Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Prologue :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

She walked inside his dark room.. Her heart heavy as she knew what he might be going through right now.. His pain known well to her.. In a slow pace she approached to Armaan who set in a corner staring at the space.. His face showed anger , Frustration and pain.. This made her heart cry out in pain..
Shilpa : Armaan.. You cant sit like this everyday..
He didint look up at her.. Sometimes she wondered whether he realized her presence or intentionally ignored her.. Did he still Remember she was his best friend..
Armaan : Just... Leave me Alone..
Shilpa : I cant...
Armaan looked at her and snapped ..
Armaan : WHY .. ??

Shilpa looked away seeing his eyes full of anger..
Shilpa : I .. I just cant see you in pain.. She is gone Armaan.. She has left.. Now its high time you accept..
Armaan : DAMMIT I LOVED HER... I loved her soo much.. And she left me.. Just like that..
Shilpa : Armaan.. I.. I understand your pain..
He got up pushing her away harshly.. He heard her wimp in pain..But like always it was ignored..
Armaan : NO YOU DONT .. !! You wont ever understand Shilpa..
He looked back at her and noticed her eyes full of tears.. But his heart was now too cold to feel her pain..
Armaan : The day you love someone from heart you will realize my pain..
Tears flowed from her eyes as he walked out of the room in anger.. She placed a hand on her heart feeling a immense pain rise in her.. How she wished he knew she understood his pain.. How she wished he knew how much she loved him..
Shilpa : Armaan.. I wish you knew how much i love you.. No one in this world than me understand the pain you are going through.. I know how it is to loose someone you love.. I just wish.. If you could love me back..
As the words escaped her lips she shook her head.. No .. He shouldnt know about her feelings towards him.. She cleared her tears staring at the space determinedly.. She wanted him to Remember her.. Remember their friendship.. Even if that meant sacrificing her love.. She just wanted him to Remember her..


Love Aishy <3

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