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Part 16:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

One week Later :

Shilpa groaned as she glanced at the time weakly.. Slowly she set up on the bed clutching her stomach as she felt the pain increase in lower abdomen.. She tried to get up from bed when Anjali walked inside worried.. " How is the pain today.. ? "
Shilpa sank into the pillows giving up the idea of getting up.. " Still its paining a lot.. I couldnt go to office even today.. "
Anjali set beside her passing a glass of juice.. " Drink this you will feel much better.. Infact doctor says you need to take more fluids.. "
Shilpa made a face but hesitantly started to drink it quietly.. Anjali studied her face for a long time and spoke.. " I spoke to Aunty today.. She said she will be coming to mumbai by tomorrow evening.. I will make sure i go and pick her up you dont have to worry about it.. "
Shilpa gave a soft smile to her pressing her hand.. " Thank you Anjie.. You are the best.. "
Tiredly She closed her eyes leaning back on the pillows when Anjali spoke softly.. " You are missing him right.. "

Her eyes flew open as she stared at her best friend in surprise.. " It has been a week now since he left the town for the conference.. We hardly talked since then "
Anjali smiled at her touching her cheek.. " You are such a baby.. Come on he is not ignoring you.. You know well how buxy he is am sure he will call you back again.. "
Shilpa's troubled gaze met her as she spoke uneasily.. " Its just... Anjie am scared what if we are actually rushing into marriage to soon.. ? What if he is not ready for this.. "
Anjali interrupted her words gently... " Its just your insecurities pouring out Shilpa... Trust yourself with him once.. According to me this is the best step for both of you right now.. "
Shilpa stayed quiet trying to ease away the negative thoughts from her mind.. Anjali pressed her hand softly and got up from the bed.. " I have to leave back to office now.. I will call you tonight ok.. And please take care of yourself "
Shilpa bit her lip as the pain formed back again in her lower abdomen.. She adjusted herself on the bed trying to ease the pain and forced a smile on her lips.. " I will be fine Anjie.. Go to office i will take some rest for a while again.. "
As soon as Anjali left her Shilpa felt her eyes blurry as she clutched her stomach feeling the deep pain rising everytime.. She closed her eyes tightly trying to get some sleep and distract herself from the pain..

She woke up after several hours feeling much better.. Shilpa set up and glanced down at the clock to see it was past 4 pm.. She blinked in surprised wondering how come she had slept for so long and surprisingly the pain in her lower abdomen was light as she felt a sudden ease in her body.. Brushing away the thoughts from her mind she got up from the bed moving towards the cupboard to get something cozy to wear.. Scanning around finally she took out a Big T-shirt and stripped off her clothes silently.. Putting on the T-shirt she turned around and froze on the spot as her eyes grew wide seeing Armaan who stood infront of her draped in a towel , fresh out from shower.. Her breath caught as she glanced at his gorgeous face.. Armaan himself held his breath trying to make out her reaction.. He was damn sure she was going to shout but instead of it Shilpa ran upto him and hugged him tightly sighing blissfully.. " You are back..!! I was so worried Armaan.. "
He let out a sigh of relief as he slowly hugged her back totally aware of their proximity and condition.. " Yes i am back from Pune.."
It was then when she actually realized she was hugging him while he stood undressed without a cloth.. Blushing to the core she stepped back avoiding to glance down at his body which was glistening with water.. As she glanced at him carefully she noticed he was just fresh out of shower.. The wet strands of his hair was making him look incredibly sexy.. Blushing again she gave a nervous smile and tucked back a strand of her hair.. " Uhh I am so sorry .. I didint realize you were naked.. "
She cursed and turned around all red as she realized the word slipped out of her mouth just now.. Did i just say Naked .. Embarrassment washed through her as she started to play with the hem of the shirt..
On the other side Armaan grinned widely as she turned back facing him with a flushed look.. " Yaa well Literally i am naked.. But a towel is there for my help.. "
Shilpa tried to cover up her flushed look changing the topic quickly.. "What are you doing here Armaan.. Why are you not in your apartment.. "
He tried not to stare at her while she set on the bed almost showing off her legs from not so long T-shirt.. Did she had any idea what she was doing to him by wearing around such clothes.. He turned around awkwardly to his suitcase taking out his jeans.. " I came back in morning and thought i will surprise you.. When i came here Anjali was walking out of this house.. She told me you are unwell.. So i thought i will stay back for a while and called the doctor to do a check up on You..  And then as he thought i will take a shower"
Shilpa gasped hearing his words as she stared at him confused.. He took the opportunity and dressed up in jeans when she spoke quietly..  " You were here all time.. And the doctor was also here..Why didint i knew ?"
He sighed and took a seat in chair facing her.. " You were in deep sleep whole time.. Thanxs to Doctor who came and gave you injection to decrease the pain.. He says you need to drink much fluids and gain some weight.. "
Shilpa frowned badly and protested at once.. " Gain weight.. !! Stop joking Armaan.. "
Armaan rolled his eyes as he noticed her leave the room irritatedly.. He followed her back to the kitchen as she set with a glass of water.. " Yes you have to gain more weight.. If you want the baby to be healthy and well.. "
She glanced at him for a second as guilt wash through her.. " Sorry i didint mean to speak like that.. I will take care of the diet.. "
He narrowed his eyes at her and spoke confidently.. " You are always a stubborn women so i am going to take care of your diet.. We have to get married soon.. "
Her breath caught as she glanced at him stunned.. " Married soon.. Why ? "
He smiled at her and spoke gently.. " Then only i can have a proper look on whatever you do.. Have your mind changed on marrying me.. ? "
Her cheeks colored up as she gave a nervous laugh shaking her head.. "No.. Nothing like that.. I just thought you didint wash to rush up.. "
She glanced at him as he just gave a nod and stared at her deeply locking their eyes together in brief moment.. Her breath hitched as she broke the eyelock and got up to the sink changing the subject.. " How much weight do i have to put on more.. What if i just look more ugly as.. "
A halt came to her words as she felt his presence behind her , as he slowly draped his hands on her waist turning her back to face him.. He stared down at her slowly caressing her waist while she unconsciously moved her hand on his bare chest... He caressed her cheeks softly and spoke in a husky voice.. " You are beautiful.. Even if you put on some weight i think you will look much more beautiful with this glow.. "
She tried to speak but instead her lips automatically parted as his face descended down on hers kissing her in a steady pace.. Well that was the plan in his mind as he hear her moan in pleasure he started to kiss more deeply as she slowly submitted to him pressing herself closer , while clutching his hair softly.. He moved his hands on the soft tendrils of her hair slowly caressing them while kissing her.. Every single thought of carrying it smooth vanished away from his mind as the kiss grew more intimate.. Instead he felt like taking her in his arms and carrying her to the bed at the very moment.. Still gaining some control over his sudden rising feelings he broke the kiss and lingered his lips on her forehead while she buried her head on his chest sighing blissfully.. Suddenly the whole idea of marriage was turning out to be much more exiting for both of them..

She followed him out to the living room as he carried his suitcase along with him.. " I am going back to my apartment now.. Tomorrow when your mom comes here we will fix a close date for marriage.. "
Shilpa gave a nod and smiled as he gave a light kiss on her forehead and cheek.. As he turned around to leave she stopped him.. " Armaan.. "
He stood near the door as she slowly walked upto him and spoke hesitantly.. " Can u sit for a while.. I need to give you something.. "
Armaan slowly gave a nod as she took his hand taking a seat in the sofa beside him.. He waited for her to speak while she set quietly trying to form some words.. Instead of speaking she took out a small box from her pocket and opened it.. He glanced down at it in daze as he saw a simple silver ring shining in it.. He glanced up at her questioningly as she blushed and took out the ring speaking softly.. " When you left last week for the meeting i gave a thought and decided maybe i should get something for you too.. Something which can express my feelings towards you which never had changed.. Its still the same.. And you have done so much for me i just wanted to do a small thing for you by gifting you this ring.. "
He stared at her as the emotions started to rise in his heart hearing her words.. But instead he stayed quiet while she placed the ring on his finger.. He stared down at it and smiled .. " Simple and lovely just as i like.. I love it Shona.. "
She stared at him with happiness flowing in her heart.. " I just wanted to give you something that will always remind you of me.. Even if.. "
He interrupted her words by placing a finger on her lips.. " No Ifs between us Now.. And to Remember you i have to forget you which is not going to happen in any new future.. "
As a sudden awkward silence grew between them Shilpa quickly blurted out the most impossible thing from her mouth.. " I dont want a normal marriage.. "
Armaan frowned at her hearing her words.. " No Normal Marriage.. What do you mean.. ? "
She stared down at her ring wondering for a second whether she was taking the right decision.. As she understood it was the best one she spoke confidently.. " I want us to get married on court.. Nothing more just a simple one is fine for me.. "
He narrowed his eyes at her not convinced with her words.. " Court Marriage.. Is that what you really want to do.. "
She just gave a nod and stayed quiet without speaking a further word.. When she didint get any response from him Shilpa glanced up to see Armaan who got up from the sofa.. " Armaan i really didint mean to offend you.. "
He stopped near the door and glanced back at her with a smile.. " You are one hell of stubborn women Shona.. I have the perfect solution for it.. Wait for tomorrow.. "
Before she could protest he left the apartment leaving behind Shilpa confused.. She sank into the sofa as she wondered what was running in his mind right now..


Will Marriage take their Relationship on to a whole new level.. ?

She glanced at him nervously as they silently walked out of the courtroom together... Married.. She turned back to give nervously and spoke.. "Armaan now that we are on with a new relationship i think we should start fresh.. As in again just like friends.. "
A amused smile grew on his lips as he spoke carefully.. " You mean No touching , No kissing and No.. "
She quickly spoke breaking his words.. " Yes Just for a start No to them.. Specially this wedding night thing.. Dont you think ? "
His smile faded as his expression grew serious .. He didint knew why but he didint felt much happy with her decision , Armaan spoke in a deep voice.. " In that i have to say knowing past events i cant give 100 % guarantee from my side.. "
She stared at him stunned as he walked down the stairs quietly..


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