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Part 15 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Shilpa set up on the bed panting as she woke up with a thudding heart.. Blur images of nightmare kept running in her mind as she tried to control her rising heartbeat.. Shilpa rubbed her neck and took the glass of water to wash away her thirst.. Shilpa leaned on the headboard as her thoughts ran back to the moments she shared with Armaan tonight.. The memories kept flashing in her mind , his words , the desperation in his voice as he spoke every single word from his heart.. Was she taking the right decision of leaving behind him.. A sort of new life he was ready to offer her and the baby.. Shilpa shifted restlessly as she tried to take a decision regarding it.. Soon she drifted back into sleep with his thoughts running in mind..

Armaan paced from one side to another as the nervousness kept rising in him with every passing minute.. Anjali raised her eyebrow and got up from her seat with a smug.. " Armaan Mallik stop being nervous.. She is not going to eat you seeing propose.. "
He glanced at her worriedly.. " What if she just refuse as i ask.. I cant loose this one chance i have got.. I have to be done in special manner.. "
Anjali raised her eyebrow as she spoke softly.. " Tell me onething Armaan.. How on the earth did you propose ur Ex Sara "
Armaan shrugged his shoulders and sighed.. " Nothing much i just told her i like her and want to date her.. She said a immediate yes.. "
Anjali suppressed her laugh as she spoke amused.. " Thats so lame Armaan Mallik.. You know thats not at all going to work on Shilpa.. "
Armaan passed her a miserable look gritting his teeth.. " Thats what worrying me most.. This is all i know and Shilpa is not gonna even say a word for that.. "
Anjali shook her head and stood infront of him with a smile.. " Ok just calm down.. Remember what i taught you just now.. "
Armaan made a face muttering unhappily..." But they are so damn Filmy lines.. "
Anjali rolled her eyes and spoke.. " Watever it is.. I am sure she will like if you propose her in that manner.. Just do it from your heart Armaan.. Now imagine i am Shilpa and repeat all the words again.. "
At first he opened his mouth to protest but then gave a nod agreeing with her.. Taking a deep breath he held her hand and spoke closing his eyes imagining it was Shilpa infront of him.. " I just want to tell you.. I am here to give you all happiness in this world.. I want to stay beside you with every circumstances.. Every happy and Sad moment.. I want to be with you and see the baby grow within you..  I want to have a life with you and grow old with you..You have always been my best friend who took care of me every single moment.. But Now..  i want you to be my life partner.."
Anjali's eyes grew misty as she heard him speak all those words.. " Aww Armaan.. Thats so beautiful.. And thats not what i taught you even.. Still its perfect.. "
Armaan grinned and gave a nod... " Now comes the most hard part of this.. Putting up the question.. "

Shilpa stood infront of the office as she kept thinking over the decision she had made sometime ago.. Several negative thoughts kept haunting her mind as she grew uneasy.. But then a inner voice within her came out.. No i cant change my mind now.. Just give him one chance Shilpa.. You know thats what you want.. Give you both a Chance..
Hope raised in her heart as she caressed her belly trying to feel the life growing inside her.. Maybe this was going to be the perfect decision for three of them..
Shilpa smiled as she walked inside the office.. " Yes i have to say yes to him.. Yes i will "
She waited for a minute and then walked towards his cabin , which was slightly open.. She peeked inside only to get stunned with the scene infront of her..
Armaan held Anjali's hand with a smile and said the words" I wish you would believe me.. Just give me one chance.. Give us a chance i promise to give u all happiness you Deserve.. Will you Marry me.. ?"
She stared at the stunned as unknowingly her hands gripped the door , The door opened wide with a creek noise as Armaan and Anjali stared at her with wide eyes.. She stood in shock not knowing what to say as she stood motionless..
Armaan felt his heartbeat rise as he saw the vulnerable look on her face.. He moved forward carefully speaking softly.. " Shilpa.. Its not what you think.. "
Shilpa stared at him blankly and looked back at Anjali who stood with worried look on her face.. " Shilpa you are getting it all wrong.. We were.. "
She shook her head interrupting them from talking.. With a rise of sudden pain she closed the door and walked away in tears..

Armaan knocked her apartment with a thudding heart.. He couldnt believe this was really happening with him.. He had only one chance to prove her things were going to work perfect between them.. They could live a good life together.. But suddenly everything was falling apart as he kept recalling the tears and vulnerable look on her face.. Armaan knocked the door hard calling her.. " Shilpa plzz Open the door.. Let me explain you once.. "
He sighed and gripped the door knob as the door flew open nicely.. Armaan snorted as he realized he had actually wasted 5 minutes banging a opening door.. Maybe she was too upset to lock the door.. He walked inside and closed the door making his way inside the living room.. As he reached close to the kitchen he heard Shilpa speak to someone in broken voice.. Armaan walked inside the kitchen to see Shilpa who stood near the counter gripping the phone tightly in her hand , talking to someone while crying.. His heart clenched as he saw her tears and heard the pain in her voice as she spoke..
Shilpa glanced up at Armaan who stood infront of her and put down the handle of phone putting the call on speaker.. Armaan frowned on her act but stayed quiet as he heard Padma's worried voice from the other end.. "Shilpa Tell me Baby.. Whats wrong ? Why are you so upset.. "
Shilpa sniffed and glanced down at the phone speaking in a cracked voice.. " I am fine Mom.. Today i am just upset with myself.. I just understood what a big fool i have been.. "
Armaan looked away as the pain rose in his heart hearing her words..
Padma got more worried and spoke.. " Tell me clearly what happened Shilpa.. "
Shilpa drew a deep breath and whispered.. " I am sorry Mom.. I cant come back to you Now.. "
Armaan's head shot up as he stared at her stunned.. Shilpa sighed as Padma spoke.. " What.. !! You are really worrying me now Shilpa.. "
Shilpa cleared her tears and spoke interrupting her.. " Mamma.. There is nothing to worry about.. I cant comeback to you now.. Because.. "
The words hang around them as Armaan stared at her with a thudding heart.. She held his gaze and spoke to her mom softly.. " Because someone have been asking me to marry him.. Now i am thinking of saying yes to him.. "
Armaan was too stunned to react to her words as they heard Padma gasp from the other end.. Armaan's mind started to flood with thoughts as he stared at her in shock.. He couldnt believe Shilpa was really saying everything to her mom..
Padma spoke quickly breaking the silence.. " Shilpa oh my god are you serious.. Darling do i know him.. "
He saw her smile as she glanced at him with a soft look.. " Ofcourse you know him Mamma.. Armaan Mallik has proposed me to Marry him and i think i am going to say yes to him now.. "
Armaan felt a chill run down his body as he heard Padma speak from the other end in a excited voice.. " Oh my god Baby.. Shilpa i am so Happy for you.. He is such a decent and hardworking boy.. I have always loved him dearly.. "
Shilpa stared back at him as tears formed in her eyes unwillingly.. Armaan felt his own eyes grow misty as he still couldnt believe this was happening..
With tears she spoke softly... " Even i have always loved him Mom.. You know it Well.. He has been trying to make me say yes from two weeks now.. But i kept ignoring it.. "
Padma sighed as she spoke quietly.. " Just give the boy a chance Shilpa.. Am sure he will always keep you happy.. "
Shilpa sniffed and spoke brokenly.. " Thats why i said i have been such a fool.. He had been always so caring and i kept saying no.. And today i saw him rehearsing with Anjali so he could propose me perfectly.. "
Padma giggled as she spoke quickly.. " So did he propose you now.. "
Shilpa glanced back at Armaan who stood motionless with tears formed in his eyes.. Her lips trembled as she remembered how much pain they both have been going through from long time.. As a tear fell from her eyes she replied back with a smile.. " No.. I am just waiting for him to do that so i can say a Yes to him.. "
Padma beamed happily and spoke.. " You are going to call me tonight and tell me.. If you both are marrying i am coming to Mumbai as soon as possible.. Love u Shilpa.. God bless you and Armaan.. "
Shilpa bid a bye to her Mom and cut the call placing away the phone.. She glanced at Armaan hesitantly who now stood with his back turned towards her.. She had seen him cry , she knew he was crying now too.. She walked upto him and stood infront of him to see the pain look on his face.. With a sigh she moved close to him and held his cheeks pressing herself close to him.. Armaan pulled her close holding her waist and hugged her tightly as he spoke in a trembling voice.. " You scared the hell out of me Shona.. I thought.. I thought i had just lost you.. When i saw the hurt look on your face i thought u will leave me.. "
She moved back and stared in his eyes brushing away the tears softly.. " I was just stunned.. You were doing so much hardwork to make me say yes.. I was hurt and angry with myself.. It was me who made things so difficult between us..I should have.. "
He interrupted her words placing a finger on her lips.. " I was in fault myself too.. I deserved the cold shoulder from you.. But you have been always too good for me Shona.. "
She smiled through her tears and spoke in a mere whisper.. " Armaan Mallik.. I am still waiting for the moment.. You promised me you will do something special for me.. I am still waiting for that to happen.. "
He glanced down at her beautiful face and smiled.. Slowly walking backwards he made her sit on the sofa and set infront of her in one knee holding out her hand.. Shilpa held her breath as he held her gaze deeply and spoke in his deep rich voice.. " I just want to tell you.. I am here to give you all happiness in this world.. I want to stay beside you with every circumstances.. Every happy and Sad moment.. I want to be with you and see the baby grow within you..  I want to have a life with you and grow old with you..You have always been my best friend who took care of me every single moment.. But Now..  i want you to be my life partner... "
She couldnt help but cry helplessly as she heard the promise filled words from his lips.. Shilpa gripped his hand and spoke within her tears.. " I still cant believe this is happening.. Everything feels like a dream.. Just like how i dreamed from years.. "
He gave a smile and pulled out a box opening it to her.. Shilpa gasped as she noticed a beautiful , simple silver ring in it.. He took out the ring and spoke strongly.. " This is no dream.. I am making your dream come true Shona.. Marry me Shilpa Malhotra... "
She whispered a Yes softly as he slid the ring in her finger.. She stared down at the ring as he set beside her the sofa slowly caressing her cheeks.. Shilpa glanced back at him and moved forward kissing him softly.. He kissed her back holding her close when she broke the kiss and stared right deep in his eyes.. " I love you Armaan.. "
He smiled with misty eyes and caressed her cheeks.. " I know that.. But there is one more thing i have to tell you "
Shilpa tried to speak when he kissed her one more time blocking away all thoughts from her mind.. Armaan stared down at her and spoke with a smile knowing this was the right thing to say.. " I have to tell you that..I will Love you.. "


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