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Part 3 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Shilpa  walked inside his apartment with a thudding heart.. As she heard  his trembling voice on phone, while he spoke in a shaking voice she couldnt help but rush to him as soon as possible..The pain in her heart wasnt something important infront of the pain he was going through right now.. She made her way inside the his room and stood still for a minute staring at his back while he stood near the mirror.. But she couldnt see his face as she noticed glasses scattered around into pieces.. He might have broken it in anger.. This made her step back in fear for a moment.. His anger was something strange to her but whenver his anger overpowered it led to worse situations..
Feeling her presence behind he turned back facing her.. She gasped gripping the door for minute.. Stunned by seeing the vulnerable look on his face.. His face reflecting the pain he was going through..

Passing a bitter smile he spoke in a shaken voice..
Armaan :  And she went away.. Truth is out.. She left me..
She walked towards him hesitatingly.. Not knowing what to say.. It stunned her when he informed her Sara broke up with him..
Shilpa : Armaan plzz just calm down..
Gripping his hair frustratedly he broke the vase near the table.. Shilpa moved back little surprised seeing his behavior.. This was strange and more bit of scary..
Shilpa : Armaan Plzz..
He shook his head as tears formed in his eyes..
Armaan : She left me so easily.. She left me for a bloody so called Modelling carrier.. How can she treat me like a timepass when i loved her so much..
Shilpa : Armaan.. You told you dont have problem with her carrier.. How..
He interrupted her words sitting down on the floor staring at the space..
Armaan : She says.. If she stays with me she cant get fame.. She says i am obsessed about her which can be a hurdle for her carrier..
She set beside him when he spoke in a sarcastic manner..
Armaan : She says she want to be a independent person..And Armaan Mallik you .. You want to control me..
She felt his pain.. His voice reflected how much pain was rising in his heart.. She held his hand speaking softly..
Shilpa : Armaan.. It was her decision not your fault..
Armaan : I have a big fault.. Very big..
She tried to protest when he looked back to her in painful tears..
Armaan : My biggest fault was to fall in love with her like anything.. I wasnt ready for this.. I still cant believe she left me..
She didint knew what to say.. Trembling a bit she spoke..
Shilpa : Armaan i understand..
He interrupted her words harshly..
Armaan : No u wont.. !! You wont ever Shilpa.. The day you love someone so badly you will understand my pain..
Her heart squeezed in hurt hearing his words.. She bit back her lips from crying.. How she wished he knew how much she loved him..
He glanced at her with regret whispering a small sorry.. She gave a silent nod when he hugged her trying to ease away the pain..
It was the very first day when he cried in her arms..She couldnt help but tear up seeing his condition.. He was going through the pain that she was going through from long time.. And she knew this was going to be a hard time..

One month Pass :

She stared at her own reflection in tears while putting a icepack on her forehead.. She gave a close look at the bump on her forehead which was swelling bad.. Fear and hurt rose in her heart as she gave a thought about the incident which occurred last night... One month had surely brought a big change to Armaan.. Gone was the caring smiling guy who was replaced by a angry frustrated man.. And adding to it violent and drunk , a new thing which she got to see last night.. It was the first time in her life he had hurt her and surely that had shaken her to the core..
Shilpa set on her bed trying to apply medicine when Anjali walked inside her room in anger..
Anjali : You didint go office..
Shilpa looked away biting her lips..She tried to cover the bump while passing a smile..
Shilpa : I... wasnt feeling well.. So
Anjali : Ohh cut the crap Shilpa... Just now Padma aunty called and told me u are definitely hurt... Now tell me what happened..
Shilpa stayed quiet while Anjali walked towards her and set beside her.. At once she noticed the ugly bump on her forehead.. Anjali gave a furious look at her..
Anjali : Its Armaan right...HE DID THIS..??
Shilpa trembled as the memories flashed back infront of her eyes..How she tried to help him while he was drunk.. And how he become violent while pushing her roughly towards the table..
Shilpa : He was... Last night he was badly drunk..
Anjali : That dosent mean that Jerk has to be ABUSIVE..!!
Shilpa : Anjie Plzz it was an accident.. And plzz stop shouting my head hurts..
Anjali sighed calming down her anger.. She took the first aid box and started to bandage the wound.. After finishing the dressing Anjali hugged her sadly..
Anjali : Shilpa plzz... Stop becoming too nice towards him.. After that So called Sara left he is day by day becoming a jerk.. Everyday drunk or involves himself in a fight..He has lost it Shilpa..
Shilpa shook her head sadly..
Shilpa : But i cant see him suffer Anjie..You know i love him a lot..
Anjali : Then what about you.. ? Arent you suffering..? Shilpa if you want to help him remind him you are still there.. Stop becoming nice and show him how wrong he is going.. Lead him to the correct path.. Enough of being kind now its time to become strong..
Shilpa stared at her intently listening to her words..For long time she set thinking about her words and instantly realized how wrong she is going..

Armaan set holding the steaming coffee in his hands while staring down at it lost in his thoughts.. Just then the door bell rang bringing him back to earth.. Frowning he got up from his seat and walked upto the door and opened slowly.. He narrowed his eyes as he noticed Shilpa who stood infront of him folding her arms..
Armaan : I badly want to stay alone right now..
Shilpa shook her head and pushed him away walking inside the living room.. Armaan let out a snort and closed the door following her in annoyance..
Armaan : Shilpa i already have a big headache for god sake Leave me Alone..
She turned back to him with tears and snapped back at him..
Shilpa : When will you stop being such a big jerk..
He stared at her taken back by her words.. Her lips trembled as she pointed towards the wound on her forehead..
Shilpa : Do you really think i deserve this..
He looked at her stunned as he saw the bumb on her forehead... Blur images formed in his mind reminding him of his behavior.. He looked at her in guilt and shame not able to say a word..
Shilpa spoke in a sarcastic manner clearing her tears..
Shilpa : Believe me i dont want to come and disturb you at all...But what can i do if you come every night drunk begging me to speak..You really think i can bear to see you suffer..
Silence grew between them as they stood facing eachother without speaking a word.. Shilpa sank in the sofa staring at the space trying to calm down her anger..
Shilpa : Since one month i have been trying to help you.. But today i have realized you dont want anyone's help Armaan..
He sighed walking towards her and set infront of her.. Armaan tried to touch her when she brushed away his hands in anger.. Not giving up he cupped her face making her face him..
Armaan : Shona..Believe me on this..I would never ever mean to hurt you.. If i had even an idea of what i was doing i would have stopped myself..I cant even dream of hurting you ever..
Her heart melted hearing his words..How much she yearned to see him back into his normal side.. Forgetting his mean and rude behavior showing his caring side.. The part she always loved about him.. Nodding her head she got up from sofa..
Shilpa : Its ok..Anyways i just came to tell you i am leaving..
He stood up stunned from a minute..
Armaan : Shilpa Plzz..Dont do this to me..
She tried her best to ignore the pain in his voice..
Shilpa : I am taking a holiday.. I am going back to meet mom in Kasauli..I..I just need a break..
Armaan : Shilpa.. I have no one else beside you..Plzz dont punish me..
She looked up in his eyes to see pain and sorrow in them...At once her heart went for him as she moved forward and hugged him tightly closing her eyes.. She felt him respond back as he hugged her back murmuring sorry... She rubbed his back consoling him when suddenly she felt his lips brush on her neck sending a jolt down her body.. At first she thought it happened accidentally.. But the very next moment she felt him brush light kiss on her neck making her gasp aloud.. Shilpa abruptly moved back feeling tensed and awkward while he looked at her stunned realizing what he was doing... Without a further word she moved away from him and walked upto the door to leave as soon as possible..

She didint expect him to follow her.. But he stopped her the very next moment as she was about to leave.. She narrowed her eyes when he passed a guilty look... She knew the look , the look which he always passed when he did mistakes..She waited him to say sorry but it never happened..
Armaan : When are you leaving ?
She looked at him curiously and spoke..
Shilpa : I am going Tomorrow.. Evening..
He hesitated a bit.. And then spoke...
Armaan : Uhh Shona i was thinking..Will you go out on a dinner with me tonight.. ?
She looked at him outrageously.. Did he even knew what he was saying..
Shilpa : Armaan..Stop speaking Nonsense.. Are you out of ur mind..
He shook his head passing a small smile..
Armaan : I am just trying to correct my behavior.. I know i have been a big mess this whole month.. I just want to correct things between us even..
Shilpa : And you think.. A date would do that... ?
Armaan : Well.. I was thinking to give a try.. Shona you have always helped me in bad times..Always beside me..Maybe we could..
She shook her head instantly.. She knew what he was trying to say.. No matter how much she wanted him she couldnt let it happen...
Shilpa : Armaan plzz.. The last thing i want right now is getting on a forced relationship with you..
He shook his head instantly protesting..
Armaan : No you are taking me wrong.. Shona you know how much i have loved Sara.. Its not easy to forget those moments.. I just want to have a good time with you.. Clear out my mind and enjoy for a while.. Like we used to do before..
Shilpa gave a thought for a minute understanding his words.. Surely a dinner cant do any harm.. She just prayed..
Shilpa : Ok fine..We will go on a date tonight.. I mean dinner..

Love Aishy <3

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