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Part 5 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Anjali tells Atul the truth and they decide to go ask Rahul and Muskaan for help.  Rahul and Muskaan are romancing when Atul and Anjali come into the room.  They decide to help Armaan and Riddhima come together, and they call Sapna and tell her to come.  Sapna and Amit arrive, as well as Armaan.  Riddhima gets sad and shocked seeing Armaan there and goes away from there, while Armaan decides to get his Basket back.

Riddhima had locked herself in her room, and was sitting against the door with her knees bent up to her chest, her arms around them, and her face was between them and she was crying.  She couldn't believe that Armaan was here.  How could he be here?  After all, she never told him about where she was going, and nor did he ever know about Atul and Anjali's wedding.  Then how did he find out?  All these questions were killing her.  She wanted to be away from him, but as much as she tries, she always fails.

She suddenly felt a knock on the door.  She looked up.  Her face was tear-stained and the make-up was smeared all over her face.  She looked in the mirror and a low shriek came out of her mouth as she saw her face.  She quickly got up and ran into the bathroom and washed her face.  She quickly wiped it with a towel and came out.  The knock was getting louder.
" Aa rahi hoon! " Riddhima said irritated by the knock.  She finally opened the door and again was shocked.  Armaan was standing in front of her with his bag on the floor.  She was about to blast at him when she saw Padma coming towards her and Armaan.
" Arre Riddhima beta.  Yeh kya?  Armaan abhi, abhi aaya, aur tu usse mili bhi nahin.  Aisa kyun? " Now Riddhima was in a fix.  She didn't know what to say.  She never told Shashank and Padma about the REAL reason she had come to Delhi.
" Woh' mamma' actually' baat yeh hain ki' " Riddhima stammered through and Armaan took over.
" Woh mamma, actually Riddhima mujhse gussa hain.  Maine Riddhima ko promise kiya tha ki main usske saath AJ aur Anji ki shaadi ke liye aaunga, lekin baad mein mujhe ek important meeting ke liye jaana pada, aur Riddhima mujhse gussa hoke Rahul aur Muski ke saath chali aayi.  Bas, yehi baat hain. " Armaan said it effortlessly while Riddhima looked at him in surprise.
' Armaan ko kaise pata ki main Rahul aur Muski ke saath aayi thi? ' She wondered to herself.
" Oho Riddhima!  Itni si baat pe gussa ho gayi.  Armaan ko zaroori kaam aa gaya hoga, toh iss liye nahin aa paaya.  Iss mein kaunsi badi baat hain?  Armaan aa toh gaya na?  Ab chal Armaan ko maaf karde. " Riddhima looked at Padma, and then at Armaan, and then glared at the floor.
" Maine usse maaf kar diya. " She said through gritted teeth and crossed her arms.
" Good girl.  Ab chalo, main chalti hoon.  Tum dono ko aaraam karne deti hoon. " Padma patted Riddhima's head and said with a smile while Riddhima looked at her in shock.
" Matlab? "
" What do you mean by 'matlab'?  Armaan yahin, tere kamre mein rahega. " Padma said trying to clear everything.  Riddhima looked at her in disbelief.  She and Armaan had to stay in one room, together, and that too, for 2 WHOLE MONTHS!  Her head started to spin, and Riddhima slightly lost her balance and held the door for support.
" Riddhima!  Sab theek toh hain na? " Padma asked worriedly.
" Haan maa, main bilkul theek hoon.  Woh bas thodi kamzoori hain. " Riddhima lied and looked at Armaan.  He was trying to hide his smile, but was failing.  She gave him a hard glare and turned to Padma.
" Achha beta, ab main chalti hoon.  Tum dono aaraam kar lo. " She sweetly cupped both's faces together and then left.
As soon as she left, Armaan picked up his bag, and went inside the room and plopped himself on the bed, while Riddhima was mad.
" Kya kar rahe ho? " She asked him after closing the door.
" Basketball khel raha hoon.  Riddhima!  Rest kar raha hoon.  Jaise mamma ne kaha. " He sat up and said innocently.
" Dekho Armaan.  Zyaada smart banne ki koshish matt karo.  Main- " Riddhima said angrily with her index finger pointing at Armaan.  Suddenly, Armaan got up and started to go closer to her, and Riddhima retreated.
" Dekho Armaan, mujhse door raho. " she kept on going back, and then hit the wall.  She looked back at the wall, and then back at Armaan.  She tried to go from the right side, but Armaan blocked her way by putting his hand on the wall.  Riddhima looked at him.  She tried to go from the left side too, but Armaan blocked that one as well.  She looked back at him, and this time, he was really close to her this time.
" Ar...Armaan.  Jaane do mujhe. " Riddhima spoke with great difficulty due to the proximity they shared.
" Nahin. " He whispered.  He was staring deep into her green, emerald eyes.  Riddhima was getting breathless.  This proximity between them was killing her.  She clenched her fingers into one, hard fist to try to control herself.
" Door raho mujhse. " she whispered.
" Tumse door rehne ke liye paas nahin aaya.  Aur waise bhi, main tumhara pati hoon.  Yeh toh mera hak hain. " He said in a warm, velvety voice, while Riddhima was getting angry.
" Hak?  Iss hak ko toh tum bohat pehle hi kho chuke ho. " She said it in a venomous voice.
" Issi liye tumne baahar mamma ke saamne kaha tha ki tumne mujhe maaf kar diya? " He said while pushing a hair strand back her ear.  Riddhima pushed his hand away.
" Maine jhooth kaha tha. " Riddhima said through gritted teeth.  Armaan looked at her.
" Jhooth? "
" Haan.  " Both stared at each other for a while, and then Riddhima pushed him away and ran into the bathroom and closed the door shut.  She leaned against the door and closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath.
On the other hand, Armaan looked at the door, with a longing expression.
" Main jaanta hoon Riddhima, ki bahaar jo bhi hua, woh sirf aur sirf ek dikhawa tha.  Aur main yeh bhi jaanta hoon ki tumne ab tak bohat aasoon bahaaye hain.  Lekin I promise Riddhima, main tumhari aankh mein kabhi bhi aasoon nahin aane dunga. " He made a promise to himself.  Armaan went to his bag and took out his night clothes.  He placed his clothes in the cupboard and then layed down on the bed.
After a while, Riddhima came out of the bathroom.  Armaan couldn't help but stare at her.  She was wearing a midnight blue nightie which ended at her mid-thigh.

" Riddhima" A soft whisper left Armaan's mouth.  Riddhima switched her weight onto her right leg and looked everywhere, but him.  She crossed her arms against her chest.
" Tum couch par suoge. " She said in a matter of fact tone, which brought Armaan back to the present.  He looked at her and then laugh a little.
" Main kyun couch par suon? " She looked at him.
" Kyunki maine kaha, iss liye. "
" Sorry.  Main couch par nahin so sakta. " He layed down with his hands behind his head, and his left leg on his right one.
" Kyun? "
" Kyunki mujhe couch par neend nahin aati. "
" Woh meri problem nahin hain. "
" Jaanta hoon. "
" Lekin main bed par soona chahti hoon. "
" Toh so jao. "
" Main tumhare saath nahin so sakti. "
" Sharma rahi ho?  Iss mein sharmane ki kya baat hain?  Pelhi baar mere saath bed par nahin so rahi ho. " Riddhima was getting more and more irritated with this.
" Haan, pehli baar nahin so rahi hoon.  Lekin ab, toh tum bhi koi aur hi lagne lage ho. " She said with anger and Armaan went quiet, knowing what she meant by that.  Riddhima took the pillow, a blanket, and a matress and slept on the ground, while Armaan kept looking at her.  Finally, after some time, sleep came to them.

Next morning...

Gupta Residence was filled with noise.  Today was Atul and Anjali's engagement.  They had divided the chores up like this:
Shashank & Amit:  Light and flower decorations
Rahul & Armaan:  Outside decorations
Padma & Sapna:  Kitchen dishes
Muskaan & Riddhima:  Dress and jewerlry for Anjali

Everyone were really busy with their work.  Shashank and Amit were running from one side of the room, to other continuously, telling the workers to do the work correctly, while Rahul and Armaan were doing the same outside.
On the other hand, Padma and Sapna were trying to make all the dishes as soon as possible, while Muskaan and Riddhima were at the mall, shopping for Anjali.  In about 9 hours, the house was filled with light and flowers.

At 5:00 PM...

The guest had started to arrive.  Shashank and Padma were welcoming the guests at the door.  After a while, Armaan, Rahul, and Amit came in.



All the girls went weak in their knees when they saw the boys.  But the boys payed no attention, as they were used to this.  They met up at a spot and smiled.
" Wow!  Kya ladkiyaan hain. " exclaimed Rahul.
" Abe oye!  Muski ko bataoon kya? " Armaan threatened.
" Oye!  Maare ga kya?  Uss bandariya ko pata chala toh woh to mujhe maar dalegi! " Armaan and Amit laughed at this.
" Waise guys, thank you very much.  " Armaan said.
" Kis liye? " asked Rahul.
" Meri help karne ke liye. "
" Oye!  Dobara thanks kaha na, toh thapar padega.  Samjha?  Hum tere dost hain.  Itna toh kar hi sakte hain na?  Lekin ek baat bata, kya tu sach mein uss ladki ke saath' "
" Haan.  Lekin jo bhi hua, uss mein meri koi galti nahin thi. "
" Lekin Amy assal mein kya hua tha?  Aur woh ladki aakhir thi kaun? " asked Amit.  Armaan went quiet for while, but then spoke up.
" Yeh main tum logo ko abhi nahin bata sakta.  Main waqt aane par sab such bata dunga.  Par trust me guys, maine kuch bhi galat nahin kiya. "
" We trust you Amy. " Rahul and Amit spoke together in unison and placed their hands on Armaan's shoulders.  Armaan hugged them both.
" Ok bas guys, ab yeh emotional drama band karo.  Aaj AJ ki engagement hain.  Khush raho yaar! " Amit tried to lighten up the mood after breaking apart.
" Sahi hain.  But Amit.  Ek baat bata.  Mujhe aur Raooool ki toh shaadi ho gayi.  Ab tera kya plan hain? "
" Ho jayegi. "
" Koi ladki mili?  "
" Haan Rahul.  Ladki toh hain.  Bas.  Usski haan ki der hain.  Usske baad meri bhi shaadi mein nachna padega. "
" Kaun hain woh? " asked Armaan.
" Yeh toh usske iqraar ke baad hi bataunga. " Amit smiled while Armaan and Rahul whined a little.  The trio talked for a while, when they noticed that suddenly the hall had gotten quiet.  They looked at the stairs and were stunned.  The 3 girls had arrived.



Armaan, Rahul, and Amit were totally mesmerized seeing the girls.  They felt like keep watching the girls forever.  The girls came, and stood in front of the boys.  They knew that the boys were lost in them, so they snapped in front of their eyes to bring them back to Earth.  The boys looked here and there.
" Pakde gaye na. " Sapna said.
" Matlab? " asked Amit.
" Arre, humme ghoorte huye pakde gaye na. "
" Oh. " The girls laughed at the boys' condition and were about to tease them further when Shashank came upon the stage.
" Ladies and gentlemen.  I'm really happy to see you all here tonight.  Today is a really special occasion for me.  Aaj meri beti, Anjali Gupta ki engagement, Atul Joshi ke saath hone waali hain.  So can we please have them on stage? " Everyone clapped and then Atul and Anjali came down the stairs, hand in hand.


They finally came on stage and everyone stopped clapping.

" So can we exchange the rings please? " said Shashank.

First, Anjali gave Atul the ring.

Finally, Atul gave Anjali the ring.

Anjali smiled at the ring.
" It's beautiful. "
" But not more than you. " Anjali smiled with tears in her eyes and hugged him.  Everyone clapped.  They broke apart and Atul held out his hand in front of her.
" May I? " He asked politely.  Anjali looked at his hand and backed out.
" Nahin.  Aise nahin.  Main tumhara haath tab hi thamoongi, jab tum kuch aisa karo, ki main majboor ho jaun.  Tumhe khud mera haath dene ke liye. " Anjali crossed her hands across her chest and said with a smirk on her face.
" Matlab? " Atul asked confused.
" Matlab, tumhe shayari se mujhe manana hoga. " Anjali said.
" Arre.  Yeh toh AJ chutki baja kar, kar dega. " Armaan came in front and snapped.
" Dekte hain. " Riddhima, too, came in front and crossed her arms.
" Yes, we will. " Armaan replied.  Atul smiled and came forward.
" Heere, moti, daaman mein uske bhar dunga.  Duniya ke sukh, chain, sabhi uss par nirchavar main kar dunga. " Atul said and Anjali smiled.
" Iss mein hain kya baat nayi, yeh toh sab hi kehte hain.  Yeh sun kar bhi tumhare saath na aaun, toh tum kya kar loge? " Anjali said and placed her right hand on her hips.
" Anji come on yaar!  Yeh kaisa savaal hain?  Agar koi ladki aana hi nahin chahti, toh phir ladka kya kar sakta hain? " said Rahul.
" No, no, no!  Javaab toh dena hi padega.  Warna Anji ko bhul jao. " said Muskaan.  The boys looked at each other confused and the girls laughed.
" Kyun Armaan?  Koi javaab nahin hain? " Riddhima asked Armaan.  Everyone thought that Riddhima was talking about the answer to Anjali's question, but the truth was that she was looking for her question's answer, and Armaan understood this.
" Javaab toh hain. " Armaan answered back with a smile.  Riddhima looked at him all confused.  He smiled and went to the center.  Suddenly the lights dimmed.  Everyone was surprised at this.  Suddenly the music started.


Make some noise
( A spot light comes on )

Put your hands up, come on
( The light comes back, and there are many people in the center.  The music starts and they start to dance )

Come on come on now
( The dancers raise both of their hands and make the 'come' gesture  2 times, and put their hands back down and move their shoulders front and back )

Break to the beat get down
( They move their right hand forward 2 times, and backward 2 times )

Sing it along Soniye'
( They jump from side to side and Armaan comes from between them and starts to sing )
Dhak dhak dhak, mera dil dhadke
( He moves his right fist to his heart 3 times, and moves his left shoulder forward while benting downwards )

Tere bin, tere bin dil na lage
( He looks at Riddhima, smiling and then shooks his head from side to side )

Oye dhak dhak dhak mera dil dhadke,
Tere bin, tere bin dil na lage
( Same steps as the video )

Jab jab dekhu tere mukhda haseen,
Akhiyon mein milne ke khwab saje

Tujhe doli mein bithake,
Teri maang sajake,
Le jaaun main tujhko churaake
( Same as the video )

Soniye, meri soniye,
mere naal aaja soniye (3)

( Armaan looks at Riddhima, who is looking at him, but looks away.  Muskaan and Sapna come in and do the steps from the video )

You're so beautiful
You got the moves, but your in control
Oh meri sweet, hot soniye
You make me hip, you make me hop,
So lets beat it on non-stop
( Armaan, Rahul, and Amit sing )

Kehte hain, pyaar kisse,
Aaj humko yeh batla de'
( Muskaan puts her arm on Sapna's shoulder and pretends to think and sings while looking towards Rahul.  He smiles and stares at her with love )

Kehte hain,
Pyaar kisse,
Aaj humko yeh batla de
( Muskaan and Sapna turn and snap their fingers with both their hands in front of them and then put their hands back to their sides and Sapna  sings )

Pyaar ka,
Diwaane zaara samjha de
( Sapna brings her wrist in front of her face and makes the crazy gesture with both of her hands, while looking at Amit and then crosses her arms across her chest and sings )

Rakhdo kadam tum apne jahaan par,
Jaan wahi hum de denge,
( Rahul and Amit come and sing and do the steps from the video and Muskaan and Sapna do the same and then Rahul stands beside Muskaan, and Amit stands beside Sapna )

Itni ijazat rabb mujhe de de,
Saajeda ve ishq ta kar loon
( Amit and Rahul do the same steps from the video )

Haan tujhe doli mein bithake,
Teri maang sajaa ke,
Le jaaun main tujhko choora ke

Soniye, meri soniye,
Mere naal aaja soniye
Soniye, meri soniye,
Mere naal aaja soniye
( Rahul and Amit do the same steps and sing )

( Everyone is on the dance floor, dancing and Amit raps.  Armaan and Riddhima bump into each other, and stare at each other.  Riddhima breaks the eye lock and looks away.  Anjali and Riddhima come on the dance floor to dance )

Chod ke main
Apno ko
Tere saath kaise jaaun
( Anjali comes behind Riddhima and places her chin on her shoulder, and sings looking towards Atul )

Chod ke main
Apno ko
Tere saath kaise jaaun
( Riddhima and Anjali take a few steps forward and raise both of their hands, connecting them together, and then separate them and then back together.  Then they move their right hand from their left arm, to the right and then point at Armaan and Atul, while Riddhima sings )

Rishton ko
Soch, soch main ghabraon
( Then they just stand there and Riddhima continues to sing )

Hogi kami mehsoos na unki
Itna khayal main rukhonga
( Armaan and Atul go to their respective ladies and hold their hands while they try to go, and they bring them back in a swift motion, with their hands on the girls' waists )

Kehna saka jo baat zubaan se
Akhon se meri pad le
( Armaan stares deep into Riddhima's eyes, telling her to read the love he has for her and Riddhima looks away and breaks apart, while on the other hand Atul does the same, and Anjali blushes and runs away )

Oh tujhe doli mein bithake
Teri maang saja ke
Le jaaun main tujhko chura ke
( Riddhima turns to go away, but Armaan brings her back and puts his thumb on Riddhima's 'maang' as if to fill it, and then points at everyone, and then quickly takes his hand away from her face like in the video )

Oye!  Soniye, meri soniye
Mere naal aaja soniye
Soniye, meri soniye
Mere naal aaja soniye
( Armaan does the same steps from the video )

Soniye, meri soniye
Mere naal aaja soniye
( Atul, Rahul, and Amit, too, join in and do the same steps )

Soniye, meri soniye
Mere naal aaja soniye
( Everyone joins in and they dance )

Soon the night is over, and everyone retire to their rooms. 
" Hello? " A male voice answers his phone.
" Main bol rahi hoon.  Kya ho raha hain vahaan par? " a female voice speaks up.
" Atul and Anjali ki engagement ho chuki hain. "
" Aur woh dono? "
" Armaan New Delhi pohanch chuka hain.  Aur woh Riddhima ko manaane ki koshish kar raha hain. Lekin Riddhima usski koi baat sunne ko tayaar nahin hain. "
" Good! "
" Waise tum vahaan kab jaa rahi ho? "
" Kuch hi dino mein.  Aur tum? "
" Mera plan toh tum jaanti hi ho. "
" Hmm.  Ab main phone rakti hoon. " And she hungs up the phone.

" Armaan Mallik.  I'm coming. "

Who is this girl?  Who is the guy?  What are they planning to do?  Keep reading to find out'


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