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Part 17:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

" What ! " Shilpa heard herself blurt out while staring at the judge in the court room.. She bit her lip and glanced away embarrassed while Armaan glanced at her amused..
The judge smiled at her widely and spoke strongly.. " I said Now you are both officially Married.. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Mallik.."
Mrs. Mallik.. The word rang in her mind sending chills down her spine..
Armaan smiled down at her and pressed her hand blinking his eyes assuring her.. Her gaze drifted on Padma and Anjali who stood in corner beaming happily.. Anjali was grinning while Padma had tears in her eyes smiling at her.. Shilpa smiled at them with a content heart as he took her hand in hers while walking outside..

She glanced at him nervously as they silently walked out of the courtroom together... Married.. Nervousness grew as she spoke "Armaan now that we are on with a new relationship i think we should start fresh.. As in again just like friends.. "
A amused smile grew on his lips as he spoke carefully.. " You mean No touching , No kissing and No.. "
A blush formed on his lips seeing the humor in his eyes..She quickly spoke breaking his words.. " Yes Just for a start No to them.. Specially this wedding night thing.. Dont you think ? "
His smile faded as his expression grew serious .. He didint knew why but he didint felt much happy with her decision , Armaan spoke in a deep voice.. " In that i have to say knowing past events i cant give 100 % guarantee from my side.. "
Now what does that mean.. ? Shilpa wondered as She stared at him stunned while he walked down the stairs quietly..

Shilpa narrowed her eyes at Armaan who hid his laugh while smiling at the people who were present at the small party.. Their office colleagues , friends most important people were present there to congratulate them.. Shilpa glanced at him and spoke softly.. " So this was what you were planning.. "
He leaned towards her and whispered.. " You were bothered about having a normal marriage with me.. So i thought atleast a party will fade out the awkwardness between us.. "
She cringed inwardly hearing his words.. " I thought maybe contract marriage will be good for us.. We are just.. "
He cut back her words with seriousness filled in his voice.. " We are not strangers Shilpa.. "
She stared at him seeing the emotions filled in his eyes.. Was things changing between them.. Surprise filled through her as she realized Armaan was trying to make everything work between them , just like normal husband and wife..
Everyone gathered around congratulating them for the marriage.. Padma smiled at her daughter who was laughing along with her friends.. Her eyes filled up seeing the happiness in her eyes, a real smile on her lips.. Indeed her daughter was happy heading to a beautiful future..
Padma cleared her tears as Shilpa set near her smiling.. " Mom are you fine.. Why are you sitting here alone.. ? "
Padma kissed her cheeks and stared at her lovingly.. " Am totally fine Shilpa.. Just cant believe am seeing you so happy.. "
Shilpa just smiled as Padma held her hand spoke worriedly.. "Shilpa you are happy right.. ? "
Shilpa pressed her hand tenderly.. " Mamma ofcourse i am happy.. You dont have to be worried.. "
She ran a hand on her cheeks.. " I can see that.. And i am sure Armaan will take good care of you Shilpa.. "
" Talking about me.. ? " Armaan joined them with a smile as Anjali joined behind him.. " Dream on Armaan.. Always trying to be the saint.. "
Armaan rolled his eyes and shot a look at Anjali.. " So what.. I know i am already favorite of Padma Mom.. Why are you so jealous "
Anjali frowned at him.. " Me and Jealous.. You just dream on.. "
Padma got up from her seat with a sigh.. " Now you both stop bickering.. And Armaan take your new bride have fun in the party.. "
His eyes drifted down on her, Shilpa blushed and instantly got up coming up with an excuse.. " I will comeback in a while.. "

The party had ended, and now they both were left in his apartment alone.. Shilpa changed back into a nighty and came out of her room searching for him.. She walked inside the kitchen to see Armaan who stood near the counter whistling , while keeping himself buxy on washing the dishes..
" I was about to clean them Armaan.. " Shilpa protested while trying to push him away from the sink.. But he stood firm and smiled at her tenderly.. " Let me finish up this walks.. Anyways i thought you will be tired so thought will do the chores myself.. "
Exhaustion was the last thing she felt right now.. Instead nervousness kept growing inside her with the realization that it was their first night.. Wedding night.. He noticed her staring at him and dried his hands after finishing up the dishes.. Clearing his throat he glanced at hesitantly.. "Shona.. About the first night i.. "
She interrupted him abruptly while moving out of the kitchen.. " Can we avoid this topic please.. We can behave normally cant we.. ? "
She glanced back at him with hopeful eyes as he followed her back into the room silently.. Why isint he answering.. She wondered with a thudding heart.. Think of a excuse.. Her heart raced as he closed the door behind him softly..
Running a hand on her hair she spoke faking a yawn.. " What a day.. I am so sleepy right now.. "
Uhh ohhh.. She wondered as she noticed the suspicion filled in his eyes.. He wasnt ready to buy her act was he.. Brushing off the thoughts she jumped on the bed and switched off the lights..
As she lay in dark room filled with silence she felt him shift and heard him sigh while he got into the bed beside her.. Shilpa gripped her eyes tightly trying best to avoid the warmth of his body close to hers.. Get a grip on yourself.. She taunted herself in her mind while laying there..
Several minutes passed but no sound came from her side.. Shilpa opened her eyes and let out a sigh of relief , but at once regretted as she felt him shift on the bed.. Next second he was leaning down at her speaking in amusement.. " You are not sleeping .. "
She cringed inwardly and opened her eyes gritting her teeth.. " No i am falling asleep.. Now stop disturbing me.. "
She caught a glimpse of the smile forming in his lips as he spoke huskily.. "Liar.. "
She opened her mouth to argue when he leaned down and spoke with humor filled in his voice.. " Now let me check whether you are really sleepy or not.. "
Her mind got alerted at once as he touched her waist slowly trailing his fingers upto her stomach.. Ohh yes he is going to do that.. Shilpa realized as she shouted out loud.. " NO Dont you dare Armaan.. "
Ignoring her warning he started to tickle her hard.. Shilpa gasped and started to laugh hard.. Her laughter filled in the silent room as he grinned.. " You are such a faker do you know that.. Armaan i am sleepy.."
He mimicked her line laughing while she glared at him speaking breathlessly.. " Ahhh Stop it Armaan.. Let me breath.. Ohh Stop it.. "
He stopped tiredly and dropped his head down on her neck while she panted due to nonstop laughs.. " You are such a devil Armaan "
He smiled on her neck as she gasped feeling the touch of his lips on her skin.. He sensed the sudden change in her behavior and lifted his face staring down at her.. In the moonlight her face was beautiful , filled with innocence as she stared back at him uneasily.. " Armaan.. "
He placed a finger on her lips making her go silent.. Trying to push away the awkwardness between them he spoke with his voice filled in humor.."Shilpa.. Reminding you again this is our wedding night.. "
The grin faded from his lips as he saw her eyes flicker in desire.. She licked her dry lips and stared at him passionately.. He groaned realizing probably he had said something which should have been avoided..
He tried to think of something , but she was lost in her world as she lifted her hand and slowly caressed his cheeks with her soft fingers.. Her gaze drifted down on his lips while caressing it lightly with a finger.. She is a beauty.. Did he realize it for the very first time.. No this was probably first time he was seeing her differently , something beyond friendship.. He had realized.. And then he did what he knew he could do.. He drop his head down on her neck nuzzling her skin lightly.. Just like always going along what he felt to do in heart.. He felt her go stiff under him , for a second he felt like he should withdraw and go out of the room.. He was ready to let go of her when she pushed him back and spoke in a mere whisper.. "Armaan.. Make love to me.. "

In the middle of night Shilpa slipped out of the bed and tried to get the hold of the sheets to cover up herself.. But the sheets were tangled as it was stuck under him while he slept on his stomach, with his back towards her.. She blushed seeing the half naked body of him.. Ignoring the desire she pulled on his shirt and buttoned it securely..
She walked inside the kitchen looking for some food.. To do something to distract her mind from watever happened just now.. She flushed as she realized she had asked him to make love to her.. What happened to the rules of staying away from him ? Or keeping the limits of friendship between them.. Didint she just spent her wedding night in his arms while he made passionate love to her.. She recalled every single moment making her heartbeat rise.. The way he touched every part of her body.. Running down his lips on her delicate body.. The way he held her and stared right in her eyes while making love to her, Not even once they had lost eye lock.. Instead she had stared back at him with equal desire and emotion of love while letting the embarrassment and nervousness fade away.. Weren't they becoming truly husband and wife in every means.. Something she had feared from the start.. But her heart was letting it happen.. He was letting it happen.. So why should she let her insecurities become a barrier between them.. That wasnt a good idea..
Everything happens for a good.. She smiled as she mumbled to herself reassuring her heart..
" What are you doing here.. " Shilpa glanced up as she heard his voice.. He stood dressed in his jeans while staring at her with a amused look..
Her eyes drifted back to his body noticing several lipstick marks on his chest.. Did she really do that.. Shilpa looked away blushing while he walked inside looking around the food.. " Anything good to eat.. "
" Just the leftovers " She mumbled softly as he stood beside her.. She glanced back at him as she noticed him staring down at his shirt.. She tried to form excuses when he spoke lightly.. " You need to stop wearing shirts like this.. "
She frowned and looked down munching some food.. " If it offends you.. "
He interrupted her taking some food for himself.. " Not that it offends me..  It just give me .. Wrong ideas... "
She gaped at him while he ate his food coolly.. With a shy look on her face she put down the leftovers and washed her hands when he spoke gently.."Whats your plan for coming days.. "
" What plans ? " She shrugged her shoulders while drinking water.. He rubbed his neck thoughtfully.. " You said you want to go back to Kasauli.. And also giving up the job.. What have you decided. "
She stared at him for a while as the confusion rose in her mind.. Now did she really give a thought regarding this.. He understood her hesitance and gave a smile taking her hand.. " Its fine.. You can decide later on.."
She followed him silently back to the room thoughtfully.. They got on to the bed and laid in silence.. He shifted close and gave a light kiss on her cheeks.. She glanced back in his eyes suddenly knowing her decision.. " I think i will resign from job and stay in home.. I will keep myself buxy in the house chores.. "
She could see the happiness in his eyes as he spoke carefully.. " So you mean not going back to kasauli... "
Shilpa chuckled and shook her head.. " No.. Not yet.. I am going to make sure you have to bare me for a long time.. "
He grinned at her and spoke.. " Sure why not.. I would be delighted to have you.. For a long time"


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