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Part 22 : Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Destiny had finally brought them face to face again.. Deep in heart Shilpa knew oneday would come where she would have to confront with Armaan's past. Face it and fight for it.. Face her.. Her heart concluded as she realized Sara had taken a seat beside her. Anjali set stiff throwing daggers at Sara but still kept quiet. She knew in one minute she could drive off this women. But still something inside her stopped her as she saw the determination forming in Shilpa's eyes. Dont let her win Shilpa.. Anjali gave her a pleading advice which Shilpa understood..
"So Shilpa.. Finally getting to see you after so many months.. " Sara spoke awkwardly flashing a big smile..
Get strong fight for it.. A silent plead formed in her heart as she smiled back at Sara.. "Ofcourse Sara. Havent got to hear a word from you. You must have been having a very good carrier.. "
Sara narrowed her eyes when suddenly her eyes ran to her belly.. A coy smiled formed on her lips instantly.. " Totally Knocked out... Who is the lucky Guy.. "

Shilpa stilled as Anjali glared at her.. Anjali couldnt believe Sara had the guts to talk so cheap.. If Shilpa wasnt going to confront in a minute she knew she was going to loose her cool. But then... Shilpa had some other plans..
" You may not want to know about the lucky guy Sara. Well you see i dont wish to disappoint you.. " Her sugary tone surprised both Sara and Anjali..
" Oh come on Shilpa. You are hiding as if i will jump into your lucky guy.."Sara replied cunningly.. Shilpa stilled for a moment dissapointed with herself on how Sara's words had effected her mind.. What if..? No its time to be strong..
" Now if you Insist... Armaan Mallik , My love, My husband and the father of my my Baby.. " Shilpa replied softly daring enough to keep on smiling until she felt her cheeks hurt..
Color drained from Sara's face as she went completely still. For a minute she set in silence not knowing what to say. It diidnt go unnoticed by Shilpa as she saw the ashen look on face of Sara.. After few minutes of shock Sara recovered.. " Armaan.. ? You cant be saying truth.. "
Anjali narrowed her eyes but grew curious as she noticed the way Shilpa rolled her eyes and smiled..What was she upto..
"See i told you want believe.. I am happily married to Armaan. And now i am on my 9 month of pregnancy.. " Shilpa spoke with a dreamy look. Sara flinched and instantly stood up with a stiff look on her face.. " I better be going now. It was nice meeting you.. "
"Wont you congratulate me Sara.. ?? " Shilpa asked innocently while Sara glanced back at her blankly.. " Congratulation to you.. And your Husband." She muttered under her breath and left them abruptly..
Shilpa tried to control the shaking of her body as she stared at her retreating back.. She was fully in daze seeing her on courage when Anjali came and set beside her astonished.. " I just cant believe it. That was hell of a great acting Shilpa.. "
Shilpa gave a weak smile with a nod.. Eventhough a uneasiness had grown within her , she promised herself in the very moment.. I will be strong..
"Shilpa.. Are you fine ?? " Anjali spoke in a worried voice.. Shilpa took her hand and smiled reassuringly.. " I am totally fine Anjie. Actually i am proud of myself. I dont know from where such a strength came in me.. "
Anjali smiled seeing the innocence in her eyes.. " Its all the strength of your love Shilpa. And i cant even tell you how proud of you i am.. "
Shilpa gave a nod and glanced away thinking.. " I know Anjie. And i just hope my love is strong enough to face every problem.. "

Her heart thudded badly as she cut the call sinking down into the Sofa.. Armaan's secretary had just informed that Sara had come to meet him. And Armaan had abruptly left the office within the minute Sara had left the office.. Where are you Armaan.. She glanced at the clock worriedly.. Would he have gone after Sara.. What if his old feelings.. Shilpa blocked away her negative thoughts slighting getting disgusted of herself.. She should be trusting him at the moment. They both were deeply committed to eachother. And she trusted Armaan would never leave her and their baby.. But still she understood the way he reacted was normal after getting to see his past infront of him.. I need to give him space and time.. She finally concluded and slowly got up to carry on with house chores..

" So finally you got married Armaan Mallik.. And how lucky you are now becoming a father too.. Here i thought i will come and.. Anyways forget it. Am so glad i met your wife and she had informed me about what a happy love marriage you are committed in.. Congratulations Armaan Mallik.."
Armaan recalled the sarcastic words which Sara had spoken to her hours ago while he set shocked with her sudden appearance. He was angry confused and badly hurt with her sudden entrance back into his life. What did she want now.. ? Why was she back in his life.. He thought in distress as he finally decided to ride back home after spending hours alone in the restaurant.. Shilpa had faced Sara , his past which always haunted her and made her insecure. He wondered what she must be feeling at the moment. And shamefully he couldnt muster enough courage to go and face her.. Still he had a life back there in the home. A wife a child to love and no past of him could take them away from him.. He concluded silently as he parked the car and made his way inside the home..
Armaan walked inside the living room to see Shilpa who set in the sofa watching Tv. The popcorn bowl on her lap didint go unnoticed by him..
"Didint i tell you to stop eating such stuff.. " He spoke flatly surprised himself on how badly he was taking this.. Instead of getting worried Shilpa glanced at him and smiled blushing softly.. " Sorry.. I will keep in mind not to.. "
Before she could complete her words Armaan fled of to the room.. Shilpa sighed knowing she had to face this. She knew this was coming in her way. Slowly she got up and followed him back inside with a hand caressing her growing belly.. " Armaan should i place dinner for you.. "
He glanced at her in distress to see the warm smile on her lips which melted down his heart.. " No i had my food a while ago. Now i want to have some sleep i have a big headache.." He mumbled getting on the bed closing his eyes.. Shilpa controlled herself from loosing her cool. Giving a silent nod she walked outside without a word. Armaan opened his eyes to see her walk away detached.. He knew he was hurting her and by hurting her he was hurting himself..

2 days later :

Armaan felt much better as he finally grew more easy with the sudden appearance of Sara.. He had finally comforted himself that she was nothing to him now. And whether she was here or not it made no difference in his life.. Getting ready to go office he walked inside the living room to see Shilpa who was placing down the breakfast for him. The smile on her lips had been surprising him from two days now. How could she be so cool knowing Sara was here. Wasnt she effected. Why was she behaving so happy.. As he took a seat in dining table she gave a big smile making him smile.. Shilpa glanced down at him as sadness filled inside her.. "Finally you smiled. I felt as if i was living with a dead body from two days.. " The guilt stabbed in his heart like a knife as he glanced away disgusted with himself. She wasnt immune just like him. No matter how normal she acted he knew she was feeling the same pain like he felt..
" Sit here.. " He took her hand directing her to sit infront of him.. Shilpa obliged and set staring at him with deep concern.. Armaan took her hands and caressed it softly.. " I am deeply sorry for my rude behavior from two days. I was just trying to absorb the reality.. The sudden appearance of my past.. " He stopped in between not able to continue anymore.. Feeling loss of words.. Shilpa sighed giving a nod.. " You dont need to explain  me anything. I very well understand Armaan. And i gave you space knowing you had to face this urself.. "
Her understanding nature always touched him.. He took her hand and kissed them.. " I wont ever do anything to hurt you.. You know that right ? Even if Sara is here or not she would not mean anything to me.. "
His words gave her relief as her eyes grew misty. She tried not to cry as he got up taking her in his embrace.. Shilpa sighed contently hugging him tightly never wanting to let him go.. "You are only Mine. And now i am going to do something to prove that fact.. "
"What do you mean.. " Armaan spoke carefully as he pulled back with a frown.. Shilpa glanced away hesitantly.. " Actually Armaan.. I have.. I.. I invited Sara for Dinner.. "
" You what.. ! " Armaan Blurted out outraged.. " Shilpa call and cancel at this moment.. " He spoke tightly running a hand in his hair frustratedly.. Shilpa bit her lip and shook her head disagreeing with him.. Armaan's jaw clenched as he spoke in anger.. " Fine invite her. Do whatever you want but i am not going to be here tonight.. "
Panic filled in her eyes as she spoke in a horse voice.. "Armaan please. Dont get angry.. "
His gaze softened as he noticed the vulnerability in her eyes.. " Why Shilpa? Why are you doing this.. ? You know very well how hurting her appearance is for us.. Dont do this.. "
Her eyes filled up as she tried to explain him.. " Armaan please. Let me do this for us. For how long will we live in hurt of your past. I want to let this go.. "
" And you think inviting her in home would correct everything.. " Armaan spoke frowning..Shilpa stared at him for a minute and moved closer to him.. " Maybe.. All i want is her to realize she no longer hold any power on you. She is nothing to you. She has to let you go Armaan.. "
The determination in her voice made him have a second thought about her idea.. He didint knew how he could pull off himself to be normal with Sara's presence. But there was something about strong about Shilpa which gave him a new hope for their relationship..
" Ok fine.. I will be there tonight for the dinner. But the very minute she forgets her behavior she is out of our house.. " Armaan spoke dimly as Shilpa smiled widely giving a peck on his lips.. He glanced at her with a surprised smile as she blushed.. " I agree.. "
He pulled her back in his arms kissing her.. Shilpa responded back to his need and sighed blissfully as he gave a final peck on her cheeks. " Take care of yourself. And dont overwork.. " He added with a slight warning and with a wink walked away with his bag..
Shilpa gave a nod and stared at his retreating back trying to keep the plan ready in her mind. Time to face Sara and settle everything correct for them. She just prayed her plan would go off well..

" So you want the truth from me ? "
"Yes would be better if you dont lie Sara.. "
" You are correct Shilpa.. I came here for Armaan. But looks like you have snatched him away from me.. "
"Why Sara.. ? Dont you have the guts to say you couldnt make good enough from your carrier and now you need fame of Armaan ? "

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