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Part 6 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

She tried her best to concentrate on her work.. One week had passed since the unexpected incident occurred to her.. In a way it had taught her a good lesson.. No more tears to shed and a every emotion buried deep inside her hurt.. Still it pained whenever she had remembered about him.. Whenever those moments came in her mind torturing her day and night.. It made her wonder does he still remember.. She had not seen or heard from him since a week. Shilpa tried not to be bothered about it but many times it made her curious.. These few days have been a torture for her.. It was hard to explain to her mother and she was fed up of making new excuses everyday.. Within all this tension she was glad Anjali was always beside her for her help.. Indeed a true friend who understood her pain..

After finishing her daily work in office she glanced outside the window before walking out.. She could easily guess it was almost going to rain.. Hesitantly she walked out of the office making up mind to reach home soon.. But as she got out it started to rain heavily..
It rained hard.. She tried her best not to get drenched in the rain while leaning to the wall.. She glanced back to road and gasped as she noticed a figure come towards her.. Fully drenched he moved towards her while she gripped the wall avoiding to look at him..
Shilpa : Armaan what are you doing here..
She could feel his scrutinizing gave running over her which made her uneasy and restless.. She glanced back at him to see the worry and pain in his eyes which she saw the last day they met..
Armaan : How are you.. ?
Her heart almost melted hearing the soft and pained voice of him.. With trembling lips she glanced down wondering how to get away from him.. His presence bothered her every single minute.. It reminded her of the memories of that night dangled in sheets in his arms..
Shilpa closed her eyes blocking away the memories from her head.. Not the correct place and correct time to fantasize about him.. Specially not infront of him..
Shilpa : I have to go..
Not caring about the rain she started to walk in a fast pace without glancing back or forward.. Her eyes stick on the ground with the overflowing emotions bursting in her heart.. Suddenly she heard the honk of car making her startled for a second.. Her eyes grew wide as she noticed the car coming towards her in a fast pace.. She almost gave up rooted in the spot when suddenly she felt strong arms pull her back making her loose balance.. She gasped as she fell down but instead of the ground she landed on top of him sending jolts down her body.. Onething she had promised herself after that fateful night was not getting close to Armaan.. She stared down at him as he kept staring at her with a strange look in his eyes which she couldnt guess ..Unknowingly his fingers moved foward tucking back the wet strands covering her face.. She shivered with the contact of his fingers on her skin.. Sharply she brushed off his hands and got out of his grip getting up from the floor..
As she tried to correct her messed clothes she felt him silently get up standing behind her way to close.. Her frustration grew due to his sudden appearance back in her life.. She turned around facing him when he ran a worried eyes on her..
Armaan : Are you fine.. ? You should have been careful before crossing the road..
Shilpa : Armaan plz.. What are you doing here..
He glanced away as his emotions flickered in his face..
Armaan : I.. I wanted to meet you once.. I just wanted to have a talk with you..
Shilpa : Why now.. ? I told you before also Armaan.. Its over now there is nothing we should talk about..
Armaan : There are many things we need to clear out.. I cant live in this guilt anymore..
Shilpa : And i cant risk to have to around me anymore.. I am leaving..
She tried to walk away but he pulled her back in his arms gripping her arms tightly.. She glanced at him in surprise as he stared at her in anger and frustration..
Armaan : Enough is enough Shilpa.. How many times i should run around you begging you for just once to have a talk with me..
Shilpa struggled to get free from his hold.. Only if he knew how much the close proximity effected her..
Shilpa : Did i ever say to come after me begging.. You dont have to Armaan.. You go your way.. I will go on my way..
He shook his head staring down at her determinedly..
Armaan : I am not able to move on.. I CANT.. !!  Not until i clear out with you.. Shona cant you see how much i need you..
She felt helpless hearing the desperation in his voice.. But it was too late.. She couldnt change her mind..
Shilpa : Its better you understand it Armaan.. Its much better if we go on separate ways.. There is nothing more to talk about now..
He shook his head still not fully convinced.. This time he wasnt ready to give up easily..
Armaan : I am not giving up until we have a good conversation.. Understand it..
Worried by his words she freed herself from his hold while he kept staring at her blankly.. Pushing away the wet strands from her face she walked away from him with a thudding heart..

Getting out of the wet clothes and wearing dry top and jeans Shilpa walked out of her room with the phone in her hand..
Shilpa : Mom i am doing fine.. Dont worry plz.
Padma : But Shilpa.. You were to comeback here right.. Whats stopping you..
Shilpa : Mom.. I cant leave everything suddenly.. I have to stay here for a while i have  big project in my hand..
Padma : So you are going to comeback after that.. ?
Shilpa hesitantly spoke..
Shilpa : Mom.. I dont know.. If i feel like coming soon..
Padma let out a sigh and spoke softly..
Padma : Fine shilpa.. I want force you baby..
Shilpa : Mom am so sorry.. I dont mean to hurt you..
Padma : I am not hurt Shilpa.. I am just worried for you.. You have been a lot strange these days.. i can sense it..
Shilpa : Mom believe me i am fine..
Padma : Ok i believe you.. Fine i will call you later again.. Take care Shilpa i love you..
Shilpa : Love you too mom..
Keeping the phone down she glanced at the window seeing it was still raining heavy... Suddenly her thoughts flew back to Armaan.. She tried not to be bothered by his words but it had effected her a lot.. Her heart kept of begging to let him say what he want but her mind protested with the thought of moving away from Armaan and the past..
Shilpa walked towards Kitchen when suddenly she heard some strange voice near the front door.. She stood still for a minute and curiously walked up to the door and opened it slowly.. Her eyes grew wide as she noticed him standing in the rain with his back towards her.. She gasped loudly as he turned back facing her with a vulnerable smile..
Shilpa : From how long you have been standing there.. ?
He shrugged his shoulders rubbing his neck..
Armaan : I cant guarantee my watch still works.. But i guess it would be an hour..
She glanced at him with troubled look..
Shilpa : Why are you doing this Armaan..
His expression grew tight as he stared at him determinedly..
Armaan : As i said.. I want to talk with you..
She stared at him for a while in hesitation and thinking over the consequences.. Every bit of her mind kept screaming to shut the door on his face.. And instantly she followed her head and shut down the door closing her eyes..
Armaan looked away dissapointed seeing her shut away him so easily.. Giving up he tried to walk off when suddenly he saw the door open, and she stood there with a grim look on her face..
Shilpa : Come in and dry yourself..

As he set on the sofa she passed a towel for him which he took with trembling hands.. But in between he kept sneezing hard which kept stopping him from drying himself.. Armaan cursed under his breath and tried to dry his hair when he felt her take the towel slowly rubbing on his wet hair.. Startled he glanced up at her while she kept her gaze stick on her work..
Armaan : Thank you..
Shilpa : You should go after drying up.. I will make a coffee for you and then you will have to leave..
Armaan : Now that you have let me in i am not going to go without clearing out things..
He noticed her expressions growing tight hearing his stubborn voice..
Shilpa : There is nothing for us to talk about.. Specially nothing about that night..
After a minute of silence he spoke softly..
Armaan : Sara called me today..
She stopped her work and glanced down at him..
Shilpa : Is that why you are here.. ? What you want to do today to cry out your pain or take off your frustration.. ?
Armaan : None.. I just came for you today..
Ignoring his comment she spoke sitting beside him..
Shilpa : What did Sara say..
Armaan : Nothing much.. She just told how happy she is back in her new carrier.. And said to me never call her back..
She sensed the bitterness in his voice as he kept staring down on the floor..
Shilpa : So did you speak to her.. ?
Armaan : Surprisingly No.. I didint call her after break up.. She isint in my concern these days.. Again surprisingly..
She looked at him hesitantly confused over his words..
Shilpa : But you loved her.. And still do..
Armaan : Maybe i do.. Maybe not.. I dont know .. I was running crazy around her when i was with her.. I was hurt when she left me.. But now i dont feel much pain of her leaving.. As i said she is not my concern these days..
She knew she should not even bring on the question.. But the very next minute the words spilled out from her mouth..
Shilpa : Then whats your concern.. ?
He glanced back at her with a strange sensation in his eyes..
Armaan : You.. And What happened between us that night.. Its bothering me from last week.. From that night.. Thats my concern these days..
Shilpa : Armaan.. As i said we shouldnt...
He interrupted her words surprising her with his comment..
Armaan : I want to ask you a question.. Which has been bothering me from a long time..
Shilpa : Armaan i think you should go now..
She tried to get up when he hold her hand gripping it tightly..
Armaan : Not until you answer my question..
She could sense something bad was hidden within his question..A reality which she didint wish to face..
Shilpa : Fine.. What you want to know..
He stayed silent for a minute.. And then spoke something...
Armaan : I was drunk that night but u were in full senses.. Still you let it happen.. Can you tell me why.. ?
Stunned by his question she glanced away with a thudding heart.. This was something she had been avoiding from days.. Running away from the truth she didint wish to face.. And something which she didint wish to tell him.. But how was she going to avoid this while being face to face with him..
Shilpa : Armaan plzz..
Armaan : Why was there willingness from your side..
She bites the corner of her lips suddenly feeling uneasy with his question.. She couldnt gather up courage to tell him truth.. Never..
Still.. Shilpa gave a thought on it.. She had been running away from the truth from a long time and she knew this was a moment for her to stop running..
Shilpa : I admit it i did give in that night.. Its just.. I dont know..cant explain to you Armaan..
After a long minute of silence she glanced at him to see him staring at her with a vulnerable look on his face.. She tried to speak when he interrupted with a sudden desperation..
Armaan : I have to tell you something..
Shilpa : What..
Armaan : I tried a lot.. Not even think.. Still..
Shilpa : What are you trying to say..
With the hesitance in his voice and troubled eyes he glanced at her and whispered..
Armaan : I am not able to regret what happened that night..


And it happened again.. A lone tear escaped from her eyes as he claimed her once again.. This time in full senses and strange willingness between them.. She held him close and whispered softly..
Shilpa : I love you..


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