Thursday, 3 October 2019

Part 2 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Biting her lower lip she glanced at the clock impatiently walking from one side to another..Shilpa glanced at her typical black and green combo vest and shirt with a matching pencil skirt.. Nothing was helping to distract her mind from memories of last night continuously running in her mind.. His every single touch, every single moment was still fresh in her mind and it made her heart beat rise whenever she gave a thought on it.. With that Guilt rose in her heart like last night.. A guilt which was now a burden on her heart..
Shilpa glanced back expecting to see Armaan in Office but found her cabin empty.. Shaking her hear she glanced at her phone which started to ring.. Taking a seat she picked up the call massaging her head..
Shilpa : Hey mom...
Padam : Again a headache Shilpa.. ? Didint you sleep last night..
Shilpa tensed trying to cover up with a smile..
Shilpa : Mom ya .. I was just walking on some assignments..
Padma : You dont need to drown yourself too much in work.. You are taking way too advantage of your independence..

Shilpa groaned closing her eyes..
Shilpa : Mom Plzz not again lecture..
Padma : Ok Forget it where is Armaan..
Shilpa : I dont know..
Padma : What you mean you dont know.. ? Did you both fight..
Shilpa : No Mom.. Everything is fine..
Padma : You hide too many things Shilpa.. Why dont you comeback to me i miss you so much baby..
Shilpa sighed smiling at her words..
Shilpa : Mom I badly miss you too.. Anyways even i was thinking to come and meet you by taking a holiday..
Padma beamed happily..
Padma : Thats great Shilpa.. !! If So Do bring Armaan also along with you.. I miss him a lot..
Shilpa tried to protest when Padma cut the call leaving behind Shilpa helpless.. How can she explain to her mother.. She didint knew herself how much things might have changed between them.. As she woke up in morning he was gone from her apartment and still no sigh of him... And deep down in her heart the hurt rose as she realized he might be regretting everything now..

Hesitating for a minute Shilpa walked inside his cabin trying to act normal.. She took a seat infront of him passing a file..
Shilpa : I have gone through the assignment its done why not you sign it..
He looked up at her hesitantly , not able to form words..
Armaan : Ya sure i will..
Shilpa kept playing with her bracelet as the awkwardness among them grew with every passing minute.. Shilpa waited for him to speak.. Wishing he would remove the awkward feeling between them.. And ease away her nervousness.. But seeing his hesitancy she got up from her seat when he held her hand..
She looked at him surprised when he got up from his seat, taking her hand he led her to the sofa.. Shilpa set beside him and looked at his him while he kept staring down..
Armaan : Last night.. I dont even know how to say sorry to my behavior.. The way i behaved last night.. I have almost ruined the friendship between us.. I am so sorry Shona.. If i was in senses i wouldnt have ever crossed my limits..
Her heart squeezed hearing the words which she expected to hear from his mouth.. The same regret.. Trying to avoid the talk she passed a smile..
Shilpa : Forget it.. Lets not discuss about it.. Now tell me why were you so much upset that you got drunk ?
Armaan rubbed his forehead closing his eyes
Armaan : Sara and her problems.. We fought again..
Shilpa : Again.. What you mean again..
Armaan : She has been behaving weird from few days always irritated.. Always have a reason to fight with me..
Shilpa held her his hand when he passed a sad smile..
Armaan : Its Ok.. She will be fine again.. I will make up with her..
Shilpa : Thats good.. Make sure you do..
His eyes lit up as he held her hand excitedly facing her..
Armaan : I am actually planning to do something special for Sara.. Like a candle light dinner with slow dance.. What do you think..
She forced a smile on her lips nodding her head..
Shilpa : She will love it surely.. Umm I will go now i have work pending...
Shilpa got up when he held back her hand lightly pulling her towards him.. She gasped trying to steady herself while he passed his teasing grin..
Armaan : I have practiced a dance even.. Come on do a rehearsal with me...
Shilpa suppressed her laugh seeing his face..
Shilpa : Armaan.. WE are not going on Date.. Its you and Sara..
Armaan shrugged his shoulders pulling her close into a slow dance..
Armaan : Its ok.. I will do this after the date with Sara i will take you on a small date.. We will go and eat icecream..
She rolled her eyes when he started to dance taking her along with him.. Shilpa hesitantly moved her arms on his shoulder when his hands moved on her back..
It felt good to have a safe dance with him.. Slow dance in the silence it was peaceful.. But this wasn't meant for her.. She reminded herself continuously..
Armaan : Do you think she will like it.. ?
Shilpa gave a nod staring down at the floor..
Shilpa : Ofcourse..
Armaan glanced away as the memories of last night's events cameback on his mind.. Something was really strange about last night.. He realized.. It was hard for him to decide to regret or forget the awkward feeling which rose in heart..
Armaan : You are still mad at me.. ?
Shilpa : Shut up Armaan..
Armaan : Means you are still angry..?
Shilpa : No Armaan.. I am not Mad...
He shook his head making a face..
Armaan : Why do you always hide things from me.. Am telling you stay away from that Anjie she is brainwashing you..
Shilpa smiled hearing his words.. His phone rang bringing a halt to their dance..
Without looking back Shilpa left the cabin..

Shilpa packed her bag tiredly when suddenly Armaan walked inside her cabin.. He grabbed her arms and started to spin her..
Shilpa : Armaan stop it Leave me..
He steadied her and stared at her grinning.. Shilpa tried to speak when suddenly he drop into one knee infront of her stunning her to the core.. Shilpa gasped and stared at him in shock..
Armaan : I really Love you.. Will You Marry Me..
Her heartbeat rose as she stared at him outrageously... What was he saying.. Was he even in his senses..
Shilpa : Armaan.. What..
He got up and interrupted her words..
Armaan : Ohh one minute don't react so soon.. I was just practicing words..
Shilpa : Practicing.. ?
Armaan : Whatelse.. FINALLY.. !! I am going to propose Sara.. I think thats the best thing for us right now..
Her heart sank hearing his words.. As he hugged her happily she tried best not to break in tears.. Why was she feeling broken.. She knew this was going to happen... But this soon.. ?

Anjali kept working on her drawing as her phone rang..
Anjali : Yo Shilpu..
She kept down her pencil worried as she heard muffled cries from the other end..
Anjali : Shilpa.. Whats wrong baby.. Tell me.. ?
Shilpa : I am mad.. I knew thing was coming.. Still Anjie...
Anjali : Shilpa first of all stop crying and tell me clearly what happened..
Anjali sighed as Shilpa spilled out everything..
Anjali : THAT FREAK.. !! Seriously doesnt he get anyone else then you to experiment his love tactics.. ??
No answer came from her side.. Not even a protest.. At the point Anjali understood she was broken..
Anjali : Ohh Shilpa.. I know you are feeling bad.. But you knew right this was coming.. You dont have to cry on him.. Believe me...
Shilpa cleared her tears nodding.
Shilpa : I know i am overreacting..
Anjali sighed feeling sad for her..
Anjali : No Shilpa.. You are reacting how people who are in true love reacts..
Shilpa : I will brace myself Anjie.. Goodnyt i will meet you tomorrow..

Shilpa cut the call as tears again formed in her eyes.. Her heart was breaking as she found it hard to handle to reality.. She opened her eyes.. Mom.. Yes she could go back to her mother to brace herself for somedays.. It was the best option for Now.. With the thought and crying her heart out Shilpa drifted into sleep with a loneliness in heart..

She groaned as her phone rang continuously.. With a throbbing head she set up on the bed rubbing it softly.. She took the phone and spoke in a soft voice..
Shilpa : Heloo..
Her eyes grew wide hearing the talks from the other end.. She started to tremble as she gripped the phone tightly speaking in a mere whisper..
Shilpa : Armaan...

Love Aishy <3

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