Tuesday, 29 October 2019

part 3 : Summer Heat(AR mini )

"What the f*ck is wrong with her?" Armaan thought angrily as he observed Riddhima from a distance. She was surrounded by a dozen guys on the middle of the beach and she was dancing shamelessly while enjoying all of the attention from the handsome hunks. "Well she looks like she's enjoying herself so back off dude." Armaan lectured himself. Armaan had wasted enough time observing her actions, and he hadn't had any fun of his own. "Stop acting like a boyfriend Armaan. Why are you looking out for her anyway? She told you off and ended everything. So it's best you forget she's even here and get down to business." Armaan thought as he took one last look at her and walked away from the loud music. He met many girls throughout the party and danced and even made out with a couple of them, but he just couldn't help but glance at Riddhima and think about her every few minutes. He caught Riddhima stealing glances at him quite a few times and it made him doubt her enjoyment. He thought back to the idea that maybe this really is a ploy to make him jealous and Armaan hated to admit it, but it was working to some extent. If this was what Riddhima was
really trying to do, then she had seriously lost it. "Who is she to try and f*ck around with my mind again? She has done enough damage already." Armaan thought irritated with the thought of her possibly stupid plan. Although, deep down Armaan was hoping that these were her intentions.


"Is my close proximity with all these guys even affecting him one bit?" Riddhima thought irritated that her plan was backfiring. He looked busy talking to a bunch of chicks that were all gaga over him. She did notice him stealing glances at her but he didn't hold her gaze long enough for her to see how he really felt about her dancing with a bunch of guys she didn't even know. Riddhima was getting frustrated but she was not about to give up. She had already confessed what she had felt, and she knew they had no chance of being together, yet she still knew that he felt something more than lust for her. And she was waiting to hear it from his mouth. It hurt her ego how he acted like she was just another chick in his life because even she knew, she was way more than that for any guy. She was afterall, Riddhima Gupta. A chick that was impossible to forget. And she wouldn't let Armaan Mallik forget her so fast.


Armaan kept himself busy with a bunch of chicks but each one had some flaw in them. To Armaan, appearance mattered more than personality. Why do you think he put up with Riddhima? She had a completely flawed personality yet she was the sexiest chick ever. But none of these chicks were a perfect ten for him. Some were too short, some had a big nose, some had frizzy hair, and some had a extra high pitched voice that gave Armaan a headache. Armaan sighed and shook his head. Why was everything going wrong for him? There had to be atleast one girl who Armaan would want to willingly spend time with. His eyes then fell on Audrina, a pretty brunette who was standing alone sipping her cocktail. "Finally something worthwhile" Armaan thought gratefully. He approached her and used his perfect charm on her and soon enough, he was leading her to the dance floor. "Wonder how Riddhima is gonna feel about this" Armaan thought as he swayed to the music with a beaming Audrina.


Riddhima's mouth dropped open as she watched the sight in front of her. Armaan was happily dancing with that girl that she had played volleyball with earlier in the day. "What was her name again?" Riddhima thought carefully. "Oh yeah Audrina." Riddhima rolled her eyes, clearly irritated with this chick. If she was a decent girl, she would've known better than to be with Armaan Mallik. But then again, Riddhima herself had been with him at one point. Armaan just had this charm that even the most decent girl would end up being a sl*t because of him. Riddhima's eyes stung as she watched Armaan pull Audrina really close and slightly bite her neck. Riddhima felt a lump in her throat as her plans came crashing down. "Is this really all a game for him? What type of way is this to make me jealous?" Riddhima thought upset with Armaan's actions. It was clear that he was doing this to make her jealous because she noticed both of them whispering and glancing at her every now and then. "Looks like he asked her to play along. I wonder what he has to give her in return. Oh of course, how can i forget, one night of pleasure" Riddhima thought utterly disgusted. Why was it so hard for him to confess that he actually felt something for her? Why was his ego so big that it stopped him from admitting his true feelings? "Why is he doing this to me?" Riddhima thought. "Is it because I said i was over him? So he couldn't take in how a girl had gotten over him so fast. It's true she lied. But atleast she didn't hide everything she felt for him. She was honest about her feelings, and he wasan't. "I'm tired of playing these games. I can't tolerate him and his ego anymore" Riddhima thought with her anger rising. "He can go bang Audrina for all i care. I'm done with this jealousy sh*t." Riddhima found those guys she was dancing with earlier and soon enough, a huge crowd formed around her. Even bigger than the one last time.

Armaan knew his actions filled Riddhima with jealousy and he let Audrina leave as she had to meet her boyfriend at a nearby bistro. Armaan had realised that it was Riddhima he wanted and no one else. He couldn't get her out of his mind even before his encounter with her earlier today. Their confrontation and her confession had strengthened his doubts that it was more than just one night with her for him. He wanted her and only her with him every night. It wasan't just her sexy appearance, it was even her flaws like her temper, ego, and controlling nature that he loved. He didn't know what love was because he had never experienced it before. All he knew was that Riddhima was the only girl who could leave him mesmerised and dumbfounded at her perfection. He regretted breaking her heart and hurting her, but he knew that it was not too late to mend those wounds. He loved her, he wanted her and his heart craved for her to such an extent that it was making him go crazy. And he knew that there was absolutely nothing that could stop him from getting Riddhima Gupta.


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