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Part 3 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Riddhima gets a mail with pictures that show Armaan with another girl and Riddhima gets shocked.  She talks to Muskaan and gets relieved.  Armaan comes back and gets worried when Riddhima doesn't react to him.  He finds out that Riddhima knows about him being with another girl and tries to tell her the truth, but is unable to as Riddhima refuses to listen to him.  Both break down and Riddhima talks to Muskaan about her talk with Armaan, and tells her that she knows what to do now.

Next Morning...
Armaan woke up and looked around.  He slept in the guest room as Riddhima had pretty much locked him out yesterday.  Yesterday's incident came back to him.  He couldn't believe that just one day could change his life to such extent.  He was so happy to come back.  He was happy to come back to India, to his house, to his Riddhima.  But he never knew that it was completely opposite with Riddhima.

He got out of his bed and freshened up.  He went to the kitchen and told Ganga to make a cup of coffee for him.  He slowly drinked his coffee and decided to talk to Riddhima today.  He finished his drink and went to his room.  He slowly opened the door, and saw no one in there.  For some reason he felt something strange, something wrong.  He went to the bathroom, but no one was there either.  His eyes went to the side table beside their bed.  Their photos weren't there!  He panicked.  His worst fears were coming true!  He opened up the cupboard and was shocked.  Her wardrobe was completely empty.  He was right.  Riddhima had left him!  He started to go back, and fell on the bed.

" Nahin.  Woh aisa nahin kar sakti.  Woh mujhe chod kar nahin jaa sakti.
" Armaan got up and ran to the guest room.  He picked up the cell phone and quickly dialed Riddhima's cell phone number.  A computerized voice said that the number is no longer in service.  He threw the phone on the bed in frustration and sat down on the bed holding his head.  He was on the verge of crying.

" Nahin.  You can't do this to me Riddhima.  Tum mujhe chod kar nahin jaa sakti. "  Tears flowed from his eyes.  He tried to think that who could have Riddhima told about her whereabouts.  Suddenly Muskaan popped into his head.  He picked up the phone and hurriedly dialed Muskaan's cell number and waited impatiently for her to pick up his call.
" Hello? " Muskaan answered.
" Hello Muski?  Main Armaan bol raha hoon. "
" Oh.  Bolo.  Kya kaam hain? " She spoke in a cold tone, which didn't go unnoticed by Armaan.  He took a deep breath and spoke again.
" Muski, Riddhima kaha hain? "
" Mujhe nahin pata. "

" Jhooth matt bolo Muski!  Main jaanta hoon ki tumhe pata hain ki Riddhima kahaan hain.  Jab bhi woh kuch karne vaali hoti hain, toh tumhe zaroor bataati hain.  Toh yeh tumhe kaise nahin batayegi? "  Muskaan didn't say anything, so Armaan spoke up again.
" Muski please.  Batao na.  Kahaan hain Riddhima?  Agar mujhe Riddhima nahin mili toh main shaayad marr jaunga.  Please. " Muskaan felt some honesty in his voice.  So she decided to tell him the truth.
" Armaan.  Riddhima aur main New Delhi mein hain. " Armaan was shocked.
" New Delhi?  Lekin kyun? "
" AJ aur Anji ki shaadi ke liye. "
" Unn ki shaadi?  Yeh kab fix hui? "
" Kuch din pehle hain.  Bas mujhe aur Ridzi ko kal pata chala.  Ab tu zyaada kich kich matt kar aur jaldi yahaan aaja.  Samjhe.  Aur haan.  Ridzi se matt kehna ki maine tujhe bataaya hain.  Samjha? " This made Armaan smile.
" Thanks a lot Muski.  Tu meri sabse achhi dost hain. "
" Bas, bas.  Ab zyaada makhan matt laga, warna ek chaped marungi.  Ab chal phone rakh. "
" Bye. " He ended the call with a smile.  He was determined to get his Riddhima back in his life.  He quickly booked a ticket for New Delhi, and went to take a shower.

Gupta Residence'

Riddhima was sitting in her room, in front of the dresser, brushing her hair absent-mindedly.  She was thinking of last night, when she left him.


Riddhima was almost done packing her bag.  Yes.  She was leaving Mallik Mansion.  Yes.  She was leaving Armaan.  After whatever had happened, she couldn't live under the same roof with him anymore.

She quickly checked over to see if she has left something and then slightly opened the door to see if Armaan was still awake.  When she saw no one there, she quietly came out of the room, and started to walk towards the main door, when she saw that the guest room's door, was slightly opened.  She knew that Armaan was going to stay in the guest room, and she had taken advantage of that as she could move out of the house quietly without him noticing, but unknowingly, her feet dragged her towards the room.  She opened the door, and saw Armaan sleeping on the bed.  He had changed into a black tank, which revealed his muscles and black sweat pants.  The blanket, as usual wasn't covering him and his hair was slightly a mess.  A faint smile lit her face and she went inside.  She sat on her knees beside him, and slowly moved his hair, trying really hard not to awake him.  She slowly and lightly caressed his face and took in view of his angelic features.  Her eyes traced his eye, his forehead, nose, ear, lips, muscles, everything.  She bent down and lightly kissed his forehead.  She got up and started to go backwards, tears rolling down from her eyes.  She went out from the room and ran outside taking her bag.  She called for a taxi, and told the taxi driver to go to Muskaan's house.  Once there, she payed the driver, and knocked on the door.  The door opened and Muskaan was standing in front of Riddhima.
" Ridzi!  Tu itni raat ko yahaan kya- " She stopped when she saw the bag beside Riddhima.
" Ridzi!  Tu ghar chod kar chali aayi? " Muskaan exclaimed in horror.
" Haan Muski.  Main uss ghar mein nahin reh sakti. "
" Ridzi, tu andar aaja.  Chal. " Muskaan let Riddhima in and she sat down.
" Ab bata.  Kya hua? " Though Muskaan knew the reason, she decided to let Riddhima say the things that were going on in her heart as she knew that she needed some relief.
" Main uss ghar mein nahin reh sakti Muski.  Armaan ne jo kiya, uske baad to bilkul bhi nahin.  Dam ghut raha tha mera wahaan par.  Muski, kya main kuch dino ke liye yahaan reh sakti hoon.  Usske baad main chali jaungi.  Promise. " She started to cry while saying all this.  Muskaan felt really bad for her friend.  She couldn't see her best friend in this state.  So she decided to lighten the mood a little.
" Ridzi please.  Chup ho jaa.  Yeh bhi koi puchhne ki baat hain.  Of course tu yahaan reh sakti hain.  Lekin soch le.  Agar tu yahaan rahegi, toh, tujhe akele rehna padega. " Riddhima looked at her with confusion.
" Akele?  Matlab? "
" Arre buddhu.  AJ aur Anjie ki shaadi ke liye kaun jayega?  Main aur Rahul ussi ki toh packing kar rahe hain.  Hum abhi aadhe ghante mein hi New Delhi ke liye nikal rahe hain.  Ab tub hi apna samaan le aaye hain, toh chal.  Tu bhi saath aaja. " Muskaan finished off with a huge smile and Riddhima finally understood that Muskaan was talking about her sister and soon-to-be-brother-in-law's marriage.
" Arre haan.  Mere toh dimaag se hi nikal gaya tha.  Thanks a lot Muskaan.  Tune mere mushkil phirse aasaan kardi.  Thanks you so much. " Riddhima hugged Muskaan.
" Oye chal.  Phirse paraya kar diya na?  Dosti mein no sorry, no thank you. " She scolded Riddhima.
" Ok baba.  Ab se no sorry. "  And they hugged again.  Rahul came from his room and was surprised to see Riddhima there.
" Arre Ridzi? Tum itni raat ko yahaan? " He questioned Riddhima, and then when he got no answer from her, he looked towards Muskaan who told him through her eyes about the situation, and he understood.
" Koi baat nahin.  Hum waise bhi AJ aur Anjie ki shaadi ke liye hi nikal rahein hain.  Tum bhi chalo. "
" Rahul, Ridzi humare saath aa rahi hain. " Muskaan said with a smile and Rahul too smiled.
" Lekin, mere paas to boarding pass aur yeh sab bhi nahin hain.  Toh phir main kaise aaungi? "
" Arre Ridzi. Private plane?  Remember? "
" Oh yeah!  Sorry.  Mere dimaag se nikal gaya tha. "
" Chal koi gal nahin.  Ab tu jaldi se fresh ho ja, aur hum chalte hain. "  Riddhima felt really greatful for those people who had made private planes.

She freshened up in no time and the trio just chatted the entire time.  By the time it was time to go, Riddhima had almost forgotten about Armaan and the day.  She was just happy.

Flashback ends'

Riddhima sat there, and was still brushing her hair when someone knocked on the door, taking her out of her thoughts.
" Come in. " The door opened and a beautiful girl came in view.  Riddhima's lips instantly stretched into a wide smile as she looked in the mirror to see who it was.
" Anjie Di! " Riddhima squeaked and turned around to see Anjali smiling widely at her.
" Ridzi! " Riddhima and Anjali hugged each other tightly while jumping up and down.
" OMG Di!  I missed you soooooooo much! "
" Maine bhi tujhe bohat miss kiya! "
" Achha Di batao, AJ kaisa hain? Hmm? " Riddhima teased Anjali while she turned red with both anger and blush.
" Ridzi! " And Anjali started to run behind Riddhima while Riddhima ran for her life.  She ran around the room, down the stairs, around the living room, and then back up stairs in Riddhima's room.  When both of the sisters were tired, they just fell on the bed, panting for breath.
" Kitne dino ke baad hum itna bhaage hain na Di? "
" Haan yaar.  Itne dino ke baad humne itna enjoy kiya hain. " Both just layed there for a while when Riddhima sat up and spoke.
" Ab toh thode dino mein tum bhi apne ghar chali jaogi.  Phir mera kya hoga? "
" Oye Ridzi.  Kya depressing baate karti rehti hain.  And 'what do you mean by tera kya hoga?'  Teri toh shaadi ho chuki hain na.  Tere 'Armaan' se. " Anjali said in a naughty tone in the end, while Riddhima's face just lost color on Armaan's name.  Suddenly all the memories from yesterday invaded her mind, and she closed her eyes, as if to protect her heart.  Her reaction didn't go unnoticed by Anjali.  She had called Riddhima yesterday and knew that something was wrong.  When she had taken Armaan's name, it felt as if Riddhima became really sad and she didn't want to talk about him as she quickly changed the topic, when normally she would talk about him nonstop for hours and Anjali would have to tell her to stop.  Now Anjali was sure that something was wrong between Armaan and Riddhima.
" Waise Ridzi.  Armaan hain kahaan?  Woh toh meri aur Atul ki shaadi kabhi miss nahin karega. " She eyed Riddhima closely.
" Woh' Di' Armaan' usse koi zaroori kaam aa gaya tha, toh' woh nahin aa payega. " Riddhima stammered throughout the sentence, and didn't meet Anjali's gaze.
" Ridzi.  Kya baat hain? " Anjali straightly asked without any nonsense.
" K'koi baat nahin hain Di. " She still didn't meet her eyes.
" Ridzi tu mujhse jhoot nahin bol sakti.  Main teri behen hoon.  Apni godh mein bataiya hain maine tujhe Ridzi.  Aur ab, tu mujhse sab kuch chupa rahi hain? " Riddhima hugged Anjali tightly and cried her eyes out, while Anjali kept consoling her.
" Di' Ar' Armaan' Armaan ne' "  and Riddhima told Anjali everything.  Anjali was shocked after listening to all this.
" Dekh Ridzi, tu roh matt.  Sab theek ho jayega. " She tried to console Riddhima.
" Nahin Di.  Ab kuch bhi theek nahin hoga.  Main Armaan ko chod kar yahaan aayi hoon. " She said between her sobs, which were slowly sub-siding.
" What?  Tu Armaan ko chod kar yahaan aayi hain? " Anjali broke the hug, and looked at her shocked.  Riddhima nodded.
" Ridzi' tu' koi baat nahin.  Ab meri behen apne ghar aa gayi hain.  Toh ab no tension.  Theek hain? " And Riddhima smiled and the sisters hugged again.  After a while, they broke apart, and Anjali spoke up.
" Chal.  Ab main chalti hoon.  Mamma ko cooking mein help karni hain.  Main baadmein aati hoon.  Ok? "
" Theek hain Di. " Anjali got up and went outside and closed the door.
' Mujhe Armaan aur Riddhima ko milana hi padega.  Kissi bhi keemat par.  Mujhe hi kuch karna padega. '  She slightly nodded while thinking this.

What will happen now?  What will Armaan do?  What will Anjali do?  Keep reading to find out'


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