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Part 8 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Armaan tells the gang about her moment with Riddhima and they get shocked.  During dinner, Vivek comes and everyone gets happy, but the boys get jealous at the same time seeing Vivek getting all close to their girls.  In their bedroom, Armaan says sorry to Riddhima about their moment, and Riddhima gets shocked.  Riddhima says 'I love you' to a sleeping Armaan.  On the other hand, a girl talks to a guy, saying that she is coming tomorrow.

The next morning, Gupta Residence was once again filled with noise.  People were running from one side of the house, to the other.  Today was Atul and Anjali's Sangeet ceremony.  This is how the chores were divided up today.
Shashank & Rahul: Outside decorations   Padma & Muskaan: Dressing Anjali and other things   Armaan & Riddhima: Kitchen Dishes
Amit & Sapna: Inside decorations
On one hand, Shashank and Rahul were running from one side, to the other, telling the workers to get the decorations right, while Padma and Muskaan were at the tailor shop, getting the dresses for everyone.

Inside the house...

Amit and Sapna, too, were running from one side of the room, to the other, trying to get the decorations right.  Once tired, they fell on the couch at the same time with their eyes closed, trying to relax a bit.

" Wooh! " They both said at the same time, and looked at each other.

" Thak gaye? " Sapna asked.  Amit looked around and saw a few good-looking girls.  He kept staring at them and said in a trance.

" Jab inn jaisi khubsoorat ladkiyaan yahaan ho, toh phir thakaan kaise mehsoos hogi? " Sapna traced his gaze, and looked at the girls there.  Her jaws pretty much touched the floor when she realized that Amit was staring at those girls in mini skirts.  She looked at the girls, and then back at Amit.  She closed her mouth, and got up from the couch and looked away with her arms crossed.

Amit felt Sapna get up, and he too got up.

" Kya hua? "

" Tumhe kya hain?  Tum jao na.  Unn mini skirts waali ladkiyon ko ghoor, ghoor kar dekho. " Sapna said in a very angry tone and then looked away again.  Amit smiled to himself.

' Oh.  Toh Ms. Sapna jealous hain.  Not bad.  Chalo.  Isse thoda aur sataaya jaaye. '  Amit thought to himself and smiled.

" Hmm.  Waise idea buraa nahin hain.  Yeh ladkiyan hain kaafi hot.  Jee toh karta hain ki main inhe- " Sapna's eyes almost popped out of her sockets when she heard Amit say that and she went upstairs in her room.

" Sapna!  Sapna suno to sahi!  Sapna! " Amit ran after her.

Sapna suddenly stopped and turned around and Amit bumped into Sapna.  Both of them lost their balance and they fell on the ground with a thud.

Sapna was under Amit and both were shocked with what happened.  They looked at each other and slowly got lost into each other.  Amit was just inches apart from Sapna's face.  A light breeze came and caressed both of their hair.  Amit caressed her hair.  He went down and slowly touched the cheek in which blood was rushing to.  He went down further and gently caressed her lips.  Sapna closed her eyes at the touch and slightly parted her lips.  Her breathing started to get heavy. Amit went closer to Sapna.

" A... Amit.  Please. " Sapna said, trying to stop Amit, though she, too, wanted what he did.

" Kyun?  Kya tum nahin chahti ki main tumhare paas aaun? " Amit asked her.  Sapna opened her eyes and looked at Amit.  She said nothing for a while.

" N... Nahin. " She finally managed to speak up.  Amit went more closer to her ears.

" Toh phir mujhe unn ladkiyon ko ghoorte hue dekh kar, tumhe itna gussa kyun aaya? " Sapna looked back into his eyes.  She herself was shocked at the realization.

' Mujhe usse unn ladkiyon ko ghoorte hue dekh kar itna bura kyun laga? '  Sapna thought to herself.

" Kyunki woh ladkiyaan theek nahin hain. " Sapna finally said after thinking so much.  Amit was about to say something else when someone interrupted them.

  " Oh I'm sorry.  Lagta hain maine wrong time par interrupt kar diya. " Both looked back to see Vivek leaning against the door with a mischievious smile on his face.  Amit quickly got off of Sapna and both stood up, not meeting each others' eyes.

" Excuse me. " Sapna mumbled and went out of the room.

" De... dekh Vivek,  tune jaisa dekha, waise kuch bhi nahin hain. " Amit tried to explain himself.

" Toh kaisa hain? " Amit was completely embarrassed now.  Vivek chukled and went in.

" Kab tak Sapz se apni dil ki baat chupaoge? " He asked Amit and Amit was shocked.

" Tujhe kaise pata? "

" Dude! Tere chehre se saaf dikhta hain.  Mujhe pata hain ki tu Sapz se bohat pyaar karta hain. " Amit smiled at this.

" Kya karoon yaar Vivek?  Woh hain hi itni pyaari ki koi bhi usse pyaar karne lagega. "

" Haan.  Yeh baat toh sahi hain.  Lekin kya Sapz bhi tujhse pyaar karti hain? "

" Karti hain.  Bas kehne se darti hain. "

" Hmm.  Yeh baat toh sahi hain.  Achha chal.  Abhi bhi bohat saare kaam baaki hain.  Teri love life ke baare mein baat karenge, toh phir ho gayi saari tayaari. " Vivek said, and they both went down to handle the decorations.

In the Kitchen...

Armaan and Riddhima were in the kitchen, making food for Sangeet.  Armaan was cutting the vegetables and Riddhima was busy adding spice to the food.

After the night, Riddhima was feeling really bad because Armaan said sorry for what she, too, was equally responsible for.  But she never got the chance to talk to him.  Or to be more accurate, Riddhima didn't want Armaan to know that she was feeling bad.  She still hadn't forgiven him for what he did, but she couldn't deny that she was still in love with him.  Maybe even more.  But she didn't want Armaan to know this.

On the other hand, Armaan still thought that Riddhima hadn't forgiven him.  They hadn't talked after yesterday.  Since morning, Riddhima was busy in her work.  Not even a word was exchanged between them.  The silence was killing Armaan.

He was so lost in his own thoughts that he accidently cut his finger.  A loud hiss escaped his mouth and the knife fell from his hand.  Riddhima immediately turned around and saw Armaan's finger bleeding.  She ran out of the kitchen and went to get the first-aid box.  She ran back to him and sat on her knees.  She quickly opened the box, and took out the anticeptic liquid, cotton ball, ointment, and bandage.  She poured the liquid on the cotton and gently took his hand.  She carefully started to clean the cut and Armaan hissed.  Riddhima looked at him and then blew air as she cleaned the cut.

All this while, Armana kept staring at Riddhima.  He loved to see Riddhima getting all worried for him.  He loved to see the way Riddhima always gets so worried when even a stratch comes on him.

Riddhima took some ointment on her finger and started to apply that on the cut.

" Tum kabhi bhi theek se kaam nahin kar sakte kya?  Har baar kehna zaroori hain?  Dhyaan kahaan hain tumhara?  Kuch ho jata toh? " Riddhima scolded him for his carelessness.  Her eyes welled up seeing the cut on his finger.  A faint smile came upon his face at the way Riddhima was scolding him.  He was missing this way too much.

He unknowingly raised his other hand towards Riddhima.  He slowly caressed hair, while Riddhima was applying the bandage to his finger.

" Riddhima " Armaan whispered.  Riddhima stopped and slowly looked towards Armaan.  He was looking at her with unmatchable passion and intensity.  He cupped her face with one hand and caressed her cheek with his thumb.  He looked at her misty eyes.  He went forward and kissed her eyelids and Riddhima parted her lips.

" Armaan " Riddhima breathed against his throat, which created a havoc in Armaan's body.  He went down and locked her lips with his own.  He kissed her gently and Riddhima responded back equally.

Suddenly, the lights went off, and both came back into the world.  Riddhima broke apart, and stood up.  She didn't know what to do, but then ran away before the lights came on.

" Riddhima! " Armaan called out, but got no response.  In the same instance, the lights came back on and Armaan looked around and didn't see Riddhima there.  He sighed and went to look for her and met Sapna there.

" Hi Armaan! " Sapna said cheerfully.

" Hey Sapna.  Tumne Riddhima ko kahin dekha hain? " he asked impatiently.

" Ridzi?  Ussi ne toh mujhe yahaan bheja hain.  Tumhari help karne ke liye. " Sapna said with a smile.  Armaan closed his eyes as he knew the reason for Riddhima to go away like that.  He smiled back, and both went to prepare the dishes.

At the Sangeet...

Nearly all the guests had arrived and the party was going on really good.  All the guests were enjoying themselves.  Just then, Rahul and Amit came downstairs.



" Hey Amit!  You're looking nice.  Yeh color tum par bohat achha lag raha hain. " Rahul complimented Amit and Amit did the same.

" Tu bhi yaar!  Kahin Muskaan tujhe dekh kar flat na ho jaye. " Amit said the last part very carefully and Rahul just smiled.

" Hey guys! " Amit and Rahul turned around and saw Vivek standing there with a huge smile.


" Wah, wah, wah!  Bada handsome lag raha.  Lekin Vivek.  Tu shaayad kisi galat party mein aa gaya hain.  Yeh 'SANGEET' party hain, business party nahin. " said Amit.  Rahul and Amit chukled while Vivek rolled his eyes.

" Guys!  Mujhe pata hain ki Sangeet party hain, lekin agar main yeh pehnu toh kya galat hain? "

" Nahin.  Galat toh kuch nahin hain.  Lekin usually hum aisi parties mein Indian kapre pehente hain.  You know?  Sherwani, kurta, etc.  Suits bohat kam log pehente hain. " said Rahul.

" Yea, I know.  Waise by the way.  Muski aur Sapz kahaan hain? "

" Pata nahin.  Aur kya kaam hain unka?  Chal Sapzi toh phir bhi theek hain.  Lekin agar Muskaan aa gayi na.  Toh sab ki kher nahin. " said Rahul.

" Kyun?  Aisa kyun? " asked Vivek.

" Arre!   Woh Muskaan hain na, sirf dikhne mein achhi hain.  Andar se toh itni jaahil hain na, ki bas.  Puchho hi matt.  Aur waise, dikhne mein bhi itni achhi nahin hain.  Usski hassi sunni hain?  Kitni khatanaak hain!  Isse achhi toh Sapzi hain. "

" Haha!  Nice joke Rahul!  Sapna?  Aur achhi?  Give me a break!  Jab gusse mein hoti hain na, toh sab ka jeena haram kar deti hain.  Mujhse pooch na. " said Amit.

" Toh bata Amu.  Kaisi hain Sapz? " Vivek asked with a smile on his face.  Amit was shocked at this, but then recovered quickly.  He looked away and Amit shook his head slightly.

" Guys!  Am I missing something? " Rahul asked as he figured that something was going on behind his back.  Vivek and Amit exchanged looks and Rahul kept looking at them, waiting for an answer.

" Tu bata raha hain, ki main bataun? " asked Vivek.

" Tu hi bata de. " Amit answered shyly and Vivek smiled.

" Actually Rahul.  Baat yeh hain, ki Amit ko pyar ho gaya hain. " Rahul looked at Amit in shock.

" KYA?  AMIT KO?  PYAR?  KISSE?  KAUN HAIN WOH? " Rahul literally shouted, which turned many heads, and Rahul smiled sheepishly at them, and said sorry.  He again said the same thing in a lower tone.

" Kaun hain woh? " Vivek looked at Amit.

" Sapz. " Vivek finally said it, and Rahul almost had a heart attack on this fact.  He held his heart and gulped.  With great difficulty he spoke again.

" Sa... sap... na? " Amit nodded.


" Kyun chila rahe ho? " Two voices came from behind them, and they turned around and saw Sapna and Muskaan standing there, looking gorgeous.



" Tum dono chila kyun rahe ho? " asked Sapna.

" Koi baat nahin hain Sapz.  Bas.  Amu aur Rahul ke roz ke jhagde.  Iss mein koi nayi baat hain kya? " answered Vivek.

" Tum dono bhi na bas.  Kabhi, kabhi toh had karte ho.  Aaj bhi lad rahe ho?  Kabhi toh shanti se raha karo. " said Muskaan.

" Ey Muski!  Chal vahaan jaa kar saare guests ko attend karte hain. "

" Haan!  Chal! " Muskaan and Sapna left the boys, and they exhaled.

" Haash.  Gaye!  Lekin isska yeh matlab nahin ki main tujhe chhod dunga.  Tu Sapzi se pyar karta hain?  Kab se? " Rahul asked.

" College times se. " Amit answered with a smile, and Rahul, who was pretty much horrified at the acknowledgement, almost fainted, but the 2 guys, supported him.

" Tu Sapzi se, COLLEGE times se pyar karta hain, aur tu mujhe AB bata raha hain!  Tune Vivek se kaha, lekin mujhse nahin!  Unbelieveable! "

" Sorry yaar.  Uss waqt main khud sure nahin tha ki main Sapna se pyar karta hoon, ya nahin.  Maine yeh baat kabhi, kissi se share nahin ki. " Amit tried to explain himself.

" Toh phir iss Vivek ke bachche ko kaise pata? "

" Usse toh khud pata chal gaya.  Iss mein meri kya galti hain? "

" Chal koi nahin.  Lekin kya Sapzi bhi tujhse pyar karti hain? "

" Pyar toh karti hain, bas, maan ne se darti hain. " Rahul smiled, and put his hand on Amit's shoulder.

" Koi baat nahin.  Hum hain na?  Amy ke saath, saath, teri bhi help kar denge.

" Amit smiled, and gave Rahul a hug.

" Thanks a lot yaar. " Rahul patted Amit on his shoulder.  Vivek, who found the conversation a bit, too, secretive, was about to ask about Armaan, but was interrupted.

" Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please? " Shashank came on the stage with Padma, and spoke.

" Aaj meri beti, Anjali Gupta, aur mere hone waale damaad, Atul Joshi ki Sangeet ki rasam hain.  Aur main bohat khush hoon, ki aap sab yahaan, humari khushiyon mein shaamil hone aaye hain.  Uss ke liye thank you very much. " Everyone clapped at this, as Shashank finished off with a smile.

" Thank you.  So can we bring Atul here? " Everyone clapped again, and Armaan and Atul came down the stairs.



Everyone kept on clapping and the two boys, went on the stage.

" Thank you Armaan!  And now, can we have my beautiful daughter on stage?
" Everyone clapped once again, as Riddhima and Anjali appeared.



As Riddhima and Anjali, slowly descended down the stairs, Armaan and Atul just kept staring at their lady loves.

" Beautiful " Both boys said at the same time. They looked at each other, and smiled.

Riddhima took Anjali to the stage, and both stood in front of their loves.  Armaan and Atul were just admiring Riddhima and Anjali, which the girls blushed at, and looked away.

" Anjali. " Anjali looked up.

" You're beautiful. " Anjali blushed badly, and looked away, while the boys whistled.

" Wah AJ!  Kya baat hain!  I can bet.  Shaadi ke baad toh, AJ hi raaj karega. " said Armaan.

" Kyun?  AJ nahin, Anjie Di raaj karegi. " Riddhima countered Armaan.

" Right! " Armaan rolled his eyes.

" AJ ne compliment kya diya, Anji aise blush karne lagi, toh phir aage kya hoga? "

" Arre!  Toh blush hi toh kiya.  Uss mein tum kaise keh sakte ho ki AJ raaj karega? "

" Because boys always rule!  What say? "

" YEA! " All the boys there replied.

" Really?  Tum boys hum ladkiyon ke saamne, ek dum zero ho! " Riddhima made a big fat zero with her hands.

" Excuse me!  Zero?  Aur hum? " asked Amit.

" Haan.  Zero.  Aur tum. " answered Sapna.

" Saabit karke dikhao. " said Rahul.

" Iss mein saabit kya karna hain?  Tum zero ho, matlab ho. " said Muskaan.

" Aur agar apne aap ko, itna hi smart samajhte ho, toh phir dance karo. " said Riddhima.

" What? " All the boys said in unison.

" What what?  Tum boys, hum girls saath compete karo.  Bolo.  Manzoor hain? "

" Manzoor hain. " The boys said in unison again and then girls gave a wicked smile.  The girls, and boys went to the dance floor, and the music started.


(The boys extended their right hand towards the girls.)

Ke mehendi kya kehna
(The girls put their palms forth and back twice.)

(The boys did the same thing again.)

Ka joda kya kehna
(Same thing again.)


Lage hain phoolon ka gehna
(They put their left hand on their hip, made the open circle with their right hand, and spinned it.)


Ke aankhen kajra  re
(Their little finger stood out of the fist, and they moved it from left to right in front of their eyes.)


Lage sab se pyaari
(They put their index finger on the side of their chin.)


Te jaun, main vaari, vaari...
(They extended their right hand to the right side, and then spinned that hand around their head, twisting their wrists)

Oh, ho...
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho...
(Armaan and Rahul put their hands on Atul's shoulders, and Amit put his on Rahul's and they sang together.  They did the same steps from the video.)

Bano ki saheli...
Resham ki doori
(Armaan and Amit sang, while Riddhima and Sapna blushed.)

Chhup, chhup ke sharmaye...
Dekhe chori, chori...
(Atul and Rahul sang this time, with Anjali and Muskaan blushing.)

Bano ki saheli...
Resham ki doori...
Chhup, chhup ke sharmaye...
Dekhe chori, chori...
(All 4 boys sang, and danced on the steps from the video.)

Yeh mane, ya na mane, main toh iss pe, marr gaya...

Yeh ladki hai Allah,
Hai, hai re Allah,
Yeh ladki hai Allah,
Hai, hai re Allah...

(The girls came forward and all the girl dancers went and stood behind them.)

Babul ki galiyaan...
Na chhad ke jaana

Pagal deewaana...
Issko samjhana

Babul ki galiyaan...
Na chhad ke jaana
Pagal deewaana...
Issko samjhana
(Same from video)

Dekho ji dekho,
Yeh toh mere
Pichhe, pad gaya...
(The boys come stand beside the girls, and the girls jump aside a few times seeing them coming close, and then try to go, but the boys hold their hands and the girls twist their wrists.  They turn around and jerk their hands out from the boys' grip and run away.)

Yeh ladka hai Allah,
Hai, hai re Allah,
Yeh ladka hai Allah
Hai, hai re Allah...

(Vivek gave everyone sweets and snacks, but looked at the door, as if expecting someone important.  On the other hand, the gang was dancing and enjoying themselves.)

(Sapna and Riddhima were beside each other, but went farther to one side, and then switched sides with each other as Armaan and Amit were chasing them, and then made a 360 turn, which led them in Armaan and Amit's arms.)

Lab kahe, na kahe,
Bolti hain nazar
(The boys touched the girls' lips and then making a side-way 2, they moved it in front of their eyes.)

Pyar nahin chhupta...
Yaar chhupaane se...
(They walked around the girls, and then faced them, and moved their index finger saying 'no' and then went away.)

Roop ghunghat mein ho,
Toh suhana lage...
(They made it seem as if a 'chunri' was over their heads, and slowly moved their hands from one side to the other, according to the beat.  Then they took out their right leg and extended their right hand.  Their palms faced up, and then down.)

Baat nahin banti...
Yaar bataane se...
(They cross their fingers and change sides while their hands raise.  Then they show their thumbs to the boys and put their hands on their hips.)

Yeh dil ki baatein,
Dil hi jaane,
Ya jaane khuda...
(The boys hit their chests 2 times, and made the dismissal gesture with their hands 2 times, and went towards the girls.)

Yeh ladki hai Allah,
Hai, hai re Allah...
Yeh ladka hai Allah,
Hai, hai re Allah...
(The girls and boys faced each other, and did the 'salaam' gesture repeatedly.)

(While dancing, Armaan and Riddhima bump into each other.  Armaan saves her from falling and they have an eyelock.  Armaan makes her stand straight, and Riddhima tries to go, but her dupatta gets stuck into Armaan's watch and she holds her dupatta on an impulse.  She looks behind and sees the dupatta stuck in Armaan's watch.  Riddhima goes and removes the dupatta and then goes away.)

Maangne se kabhi,
Haath milta nahin,
Jodiyaan banti hain...
Pehle se sab ki...
(A group of people move away, and Muskaan and Anjali come singing and dancing.  They have their hands behind their back and go forward step-by-step.  Then, they went backwards in the same way.  Finally, they held their left hand, by the right one and moved it from left to right, and made their way up.)

Leke baaraat ghar,
Tere aaunga main,
Meri nahin yeh toh...
Marzi hain rab ki...
(Rahul and Atul came and started to dance.)

Arre jaa re jaa,
Yun jhooti, mooti,
Baatein, naa bana...
(Muskaan and Anjali turned, with their back facing Rahul and Atul.  They turned their face to the left side, and then right.  They turned again and went forward with their hands swaying, and then a few steps back and created a circle over their heads.)

Yeh ladka hai Allah,
Hai, hai re Allah
Yeh ladka hai Allah,
Hai, rahi re Allah...

Bano ki saheli...
Resham ki doori...
Chhup, chhup ke sharmaye...
Dekhe chori, chori...
(All the boys danced together.)

Babul ki galiyaan...
Na chhad ke jaana
Pagal deewaana...
Issko samjhana...
(All the girls danced together.)

Yeh maane ya na maane
Main toh iss pe marr gaya...
Yeh ladki...
(The boys and girls danced together.)

Yeh ladki hai Allah,
Hai, hai re Allah...

Yeh ladka hai Allah,
Hai, hai re Allah...

Yeh ladki hai Allah,
Hai, hai re Allah...

They all danced together and enjoyed themselves fully.  What they didn't notice, was that someone else had walked into Gupta Residence.  They were dancing crazily and the person that had walked into Gupta Residence, had slowly started to take steps towards someone.  That person went towards Armaan and put their hand on Armaan's shoulder.  He turned and was shocked.  The smile that he had on his face, immediately vanished.  His eyes widened.

" Maya..." Armaan whispered.

Who is this Maya?  Why is she here?  Why was Armaan shocked seeing her?  Will Sapna accept her feelings towards Amit?  Will Riddhima forgive Armaan?  Keep reading to find out...


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