Monday, 28 October 2019

Part 2: Summer Heat(AR mini )

"Did I mention that you are the hottest girl on this beach?" Armaan shamelessly flirted with a blonde chick while drinking his beer at a stand at the beach. The girl just blushed and nodded. After spending a good 15 mins chatting with her, Armaan concluded that she was way too slow and boring. He left the stand and turned around eyeing the beach. "It's on to the next Armaan Mallik" Armaan smirked as he saw the variety of girls in front of him.


"Hey, do you want to play a game of volleyball?" A chirpy blonde asked Riddhima while she was laying down and soaking the sun. "Sure." Riddhima instantly agreed as she was a pro at volleyball and she loved competition of any sort. She joined the team on the far end with one brunette and one cute spanish guy who smiled at her and observed her head to toe. Riddhima smirked knowing how good she looked today. She had already been getting lots of stares since the moment she stepped on the beach and as always, she enjoyed the attention.

Riddhima was soon so engrossed in the game that she forgot about everything around her. She had bonded well with the blonde Kristin, the brunette Audrina, and the cute spanish guy Vinny. She was feeling this surge of happiness and excitement within her. Riddhima was just grateful that she had somehow got her mind off of him. She hoped it would remain that way.


Armaan's eyes wandered around the beach hungrily. He really didn't know where to start from. There was hot chicks everywhere. "This is paradise". His eyes unknowingly fell on a girl who was playing a game of volleyball. "Wow" Armaan thought. She looked like a good candidate for tonight. Armaan thought about how he hit jackpot on the first day here and as he inched closer, he got a better view of her. She looked so..... holy shit that's Riddhima Gupta. Armaan's eyes widened in shock and his mouth dropped open. He couldn't believe the sight in front of him. She looked so.... so... irresistable. Her shiny, long jet black hair were flirting with the wind and it was flying in all different directions covering the side of her face, her eyes looked so mischievious and full of excitement, her lips were widened in a huge smile. He always knew she had gorgeous features but never had they stood out this much. His gaze willingly shifted to her figure. Her toned stomach looked great in that revealing yellow bikini top and her legs.... Gosh, her legs. They looked so tempting and smooth. Armaan had to clench his hand in a fist to hold himself back. He just stood there ogling at her as if she was the only girl on the beach. Armaan couldn't find one flaw in her. "Oh yeah, everything beyond the looks" Armaan rolled his eyes. Even after getting reminded by himself of how wretched she was, he couldn't tear his gaze away from her.


Riddhima felt a pair of intense, and hungry eyes on her and it caused her to look away from the game and onto the beach. Her eyes searched and then fell on the last person she wanted to see. Her eyes widened with horror and she felt as if she couldn't breathe. A shiver went down her spine as she met his lustful gaze and she tried to look away, but she couldn't. She couldn't stop herself from staring back at him with the same level of intensity. She examined him head to toe. His perfect hair looked well perfect as always, his lips were plastered into his famous smirk that she despised but it deepened his dimples and made her breathless. His face just looked so beautifully structured. She glanced down at his muscular and perfectly built body glistening in the sun. It made her so tempted, and she hated that. She sighed as she snapped out of her trance and thought back to reality. "Why did a man this sexy have to be characterless?" Riddhima made a disgusted face. She continued gazing back at him and she felt a surge of pain wash over her. She didn't know why but she felt pained looking at him. She just hoped this pain wasan't visible to him.


Armaan noticed the pain in her eyes and he felt guilty. He knew he had willingly hurt her, but she hadn't wounded him less. She was the first girl who managed to affect him in a way she shouldn't. Either way, he had to talk to her. It was definitely more than a coincidence that out of all the places in the world, they both had come to California for the summer.

Armaan kept his gaze on her while closing the distance between them. He grabbed her wrist roughly and said "we need to talk". Riddhima fumed at the fact that after everything that happened, he still believed he had a right on her. How dare he touch her? Riddhima thought with anger. "There's nothing left to talk about between us. It's over Armaan Mallik" Riddhima spat back coldly. How the hell could she say it was all over? But wasan't that what he wanted to hear? Then why did it hurt so much? Armaan thought confused at himself. But if she was adamant on what she said, then so was he. He grabbed her hand forcefully and pulled her into a nearby stall. "What the f*ck are you doing? Don't touch me." Riddhima was boiling with anger now. How dare he act like this with her. "So you think it's all over huh? What are you thinking Riddhima? Are you really that heartless, that it's so easy for you to throw everything out the window?" Armaan yelled at her. "Heartless and me? Armaan you were the first guy that i took seriously. I stopped flirting let alone even going out and meeting guys because I knew there was something between us that was more than just a stupid fling" Riddhima bellowed. "But what did you go and do? You went out with your boys to parties and stayed there all night long without even bothering to call or text me once. And when you said there were no girls at that party, did you really expect me to believe that? It was Ricky's party for God's sakes. He's like a magnet to girls. No wonder he's your best friend." Riddhima yelled in Armaan's face, her own face red with anger. "It's not my fault that you didn't believe me. Ricky really didn't invite girls that day. He wanted this party just for his boys. And even if there were girls there, why would you be so intimidated by them?" Armaan shot back. "I'm not intimidated by any girl Armaan. I just know how you can't control yourself around these stupid chicks". "I'm the one who can't control? Riddhima, i saw you in that club acting like a slut with a guy you didn't even know." Armaan's voice got louder. "I was so mad hearing about Ricky's party and i went to the club and got drunk out of my mind. And i was just dancing. It wasan't such a big deal." Riddhima explained. She found it funny how he wasan't serious about her, yet he was standing here and wasting his first day in Cali confronting her about the past. Then it hit her on how hot she looked today and he probably just wanted another night with her and that's it.

"I really don't know what I was thinking when i decided to give you a chance. Rahul and Muskaan were wrong in thinking that we are perfect for each other. I regret that day when i agreed to having a no control, no limits type of relationship with you. We both were attracted to each other and we willingly agreed that we didn't want commitment. But the "free to do anything, and be with anyone" thing didn't work for me Armaan. I not only lost my virginity, but also lost my heart to you." Riddhima confessed with pain in her eyes. Armaan was stunned at her confession. Riddhima Gupta had fallen for him? That wasan't even possible. His feelings weren't clear yet either, but they were definitely not love. "The biggest mistake I made was expecting commitment on your part. But I don't feel for you no more. I should've understood that all it ever was was physical attraction and lust on your part, and it still is". Armaan looked away when she said the last sentence. He knew he broke her heart, and he didn't like it. But what could he do? He just couldn't settle down with any girl. He loved his life the way it was. "I realised that all you needed me for was to warm up your bed for one night, and after that night, the next day was Ricky's party and blah blah blah." Armaan gave her a irritated look. She was not going to let go of that. She just couldn't tolerate the thought of him being even around a chick hotter than her. But then again, since when did she think that any chick was hotter than her? She thought she was the hottest bitch around. And deep down Armaan knew that it was true. She was the sexiest girl he'd been with and that was one reason why he didn't want to let her go. The thought of her with another man just killed him inside.

Armaan didn't like the turn this confrontation had took. "So now what? You say you're over me and now you're gonna go dance with some next guys and go back to your wild ways?" Armaan smirked when he referred to her as wild. Riddhima looked at him surprised. She had just confessed something that she was denying from herself for one month now, and he was standing here and giving her these snide remarks. How insensitive was he really? Riddhima rolled her eyes. "Of course. I'm in California for the summer. I just have to make the most of it. I did see some really hot guys here and as always, they were giving me their full attention" Riddhima lied. Armaan didn't like hearing about Riddhima having a thing for these stupid Cali guys, so he cooked up a story as well. "Well the chicks here are just wow. You know like completely my type. I can't decide over who to spend tonight with. It's definitely a hard decision." Armaan replied cheekily. Riddhima couldn't tolerate standing there and listening to his disgusting plans for tonight. It made her feel sick to her stomach. "Well I'm gonna head back to the beach now. I heard there's some big beach party at 4 and it's gonna be crazy" Riddhima said excitedly. She was about to leave before Armaan caught her arm, "just don't do anything reckless Riddhima." Armaan was dead serious as he uttered those words softly to her. Why was he acting as if he cared? It made Riddhima really think for a moment. But then she came to the conclusion that he was just regretting the fact that he was loosing the chance to do her again. "I really was amazing" Riddhima thought with a slight smile on her face. "I'll do whatever I want now Armaan Mallik. I'm finally free from everything that was holding me back" she replied with a smirk. Riddhima left the stall leaving Armaan in deep thought. He didn't like the tone in her voice. So her feelings for him were holding her back? And now she didn't feel anything for him at all. How could she get over Armaan Mallik in one month? It probably took girls years getting over him, but then again, this was Riddhima Gupta. She was different. But he really was curious to know what she was upto. What were her intentions now? Was she really back to her flirty ways or was this just a ploy to get him jealous? "What is with this chick? And why am I thinking so much about her? Come on, Armaan focus. All that matters to you is hot chicks and nothing else. But he really hadn't seen one chick in Cali that was hotter than Riddhima. "I'm sure i'll meet someone who can top her by tonight" Armaan thought as he headed back to the beach.


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