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Part 9 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Armaan Mallik You made me Pregnant with your Child.. He stood still for a minute as he heard the misery and helplessness in her voice.. Her eyes reflected the pain which added more to his guilt.. He remembered.. They had a beautiful friendship together which they shared happily.. What went so wrong suddenly.. Everything was falling apart.. His whole life was messed up.. And making it worse he had ruined life of someone who depended on him most.. I can do this... His heart called out immediately..
Armaan : Let me correct this then..
She shot a glance at him and brushed away her tears harshly..
Shilpa : After ruining everything you have the audacity to say u can correct everything.. What will you correct Armaan ? Our ruined friendship or my pregnancy.. You think you can take it back.. ? So what else are u suggesting do u expect me to get a abortion..

He stared at her in horror as she kept blabbering nonsense.. Her words his deep in his heart like a knife.. Have she really lost all the trust she had on him.. Why on the earth she assumed he would want her to do abortion.. But he couldnt blame her.. Armaan sighed sadly.. She had no fault.. He moved closer doubtful that she might move away.. But She stood still without glancing at him.. Gaining up the courage in his voice he spoke..
Armaan : I would never even Dream of suggesting Something like that to you.. Shona why do you think i am insensitive.. Plz look at me nicely its still me..
She glanced at him uncertainly knowing he meant his words.. But her mind wasnt ready to trust him or his buttery words anymore.. Not anymore.. She didint wish to get hurt..
Shilpa : I am glad to realize that.. But that wont mean everything is correct between us again.. We are just professional partners Armaan thats it..
She tried to walk past him when he came forward blocking her way.. Shilpa took a sharp intake of breath trying keep herself calm.. It was hard to be close to him and act as if she didint care..
Armaan : But the baby..
She interrupted his words rudely..
Shilpa : Baby is Mine.. Remember it happened when becauxe i let it happen..
His eyes darkened in determination sending chills down her body..
Armaan : I very well Remember second time.. It Happened because I let it Happen..
She stared at him stunned and cried out helplessly..
Shilpa : You knew you were ruining everything.. My question is WHY.. ?
He looked away as the question flowed in his mind.. The memories rushed back in his mind still he couldnt make out the real intention behind his sudden feelings.. Was it really lust.. Or something had really changed between them.. Sighing he glanced at her sadly..
Armaan : I dont Know..
Shilpa shook her head Frustrated with the situation.. Frustrated with herself and him.. She took up the final decision and spoke determinedly.
Shilpa : As i have been informed our Project gets over within 2 weeks.. As we are done with it I am resigning myself from the job.. I am going back to Mom..
He stood still not able to react as she left him after blasting on the stunned truth.. He sank into the chair running a hand in his hair as he realized he had just now lost Everything..
Armaan : Shilpa..

After two lonely days Shilpa headed back to office after taking a break.. The morning sickness took away all her energy which didint give much strength for her to work.. But Today as she felt much better she wanted to have some fresh air.. Shilpa walked inside her cabin going through her files when suddenly her phone rang..
Shilpa : Hello..
From the other end came his deep hesitant voice making her feel uneasy..
Armaan : Could you come on my Cabin for sometime.. We need to discuss about some events..
Shilpa stayed quiet for a minute badly tempted to say no to him and shut off the phone.. But maintaining her proffesional side she agreed and cut the call..
After few minutes the door of his cabin flew open and she walked inside the cabin.. His heartbeat suddenly rose as he noticed a beautiful glow on her face.. He had heard many times when women got pregnant their face get a unique glow.. And suddenly today he was seeing it infront of his eyes.. A sudden thought washed through his mind sending chills down his spine.. She is pregnant.. My Child.. My baby.. Something was nice when the thought flowed in his mind which made him smile.. He came out of her thought as her tensed voice interrupted him..
Shilpa : Can we plzz discuss now..
He glanced at her nicely as she took a seat infront of him avoiding his gaze..
Armaan : How are you Doing.. ?
She didint like the worry in his voice as he spoke..
Shilpa : I suggest us to be only on professional terms.. What do we need to discuss..
Without much choice he brought up the news of recent events..
Armaan : As you know we are in terms with the clients who want to invest here.. They wish to throw a party tonight.. We are invited to go there.
Shilpa : Fine whats the problem then.. I will bring up myself for the party..
He leaned forward with worried eyes.. Shilpa looked away quickly biting her trembling lips..
Armaan : I just wanted to know whether you can handle attending it.. As your health..
She interrupted his words getting up from her seat..
Shilpa : I told you Dont try to get personal with me Armaan.. I can handle myself .. I will come to party..
He shook his head as she stormed off from the office in anger.. He couldnt believe she was being so stubborn.. But this was Shilpa from start who always did things according to her way.. I need to work out things.. He decided in his mind as he drew back his attention to his work..

After wrapping up her work Shilpa got out of her cabin feeling way too tired after finishing her work for the day... She knew it was pregnancy which was making it hard for her to be energetic.. And she knew coming few months were gonna be more tough on her.. She walked inside the elevator and leaned on the wall and tried to push the button when he walked inside the Elevator.. She gasped , startled with his sudden appearance.. Usually He would stay back until she left they both had a good excuse of avoiding eachother.. Feeling tensed Shilpa moved to the corner avoiding his presence.. Armaan glanced at her from the corner of his eyes , determined to confront wid her anyhow.. As the door flew open and She hurried outside he followed her and took her arm , pinning her to the wall.. Shilpa narrowed her gaze at him and struggled under his grip.. Her gaze roamed around the parking lot but not even a single soul was present there except them.. He leaned towards her looking in her eyes , and spoke carefully picking up the words..
Armaan : Go home get freshed.. Be ready within an hour.. I will come to pick up up..
Shilpa instantly protested..
Shilpa : I already Told you I can come myself.. I dont need your help
She tried hard to struggle.. Knowing her weak state he let her go easily surprising her a bit.. Shilpa quickly turned around to leave..
Armaan : How will you reach the party when you dont even have any idea about the address or venue ?
A halt came to her steps as she turned around to face him.. He was leaning to the wall wid folded arms with a cool expression on his face.. Shilpa felt her anger rise as she tried to speak in calm voice..
Shilpa : Give me the address.. I will come myself..
Ignoring her demand he moved forward close to her.. She could clearly smell his rich intoxicating aftershave making her forget about the problems between them from a minute.. She just stared at him in wonder as he stared back at her blankly... Her lips trembled as his eyes lazily drifted down on her lips studying it for a minute.. Shilpa closed her eyes with a raspy breath and glanced back at him when he spoke in a deep rich voice..
Armaan : I have 2 things to Tell you.. First thing I am not telling you the Venue.. Second thing as i know where the party is held i will come to pick you up..
Stunned she stared at him as he left her alone in the parking lot thinking about what he have just said.. Did he actually gave her much choice.. Not Really.. Shilpa shook her head and left to home consoling her mind this was gonna be last meet with him..

As the entered the party together with plastered fake smiles Armaan instantly regretted his Decision of bringing her into the Party.. The party was on full swing , too much music and people were crowded.. He glanced at Shilpa who stood stiff feeling uncomfortable with the atmosphere.. He gave a squeeze to her hand and spoke softly..
Armaan : I will take you out of here very soon I promise..
To his surprise She glanced up at him and gave a nod with hopeful eyes.. He looked away when suddenly he felt something clench in his heart..
They headed together to the clients and started to do business talks.. Armaan initially got involved in the business talks while Shilpa stood with least interest and she started to get a throbbing headache.. How she wished to head back home and sleeping peacefully.. Her body was protesting to get some sleep , her muscles were tensed and stiff.. She glanced at them and silently walked towards the sitting area and took a seat tiredly..
Suddenly she felt her stomach knot and herself getting sick.. She had to make up to the washroom fast before it led to anything embarrassing.. Quickly She headed inside and started to throw up.. She hated whenever she felt sick it made her miserable whenever the feeling of vomit rose.. It wud always make tears come in her eyes with a pain in chest.. Coughing lightly She washed her mouth and ran a hand on her chest feeling a sudden pain.. She had to get back home as soon as possible.. Shilpa decided instantly.. But as she turned around to leave everything started to spin and she fainted on the spot..
Armaan gave a final nod and glanced around frowning.. Where did she go now.. Excusing himself from the clients he started to look around for her worriedly knowing she was not feeling well.. He searched everywhere when his gaze came towards the crowd forming near the washroom.. His instincts shot up, his heartbeat rose as he headed towards the crowd.. Breaking it he walked inside and stood still watching in horror as he saw her limp body on the floor of washroom...

She woke up startled as she glanced around confused for a minute.. Shilpa held her throbbing head as she realized she was in his apartment.. She rubbed her head and closed her eyes when suddenly she felt his arms around her pulling her into a comforting hug.. At first she tried to struggle but gave up feeling too weak to argue.. Instead she felt nice being held in his strong arm.. They stayed like that for a long time without a word.. But soon Shilpa realized the closeness , she moved back feeling awkward..
Shilpa : I should go back home.. I need some sleep..
Armaan : Shilpa listen to me..
Shilpa glanced up and noticed a sudden desperation and worry in his eyes.. What was he going to do now.. She knew she had to get away from him before something else could hit her..
Shilpa : I need to leave..
Armaan : Listen to me..
This time his voice came more urgent making her feel uneasy.. Instantly she started to babble taking her bag..
Shilpa : I have work tomorrow.. But before that i need some sleep .. I need to go home and..
He interrupted by suddenly gripping her arms pulling her down on the bed infront of him.. She stayed quiet but stared at him with a thudding heart.. He stared deep down in her eyes and spoke in a deep and yearning voice..
Armaan : Marry me


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