Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Prologue:Betrayal (AR)

 He followed her into her room with anger in his eyes.  She entered her room crying after what she had seen.  She had started to trust him a little, but after what she had seen today, she couldn't trust him ever again.  She tried to close the door but he placed his hand on the door, making it impossible for her to close the door.  She tried a lot, but couldn't and finally he opened the door, making her go back a few steps, and he closed the door shut behind him.  He looked at her with fire in his eyes.
" Chale jao yaha se.  I SAID GO! " She shouted, but he didn't budge.  He walked forward, and she tried to walk right past him, but he grabbed her by her wrists and turned her around, making her face him.
" Leave me Armaan. " Riddhima said trying to get rid of his grip, but Armaan wasn't in any mood of letting her go tonight.  He kept staring at her with bloodshot eyes and tightened his grip on her wrists, making her wince a little.

" Look at me Riddhima. " Armaan said, but Riddhima didn't look at him and tried to get out of his grip.  " Look at me. " He tried again, but again, Riddhima didn't budge. " Look at me Riddhima. " He tried for the one last time, and got the same response again, and after this, he lost his patience.  " LOOK' AT' ME' "  He grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her REALLY close to him, making her look into his eyes.  He spoke each word, emphasizing all of them.  Riddhima was breathing heavily.  She didn't know what was going to happen next, but knew that this night is something that she won't ever forget'

Character Sketch:

Armaan Mallik:
This handsome hunk has the ability to charm every girl in the world.  He is one of the most rich, and successful business man in Mumbai.  He has recently married Riddhima, the girl he loves the most in the entire world, 3 months ago and can't live without her.

Riddhima Mallik:
A stunning, suave women who catches every man's breath.  She is the perfect girl anyone can wish for.  She is the daughter of Shashank Gupta, one of the most famous business tycoons in India.  She is married to Armaan and loves him a lot.  She is really fond of wearing strapless tops and jeans.

Rahul Garewal:
A dashing man, whose eyes always do magic.  He is Armaan's best friend and also his business partner.  Married to Muskaan.

Muskaan Garewal:
A beautiful, young lady that manages to impress every guy.  Riddhima's best friend and also her partner in the fashion industry.

Anjali Gupta:
A gorgeous girl that steals the breath of every man.  She is Riddhima's elder sister.  She lives in New Delhi and is about to get married to the love of her life, Atul Joshi.

Atul Joshi:
A hot and sweet guy that can make every girl go head-over-heals in love with him.  Anjali's fiance, and Riddhima's best friend.

Shashank Gupta:
He is a successful business man and is Anjali and Riddhima's dad.

Padma Gupta:
She used to be Shashank's secretary, but then got married to him as they loved each other.  She is Anjali and Riddhima's mom.

Maya Saxena:
A hot, and clever business women who attracts everyone to her.  She is Armaan's business client.

Sapna Shah:
An innocent girl that manages to impress boys with her innoncence.    Riddhima's friend.

Amit Desai:
A hot and ravishing boy that loves to fight with danger, and never hesitates.  He loves Sapna, and wants for her to accept the truth that she loves him too.

Vivek Oberoi:                                                                                 
He is Riddhima's friend.  Likes her from college.


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