Monday, 21 October 2019

Part 21:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

"Just reschedule the meeting for morning. Am coming to office in a while." Armaan spoke in a hurry as he kept roaming around the home searching for his files. Shilpa kept tiredly wandering around him passing him his things. Being now pregnant for 9 months was making her tired and weak. "Armaan you are tiring me up now.. " Shilpa complained in a soft voice as she set in the sofa rubbing her big belly. He turned around staring at her for a minute. Mumbling a quick bye to his secretary he slowly bent down caressing her cheek.. "You better stop running around like this. Specially when the due date is so close.. "
"Then you better stop making me run after you. Armaan Mallik still is a kid who doesnt knw where his things are.. " Shilpa made up a face but couldnt help smile as she noticed him giving a silly grin..
"Oh god am sure gonna be late for my meeting now.. " Armaan muttered under his breath as he glanced at his watch and made his way to get his bag.. " Now where did i keep my keys.. " He spoke aloud searching around the sitting room.. Shilpa groaned and got up unwillingly, she picked up the keys from the drawer and walked upto him slowly narrowing her eyes.. "Your keys Armaan.. " He smiled and tried to take it when she snatched it back with a strict look.. " You will only get your keys when you finish the breakfast.. "

Armaan frowned and made a face glancing back at his watch again.. " I am very much Late Shona. I will have breakfast later now plz give me keys.."
"Atleast drink the juice Armaan.. " She pouted her lips innocently knowing he cant stand that look. Armaan sighed and took the juice drinking it in One go.. "See i drank.. Now give me my keys.. "
Shilpa shook her head smiling and handed him the keys which he took quickly hurrying back to the door. As she followed behind him slowly he turned around.. " I forgot something.. "
Before she could react he hugged her heart and placed a light kiss on her lips. Shilpa mumbled blissfully as hugging him back.. " I love you Shona. And try not to run around.. "
She let out a small laugh and whispered back.. " I love you too "

"Hey Padma Mom " Armaan took the call smiling as he got to hear from her after a long time..
"Hey Armaan. How are you doing.. ? How is your work going on.. ? " Padma spoke gently.. Armaan sighed slowly placing down his file.. "Everything is going pretty hectic. You know right Shilpa's due date is coming close. I am trying to free myself as soon as possible. "
Padma smiled hearing his words.. "Thats so nice Armaan. And i did talk to Shilpa. Like always she have complain that you are overworking urself. "
Armaan chuckled as he got to hear about the same complaint which he had been getting from several days... "Mom she is not going to stop saying that.. Anyways when are you coming here..? "
"Oh i would arrive by next week. Let me wrap up all important errands here before i leave. I know i cant miss seeing the first glimpse of my grandchild.. "
Armaan smiled hearing the excitement in her voice.. " Ok Armaan continue with you work i shall call back later. Bye "
"Bye Mom "

"That dress looks so cute on you Shilpa.. " Anjali beamed happily as Shilpa walked outside the house locking the front door behind her.. Shilpa smiled back and smoothed down her maternity dress with a grin.. " You wont believe if i say it was Armaan who got this dress for me.. "
" You Gotta be kidding me " Anjali glanced at her shocked shaking her head.. " Armaan Mallik and Shopping.. Looks like you are having a good effect on him..
Shilpa blushed and got into the passenger seat of the car. As they hit to the road together Anjali glanced at her.. " So tell me. Are you excited for the coming baby.. "
"Ofcourse i am. I have been waiting from such a long time Now. And Armaan seems to be much more excited than me.. "
Anjali rolled her eyes looking ahead.. "Ofcourse he is. I do noticed hw he keeps grinning whenever we discuss about the baby. Shilpa you are so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. "
Her smiled faded off as a new fear rose in her heart.. " Anjie plzz. Dont keep saying it repeatedly it scares me now. So much happiness together. I married the man i loved so much, Now i am carrying his baby. It all seems to be a beautiful dream.. "
" Which is now reality.. " Anjali spoke reassuringly but it made no improvement in her fear.. "But Still Anjie. It scares me. What if i loose everything. What if i.. "
Shilpa stopped herself from continuing as the insecurities filled her mind disturbing her.. Anjali felt the tension rise within Shilpa, she gave a tight press in her hand.. " Shilpa stop being insecure. Nothing bad is going to happen. Just kool down everything shall be fine believe me.. "
Anjali felt annoyed all of a sudden. Eventhough she had reassured Shilpa , seeing the fear in her eyes had made her suddenly feel scared. God please dont let anyone ruin their happiness. Just dont let anyone break her heart again.. Anjali prayed in her heart as they hit off to their destination in silence..

"Armaan you are overeacting now.. " Shilpa replied on phone getting irritated with his behavior. From the other end Armaan snorted and spoke.. " I am Overeacting ?? Did you forget what Doctor said.? You should be resting in home Shona not wandering around with thats stupid lady.."
"There you go again. Calm down i will be back in home in a while. Anyways i am feeling tired.. " Shilpa replied softly while taking a seat with Anjali in the restaurant of the mall.
"Your having back pain again right.. " Armaan whispered.. " We will take care of it tonight.. I mean i will take care of you.."
Shilpa blushed softly and glanced away looking around.. "I will call you as i get home. Love you Bye.. "
As she cut the call Anjali spoke with a smirk.. "He was cursing me on phone right.. ?? "
Shilpa tried to protest when Anjali grinned.. " I know very well he wud be cursing me for taking you out. But come on its good to have a girl shopping time. "
" I know. And i enjoy coming with you.. " Shilpa replied with a tired smile as they made their orders.. It was then when Anjali noticed the tiredness in her eyes.. "You look totally worn out. Lets just finish our food and get you back home before that Mallik come to kill me.. "
" Come on Anjali he is not that bad.. " Shilpa complained and then smiled as Anjali gave her a look... "Ya ya i know he is not that Bad. Thats why only i am not irritating him these days. He is a good husband.. "
" Now that you have mentioned about Husband, that reminds me how did your date go with Mr.Varun.. " Shilpa spoke with a sudden interest when Anjali glanced at her with a surprised and flushed look.. " Ohh it was just great. He seems to be a nice guy. I enjoy his company a lot.. "
" So tell me. When am i getting to hear about Marriage.." Shilpa spoke grinning taking her juice sipping it..
Anjali rolled her eyes and winked.. " Why you think i wud marry him. I havent even thought about it yet. Let me first find out what a tough guy this Varun is then i shall tell you the date of Marriage if he is worth enough.. "
Shilpa laughed along with Anjali but soon her smile faded off as she glanced back at Anjali as a figure caught her eye.. She gasped softly gripping the table hard.. She studied the figure, from up to toe just trying to make sure she was seeing the correct person. She was indeed correct. Shilpa realized as her heart started to beat widely.. Infront of her stood her past. The past that she had tried to run away from so long. The past which made her always weak and insecure. The past which they had let gone so they could make a new future. But now , seeing the same past stand infront of her brought out all her old insecurities which she had buried within her heart. She was back. Back in their lives. Back into their world of happiness. She was again back in town. Her eyes came and set on Shilpa .. Shilpa noticed a sort of surprise and distaste which formed in her eyes as she recognized her.. Slowly she turned around fully facing her.. Shilpa felt her heartbeat almost stop..And in a slow work with a cunning smile Sara made came towards her..
And destiny finally brings us face to face Shilpa...

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