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Part 5 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Shilpa set up on the bed resting her chin on her knees while staring down at his picture.. She ran a hand on his smiling face while tears formed in her eyes.. How easily things could change.. In one moment a big turn was taken in their relation.. She shivered as the memories of last night rushed back in her mind .. Every touch every moment felt sinfully good.. It was something which she had never felt ever in life.. She tried her best to hate him, his every touch , his every single caress but became unsuccessful.. Instead a yearning raised betraying herself how much she want to feel back the touch of him.. It increased the guilt on her heart for submitting to him willingly.. Anjali strode inside her room in a fast pace Shilpa cleared her tears and glanced up at her..
Anjali : How are you feeling now.. ?
Shilpa : I am fine.. Dont worry..
Anjali : I did inform aunty..
Shilpa glanced at her worried...
Shilpa : No u didint.. I told you dont tell her at all..

Anjali : Calm down.. I just told her you will stay here for somedays..
Shilpa sighed glancing away feeling uneasy.. Anjali noticed the frustrated look on her face.. Sitting beside her she took her hand..
Anjali : You dont have to worry now.. He wont dare to come near you..
Shilpa : What do you mean..
Anjali : I filed a case against him in police station for Raping you.. !
Fully stunned Shilpa got up from bed..
Shilpa : You really did that.. ?
Anjali : Yes i did.. And i am not backing away in this.. He have to be punished for forcing on you..
Shilpa : Anjie.. You are not understanding..
Anjali : Oh come on i am understanding every single thing.. Damn it was a Rape... !!
Shilpa : NO ITS NOT.. !!
Anjali got up from bed surprised by her words..
Anjali : Dont do this Shilpa.. I cant believe.. You really..
She glanced away as the memories flowed back in her mind..

Armaan leaned back to the wall as a lone tear escaped.. Clenching his fist he tried to remember desperately wishing everything was clear for him.. But everything felt painfully blur.. Small moments clicked in his mind.. Which filled more shame and guilt within him.. He glanced around the Jail cell with sorrow.. This was what he had deserved for hurting the most important person in his life.. Armaan felt disgusted of himself.. Sara's depature was long forgotten.. It was now replaced with the a more worse pain of hearting someone who cared for him.. Always beside him in his bad circumstances..
Armaan : Why did this Happen.. ?What have i become..

She walked inside the police station with Anjali who kept trying to ease of her anger.. As she reached to the main officer she took a seat directing at Anjali to speak.. Anjali glared at her and took a seat..
Anjali : I want to take back my case against Armaan Mallik..
Officer glanced at her in surprise..
Officer : But Mam.. You told me this was a rape case..
Anjali cleared her throat looking away..
Anjali : Well i had been mistaken.. So i would like to take back my complain..
Officer looked at her suspiciously and glanced at Shilpa with a grim face..
Officer : Mam are you sure.. See if you are in any kind of hesitation plzz dont get scared we know well how to deal with such cases..
Shilpa shook her head slowly staring down..
Shilpa : My friend was mistaken.. It was.. Just a mutual decision.. I hope you understand..
Officer gave a nod understandingly..
Officer : Ok if you are sure about this i will let him go now..
Shilpa gave a nod and instantly got up from her seat when Officer interrupted..
Officer : Mam you have to wait for half and hour.. We have some procedures to carry on.. You have to sign in some documents..
Shilpa set back in the chair biting her lips suddenly feeling scared to face him.. Shilpa set lost in her thoughts for a while when Anjali interrupted softly..
Anjali : I have to go now Shilpa.. Urgent work in office..
Shilpa gave a silent nod and looked away when Anjali held her hand..
Anjali : Will you be ok.. ?
Shilpa : Dont worry i will be fine.. As soon as documents are done i will go back home..
Anjali : Yes do that.. And i will call you tonight.. Take care..
As Anjali walked out of the police station Shilpa tried to put off the shaky feeling within her suddenly feeling scared..

Surprised and confused Armaan walked outside to the officer's desk.. But a halt came to his steps as he noticed Shilpa who set there staring down.. He could easily sense the discomfort and uneasiness she was feeling.. It was easily visible on her face.. Hesitating a bit he walked towards the officer who directed him to take a seat.. Shilpa instantly moved back a little as he step beside.. He felt his heartbreak seeing that..
Officer : Complain has been taken back against you now that Ms. Shilpa Malhotra has agreed there has not been any sort of rape..
Armaan stared at him stunned as a sudden shame filled inside him.. Despite of whatever happened last night she was trying to save him...
Armaan : But officer..
Shilpa interrupted him quickly..
Shilpa : Officer can you tell me where to sign... I am in a hurry..
Officer : Mam you can sign here and Mr.Mallik plz sign here beside..
Shilpa signed quickly and stood up when Armaan took the pen to sign.. After signing the documents he glanced at her retreating back while she strode of the station...

Shilpa walked quickly in a hasty pace.. For now the only thing she wished and wanted was to get away from him as soon as possible.. Lock herself in her room and cry out hard to ease her pain.. She kept walking lost in her thoughts when suddenly she felt his voice behind her..
Armaan : Shilpa.. Wait...
Shilpa stood still but didint dare to turn and face him.. Tears welled up in her eyes as she tried to control her fear and hesitation.. She didint wish to face him , she couldnt.. Armaan hesitated for a while and reached towards her making her turn towards him.. His heart pained as he saw tears in her eyes.. The pain in them.. Slowly he touched her cheeks when she brushed it off roughly moving away from him..
Shilpa : Plzzz... Plzz dont touch me..
Armaan : Am so sorry..
He tried to reach her when she moved back shaking her head..
Shilpa : No plzz dont come close.. Its over.. Stay away from me..
His heart ached hearing her words.. But he couldnt blame her for anything.. He was the reason for the disaster..
Armaan : If you dont want.. I want come close to you.. But why did you lie..
Shilpa : I didint lie..
Armaan : I deserved to be in Jail.. I did for you.. It all happened cauxe i forced it on you..
She glanced at him as their eyes locked up for a moment.. He tried to search in her eyes for answers but she kept a blank look on her face..
Shilpa : Watever happened last night.. It happened because i let it happen.. I have equal fault in this..
He couldnt built up much courage to speak.. Frustratedly he ran a hand in his hair.. It was just not easy to swallow that she could give in into the moment willingly.. How could be it possible.. Specially when they havent even shared anything else further than friendship..
Armaan : I know my fault is there in it.. I dont want you to take all blame on yourself when you dont have any fault.. Plzz Shona..
Shilpa turned away confused over her own feelings.. Her heart screamed out loud to tell him the truth..
Shilpa : I.. I should go now..
He interrupted again making it more miserable for her.. When he spoke she felt the hidden desperation and pain in it..
Armaan : Dont you think we can work this out.. ?
She turned back to him with a determined look.. It was hard to act strong infront of him.. Specially after what occurred between them which couldnt be denied..
Shilpa : There is nothing we can do about it now Armaan.. Damage is already done.. I dont think we can work this out..
Biting her lips she kept a straight face trying her best not to cry infront of him.. He stood motionless for a moment , his face full of pain and sorrow.. How she wanted to reach to him , comfort him and ease her own pain.. He glanced back at her and gave a curt nod and walked away from her leaving behind Shilpa with a broken heart..
She turned away and started walking back to her home with tears flowing from her eyes.. With each step she took away from him she felt the barrier between them grow.. Step into a life full of sorrow and pain..

Precap :

It rained hard.. She tried her best not to get drenched in the rain while leaning to the wall.. She glanced back to road and gasped as she noticed a figure come towards her.. Fully drenched he moved towards her while she gripped the wall avoiding to look at him..
Shilpa : Armaan what are you doing here..

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