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Part 4 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Shilpa hesitantly glanced at Anjali who kept picking several dresses for her..
Shilpa : Anjie..Plzz dont be angry with me..
Anjali : Did i say i am angry...?
Shilpa : But you are so silent.. Since i have told..
Anjali glanced at her interrupting her words..
Anjali : I know i should actually smack your head for agreeing on going out with him..
Shilpa : Soo.. Why did you stop.. ?
Anjali stared at her for a while and smiled..
Anjali : Because after soo many days i have seen peace in you.. I dont think i should ruin it this time..
Shilpa glanced down at her dress..
Shilpa : Anjie.. Its just one dinner.. And Anyways you know right i am going back to mom..
Anjali : So did you tell him you are going away forever.. ?
Shilpa looked away biting her lips..
Shilpa : No.. I just said for a holiday..

Anjali : So make sure you tell him by tonight.. I know Armaan is a jerk but i guess being such a close friend to you he deserves to know that..
Shilpa gave a silent nod taking Anjali's hand..
Shilpa : What would i have done without you Anjie..
Anjali grinned passing down a dress to her..
Anjali : You would be in great loss without me lady.. Anyways wear this tonight...
Shilpa gave a nice look at the dress..It was one of her new dress which she bought recently.. A black sleeveless dress with black lace.. Frowning she put down the dress
Shilpa : I am not wearing this..
Anjali : Ohh Come on Shilpa whats the harm anyways its not like you both are going on first date its just a dinner remember..
Shilpa hesitated a bit staring down at the dress.. Anjali sighed as she noticed the look on her face..
Anjali : Do you even Remember the Happy and free Shilpa..You were never self conscious like this before.. Come on be the old Shilpa again lets see whether he remembers you..

Parking the car infront of her house he set for a while thinking over everything.. He still couldnt reasoned out why he had asked her over dinner.. Was it over the guilt of treating her bad or was it to make up for their broken friendship.. He couldnt decide what he wished and wanted.. But onething in his heart he knew that she was the last person he wished to see walking out of his life..
Getting out of the car he walked towards her house to knock the door when suddenly the door flew open and Shilpa stepped out.. He stared at her for a while surprised seeing the sudden change in her attire.. He remembered the dress but he also remembered she was the who refused to wear it again..Shilpa looked up hesitantly to see him staring at her.. Feeling the blush rise on her cheeks she spoke..
Shilpa : Armaan.. Whats wrong.. ?
Hearing her voice he recovered and looked away feeling embarrassed..Why was this sudden feeling rising within him.. This wasnt the first time he had seen her in the dress...
Armaan : Umm No.. You look great Shona.. I mean Beautiful..
She secretly smiled seeing the embarrassed look on his face.. Trying to cover up the awkward atmosphere she spoke..
Shilpa : So..Shall we go.. ?

She followed him inside the beautiful restaurant looking around with a smile.. As the waiter led them to the corner table Armaan took out a chair for her avoiding to look at her.. Shilpa raised her eyebrow and took a seat..
Shilpa : I really dont need any formality..
And then he smiled making her heartbeat rise for a moment..
Armaan : Its not about formality.. I was just trying to be a gentlemen..
She looked away momentarily as the bitter memories of past month cameback in her head.. He noticed the hurt it her eyes which made him drown in guilt..
Armaan :  You still havent forgiven me for that incident..
Shilpa : One incident.. ?  How many incidents are there like that.. Still its fine i forgive you..
He didint speak.. Silence stretched among them for a long time.. Shilpa found it too hard to tolerate the rising tension between them.. As the dinner was done she got the chance to escape..
Shilpa : I think i should leave now.. Its late..
Her breath hitched as he held back her hand.. She turned back to him noticing the plead in his eyes..
Armaan : Shona plzz..
Shilpa : We are done with the dinner arent we... ?
He looked back in the hall and got up from his seat offering his hand..
Armaan : One dance with me..
She hesitated staring at his hand for a minute.. Clutching down her dress she wondered what to  do..
Armaan : One dance.. I dont want to see you go upset.. Let me make it up for you..

For onething she was glad the dance hall was dim light.. Being close to him it was much easy to avoid the awkwardness between them.. As he pulled her in his arms it surprised her seeing how perfectly they fit together.. She giggled suddenly as a thought ran in her mind..
Armaan : Care to explain the sudden laugh..
Shilpa : I was just wondering.. Dont you think we dance too much these days.. ?
Armaan : Is it a good thing or bad thing..
Shilpa : I.. I dont know..
Again silence stretched for a long time making her feel more uneasy..
Armaan : Shona.. I know i have been very bad towards you.. I am still trying to accept the fact that she have left me..
Its high time to tell him truth.. She knew but still she found it hard to tell him..
Armaan : I will try to make everything normal.. Just go and comeback soo Plz..
She glanced at him seeing the hurt in his eyes.. But She knew Anjali was right.. He deserved to know the truth.. She grasped his shoulders as he pulled her close..
Shilpa : Armaan.. I am not coming back..
She felt him go stiff at once.. Thats what she feared most.. Seeing his heartbreak again.. He moved back and with a stunned look..
Armaan : You dont mean it.. You didint mean it right Shona..
She bit her lips trying to control her tears.. The hurt on his face the shaken voice was breaking her heart..
Shilpa : I am sorry i lied.. Yes i am going back to Mamma.. But i dont intend to comeback..
She tried to reach him when he moved back shaking his head..
Armaan : So u mean.. Even you are leaving me back here.. All alone.. ?
Shilpa shook her head trying to make him understand.. But she herself felt loss of words not knowing what to say.. Suddenly he moved to her pulling her close..
Armaan : Am i that wrong.. Why are you not understanding me.. Cant you feel my pain ?
She hissed in pain feeling pressure of his hold.. Why dont you understand my pain.. Her heart pained..
Shilpa  : Armaan its hurts..
The pain in his eyes grew as he left her in the dance floor walking towards the bar area.. Shilpa stood still for a moment seeing his leave.. But as she noticed him taking a drink she walked towards him instanly..
Shilpa : Armaan Plzz dont..
He brushed away her hand passing a bitter smile..
Armaan : Do you even know how much i need you.. Still you are leaving me alone..
She didint like the pain in his eyes.. He drank the whole thing in one go and ordered for onemore..
Shilpa : Dont do this again..
Armaan : No just let me loose all senses.. I cant see you go away if i am in full senses.. I just cant see you leave..
Her eyes welled up as she stood helpless while he drowned himself in alcohol..

Once again in the very same situation she led him into her apartment while he kept murmuring her name in drunken state.. As She closed the door he pushed her away , Shilpa gripped the wall with gasping in surprise..
Armaan : Stay away from me.. I hate you..
Shilpa : Armaan plzz
Armaan : U hate me Shona.. So i also.. hate you..
Shilpa held his arm leading him to the bed..
Shilpa : Thats not true i dont hate you..
He again brushed off her hands staring at her in hurt and anger..
Armaan : Ohh yes u do.. Now you are also leaving me like Sara.. You are just like her..
She noticed him run a hand in his hair in frustration.. Shilpa moved back when he broke the vase on her table..
Shilpa : Armaan just stop it..
She tried to walk away when he pulled her back in his arms.. She tried to struggled but he held her firmly staring down at her with a sudden anger sending chills down her body..
Armaan : Dont you dare work off me..
Shilpa tried to struggle more seeing the sudden change in his behavior..
Shilpa : Armaan you are not in your senses.. Stop talking to me like that..
Something changed in his eyes.. His gaze traveled down on her lips staring down at her in hunger.. She shook her head realizing what was coming.. Her mind started to scream this was wrong..
In next instant his lips came down on hers.. She felt a sudden tremor run down her body with the feeling on her lips on hers.. He kissed her hard and with a sudden passion making her knees go weak.. Her mind was blocked with the touch of lips.. But soon she cameback on her senses as he cupped her face kissing her hard and rough.. She moaned trying her best to push him away.. Finally she succeeded.. She stared at him petrified with his change in behavior.. As he moved a towards her she slapped him hard on his cheek..
Shilpa : How dare you Armaan.. You cant treat me like This.. !!
She stepped back but soon regretted as he took the opportunity and pushed her to the bed overpowering her..
She tried to push him away but he held her firm.. Tears welled in her eyes as she stared at him in hurt and anger..
Shilpa : You are going to regret this Armaan..
She noticed his eyes heavy lidded.. For a instance she prayed him to doze of in sleep.. But her fear rose as tonight it wasnt happening..
He traveled his lips from her face down to her neck.. She lay still crying knowing how wrong this was going..
Shilpa : Armaan plzz dont do this..
Her name escaped from his lips as he moved his hands down on her leg.. She cried in protest brushing away his arms when he pulled back both her arms upto her face level staring down at her..
Armaan : You are not stopping me..
Shilpa : YOU ARE OUT OF UR MIND.. !! Leave me Armaan plzz..
She gasped loud as he ripped away her dress.. She felt scared and her fear rose as suddenly she felt too exposed infornt of him.. She kept trying her best to struggle but he held her tight and strong.. Her eyes got wide as she noticed Armaan pulling out the buttons of his shirt in druken state.. She shook her head protesting when he kissed her hard blocking away all the thoughts from her mind.. For a second she stopped struggling as he kissed her in a more clam and slow manner.. Sending chills down her spine... She didint knew when she started responding back to him kissing him senseless while caressing his hair.. Breaking the kiss he glanced down at her and spoke in a shaken voice..
Armaan : Dont leave me behind here.. Plzz.. Shona..
Lost in him for a moment she couldnt even realize when they were free from clothes dangled in sheets.. She touched his arms to stop him with pleading eyes..
Shilpa : Dont do this Armaan.. You will regret this..
Armaan : Will you.. Regret..
He moved close to her pulling her close.. She gasped feeling him so close for the first time.. Skin to skin she couldnt think straight..
A tear rolled down as he kissed her shoulder moving down..
Shilpa : I think i will regret the loss of friendship..

Pulling the sheets close to her she glanced at him sleeping peacefully.. She got up from the bed feeling a sudden pain rise in her body.. Slowly she walked to the washroom and closed the door silding down to the floor , putting on the shower.. And that night she cried hard realizing what have just happened.. She couldnt believe she let herself loose her senses and sleep with Armaan..


Precap :

Anjali : You dont have to worry now.. He wont dare to come near you..
Shilpa : What do you mean..
Anjali : I filed a case against him in police station for Raping you.. !

Love Aishy <3

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