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Part 20:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Did i say something wrong ? It was the words which kept ringing in his mind as they made their way back to home. Through out the way she was silent , a blank expression stick on her face as if she was in daze.. She better react good.. He muttered to himself slightly dissapointed with her behavior. After so much planning of the house and confessing his feelings to her he had expected her to react with a look of surprise and tears. But instead she stared at him blankly and mumbled that she wants to go back home.

"Shilpa stop doing that.. " Armaan muttered angrily as he followed her around the house while she kept gathering up items in boxes.. Maybe she was eager or excited to shift back to the new house as soon as possible. But instead all he noticed in her face was tiredness which she usually felt due to pregnancy.. "Shilpa you should not stress out yourself  in this condition.." He spoke carefully trying to keep himself calm as he spoke softly so that she wouldnt react bad. Since pregnancy had started she had been reacting to his words emotionally. "Shilpa listen to me.. Shona " He spoke softly taking her hand into his.. He frowned as she moved away softly crying.. "How can you just come and say it so easily.. " She spoke in broken words while trying to put away things with her trembling hands..
" I said stop stressing out yourself.. " He muttered in a angry tone. Shilpa glanced up at him biting her lips , but instead of listening to him she started to fill up the box with items..

"You arent going to listen to me right.. Fine " Without giving her a chance to react he picked her up in his arms while she struggled slightly to get away from him. But Armaan was Armaan and Armaan Mallik wasnt in a good mood to listen..
He frowned badly as she lay beneath him and cried softly.. But this time instead of questioning her he held her close letting her cry out her frustrations and pain.. He glanced at the clock and realized it was past 9 pm.. Slowly rubbing her back he held her in his arms as she drifted back into peaceful sleep..

It was pass dawn when he felt her shift beside him slowly giving a nudge on his shoulder.. After several minutes he groaned and got on one elbow staring down at her sleepily while she stared at him with her eyes wide open.. "Armaan are you awake now.. "
" My eyes are open, and i guess you can see i am speaking too " He spoke groggily as she started to laugh hearing his words.. He smiled seeing the way her eyes shined while she kept laughing.. " You look beautiful when you smile. " The smile faded off as her eyes grew misty as emotions filled in them.. He groaned inwardly and set up with a annoyed look.. "Now i have a serious problem with this tears. Why do you keep always crying. Am i that bad. "
Shilpa set up leaning to the headboard while he set facing her questioningly.. Biting her lips from crying she spoke hesitantly.." I know i shouldnt cry. I should be happy today. But its been long since i waited for you Armaan.. "
He sighed slowly pulling her close as she spoke out her heart to him... She spoke out the way she had dreamed about him every single day. How it pained to see him love someone else. How painful it was to see him broken. "Armaan. It all still feels like a dream. Every time i held back myself thinking its only one sided love. Now i have you beside me , a baby growing inside me, a dream house to go.. Everything feels like a beautiful dream.."
He drew a breath of relief finally content on hearing what he had waited for.. Slowly caressing her cheeks he confessed his feelings.. " Its not a dream anymore.. This is reality. Our reality. I still cant believe i had been such a fool not to see the love you had for me. Instead i kept running behind a women who never loved me even once. I should have realized what a big mistake i was doing.. "
She glanced up in his eyes and tried to protest when he continued.. "Let me say this. Yes i did love Sara. She was one girl who i loved way too much that it hurt..But after she left suddenly i crashed on to you in such a way. In such a way that i started doubting my own feelings. The passion i felt with you was something i never had with her. The way you helped me. Took care of me every single day. I cant even tell you how grateful i am to have a life partner like you with me.. Everything has faded away from my heart. Instead i am giving you something you deserve. The love you deserve. I love you Shona. I love you more than you can imagine.. "
She kept listening to him intently while trying to hold back herself from crying. As she broke into tears he started to laugh , Shilpa hit his chest playfully and smiled through tears.. " I hate you.. You always say things which makes me cry.. "
" What. You feel like crying because i love you ?? " He spoke dramatically as she grinned slowly laying down on the bed with a yawn. "Oh Hello what do you think you are doing.. ?? " He spoke slowly leaning down on her as she opened one eye with a pout.. " Sleeping ...whatelse..? Your baby makes me so tired i cant sit straight even for a minute.. "
Slowly caressing her bulging belly he stretched beside her and slowly kissed her eyes mumbling softly.. " I love you.. And tomorrow i am taking a day off.."
" I love you too. But why day off.. " She muttered sleepily hugging him as he smiled.. " Because tomorrow we will shift to our new house. Home sweet home.. "

" Armaan mallik you are a dead meat.. " Anjali muttered angrily glaring at Armaan while he brought inside the boxes grinning.. "Oh come on Anjie. I traded with you and you know it.. "
"Fine fine.. Now as you see i have completed my work of arranging the living room... Now give me the tickets of the concert as promised.." Anjali  smirked.. Armaan chuckled and pulled out the ticket from his jeans pocket.." Here you go. And enjoy.. "
Staring down at the ticket Anjali smiled widely giving him a quick hug.."Thank you dude. Anyways where is Shilpa. I have to go now say my regards to her.. "
" She said she was feeling hot. Must have gone inside to change into something comfortable.. " Armaan shrugged while opening up the boxes getting occupied in the work.. " Fine Give my love to her Bye.. " Anjali  gives a wave and walk out of the house grinning to herself..

" Finally.. All done " He muttered to himself happily as he pulled away the junk from the living area satisfied with the work he had completed.. Tiredly he set on the sofa closing his eyes for rest when he heard her irritated voice.. "Armaan I tried to open my suitcase but it is not opening.. I have placed all your clothes in wardrobe but how am i supposed to get mine.."
Ignoring her complaints he laid silent enjoying the coolness of Air conditioner when Shilpa spoke impatiently.. "Armaan.. Are you even listening to me.. I need to get a dress to change.. "
" So you are not wearing anything right now.. " He grinned with closed eyes as devil thoughts formed in his mind..
" I am wearing a old shirt of you.. Now can you seriously come and help me to open my suitcase.. " Shilpa spoke with irritation..
Ohh Not again the shirt.. He opened his eyes remembering how he reacted always seeing her in shirt.. And today he found more hard to pull away his gaze from her body as the shirt wasnt long enough to hide away her legs.. And today first time he noticed she looked quiet shy and uncomfortable due to so much exposure due to the shirt..Ofcourse she had gain some weight but he couldnt believe what a beautiful glow she had in her face.. Everything was perfect about her.. It was him now he had a hell of hard time trying not to forget she was 5 months pregnant.. Clearing his throat he got up and followed her inside while trying to keep his eyes from staring at her back.. She walked with such a grace he had a hard time to control himself from having her right there.. She walked inside and pointed him her suitcase.. Armaan set on the floor and tried to open the suitcase.. He tried to drag it hard, slowly he muttered under his breath and turned around only to curse under his breath.. Shit.. She set on the bed , her legs pointing right at him.. Unknowingly his gaze traveled up seeing how the shirt had ridden up showing up more of her legs. Swallowing he glanced up at her innocent face. Did she had even slightest idea what she was doing to him.. Probably not. Shilpa frowned and have a shake to him.. "Armaan.. Its opening or not.. "
He stared at her in daze without answering her question. Instead staring at her he replied dreamily.. " How many seconds will it take to take of that shirt ? "
"What ?? " Shilpa stared at him baffled but the desire flowing in his eyes didint go unnoticed by her. Was she really giving him a hard time. Slowly glancing down at her attire she cleared out her doubt. Biting her lips softly she tried to pull down the shirt which was not doing much help to cover up herself.. "Armaan.. My clothes.. " She mumbled helplessly knowing it wasnt doing any much help. Instead of listening to her pleas he kept staring at her as if he would kiss her in any minute. That made her remember about their conversation before where he mentioned about cuddling.. It made her break into fits of laughter.. Armaan narrowed his eyes as she started to laugh badly.. "Shona."
She stopped laughing and smiled as she saw him get back on trying to open the suitcase..  Slowly her eyes traveled on his bare back. Once again noticing how muscular and powerful he looked. He had a gorgeous body which always made her have naughty thoughts.. He was something which she had never experienced in life. He was a perfect lover , a perfect husband. Whatelse was there to expect more than this. Her feets started to curl up as she grew more uneasy due to the desirable feelings rising in her heart.. "Armaan.. " She stammered softly as he finally opened up the suitcase with a big smile.. "Its done.. What were you saying.. " He glanced at her gently but soon the gentleness faded off seeing the passion hidden under her eyes. A look which evoke the passion for her within himself. He swallowed a lump , and stared down at her legs as she spoke in horse voice.."Touch me please.. "
He stared at her for a long minute , Understanding what she wanted , realizing what he wanted to do himself. Slowly gripping the edge of the bed he crawled into the bed while she herself crawled into the middle slowly lying on it.. His hands automatically started to trail on her soft legs , while his eyes never left hers. He kept watching every single change in her expression as he touched her more intimately.. Slowly settling himself on her lightly he unbuttoned the shirt seductively , still staring down at her with his passionate gaze. Caressing her every curve through his eyes.. She stared back at him breathlessly surprised with her own boldness. But it didint matter to her anymore. They both were deeply committed and the least thing she wanted to feel among them was awkwardness. Her fingers slowly trained on his shoulders , feeling his muscles. It slowly snaked on his neck as he took the shirt. Suddenly feeling the coolness hit her body she pulled up the sheets covering themselves. He smiled seeing how easily she reacted. A hint of shyness always accompanied her whenever he touched her , felt her. Not that it bothered him instead he found himself getting more attached towards her innocent love to him. Slowly his hands ran on her body as she sucked on a breath closing his eyes. He leaned down on her neck showering light kisses. His touches making her tremble. She herself busied herself on caressing his back as he softly moved his hands on her growing bump slowly caressing it. A smile formed on his lips as well as hers as they felt connected to their child at the same moment.. He moved down and placed his ear on her belly as she sighed blissfully.. "Its my baby here.." He announced proudly yet in a gentle voice making her smile.. "I hope he can feel me.. " Armaan mumbled softly placing a kiss on her growing bump.. "Am sure he is feeling both of us.. " She whispered softly as he glanced back at her with a smile.. They enjoyed the silent moment together laying in eachother's arms.. After a while she pinched his arm and spoke playfully.. " I am sure i am giving you a hard time.. " He frowned irritatedly and pouted as she started to laugh seeing the miserable look on his face.. "Ofcourse.. But still i dont mind cuddling.. "
That made her laugh harder.. She wiped the tears which formed in her eyes and glanced at him lovingly as he took her hand staring down at her.. "I love you Shona.. You know that right.. " He whispered to her slowly kissing her lips drinking the sweetness of it. She moaned under his lips and responded back to him kissing eagerly.. As he dragged his lips away to her cheeks caressing them she spoke breathlessly.. "Ofcourse i know.. Be mine forever like this.. "


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