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Part 6 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Armaan and Riddhima have a close moment together.  Atul and Anjali get engaged.  Two people talk to each other and get details about Armaan and Riddhima.

The next morning, Armaan and Riddhima were in their room.  They had gotten up and Riddhima was in the bathroom, taking a shower, while Armaan was sitting on the couch, finishing up some work on his laptop.

He was suddenly hit by some water droplets and he moved his face to the other side.  When he moved his head back, he was completely mesmerized with the scene in front of him.

Riddhima was trying to towel-dry her hair.  She was wearing a pink and orange strapless top, with light blue jeans on the bottom.  Her hair was all wet and a bit curly.  She had a few droplets on her shoulder, neck, and on her upper chest.

Armaan couldn't tear his gaze away from her.  He was totally drowning into her.  He gulped the saliva in his mouth, as he tried his best, not to lose himself, but was failing miserably.  He wanted to lick the drops on her body and feel her rosy lips on his own.

Riddhima, who felt someone's gaze on her, turned around and saw Armaan staring at her with immense love, passion, and intensity.  She always hated the way he stared at her because she would always end up losing herself to him.

Armaan got up and went towards her.  He raised his hand and took it up to her face.  He gently brushed a hair lock away from her face and Riddhima closed her eyes and slightly parted her lips, and then opened her eyes again.  Armaan cupped a side of her face and leaned forward.  Riddhima closed her eyes and Armaan captured her lips.  He kissed her gently as he savored her taste.  Riddhima placed her hands behind his neck and Armaan placed his hands around her waist and pulled her closer.  He tightened his grip on her and then explored her mouth with his tougue.  Her hand snaked up to his hair and grabbed a fistful of them which aroused him even more.  He gently bit her lower lip and his hand went under her top.  He made small circles on her back and stroked it.  His other hand went up to where the zipper on her top was and unzipped it.

He suddenly heard the bathroom door opening and being closed shut.  He looked around and found himself on the couch and then looked at the bathroom door.  Riddhima was coming out of the bathroom in the same clothes and her hair was a little wet, but was brushed through.

' Sapna tha.  Sigh.  Yeh ladki toh mujhe maar hi dalegi.  Lekin kaash yeh sapna na hota. '  Armaan smiled and thought to himself.

" Aise muskurah kyun rahe ho? " Riddhima asked.

" Kyunki mera mann kar raha hain.  Aur waise bhi, muskurahe par tax lagta hain kya? " Armaan retorted back.  Riddhima became irritated and answered back.

" Fine!  Jo karna hain, karo! "

" Sachi? " Armaan asked.

" Haan. "

" Matlab mujhe jo karna hain main kar sakta hoon. " Armaan got up and started to go towards her.  Riddhima became alert.

" H...haan. " Armaan kept going towards her and Riddhima started to retreat.  He was looking straight at her with something in his eyes, that Riddhima couldn't put her finger at.  She suddenly hit the wall and Armaan came really close to her.  Riddhima stared into Armaan's eyes.  She was getting lost into them.  Armaan raised his hand and took it near her face, and then instead of touching her, he took the towel that was behind her, and went into the bathroom, smiling, leaving a shocked Riddhima behind.

" Yeh mujhe kya ho gaya tha?  Main apne aap ko kyun usske aas paas control nahin kar sakti? " Riddhima asked herself.

At lunch...

Everyone was coming down for lunch and they sat down.  They were in this order:

 Shashank and Padma were on the opposite sides of the table.  Rahul and Muskaan were sitting beside each other with Rahul beside Padma.  Armaan and Riddhima were sitting beside them and Amit was sitting beside Riddhima and Shashank.  Sapna was opposite Amit, with Anjali and Atul beside her.

The servants started to serve the food and they had started to eat.  Riddhima and Armaan were about to eat their food, when Muskaan stopped them.

" Ek minute Ridzi. " Armaan and Riddhima looked up.

" Yeh kya baat hain?  Tum dono aise khana khaoge? " Everyone looked at them confused.

" Matlab? " Armaan and Riddhima said at once.

" Arre!  Tum dono bhi na.  Ek dum budhu ho!  Amy, tu Ridzi ko apne haathon se khana khila, aur Ridzi, tu bhi wahi kar. " Muskaan cleared it up.  Riddhima looked at her in shock, while Armaan was doing somersaults inside.

" Lekin Muski main- " Riddhima started to speak, but Muskaan cut her off.

" Lekin, vekin kuch nahin Ridzi!  Tujhe karna hi padega! " Riddhima looked at her in defeat, and then at Armaan.  Armaan got a morsel in his hand and offered it to Riddhima.  Riddhima hesitated, but then opened her mouth and Armaan fed it to her.

Riddhima, too, got a morsel and gave it to Armaan, who was more than happy to eat with her hands and was looking at her, and while having the bite, Armaan slightly bit her finger deliberately, and Riddhima hissed.  She took her hand back and looked at it.  It was bleeding a little, but she covered it up with a napkin, and the gang smiled.  After all their plan had worked.

The rest of the lunch passed by quickly with everyone chit chatting and talking about random stuff.

Around 1:00, the gang was sitting in the garden.  Atul and Rahul were laying on Anjali and Muskaan's lap, while Armaan and Amit were laying on the ground.  The girls, too, were sitting on the ground, but they were leaning against the trees there.

" Guys.  Aaj ka kya plan hain?  Main toh bore ho gayi hoon. " said Sapna.

" Let's do this.  Why not go to shopping? " said Muskaan.

" Great idea! " said Riddhima.

" Shopping and us?  No ways! " Amit and Atul said together.

" Yea man!  Shopping is boring! " said Armaan.

" Yea! " The boys said in unison.

" Arre Sangeet ki shopping toh karni padegi na?  Warna uss mein pehne ge kya? " said Anjali.

" Haan.  Aur tum ladkon ka toh pata nahin, lekin hum ladkiyon ko achha dikhna hain. " said Riddhima.

" Toh achha dikhne mein kahaan mana kiya hain?  Humme toh sirf shopping mein interest nahin hain.  Aur waise bhi.  Tum ladkiyaan tayaar hone mein kam se kam paanch ghante laga ti ho.  Humme dekho.  Hum sirf paanch minute mein tayaar ho jaate hain. " replied Armaan.

" Yea.  Kyunki tum logo ko make-up nahin karna hota.  Tum logo ke baal lambe nahin hote.  Aur hum ladkiyon ki tarah lehnge, saari, yeh sab nahin pehna hota.  Aur jis cheez ke baare mein pata na ho na, usske baare kuch bolo matt. " Riddhima retorted back.

" Arre!  Toh kya humne kahan hain itne lambe baal rakhne ke liye?  Aur waise bhi, tum log itna make-up kyun karte ho?  I'm sure.  Make-up ke bina toh bilkul darawane lagte hoge.  And saari pehehn ne mein kitni der lagti hain?  Bas yahaan, vahaan pallu ko tuck karna hota hain.  Iss mein kitni der lagti hain? " Armaan sat up and retorted.  All the girls' jaws pretty much touched the floor by the time Armaan was done.

" Haan!  Sahi baat hain.  Yeh Muskaan kitna time lagati hain tayaar hone mein.  For example.  Agar humme party mein chhe baje jaana ho, toh isse teen baje se tayaar hona shuru karna padta hain. " Rahul agreed with Armaan and Muskaan became angry.  She jerked Rahul up from her lap by pulling his hair.

" Kya kaha?  Main tayaar hone mein teen ghante lagati hoon? "

" Aah!  Muskaan!  Dard hota hain! " Rahul exclaimed.

" Toh?!  Teri himmat kaise huyi aisa kehne ki?  Huh?  Main itni achhi tarah se tayaar hoti hoon na, issi liye tujhe itne achhe, achhe compliments milte hain.  Samjha kya?  Kaan khajure! " Muskaan literally yelled at Rahul.

" Toh itna chila kyun rahi hain? " Rahul yelled back.

" Oye Muski!  Rahul ko maar kyun rahi hain.  Sach hi toh bol raha hain.  Tum ladkiyaan tayaar hone mein kitna time lagati ho. " Atul said, trying to defend the boys, but regretted that immediately as Anjali did something similar to Atul.

" Kya kaha? " Anjali said with anger and amazement.

" A...A...Anj...ali... mere kehne ka... woh matlab... nahin tha. " Atul stammered through and then looked at her helplessly.

" Toh tumhare kehne ka kya matlab tha? " Anjali said with a sarcastic smile.  Atul searched for words, but failed.

" Rehne do Atul.  Tum saare ladke ek jaise hi hote ho! "

" Oye!  What do you mean by ' tum saare ladke ek jaise hi hote ho'? " Amit mimicked Anjali.

" Anji yeh kehna chahti hain, ki tum ladko ko humari koi kadar hi nahin hain! " Sapna defended Anjali.

" Oye!  Humne aisa kab kaha? " Rahul stood up.

" Kehne ka matlab toh yeh hi tha na? " Muskaan too stood up, with her hands on her hips, and faced Rahul.

" Dekho Muskaan.  Tum ladkiyaan baat ka batangar matt banao ok! " Armaan too stood up.

" Kya?  Hum baat ka batangar banate hain? " Riddhima too got up and placed her hands on her hips.

" Haan! " Armaan said did the similar thing.

" You know what?  Go to hell!  Let's go girls. " Riddhima said and left with the girls.

" Yo Basket!  Address toh bataati jao! " Armaan yelled after Riddhima and high-fived the boys.

" Yaar Armaan.  Tujhe nahin lagta ki kuch zyaada hi ho gaya. " said Rahul.

" Haan, yaar.  Teri vajah se meri Anjali bhi mujhse rhuth gayi. " Atul agreed with Rahul.

" Arre yaar, koi gal nahin.  Yeh ladkiyaan jaldi maan jayegi.  Inko manaana toh mere bai haath ka khel hain.  After all, mere paanch saal ka experience kab kaam aayega? " Amit said with full confidence.

" Kyun?  Tu kya karega? " said Armaan.

" Come here boys. " Amit called the boys into a circle and told them the plan.  When they were done, they high-fived again, and left the garden.
The girls were in Anjali's room, getting ready to go to the mall.  They were just finishing up final touch ups, when there was a knock on the door.  Sapna went, and opened the door and saw a huge white teady bear with a red heart in the middle which said 'I am Sorry' in big, white letters.

" Hey girls.  See this. " she gained all the girls' attention and they came to the door to see what was happening.  They were surprised to see the teady bear there.

" Arre.  Isse yahaan kaun leke aaya? " said Anjali in a disgusted tone.

" Yeh toh kitna cute hain! " exclaimed Riddhima.

" Haan.  Lekin, isske peeche kaun hain? " said Sapna.

" Oye!  Bahar aao! " said Muskaan.  The bear came down and the boys were in front of them, with their hands pulling their ears.

" Sorry. " The boys said very cutely and the girls couldn't help, but find them adorable and forgive them.

" It's ok. " The girls said together.

" Lekin hum tumhe ek hi shart pe maaf kar sakte hain. " said Muskaan.

" Kya? " The boys asked in unison.

" Tum saare ladkon ko humare saath shopping par aana padega. " Sapna answered their questions.  The boys exchanged looks, and then gulped.

" Ok.  Hum aayenge. " Armaan said, and the girls smiled widely.

" Toh chalo! " the girls said in a unison.

At the shopping mall...

The girls were at the jewelry store, looking for some jewelry for the Sangeet.  The boys were totally bored with the shopping.

On the other hand, Riddhima was confused on which one to choose as she liked 2 of them.

" Sapzi.  Meri help kar na.  Mujhe toh kuch bhi samajh mein nahin aa raha.  Kaunsa loon? " Riddhima complained, and Sapna smiled.  Armaan heard Riddhima's confusion and took a look at all the jewelries in the shop.  A beautiful set caught his eyes.

" Riddhima.  Tum yeh necklace le lo.  Yeh tum par bohat suit karega. " Armaan took the set to Riddhima and showed it to her.  Riddhima looked at the set and was astonished.

' Yeh toh kitna khubsurat hain.  Lekin maine isse kaise nahin dekha? ' Riddhima thought to herself.  She thought to buy it, but then hesitated to say it as she didn't want to give Armaan any more hopes.

" Nahin, mujhe yeh waala zyaada pasand hain. " Riddhima chose a blue sapphire necklace.  Armaan looked at her with a hurt look.  He had seen the happiness and excitement in her eyes when she saw the necklace, but the same excitement was then replaced with a calculative look.  But he didn't give up.  He took the necklace and placed it around her neck and then showed her, her reflection in the mirror.  Riddhima looked at Armaan with a ' what the hell are you doing ' look.  She was highly irritated with him.

" Armaan maine kaha na ki mujhe yeh necklace nahin chahiye.  Toh phir kyun zid kar rahe ho? " she blasted on him, which gained everyone's attention.  Sapna, who was quiet til now, decided to take the matter in control.  She told everyone to go back to their work and then turned to Riddhima.
" Ridzi.  Yeh necklace tum par bohat hi achha lag raha hain.  Toh phir tu usse kyun nahin le leti? " She tried to make Riddhima listen, and Riddhima tried to protest.

" Lekin Sapzi mujhe- "

" Bas Ridzi!  Bohat ho gaya!  Tu yeh necklace le rahi hain, and that's final! " Sapna cut her off, and Riddhima went quiet seeing Sapna's anger.  She told the shop manager to pack the set and they left the shop.  They had finished almost all the shopping and only the clothes section had left.  Atul, Anjali, Rahul, and Muskaan had already done their clothes shopping when Amit, Sapna, Armaan, and Riddhima were doing some other things, and they had already left for home as they were extremely tired.

Amit, Sapna, Armaan, and Riddhima headed to the clothes section in the mall.  They looked around and saw some really good lehengas and saris and sherwanis and all other good stuff.  Amit and Armaan went to the men's department.  They shopped for the sherwanis there for Sangeet, while Sapna and Riddhima were still shopping for their dresses.

Sapna had bought her dress, while Riddhima went to the trial room to try on hers.  She tried on her lehenga, and tried on her blouse.  She tried to tie a knot on the back, but failed repeatedly.  Giving up, she decided to call for Sapna.

" Sapna!  Zara trial room mein to aana!  Mujhse yeh dori band nahin rahi hain! " she yelled for Sapna.  At the same time, Armaan was passing by to check on Sapna and Riddhima, and heard Riddhima's yells.

" Sapna! " Riddhima yelled a little louder.  Sapna heard her this time and was about to go in, when she saw Armaan there.  She looked around, and saw no one there, except for her and Armaan.  A smile came on her face.  She slowly sneaked out of the section, and bumped into someone, and was about to fall, when someone catched her, by her waist.  She opened her eyes and saw that she was held by Amit.  She tried to tear her gaze away from him, but for some reason, she couldn't.

Amit, on the other hand, was enjoying the feeling of holding Sapna close to him.  He always craved to hold her, and today his wish came true, but along with the wish came a secret desire.  The desire to make her, his.

Sapna came out of the trance, and stood up.

" I'm sorry. " Sapna couldn't meet his eyes, but managed to mumble a sorry.

" It's ok. " he replied with a smile.

" Let's go inside. " he said, pointing towards the clothes shop.  He started to go when Sapna held his hand, and pulled him.

"Nahin!  Koi zaroorat nahin hain!  Humme Armaan aur Riddhima ko akele chod na chahiye.  Chalo hum ghar chalte hain. " Sapna said in a low whisper, looking towards them, while Amit was totally lost in her.

Receiving no answer from him, she looked at him, and found herself lost in him.  They had a eye lock for a long time, and then Sapna got back to the real world.  She left his hand and stepped away from him.

" Umm, let's go. " Amit said, and they started to go.

' Yeh mujhe kya ho gaya tha?  Main Amit se apni nazar kyun nahin hata pa rahi thi? '  she asked herself and looked at Amit for some time, and then left the mall.

On the other hand, just after Sapna sneaked out from the store, Armaan looked around and found no one in the store.  So he decided to go into the trial room.

" SAPNA!  Tu kahaan hain! " Riddhima called out for Sapna for the umpteenth time.  Armaan tracked Riddhima's voice, and opened the door to the room, where Riddhima was.  To his luck, Riddhima's back was facing him, and she wasn't looking in the mirror as she was looking at the other side.   Armaan was mesmerized with what he was seeing.  Riddhima's entire back was visible to him as Riddhima's blouse, only contained 2 strings and she wasn't able to tie them as they was too low and short.

Armaan silently closed the door, and went up to her.  He took the first set of strings and slowly started to tie the knot.

" Thank God Sapna!  Tujhe finally meri aawaas sunaayi di!  Pata hain?  Kabse gala phad rahi hoon!  Aur tu ab aa rahi hain?  Tu behri ho gayi hain kya?  Anyways, yeh lehenga hain toh bada achha, lekin dekh na.  Yeh dori kitni choti hain, aur low bhi.  Pata nahin humesha mere saath hi aisa kyun hota hain.  Jab bhi mujhe koi dress achhi lagti hain, toh ya toh woh meri size ki nahin hoti, ya toh usski dori aisi hoti hain.  Main toh tang aa chuki hoon inn dresses se.  Yeh fashion designers jab koi dress banate hain, toh kya aise hi bana dete hain kya?  Humare baare mein bhi toh sochna chahiye na?  Pata hain main- " Riddhima said getting annoyed with the dress and Sapna, while Armaan listened to everything and kept tying the strings.  He moved up to the next set, and deliberately pulled the strings to the opposite side tightly, which made Riddhima arch her back and stop talking.

She felt something different.  She recognized the touch very well.  She felt someone's hot breath on her nape and immediately turned around.  Armaan was really close to her and she took a few steps back and hit the wall. 

" Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho? "

" Tumhari help karne aaya tha. "

" Mujhe tumhari help ki zaroorat nahin hain. "

" Jaanta hoon. " Riddhima just stared at him.  No one spoke for a few minutes.

" Jao yahaan se. "

" Nahin. "

" Door raho mujhse. "

" Pehle bhi keh chuka hoon.  Tumse door jaane ke liye paas nahin aaya. " Armaan covered the distance between them.  He slowly caressed Riddhima's hair.

" You're beautiful. " He went close to Riddhima's ear, and whispered softly and Riddhima closed her eyes.

Armaan kissed her ear and slowly took her ear lobe into his mouth and gently nibbled on it, as his hand cupped a side of her face.  He moved down and kissed her neck, and Riddhima slowly moved her face to the other side.  Armaan's hand went down to her waist and pulled her closer.  He left a trail of wet kisses down her neck as he kept kissing her, and kissed her throat and kept going down.

" I love you Riddhima. " He whispered between the kisses and Riddhima, who was deeply drowned into the moment, came back to the world.  She opened her eyes, and realized what was happening.  Everything came back to her and she pushed him away from her and stared at him with disgust and shock and left the trial room as quickly as possible, and went to the bathroom, which was right next to the trial room.  She closed the door and went to the sink.

" Yeh mujhe kya ho gaya tha?  Maine kyun nahin roka usse? " She asked herself and looked around.
" Kyun pyaar karti hoon main usse?  Why? " She held her hair and then splashed icy cold water on her face.

On the other hand, Armaan ran his fingers through his hair and then punched the wall with full force.

" Kya karoon main Riddhima?  Kaise vishwaas dilaaun tumhe ki maine tumhe cheat nahin kiya?  Uss raat ko jo bhi hua, woh toh ek plan tha.  Jisska shikar hum anjaane mein ban chuke ho.  Lekin main usska plan kaamyaab nahin hone dunga. " Armaan said to himself and them left the trial room, and then the mall, thinking that Riddhima has left for home, when Riddhima was still in the bathroom.

Right after Armaan left the mall, Riddhima came out of the bathroom and went to the trial room to get her clothes.  She quickly changed and told the manager to pack the dress, and then left for home in a taxi.

Though both were unaware of the fact that someone was following them and was keeping their eyes on them.

" Armaan Mallik.  Tumhe jitni bhi koshish karni hain, kar lo.  Lekin end mein, tumhe aana toh mere paas hi hain. " A female voice said to herself, and then laughed.

Who is the girl?  Which plan was Armaan talking about?  Will Armaan ever be able to get his Riddhima back?  Will Riddhima ever trust Armaan again?  Keep reading to find out...


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