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Part 18:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

2 Months Later :

" Huh... What were you saying... ? " Armaan glanced up from his laptop as he noticed Shilpa who stood infront of him fuming in anger. Despite of the anger she had in her eyes he couldnt help but smile. Shilpa narrowed her eyes at him and spoke muttering angrily.. "I told you why are you avoiding me.. "
He frowned.. He frowned badly hearing her words.. "Now stop talking nonsense Shona.. When did i do that.. "
She huffed angrily and walked out of the room without a word.. He got up and followed behind her confused.. " Now will you please tell me what is going on.. ?? "
Pregnancy hormones started to kick in her as she bit her lips from crying.. But Shilpa couldnt help as tears welled up in her eyes.. "How can we talk. You hardly have time for me to talk now.. "
Frustration built inside him as he tried to understand what she meant. Had he really ignored her all these days.. "Shona i told you i am having buxy projects in hand.. "
" Ya right buxy projects or hot assistant.. " She muttered under her breath pushing him aside walking back inside the room..

He shook his head and followed her inside frustratedly.. " What did you just say about my assistant.. "
She fumed at him and passed him his wallet.. "Fine i wont say a word against ur dearest assistant. You are getting late for office.. "
His eyebrow shot up as humor filled in his voice.. "Wait a minute.. Dont tell me you are getting jealous of her.. "
He stifled his laugh as she shot a look at him getting all red.. " Jealous and me.. "
His expressions grew hard as he cupped her cheeks and stared down at her.. " Yes you are and i dont want you to feel like that.. You really think i would cheat on you ? "
She frowned and protested with her eyes and he smiled at her.. "That was a joke.. I know you wont think such thing about me. You love me beyond anything.. "
She stared at him in daze.. Why dont you say it back to me.. Her heart made a silent complain as she stared at him. She knew he adored her like anything. In this past 3 months he had taken care of her just like the way she had dreamt of.. He had been a perfect husband. But what about being a perfect lover. She hated to admit that still a awkwardness accompanied them whenever they slept. Her insecurities had started to grow since he had become busy in his work hardly getting time to spend with her.. And what effected her most was the friendly assistant whom he had appointed for himself after she resigned from the job. She glanced up as he startled her a kiss. She sighed blissfully and tried to deepen the kiss as he groaned inwardly and broke the kiss with a guilty look. " I have to leave for office now.. "
Shilpa tried to hide her disappointment but the expression she had in her eyes didint go unnoticed by him.. He sighed and took a set back murmuring softly.. " I seriously dont know whats going so wrong between us.. "
Seeing her silent he gave up realizing she wasnt going to reply back to him. Giving up he turned around to leave as she spoke in a cracked voice.. "What bothers me is the fact that we cant spend much time with each other now.. I miss us "
Eventhough the last words from her mouth came as a mere whisper he heard clearly as his heart clenched.. He walked back to her and cupped her face as she broke into tears.. "I promise i will try to correct everything. Just give me sometime to tackle my problems. "
He held her close as she wiped off the tears and smiled at him feeling content. He brushed his lips softly on hers as she spoke softly.. "I have to go doctor today. To do Sonography.. "
He kissed her forehead and smiled.. " I promise i will try my best to join you there.. "

"Ms.Shilpa Mallik ? " Shilpa glanced up quickly as the nurse called out her name. She gave a nod as the nurse smiled at her.. " You are next. We will call you inside in a short while.. "
Shilpa gave a nod as the nurse left her alone with Anjali.. Anjali rolled her eyes and held her hand.. "Stop getting nervous. You are behaving as if the doctor is going to take out the baby. Its just a test.. "
Shilpa cringed inwardly and shook her head protesting.. "Am not much worried about the test. Ok i admit little scared but its something else worrying me.. "
Anjali snorted.. "Let me guess..Armaan right. Must be flirting around with new assistant.. "
Shilpa shot her a warning look.. "Thats not funny Anjie.. "
She glanced down at her waiting for him to reply back to her marriage.. Disappointment flowed through her she wondered whether he had actually forgotten it. No maybe he is really busy. The heart objected as she tried to push away all the negative thoughts from her mind.
"I seriously cant believe this Shilpa. You are actually getting jealous of that not so happening assistant.. ? " Anjali mused at her..
Shilpa gave a hesitant smile and whispered.. "I cant help. Its been 2 months we have hardly got time to spend with eachother. He doesnt even touch me now.. "
Ohh no.. Warning bells rang in her mind as she bit her tongue realizing what she had actually said just now.. Anjali suppressed her laugh seeing the flushed look on Shilpa's face.. "Oh god now Armaan Mallik is a real Dumb isint he.. Come on Shilpa he is going too much in business. If he is distracted why dont you show him what he is forgetting.. "
Shilpa frowned as Anjali smiled and started to spill out her plan. Her eyes widened as she listened to her intently. As Anjali ended her talk with a big smile Shilpa laughed nervously.. " I really dont think i can do that.. "
"Ofcourse you can and believe me it will work really well.. " Anjali gave a side hug as the nurse interrupted them. Shilpa got up and followed the nurse inside the room passing a final glance at the corridor.
"Calm down Shilpa. Its a normal test. " The doctor spoke in a soothing voice as Shilpa let out a nervous laugh while gripping Anjali's hand.. Anjali held her hand and whispered softly.. " She is right Shilpa. Calm down dont you want to see the first glimpse of your baby.. "
She badly wanted to see, but along with it she had wanted Armaan also to be with her through out the examination. The doctor started to prepare for the sonography when suddenly Anjali chuckled and let go of her hand.."Well i think its time for me to leave. "
Shilpa glanced at her confused but seeing Anjali's gaze stick to the doorway she turned around and her breath caught.. Infront of them stood Armaan who walked inside flashing his dimple.. "I hope i am not late.. "

Next Day :

The day had went pretty smooth. Shilpa was in much better mood than the previous day. But today something was suspicious in her behavior. While having morning breakfast he had caught her eying him several times. Whenever he grinned at her she blushed and looked away with a smile. Something was cooking in her mind he knew very well. But couldnt give a guess on what it was. Ending his work in the office he walked inside the house and frowned seeing the place all dark and silent. Was she home. He wondered suspiciously thinking where she might have gone. Slowly he worked inside the room the closed the door. He turned around and took a breath of relief as he saw her sitting near the window silently.. Putting away his coat he slowly walked towards her and stood behind her staring outside at the beautiful sky..
Shilpa trembled as she pulled the shawl tightly around her. She was very much aware that he was standing behind her. She felt the hot breath on her neck sending chills down her spine. Slowly she turned around with a blush on her face. He just stared at her stunned staring at her face. "I have been noticing from morning. Whats running in your mind.. ? "
She blushed further when suddenly he noticed the shawl draped around her covering up the upper body of her. What on the world was she wearing. He ran his eye and noticed she was wearing a silky nightdress. His gasped lightly and spoke.. "And why are you hiding yourself in that shawl. "
She hesitated a bit, but slowly she let it go and the shawl slipped from her body slowly down on to the floor. He just stood still as he drew a raspy breath trying to control the desire flowing through him. His eyes ran on the devilish short nightdress she had chosen to wear.. The nighty was clinging to every desirable curve of her body and the fact thats she was pregnant made her look more beautiful. He still stood stunned as he realized she had actually dared to wear something like that short with a big V neck showing off her skin more than he used to see before. He licked his dry lips as passion rose in him. She glanced up at him hesitantly with a smile. "So.. Do you like it.. "
He suddenly realized he had no words to reply back to her. He still couldnt believe she was asking him about the daring outfit with such innocence..He drew a raspy breath and turned around trying to control himself as she moved forward to face him with a frown. " Wait.. You didint like this.. "
He tried to protest at once as her face grew red as she turned embarrassed.. "That was really stupid of me. I shouldnt have. I am sorry i will just go and.. "
He pulled her roughly in his arms and kissed her passionately silencing her at once.. She gasped with the sudden touch of his lips but at once recovered kissing him back with such a longing.. As she parted her lips he drew his tongue inside her mouth teasing her. He broke off the kiss and lifted her in arms speaking in a husky voice. " You always know the perfect way of seducing me.. "

After several hours she woke up pulling the sheets close to her feeling cold. She glanced up startled as he started to rub her arms softly.. " You are awake.. ? "
He smiled as she questioned him in her sleepy voice. Tucking back the strand of her from her face he kissed her lightly. " Just woke up. Couldnt sleep. "
She blushed lightly running her hands on his chest.. "So you are staring at me. "
He glanced at her in wonder.. " No i was actually wondering what on the earth did Anjali put in your head to make you do this.. "
Shilpa laughed as he smiled.. " She was giving me advice. Saying i should try to gain your attention. "
The smile on his lips faded as he frowned badly.. " You dont have to try to gain my attention. You already have my attention "
She narrowed her eyes showing she wasnt ready to buy his words.. He sighed and spoke gently.. "Believe me. I notice you everyday. Whenever you make breakfast to me smiling. Whenever i see you stare at me in wonder. Eventhough i have a bad day when i come home and see your shining face i feel happy.. "
She smiled amused and spoke in humor.. " Such filmy lines.. "
Ignoring her remark he continued.. "And how can you say i dont notice you. Just because i spend more time in office. Do you even know what happens to me when i comeback in home and see you wearing those shirt.."
She stared at him suspiciously and frowned.. " Shirts.. ?? "
He closed his eyes and then smiled.. " Yes my old shirts. Do you even know how sexy you look in them.. "
Her eyes widened as heat rose on her cheeks.. " But you are always busy on work and hardly spend time with me.. "
He glanced at her guiltily.. "For that i am really sorry. I know i have been very much distracted from work all these days. It never occurred to me that i was ignoring you badly. And also there is one more silly confession i need to make.. "
Plzz say I love you.. The thought cross her mind but seeing the humorous look on his face she knew he had something else in his mind.. "Actually i have to confess this. All this days i had a hard time to control myself from touching you. I was just scared to hurt you as you a pregnant. "
She got surprised hearing his confession. He stared down at her sheepishly as she laughed.. "Armaan do you know you just wasted lucky two months. "
He got more annoyed seeing her laugh badly.. " What you mean. "
Shilpa flushed as she drew circles on his bare chest speaking softly.. "Well you know after third month of pregnancy you cant.. "
Realization flew through his as his eyes grew wide and he cursed under his breath.. Shilpa stifled her laugh.. " You should have spoken to me about it Armaan. "
He stared down at her and laughed along with her on his silly confession.. He was glad in his heart with the fact that the awkwardness between them was fading away truly.. But she was still disappointing in heart as she longed to hear him confess his love to her.


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