Saturday, 19 October 2019

Part 19:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

One month past :

"Whats wrong with you today ? "
" Whats wrong with me , nothing. "
"You are avoiding me Shilpa. " Armaan spoke irritatedly getting annoyed with the tension hanging around them. She had been behaving weird since the night she had seen him chatting around with Rosa , unknown with the close proximity himself she had caught Rosa hugging him which made him realize the reason behind her disturbed look. He had spent several days to make her understand she was holding a empty worry , still the tension hanged around them which was now suffocating him badly..
Armaan sighed and took her hand caressing it softly.. "How many times should i say sorry for that night. ? Cant you trust me.. ? "
Shilpa cringed inwardly seeing the worried look on his face. He cared for her , it was always visible in his eyes.. Brushing away his hand she got up from her seat cleaning up the table.. "My worry is that Rosa.. "

"She knows her limits she is just a friend Shona.. " Armaan tried to explain with a earnest expression. But she remained quiet with a hardened look on her face..
"Fine do whatever you want.. " He muttered angrily and stormed off from the kitchen with his bag..

A pain ran through her heart as Shilpa made her way back to the room slowly.. What was she doing , was she doing right ?. Every single day he would storm off from house in anger leaving behind her to cry. But could she really blame him for this.. ? Shilpa wondered in her heart uneasily. Whatever happened that night had been a big misunderstanding. He had explained and still had been trying to explain every single day. Guilt ran through her heart.. "Stupid hormones always makes me go crazy " Shilpa muttered under her breath.. Just then she felt his warm hands grip her from behind. With a gasp she turns around to see teasing blue eyes staring down at her.. "Gotcha !! "
Shilpa stared at him. The big smile on his face made her eyes misty for a second as she recalled how cruel she had acted towards him from several days. Armaan frowned and pulled her close inhaling her fragrance.."This is not done.. I came to surprise you and you start to cry seeing me.. "
Forcing a smile on her lips she cups his face speaking in a broken voice. "I am so sorry.. "
He just smiled and held her as she spilled out all her insecurities.. "I shouldnt have been so cruel towards you. I know Rosa and the hug, it was just friendly.. Still the insecurities took over me.. Armaan i cant ever blame you i know you want leave me. But still it scares me.. It scares me a lot.."
"Shhh.. Am there for you. And i realized my mistake , understood and corrected now. I will make sure i keep a good distance with other women specially infront of my pregnant jealous wife. " He completed the sentence in humor, Shilpa chuckled and hit him in arm playfully.. "Thats not funny Armaan."
She stared at him lovingly as he laughed. Shifting close to him she tiptoed whispering on his lips.. " I love you Armaan. "
For the very first time after all these days she felt him get tensed. He stilled and stared down at her with a disturbed expression. For a second hurt filled in her eyes as she wondered , was she expecting for too much. But then the smile returned on his lips as he covered up with kissing her softly.. " God. For how many days i have waited to hold you like this. But you Mrs Shilpa Mallik was busy being the hitler.. "
Shilpa blushed and looked away.. " What are you doing here.. ? Dont you have office.. ? "
He sighed and nuzzled her neck while muttering softly.. "Ahhh Nothing.. I was just tired of going to office with a bad mood everyday. Anyways when do i get the lucky moment.. ? "
She blushed even more seeing the teasing look in his eyes.. Playing with the button of his shirt she spoke softly.. "Umm Armaan. I think you need to remember i am pregnant. "
She chocked a laugh as she heard him mutter something under his breath. He passed a sheepish smile and cleared his throat. "Ok fine. So umm when do i get to cuddle with you.. ? "
Shilpa stared at him for a second and broke into wits of laughter.. "Cuddle.. Are... You Serious.. "
Armaan made a face trying to hide his smile.. "You just dont understand whatever i say. Anways i am going to office now. Bye Shona. "
Shilpa smiled and pecked him on his cheeks whispering softly. "We will cuddle.. Tonight "

Shilpa hurried back to the room hearing the ring of her phone. Sitting on the bed she picked up the call breathless... "Hello Armaan "
"You should seriously stop running around the house Shona. " Armaan frowned worriedly.. Shilpa rolled her eyes smiling.. "Am fine. Was just doing laundry.  Anyways why did u call ? To cuddle. ??"
He snorted hearing the tease in her voice.. " I want you to note down the address i am giving to you.. Get dressed and get to the place by half and hour.."
"But why.. ? " Shilpa frowned slowly noting down the address.. He just smiled and replied softly.. " I have a surprise for you.. "

"Armaan you there.. ? " Shilpa spoke softly while entering the house. As she entered she stilled seeing the beauty of the house. Well furnished and filled with colors and simplicity. Whose house was this..? She wondered as she started to look around for him. Where was he. Shilpa stopped near the steps as she heard noise of people talk. Was Armaan upstairs ? As she started to walk upstairs the noise got more close. Finally she stood infront of the room and frowned hearing a voice of someone she didint wish to see.
Taking a deep breath she opened the door to see Armaan and Rosa who set on the bed laughing. Shilpa gasped , Armaan's smile faded away as he stood up quickly.. "You early.. ! "
She glanced a look at Rosa who also stood up with a guilty look on her face. What was she guilty about. Hurt filled through her once again she spoke sarcastically.. "I see.. Maybe i shouldnt have come early.. "
Noticing the tremor in her voice he shook his head quickly as Rosa excused herself from them leaving the room quietly.. Shilpa turned back to Armaan and interrupted him before he could speak. " So why did you bring me to her house. I guess you were already having a good time with her.. "
His eyes widen , for a minute hurt filled in them as she cringed inside wondering whether she was wrong. He hardened his expressions and muttered angrily. " I seriously dont understand what type of negative thoughts are running in your mind Shilpa. For once and all just get it in your head. There is nothing going on between me and Rosa. !! "
Her lips trembled while he turned around trying to calm down his anger. Shilpa slowly set on the bed and spoke in a shaking voice. "Then why are you always with her. Its been months i hardly see your face. Whenever i see i get to see u with her. Still i dont say a word knowing she is just a secretary. But you always laugh with her , enjoy her company. What should i feel about it. Why dont you spend time with me ? "
The very last question sent chills down his body. He turned around and set infront of her as her eyes welled up. Holding her hand tightly he spoke gently.. " Firstly i accept my fault. But can i explain myself. ? I know i have overworked myself not giving much time to u and baby. But i did all this to free myself from this project. And finally today i am free from the burden of those works. Rosa was here to help me in some final task only.. "
Shilpa frowned. He just smiled and continued.. "This was the surprise i was planning to give u from months. And this is not Rosa's house. Infact this is Our House Shona. You are sitting in our bedroom.."
Her breath caught as she registered his words in her mind. She glanced around in awe as he smiled widely... "I was telling Rosa how happy you would be to see this house. "
She stared back at him and whispered.. "Armaan. Are you serious. This.. This is our house.. ? But it is so big.. "
He took her hand taking her out of the room.. She walked along with him looking around with a smile.. "Yes its Big. I had seen this place from long time. But had some issues for buying thats why couldnt do it soon. Now finally i have bought and this belongs to you and my baby.. "
Her eyes grew misty and she press a light kiss on his lips.. "No.. Its our Home.. "
He grinned happily and led her outside.. "I wanted you to see this place as i knew you would love it.. "
Her breath caught once again as she stared at the view stunned. They had stepped out in a beautiful garden. The place was done with beautiful gardening and looked peaceful.. "Armaan.. Its so beautiful.. " She spoke in a cracked voice as he hugged her lightly staring around..
She sniffed lightly as he laughed.. "You arent supposed to cry yet. Because i have something special waiting for you upstairs.. "
She walked upstairs with him with a thudding heart as he led her to the corner room. A halt came to her steps as he opened the door. She just stood still and stared around with tears and trembling lips. As he chuckled and pulled her inside she touched the walls of beautiful Nursery room. The room of their Baby.. It was done with mix of light colors. The room was filled with everything she could have dreamed of having for her child. As glanced at him in awe as he shrugged his shoulders speaking sheepishly.."I was little confused on what color to bring. So i told them to keep both Pink and Blue here.. "
Shilpa smiled at him as she felt loss of words. She didint knew what to say. Everything felt like a dream. A perfect dream which was now reality. He glanced back at her and spoke nervously. "Are you now totally filled with surprises or you can take one more.. ? "
"What. ? " She blurted out as he led her outside the room walking downstairs back to the garden.. As he took her along she realized he was much quieter than before.. What was he nervous about..
Armaan led her near the swing and smiled at her, Shilpa glanced around still confused.. "What Armaan ? "
He grinned, but soon it faded off as he glanced down and shouted in surprise.. "What the Hell !! "
She glanced down to see few big puzzle pieces scattered around.. Armaan ran a hand in his hair and spoke dissapointedly.. "I wonder which idiot ruined my work.. "
Shilpa smiled and knelt down slowly putting along the pieces together.. She glanced at Armaan for a second who stared at her nervous , but glanced away embarrassed seeing her stare.. Slowly she got back in arranging the pieces wondering what was hidden behind the puzzle. As it was completed her hands started to shake as she read aloud the words written in it.. I Love You..


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