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Part 2 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Riddhima realizes that Armaan is coming back from Malasiya, and get's really happy.  She recalls the moments spent with Armaan, before he had left for his business trip.  She gets an unknown mail, and gets shocked after seeing the material inside the mail.

After seeing the material inside the mail, Riddhima's hands started to shake and the mail dropped from her hands, down on the floor.  They were some photos.  Armaan's photos.  But they weren't JUST Armaan's photos, they also had this girl in it.  The  2 of the photos showed Armaan kissing this girl behind a pillar, and the other 2 showed Armaan with the same girl in the bed, making love with each other.
Riddhima was shocked after seeing the pictures.  She couldn't believe her eyes.  Her legs refused to support her, and she dropped on the ground.  She blankly stared at the pictures.  Tears formed in her eyes.  A lone tear fell from her eyes, bringing in a flood of tears.  She cried bitterly.  She couldn't believe that Armaan could do something like that to her.  She had loved Armaan with all her heart.  She had trusted him so much, but Armaan had just shattered her faith into uncountable number of pieces.

" Nahin.  Ai' aisa nahin ho sakta.  Ar' Armaan' aisa' nahin kar sakta.  Woh' woh mujhe' dokha' nahin de' sakta. " she said to herself, and cried even more.

After a while, her cries sub-sided, and she wiped her tears.  Right then, her phone rang.  She got up, and went to her bedroom.  She took the phone out from it's charger, and looked at the caller ID.  It flashed Muskaan's name.

" Hello. "
" Hey Ridzi.  What's up?  "
" Hey Muski.  Kuch nahin.  Bas, TV dekh rahi thi. " Riddhima replied, smiling, trying her best, not to let her voice shake, but Muskaan figured out that something was wrong.
" Ridzi?  Kya hua?  Sab theek toh hain na? "
" Haan.  Sab' sab theek hain. " Riddhima tried to make everything sound casual, but failed miserably.
" Ridzi?  Tu mujhse jhoot bol rahi hain?  Main teri dost hoon.  Aur tujhe bohat ache se jaanti hoon.  Ab chal bata.  Kya baat hain? "  As soon as Muskaan said these words, Riddhima broke down.
" RIDZI?  Kya hua?  Tu ro kyun rahi hain?  Please bata! " Muskaan started to get worried as she has never seen or heard Riddhima cry so badly.
" Muski' Ar' Armaan' " she said between her tears.
" Armaan?  Kya kiya Armaan ne? "
" Armaan ne mujhe dokha diya! "
" Ridzi, tu pagal ho gayi hain kya?  Tu jaanti hain na ki Armaan tujhse kitna pyaar karta hain?  Toh phir tu kaise keh sakti hain ki Armaan ne tujhe dokha diya? "
" Armaan ne' " And Riddhima told Muskaan everything.
" OMG!  Armaan aisa kaise kar sakta hain? " Muskaan was shocked after listening to Riddhima.
" Pata nahin Muski.  Mann toh mera bhi nahin maan raha ki Armaan mujhe dokha de sakta hain.  Lekin, unn photos ko bhi toh main jhukla nahin sakti na.  Mujhe kuch samajh mein nahi aa raha.  Dil ki sunoo, ya dimaag ki? " Riddhima sat down on the bed, and put her confusion forth.
" Dekh Ridzi.  Mujhe yeh toh nahi pata ki sach kya hain, aur jhoot kya hain.  Main sirf itna jaanti hoon ki Armaan tujhse bohat pyaar karta hain.  "
" Ab toh yeh bhi jhoot lagne laga hain Muski. "
" Ridzi, ab main phone rakti hoon.  Rahul aa gaya hain.  Main use baat karti hoon.  Armaan bhi todi der mein ghar aa jayega.  Toh tu usse baat kar le.  Ok? "
" Hmm.  Tu Rahul ka khayal rakhna.  Akhir teen mahinon ke baad aa raha hain.  Usse thodi si special treatment dena.  Ok? " Riddhima teased Muskaan, while Muskaan blushed.
" Tu bhi na Ridzi.  Kya bakwaas karti rehti hain.  Ab main phone rakh rahi hoon.  Bye, and take care. "
" Bye. " Riddhima replied with a smile, and hung up the phone.  After talking to Muskaan, she felt really good.

Muskaan had always been a great friend, and a supporter.  Whenever Riddhima needed someone to talk to, Muskaan would be the first one that comes into her mind.

" Bas, ab main aur nahi roungi.  Armaan ko mere saare sawalon ke jawab dene hi padenge.  " With that, Riddhima went to the living room, and picked up all the photographs, and literally shoved them angrily into her back pockets.  She sat down and started to wait for Armaan to come.  Suddenly, her phone rang, and she went to her room and picked it up.

" Hello. "  Suddenly, a huge smile came up on her face.
" Tum! "
" Tum kaisi ho? "
" Main bhi bilkul theek hoon.  Lekin not fair huh!  Itne dinon se tumne mujhe phone kyun nahi kiya?  Pata hain?  Mujhe tumhari kitni yaad aa rahi thi? "
" Really? "
" Congratulation!  I'm soooo happy for you! " Riddhima beemed with delight and excitement when the person on the other line said something, and her face fell.
" Armaan?  Woh bhi bilkul theek hain.  Usse kya hoga? " she said with a fake smile.
" Haan.  Sab kuch theek hain. "
" Haan baba.  Main zaroor aaungi.  Promise.  Iss baar koi bahana nahin chalega. "
" Achha, ab main phone rakhti hoon.  Bye. " And Riddhima hung up with a smile, which faltered very soon as she looked at her and Armaan's wedding picture.

They had gotten married just 3 months ago.  They had met on their college campus and fell in love.  After a year of love, they had gotten married, though they never had consummated their marriage, as Riddhima wasn't comfortable with it, and soon Armaan had to go to Malasiya for his trip.  He called every day and night as he missed her a lot.

Riddhima went to the window and stood there, feeling the morning breeze on her face, as the wind slightly flirted with her hair.

She just stood there, feeling herself being drowned into the world of peace and silence.  No trouble, no sorrow, nothing could touch her.  She was so lost in her world that she didn't realize that someone was standing behind her, admiring her.

" Riddhima " A soft, velvet voice called her, and Riddhima came out of her thoughts.  She recognized the voice and she turned around and saw Armaan.  He was wearing light jeans and a light blue button up shirt, with a few buttons open from the top.

" Armaan " Riddhima whispered, but Armaan heard it and a smile came up on his face, and he started to walk forward.  Riddhima was rooted to spot and she couldn't move.  About 2 hours ago, she was waiting impatiently for Armaan to come back, and now, now she wanted to stay away from him.  Suddenly Armaan hugged her out of no where, and she didn't move an inch.  Her fingers slowly clenched into a fist and her eyes started to tear up but she controlled herself.

" I missed you so much. " Armaan whispered, nuzzling deeper into her neck and kissed it.  Riddhima closed her eyes and tightened her fist, trying to control herself.

Though Armaan was very happy to be back to Riddhima, he still wasn't satisfied.  He felt as if something was missing.  Then it dawned to him that Riddhima wasn't hugging him back.  He opened his eyes, and then broke apart from her.   He looked at her face.  She had a straight face and her eyes conveyed absolutely no emotions, which scared him.  She wasn't reacting at all.  She looked like a statue to him.

" Riddhima? " He asked, but he got silence in return.
" Riddhima?  Kya hua? " He cupped a side of her face, but Riddhima backed away from him.  This was starting to worry him.  Riddhima wasn't saying anything to him.
" Riddhima? " Armaan said with pure seriousness in his voice.  She didn't say anything, but took out the mail from her back pocket, went forward, took his hand, and shoved the mail into his hands and went out of the room.  She ran to the kitchen and held the table in order to hold herself and started to cry.

On the other hand, Armaan didn't know what was going on.  He had thought that Riddhima would hug him and shower him with all the love in the world, but nothing happened here.  Instead, she was going away from him.  He looked at the mail in his hand.  He opened it and was shocked to the core as he went through the pictures, and once he was through, he dropped the photos.  He finally understood what was going on.  Riddhima had found out everything.  He dropped to the ground in shock.

" Isska matlab' Riddhima' Usse pata chal gaya ki' ki maine' lekin usse sach nahin pata.  Usse yeh nahin pata ki uss raat ko kya hua tha.  Mujhe usse sab batana padega.  I have to tell her the truth. "  Armaan got up and ran to find Riddhima.

" Riddhima!  RIDDHIMAAA!  Riddhi- "  Armaan finally found her in the kitchen.
" Riddhima main ' "  He went forward when Riddhima suddenly turned around and held her hand up, telling him to not come any more further.
" Bas Armaan.  Mere paas aane ki koshish bhi matt karna. "  She slowly said the words, emphasizing them.
" Riddhima please ek baar meri baat suno, main ' "
" Kya sunoo ab main Armaan?  Kya sunoo main?  Yeh, ki mere pati ne mujhe dokha diya? "  She shouted.
" Riddhima tum jaisa soch rahi ho waisa kuch bhi nahin hain. " His eyes started to water up.  Riddhima slowly shook her head in disgust, and started to go right past him, when Armaan grabbed her upper arm and pinned her to the wall.  She started to struggle and Armaan tightened his grip on her, making her flinch.

" Tumhe meri baat sunni hi hogi Riddhima. " He said in a low dangerous voice.
" Mujhe kuch nahin sunna. " She replied in the same tone.
" Riddhima' Haan, yeh baat sach hain ki I had slept with her, but I love you Riddhima.  Only you. "  He left her arm and cupped her face and held it very close.  Tears threatened to escape his eyes any moment, and he tried his best to let them stay at bay.  Riddhima removed his hands with a jerk.
" Jhooth.  Phirse jhooth.  Pyar karte ho na mujhse?  Lekin yeh photos toh kuch aur hi keh rahe hain.  You say that you love me.  But you were making love with someone else?  Ek baat batao Armaan.  Tumne mujhse shaadi kyun ki?  Kyunki tum mujhse pyaar karte ho, ya phir iss liye, kyunki tum mere saath sona chahte the? " This shocked Armaan and made him furious.  Of course he had married her because he loves her.  Not because he wanted to sleep with her!  He grabbed her by her arms again, and pulled her closer to him.

" Tumhe lagta hain ki maine tumse shaadi tumhare saath sone ke liye ki?  Agar aisa hota toh main shaadi se phele hi tumhe'   Riddhima please.  Trust me.  Maine tumhe dhoka nahin diya. "  He softened up at the end.
" Trust you?  Itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi tum yeh chahte ho ki main tum par vishwaas karoon?  I'm sorry Armaan.  Lekin ab  main tum par vishwaas nahin kar sakti.  Kabhi nahin! " Riddhima said with so much venom in her voice that Armaan loosened his grip on her arms, and Riddhima pushed him away from her, and ran away, leaving a shattered Armaan behind her.  Tears finally decided to come out of his eyes and Armaan dropped on the ground.  He held his head and cried bitterly.  He had lost his Riddhima's trust today, and there was no pain, greater than that.


On the other hand, Riddhima ran into their room, and closed the door, locking it.  She leaned against the door, her back against it, and slowly dropped to the ground.  She pulled her knees up to her chest and covered them with her hands and layed her head on it.  She cried and cried.  Suddenly, her phone rang again, and she wiped her tears, and took the phone.  It was Muskaan's call.

" Bol Muski. "
" Ridzi?  Kya hua?  Armaan aa gaya? " Muskaan asked, worried for her friend.
" Haan.  Woh aa gaya. "
" Kya kaha usne?  Kya usne' ? "
" Haan.  He has slept with her. "  Riddhima replied in a straight voice, while Muskaan closed her eyes.
" Ab?  Tune socha ki tu kya karegi? "
" Haan, maine soch liya hain ki main kya karungi. "  She replied in a determined voice.
" Kya? "
" Yeh main tujhe abhi nahin bataungi.  Chal, ab main phone rakhti hoon.  Baad mein baat karti hoon tujhse.  Bye. "
" Bye. "  And with that, Riddhima hung the phone up.  She knew very well what she had to do now.  No one could change her decision now.

What's the truth?  Who was that girl?  What happened between Armaan and that girl?  What is Riddhima going to do?  Keep reading to find out'


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