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Part 7 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

I am not able to regret what happened that night the words rang in her mind awakening some strange feelings within her heart.. Definitely he couldnt mean it...
Shilpa : Armaan.. Leave..
Armaan : But Shilpa..
Shilpa got up from the sofa creating distance between them.. She couldnt risk to get close to him again.. This cant happen again..
Shilpa : I dont want you to say thing which you dont mean.. Just leave..
She stood still as his eyes got dark a glint of determination in them..
Armaan : Every word i am saying i mean it from heart..
Shilpa shook her head with sudden confusion rising in her mind..
Shilpa : This cant happen.. We are just friends.. Already things are ruined between us.. Just get away before things get worse..

She tried to walk past him but he pulled her back in his arms tightly staring down at her.. They gasped together same time as their body collided together.. He glanced at her surprised while she stared at him with the sudden touch of their body which brought out a spark.. Recovering from the moment she tried to free herself..
Shilpa : Armaan plzz leave me.. I am telling you Leave now..
Instead he grasped her tight searching her face desperately..
Armaan : Not until you answer my question..
Shilpa : Now what you need to know..
She tried her best to free herself from his hold.. For a moment she succeeded to get away from his grip.. But he was fast as he pulled her back into his arms with her back facing to him.. He gripped her waist while she stayed powerless feeling his cold body against her , his hot breath touching her neck sending shivers down her body.. She closed her eyes tightly suddenly feeling the buried feelings rise again.. She opened her eyes as he spoke softly..
Armaan : You need to tell me.. Why cant i regret anything.. My heartbeat rise whenever the blur images appears.. I feel like am living in the moment every time.. I dont feel uneasy i am not even able to regret even a single moment..
She stayed silent hearing him speak the words.. He turned her back making her face him , touching his forehead with hers he stared down in her eyes trying to search for the answers..
Armaan : Tell me Shilpa.. What happened that night.. Did i force myself on you.. Or you actually gave in.. Willingly..
She bit her lip looking away as she gripped his waist trying to hold herself in the place.. She didint want to confess to him.. One sided love could never make a relationship.. She understood that fact..
Shilpa : Armaan plzz.. You have to go..
Frustrated with her behavior he gripped her arm to her back pulling her close to him.. She winced in pain and stared at him with her heartbeat rising due to the close proximity.. Their lips barely touched with eachother while he spoke hissing in anger..
Armaan : Thats what you can do everytime.. Shut me out so you dont have to answer anything..
Shilpa : For GODSAKE.. !! What do you want to hear ?
Armaan : Did i rape you.. ?
She glared at him feeling anger rise within her as she could muster enough courage to struggle against him.. Sighing she loosened the stiffness from her body calming her mind..
Shilpa : No you Didint..
She noticed his face turning relieved as he took a sigh.. The akwardness was back between them tutoring her with every passing minute..
Shilpa : You have got your answer now let me go..
She expected him to let her go at once.. But instead he firmed his grip.. She tried to protest when suddenly lights went of surrounding darkness among them.. She gasped and gripped his shirt looking around.. But soon the fear passed away as his deep voice reached her ears..
Armaan : You still have to tell me what happened on that night..
In the darkness she could hardly guess expression on his face.. But now his constant questioning was troubling her to the core.. She took a deep breath and spoke softly..
Shilpa : It was my mistake.. My choice that i let it happen.. You have got your answer now so leave..
She gasped as she felt his hands move under her shirt pulling her close to him.. He let out a frustrated groan and spoke huskily..
Armaan : Whats happening to me..
Before she could reply a word He kissed her hard with hunger and a sudden passion.. Shilpa moaned in surprise.. She wasnt expecting him to  kiss her .. She tried to break free from the kiss but again her body betrayed her responding back to him , urgently moving her hands on his hair caressing it.. With a harsh sound he broke the kiss and stared at her in dark.. She couldnt make out the look on his face whether it was pure lust or desire.. Or somethinge else.. Before she could give into a second thought he pulled her in his arms carrying her to the bedroom..

She had always dreamed to get married to someone whom she love.. He would lovingly carry her to the bedroom and make love to her whole night bringing out the immense love between them..She would be treated like a princess on every passing single minute with caressing touches and soothing words.. But now as she lay on bed the dreams slowly started to fade away from her mind blocking them deep down in her heart forever.. She stared at him while he took of his shirt , not even once glancing at her.. At once he freed himself from clothes he moved down at her lightly kissing down on her neck nibbling her skin.. As he kissed her lips deeply she broke the kiss and stared at him in tears with desperation..
Shilpa : We will regret this..
He didint speak.. Instead  it happened again.. A lone tear escaped from her eyes as he claimed her once again.. This time in full senses and strange willingness between them.. She held him close feeling her heart burst out with the desperation of seeking some love.. She gripped his shoulders and whispered softly..
Shilpa : I love you..
She felt him stiffen in the embrace as he heard her confess.. But she buried her head on his shoulder unable to muster enough courage to face him.. Finally the truth was out from her heart... It lightened her as she spilled out the truth.. But at the same time she prayed she havent made things much worse.. She just wished ..

The next morning Shilpa walked inside her cabin with a throbbing headache.. She tried the best to concentrate on her work but her mind kept drifting back to last night memories sending chills down her body.. They again did the same mistake.. Slept together this time in full senses with a strange willingness between them.. It bothered her whenever she wondered why he had slept with her without having any feelings towards her... Was he really lusting for her.. Shilpa held her head as the questions kept flowing in her mind worsening the headache.. She glanced down at papers with a final nod of concentrating back in her work...

Armaan paced from one side to another in his office lost in his thoughts.. The guilt kept eating him up for the disaster he had created last night.. First he couldnt believe he had slept with her again this time in full senses.. What was he thinking in that moment.. Why couldnt he hold back himself from giving into the strange uneasy attraction he had started to feel towards her.. Armaan set down on his seat as last nights thoughts ran in his mind.. Everything felt sinfully good.. The way the touch eachother, her shyness towards his every single caress , her moans which made him go crazy.. Why was it feeling so good.. I love you  Armaan hissed in frustration as he rememebered the words which came out of her mouth.. Suddenly pieces started to fall on place.. It started to make sense.. Her strange behavior towards him , her reaction towards his every single touch.. Her willingness in giving into the moment of pleasure.. Armaan ran a hand in his hair in stress.. How could she love a person like him.. Someone who had nothing to offer for her... She very well knew he didint have any feeling towards her still she was loving him.. It made him wonder from how long she might have been loving him.. This was good.. He finally concluded.. He had to maintain distance with her specially after what happened between them last night.. Yes the best option was to avoid her presence as much he can.. Armaan decided drifting back his attention to his project..

Anjali : Are you nuts or what.. !!!
Shilpa : Anjie plzz dont increase my headache..
Anjali : So whatelse i should do.. Praise you.. ? Ohh Shilpa Congratulations.. You have succeeded in again making the same mistake of sleeping with the man who was forcing himself on you last time..
Shilpa : I already told you.. That was not forced..
Anjali calmed her anger taking a seat beside Shilpa..
Anjali : I still cant believe you slept with him again.. What were you thinking...
Tears welled up in her eyes which she brushed off instantly..
Shilpa : Problem is i am not able to think when he comes close to me..
Anjali : Ok now listen.. Hereafter if That jerk Armaan comes near you i am going to strangle his neck..
Shilpa : You dont have to worry about that...
Anjali : Why ?
Shilpa : Because Armaan will make sure he avoids me hereafter..
Anjali glanced at her worriedly..
Anjali : Shilpa.. What did you do.. What did you tell him..
She glanced outside the window staring up at the sky..
Shilpa : I spilled out my feelings towards him.. Which he cant accept.. Armaan Mallik cant ever love me..


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