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Part 8 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

2 Days Later:

Concentrating back in her work she kept studying the files when someone barged inside her cabin.. She glanced up and took a breath of relief seeing Anjali..
Shilpa : You startled me Anjie..
Anjali : So were you Expecting him to come and barge inside..
Shilpa looked away with a bitter smile..
Shilpa : I told you he wont even wish to see my Face.. Anyways what are you doing here.. ?
Anjali : I had a break.. So i thought i will come and check up on you.. You are looking more horrible compared to yesterday..
Shilpa rubbed her head closing her eyes..
Shilpa : I dont know.. Feeling uneasy and Dizzy from yesterday.. Maybe i ate something bad..
Anjali : Why dont you take a day off.. look at you Shilpa you look so weak..
Shilpa : I am fine Anjie.. If i go home i will get bored.. I am fine here only...

Anjali : Ok Fine.. Sheesh am so late i have to go now.. And you.. Take care and dont stress yourself..
Shilpa gave a nod as Anjali left the cabin.. She stared at the door for a while and glanced down at the papers..
Shilpa : Oh i better get copies of them..
Shilpa headed out of her cabin with the papers going through them when suddenly she collided with someone.. She gasped and balanced herself gripping the Papers tight.. She narrowed her eyes at Armaan who glanced at her in surprise and looked away quickly.. Her heart clenched in pain seeing ignorance in his eyes..
On the other hand Armaan was surprised as he saw Shilpa.. It had been two days since he had been avoiding her.. Not even once coming in her way.. He did his work in his office and patiently waited until she leaves office... But for how long he could carry on his avoiding session..
He came out of his thoughts as he noticed her walking towards the photocopy machine taking out copies.. Uneasily he followed her and for a minute stood staring at her face..
Armaan : Shilpaa..
Shilpa went stiff as she heard his deep voice behind her.. For  second she stoo still not daring to face him.. What was he doing here.. Werent they avoiding eachother.. The least thing right now in her mind was confronting with him.. She felt too weak and vulnerable.. Still putting a brave look on her face she turned around facing him..
Armaan looked down from her scrutinizing gaze for a second feeling loss of words.. Awkwardness grew between them as the tension filled in the air.. She was about to leave when he got back his voice and courage..
Armaan : You have to come with me on a meeting..
Shilpa stared at him and took a breath of relief.. Professional talks were always better.. But as her stomach started to feel uneasy she hesitated in taking the decision..
Shilpa : Lunch.. ? I dont think so.. I am not quiet feeling well for a meeting.. Carry on..
He shook his head for a second staring at her with a concerned look..
Armaan : I would have.. But as we are business partners.. They want to meet us both to carry on with project.. They want to do it Today..
She bit her lip looking around wondering what to do..
Armaan : It wont take much time.. I will make sure its over soon..
Shilpa drew a breath and gave a nod bravely..
Shilpa : Ok.. I will go to the meeting..

As they set in the beautiful Restaurant Armaan slowly glanced at Shilpa who kept her gaze stick on her food.. Suddenly he started to regret his decision for asking her to come with him to the meeting.. The look on her face , She looked tired and weak.. She looked so vulnerable he started to feel guilty seeing his condition as he knew he was the sole reason for everything..
Armaan passed a smile at his clients and carried on with further discussion.. But again his eyes drifted back to her worriedly seeing her condition.. He moved his hand and kept on hers pressing it lightly..
Armaan : Whats wrong.. ? You look sick..
She glanced at him startled and pulled away her hand instantly clearing her throat..
Shilpa : I am absolutely fine..
But as few minutes passed Shilpa regretted her own words.. As she swallowed the food she felt her stomach churn and nuisance takeover.. Abruptly she got up from her seat and excused herself while Armaan kept staring at her with his eyes full of concern.. Turning back to his clients he forced a smile shaking their hands..
Armaan : I guess we should call of the meeting for the moment..

Feeling weak and tired she walked out of the washroom to see Armaan who was pacing near the door with a worried look on his face.. Feeling uneasy with his presence she avoided him and walked past him out of the restaurant .. Armaan hesitantly followed her as she started to look for a taxi..
Armaan : What happened..  You are really sick..
She kept her gaze on the road and spoke coldly..
Shilpa : I am fine.. Now Plzz excuse me i need to go home..
Armaan : Let me drop you Home..
Shilpa closed her eyes and turned to him shaking her head..
Shilpa : Now that we have started to drift apart , i think we should just avoid eachother for a good.. And as for business we can be only Professional Partners..  There is nothing personal between us now... Not anymore..
He stared at her stunned by her words as she walked off taking a taxi.. He swallowed a lump in his throat trying to digest his words.. No matter how hard he tried not to be effected her words started to hurt his gut..

2 Weeks Later :

The 2 Weeks passed like the most horrible days for Shilpa.. It didint make her feel any good working in the same place with Armaan while he was deliberately avoiding her.. It hurt bad.. And adding to more pain she started to get more weak and sickness overpowered making it difficult for her to concentrate on her work.. Instead she would most of day lie on her bed not bothering to go Office.. Anjali and Padma started to get worried on her condition frequently begged her to go to Doctors and get a checkup done.. Finally giving in Shilpa went to the hospital and got all the tests done and they promised to her to deliver the reports to her office..
The next Day Shilpa kept working on her project when the clerk came inside with a delivery for her.. Instantly She took out her reports when her phone rang..
Shilpa : Hey Anjie..
Anjali : I told you dont go office still you went.. Listen did the reports come.. ?
Shilpa : Ahan... It just arrived.. Am checking it now..
Anjali : Am waiting.. Tell me soon whats in the reports
Shilpa opened her mouth to reply but instantly closed it as her eyes grew wide seeing the last lines.. Her heartbeat nearly stopped as the reports fell down on the desk from her hands as she realized the real reason behind her sickness.. How can this happen.. Why didint she think about it before..
Shilpa moved back to Reality as Anjali started to speak impatiently..
Anjali : Tell me Shilpa.. What did come in the report.. ??
Shilpa cleared her tears and gripped her shaking hand holding the phone tightly..
Shilpa : Anjie i need to go somewhere right now.. I will call you later bye..

Armaan let out a frustrated groan as he moved away his file feeling uneasy... From past two weeks he had been trying his best to avoid her as much he can.. She never complained.. Or was bothered about it.. And that made him feel more guilty with each passing day.. But in between somedays whenever she came to office he got to see small glimpse of her which worried him... She was growing sick.. He could cleary notice from her face.. And it bothered him sometimes when he found her cabin empty.. What was wrong with her .. ? As he knew Shilpa was the most Punctual person who wud hardly miss out any day of work.. Something was surely going wrong with her..
He felt a chill run down his spine as he remembered the moments of that night.. He tried everytime badly not to even think about it.. But strangely it always made his goosebumps rise when he recalled every single touch.. Sinfully it felt right.. He was lost , confused over the strange new feelings.. He couldnt decide what he wanted in the end..
Armaan let out a bitter laugh.. Who was his kidding.. Avoiding her wasnt something he could do.. It would only hurt her more.. Make things worse between them.. Thats not what he wanted.. Instead he wanted to make things normal between them.. Bring back the old feeling which always they had shared together.. But was it possible ?
Armaan finally decided what he needed to do.. He got up from his seat and walked out of the cabin determinedly..

Armaan : Shilpaa .. ?
Armaan peeked inside her cabin and frowned to see it Empty.. He walked inside looking around.. He glanced at the table and saw her items there on place.. But where was she.. Surely she cant go home without her items.. He started to leave when something caught in his eye.. Curiously he took the paper a sort of reports in his hand and opened it.. She must have done a checkup.. He wondered as he went through the papers..
As his eyes came on the last line he went stiff and stared at the paper holding it tight.. He put it down and ran a hand in his hair stunned with the sudden news.. He sank in the chair glancing back on the papers for a while.. So it was the reason she ran away.. Folding it and putting on his jacket pocket Armaan stood up and walked outside..

Shilpa walked inside her cabin slowly.. She felt tired , frustrated and confused.. How can this happen with her.. How can such a big change come into her life.. A while ago she had walked around the city trying to think clearly.. What to do next.. What she is required to do.. And finally concluded it was in her hands now to make her own life.. Brushing away the tear she approached the table looking for the reports.. She frowned a she searched through the files.. Where was it.. Suddenly she heard him speak making her gasp in surprise..
Armaan : Looking For something ?
She moved backward shaking her head.. Had he really got to know about the truth.. The truth she wanted to hide from him.. Her mind began to Reel back as she balanced herself gathering her items..
She tried to walk past him but he pulled her back close to him Tightly.. Her breath hitched as he stared down in her eyes digging down her soul.. She could never keep the truth away from him by staying so close in his arms..
Shilpa : Armaan Leave me..
Armaan : Not this time.. We need to Tackle this Together..
She gave a bitter laugh speaking sarcastically..
Shilpa : WE.. ?? IT was never WE Armaan... Did u Forget u were avoiding me all These days.. ?
He stayed calm but kept his gaze fixed on her..
Armaan : I was Wrong.. I shouldnt have avoided you.. I was wrong to run away...
Shilpa : Leave me Armaan.. I dont Need you..
Armaan : But Someone Else Needs Me.. You are hiding from me right..
Her fear rose with her heartbeat.. Did he really Knew.. No this cant be happening She had to leave As soon as possible..
She tried to move past him again but this time he pulled her back closer.. Face to face she could clearly see deep down in her eyes as her eyes welled up feeling helpless in his arms.. Staring down at her he spoke in a painful Whisper..
Armaan : You Are Pregnant With my Baby.. Arent You.. ??
Her struggles stopped as she stood motionless in his arms staring in his eyes with tears.. God he knew about it.. He got to know about her pregnancy... Armaan noticed the change in her expression.. He would back and took out the report from his jacket pocket..
Armaan : You Forgot this.. On your Table..
She snatched the paper from his hand and clutched it to her heart tightly.. It was something showing her the new reality of her life... She was pregnant.. A new life was attached with her.. But what pained most was the realization that she was pregnant with his child.. She spoke in a pained voice staring at him with the realization..
Shilpa : I am pregnant.. Armaan Mallik You made me Pregnant with your Child..


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