as tears formed in her eyes.. " I know you do.. " Thats why i love you Soo much .. The words just hanged in her mind but she couldnt muster enough courage to say it again..
He sighed and spoke with a smile.. " I will meet you tomorrow in office.. Goodnight shona "
She smiled and whispered softly.. " Goodnight Armaan .. Bye "
Shilpa cleared the tears which had formed in her eyes before.. She had to be more strong now , For herself and for the sake of the baby.. For a while she imagined , what if she gave Armaan a chance in life.. He could be a very caring husband , a very caring father.. Wasnt it just enough for her.. But what about Love.. The argument rose in her mind as opened her eyes.. It was just a one sided love.. They both knew it , would it be easy enough to live with him knowing it.. Why should i wait my whole life waiting for him to love me.. The thoughts kept bothering her as she moved restlessly from onside to another.. But then suddenly from her heart a soft voice came.. Whatever happened he still cares for me.. That wasnt something she couldnt deny.. Maybe his care was something enough to mend her broken heart.. Something which could...
Her chain of thoughts broke as once again her phone rang.. Shilpa picked up the call thinking it was Armaan.. But as she said Hello , Padma spoke from the other end.. " Shilpa.. Baby how are you ? "
Shilpa broke into tears as she heard her mother's gentle voice.. The worry hidden in her voice.. How she wished she could go back to her mother and be with her forever.. " Mom"
Padma spoke worriedly as she realized Shilpa was crying.. " Whats wrong Shilpa.. You are crying.. ? Did something happen.. ?"
Shilpa shook her head clearing her tears.. " I am fine mom.. I was just missing you.. Thats why couldnt help but cry.."
Padma sighed and spoke lovingly.. " I miss you too my child.. Every single day.. I am still waiting for you to comeback.. "
Shilpa set for a while thinking over a it.. Suddenly she wasnt feeling much sure of her departure.. " Mom.. Just few more days left now.. Project work will be done then i will be back to you.. "
Padma beamed happily hearing it.. " Am so happy.. I have longed to see you shilpa.. it has been months now since i saw you last.. Ok now you go to sleep.. Can you do me a favor if i tell you "
Shilpa smiled laughing.. " Why are u asking.. Just say mom i will do.. "
Padma replied sadly.. " I miss Armaan too.. Can you just say a my regards to him from my side.. ? "
Her smile faded as she heard her mom mention his name.. Suddenly Shilpa started to feel guilty over hiding the truth from Padma.. She had no idea of her pregnancy.. And Shilpa couldnt gather up much courage to tell her about it.. " Okay mom as i meet him i will tell "
Padma replied silently.. " Thats better.. Tell him to call me once i want to talk to him too.. Am so happy you are coming to me Shilpa.. Goodnight my Baby.. "
Shilpa smiled and replied softly.. " Goodnight Mom Love you.. "
Placing down the phone Shilpa hugged the pillow closing her eyes.. One thought kept bothering her mind continuously.. She was going to leave this place , leave Armaan and Anjie and go to her Mom.. Was that going to be a good decision, Will it be good enough to reject Armaan's proposal..
Shilpa : Just you have only one week to change my mind Armaan.. One week..

Part 14

Shilpa took a break from her work leaning on her chair.. It was getting more and more hectic as they had one week remaining for the project to end.. Luckily the day was much better for her as she was recovering from the often morning sickness.. Anjali walked inside her cabin breaking her chain of thoughts.. " Hey GoodAfternoon Sweety "
Shilpa raised her eyebrow straightening up on seat.. " GoodAfternoon Anjali.. Are you here to do a meeting with Armaan ? "
Anjali set infront of her and passed a teasing grin.. " Why are you jealous about it.. "
Shilpa averted her gaze from her glancing back at her work.. " Why should i be jealous.. ? "
Anjali sighed and pressed Shilpa's hand.. " You better not be.. Specially from me NO WAY.. You really think i would show interest in that jerk.. "
Shilpa forced a smile on her lips as a relief washed through her.. There was no reason for her to get jealous.. Specially not from Anjali.. " Anjie.. I was just surprised seeing you and Armaan become friends suddenly.. "
Anjali gave a smile shaking her head.. " He offered me a good deal so i had to say yes.. And actually he is not much of a jerk i used to think him as .. "
This time she smiled fully and replied softly.. " Thats nice to hear from you.. So tell me.. Why you came.. "
Anjali rolled her eyes .. " To meet you ofcourse.. Armaan did tell me about this sudden jealousy thing.. I had to come and clear up with you.. You mean so much to me.. "
Shilpa got up from her seat and moved near Anjali hugging her lightly.. "Am so sorry Anjie.. Believe me i didint mean it.. I dont know what came through me and.. "
Anjali interrupted her words smoothly.. " Its just your love towards him.. I cant even think of doing anything like that to you.. I know what he means to you and how much you love him.. Will you listen to me if i give a suggestion.."
Shilpa moved back and looked at her frowning.. "Dont tell me he has convinced you to change your mind.. "
Anjali sighed again and smiled.. " Armaan Mallik is such a one piece i tell you.. Yes he have made me change my opinion towards him.. Shilpa i will just advice you to give him one Chance.. For you and for the baby.. He is dead serious about you i have seen in concern in his eyes which made me realize you are really important for him.. "
Shilpa just stared at her not able to utter a single world.. Her mind kept racing as she couldnt decide what she had to do.. Anjali hugged her one more time and spoke softly.. " Just once think about it.. Change your mind about leaving if you want a better future.. And i cant believe its me saying but yes my heart says he is going to fall in love with you very soon.. "
Shilpa turned away as her heart raced hearing her words.. With a sharp intake of breath she spoke coldly.. " Anjie plzz.. Stop saying such things.."
Anjali shrugged and replied.. " I just said what i was seeing in his behavior.. Anyways as i said do take a wise Decision Shilpa.. Byeee sweety.. "
Shilpa stood in silence as Anjali left the cabin.. Her words kept ringing in her mind continuously.. Armaan can never love me.. Her mind argued but a helpless hope was raising in her heart.. Trying to divert her mind from thoughts she took a seat and glanced through her file.. I have to get his signatures on them.. With a sigh she got up from her seat and headed out of her cabin with her file..

Armaan glanced up from his laptop as he noticed Shilpa walking inside his cabin.. A smile formed in his lips as he noticed the glow coming on her face.. Atleast now she was looking much better these days.. He closed his laptop as she took a seat infront of him passing a smile.. " I need your signatures in this papers.. "
Without a further word he took the file and signed them instantly.. Shilpa frowned protesting... " Atleast once go through the papers.. "
Armaan grinned passing the file to her.. " I wont mind if you make me sign on takeover papers of the company.. "
She stared at him in awe and cracked up laughing.. Armaan smiled seeing her laugh.. Something he had missed from days.. She mouthed a bye and got up from her seat to head back to her cabin.. His mind started to race with ideas.. Maybe this was a good time to do something she might love.. "Shilpa wait.. ! "
Shilpa turned back narrowing her eyes as he approached her quickly.. "Why what happened.. ?"
He kept staring down hesitating to ask , then getting some courage he took a deep breath and smiled.. " I was thinking.. Why not we got out on a dinner tonight.. ? "
He waited patiently as he noticed Shilpa's expression change from every second.. She stood thinking over his offer.. For once he thought she was going to deny but suddenly she gave a nod replying.. " Ok.. You can pick me up tonight at 7.. "
He stood stunned for a minute but recovered soon as she left the cabin.. Grinning to himself foolishly he went back to his desk to complete this work..

Armaan parked his car infront of her house at sharp 7 pm.. He took a deep breath and glanced down on his clothes.. Black shirt , Grey jacket and with blue fading jeans he was looking much ready for a date.. Date.. ? Last time he asked her on a date it led to a disaster of getting drunk.. He wondered what was stored for today.. Shaking his head he got out from his car and headed up to the door and rang the doorbell.. Soon his thoughts of date turning to a disaster came true as She opened the door dressed in a casual T-shirt and Capri.. Shilpa frowned at him and spoke flatly.. " I vomited two times.. I think if i go out in a restaurant it will lead to a disaster.. "
His heart sank in disappointment but he tried to hide it from his eyes.. Forcing a smile he spoke softly.. " Ok then.. We should delay it for later than.. You can rest.. "
Why always me..Armaan wondered in frustration.. He was loosing his chance to make up her mind with every passing day.. As he turned to leave he heard her soft voice behind him.. " Armaan wait.. "
He turned back to her and saw a soft smile on her lips as she spoke... " I made spaghetti just now.. I was thinking maybe we can have dinner in home.. "
She kept staring at him hopefully as he smiled and walked inside the house closing the house.. A sudden blush formed on her cheeks as she turned around walking back to the kitchen.. As he walked inside he noticed she was out from shower fresh.. Wet strands of her hair kept clinging on her cheeks making her look beautiful.. He looked away as suddenly his hands itched to reach up and tuck them away.. Shilpa broke of the awkwardness between them.. " I thought maybe it would be less embarrassment if vomit in home.. "
He laughed as he took a seat in dining table.. " I wont mind seeing you vomit.. Am glad u invited me.. "
Shilpa just gave a nod and brought the dinner to the table sitting beside him.. He smelled the aroma of the food and sighed.. " That smells delicious.. Am sure taste will be the same.. "
They had the dinner silently just exchanging few words.. As the dinner got over Armaan insisted to clean up the dishes.. After finishing his work in kitchen , he walked inside the living room taking off his jacket. He placed it on sofa to see Shilpa who stood near the window seeing the rain.. He moved close to her and spoke softly " Its raining again.. "
Shilpa gasped and glanced back passing a smile.. " Yea.. its lovely.. "
They stood staring at the rain silently for a long time.. Armaan moved back and turned her around making her face him.. " Lets have a dance.. "
Shilpa glanced down at his extended hand and looked away blushing.. " But there is no music.. "
He chuckled and pulled her in his arms slowly moving in a silent beat.. Placing her hands on his chest he slowly whispered in her ear.. " Listen to the rain.. Its forming a beautiful rhythm.. "
She sighed and placed her hand on his chest slowly moving along with him.. He brushed a light kiss on her head and closed her eyes enjoying the peace and her presence.. It felt good.. As the feelings started rise back in his heart he moved back and titled her face up staring down at her.. She parted her lips closing her eyes just inviting him the way he craved.. With a slow groan he leaned forward and kissed her lips taking into a slow , deep and passionate kiss.. It amazed him how the passion rose between them whenever their lips touched.. He put his hands inside the soft trendrils of her hair pulling her close kissing her deeply.. She sighed and responded back to him clinging to him.. Thoughts started to race in her mind making it uneasy for her.. Shilpa broke the kiss harshly and looked at him as tears formed in her eyes.. He felt a disappointment pass through his veins as she pushed him back.. Confused he tried to move close to her when she moved back shaking her head.. " No Armaan.. No this is wrong i Cant.. "
His eyes grew desperate as he spoke quietly.. " Marry me Shilpa.. I know we can be happy together.. Dont do this to me.. "
She turned away as tears flowed from her eyes.. Her mind kept denying as her heart ached to agree with what he is saying.. " I have called and told mamma that i am going back to her this week. As our project work ends.."
His heart clenched hearing her words.. His eye grew misty as the same pain started to rise in his heart.. He pulled her back in his arms roughly as she gasped surprise with his move.. He searched deep in her eyes and spoke desperately... " Where am i going wrong.. ? What so wrong am i doing.. ? Tell me Shilpa.. "
Shilpa let out a cry and spoke in a trembling voice.. " You havent done anything which would make me stay back here.. Accept what you are giving me.. Cant you do something which makes me stop for you.. "
He stared at her silently without saying a further word.. Before she could speak again he leaned down and kissed her lightly and glanced in her eyes.. "Just give me one day.. Tomorrow will be the day i will do whatever i can to convince you.. Just the way you want.. Just one day.. "
She stared at him and whispered nodding.. " One day.. "


Shilpa smiled as she walked inside the office.. " Yes i have to say yes to him.. Yes i will "
She waited for a minute and then walked towards his cabin , which was slightly open.. She peeked inside only to get stunned with the scene infront of her..
Armaan held Anjali's hand with a smile and said the words" Will you Marry me.."
With a rise of sudden pain she walked away in tears

Love Aishy <3

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