Friday, 1 November 2019


  "This contract hereby certifies that-

I, dr. armaan-riddhima's husband-mallik pledge the following things and also pledge to abide by all of them in thick and thin."

He looked up at her after reading the first few lines and gulped hard. God only knew what was in store for him. "tumne ye poora khud likha hai?"

She nodded.

"meri taraf se?"

"yes. now read on and sign.." she ordered.

"hmmm.." he nodded sheepishly and read on-

"1. I will love her even more with a bloated tummy in a few weeks.

2. after the baby arrives, I would never neglect riddhima and give her all the importance she deserves/wants.

3. In the following 8 months, I will never ever scold riddhima.

4. I will fulfill all of her wishes and never utter a 'no'.

5. she can eat all her favorite ice creams together without any interruption from me.

6. I will take her to movies even more frequently now, and won't stop her from watching horror movies.

7. I will help her bathe whenever she says.

8. I will cook breakfasts on Sundays, and dinners on Saturdays.

9. I will not make her roam around the house to get my things and would not get her tired in wasteful activities.

10. I would make her tired by making love to her whenever, wherever, and how much ever frequently she wants.

11. I would never ever fight for the tv remote.

12. I would never accuse her of reading boring novels.

13. I would not complain about the reading lights being on till late in the night.

14. I would help her paint her toes when she gets fat. (or even now when she isn't fat, and just wants me to)

15. I would never scold her for getting late for the gynaec appointment.

16. I would not make her drink plain milk every morning.

17. I would not irritate her by saying  'its okay baby' repeatedly when she cries for no reason. Let her cry.

18. I would take her for a walk on the beach every night.

19. more importantly, I would not scold her if she gets wet on the beach.

20. I would just love her. Just like I do now."

The last line made him smile… "but I don't agree to no. 5 here…and no.16…and no. 19….and…"

"I don't care…" she spat back. "and its not over yet. Theres a phase 2 as well. Turn the page.." she ordered and he followed.


"I, dr. armaan-baby's father -mallik pledge the following things and also pledge to abide by all of them in thick and thin.

1.I would kiss my baby a good morning everyday till he's in riddhima's tummy, just like I kiss riddhima.

2.I would talk my baby to sleep every night.

3.I would tell him all the stories that his/her mumma likes to listen.

4.I would also scold him/her when he/she kicks my wife.

5.I would not bother her mumma asking why is the baby taking so many months to come out.

6.I would stay with the mumma and the baby in the delivery room BUT WON'T PANICK.

7.after my baby arrives, I would not fight with riddhima over his/her name.

8.the names starting from 'G' and 'L' have already been ruled out by his/her mumma and I won't protest on it ever again.

9.I would not pout if my baby doesn't recognize my voice.

10.I would not crib about how my baby's taking long to learn 'papa' or 'dadda'.

11.I would not teach my son to wink at girls.

12.I would not teach my daughter a flying kiss.

13.I would not use my cute baby to flirt with girls.

14.I would not complain if riddhima's tired to make love to me at nights, after being busy with the baby the whole day.

15.I would never call my baby a 'disturbance' in my romance.

16.I would not hurry to teach my child how to walk or play.

17.I would take care of my baby when he wakes up mid nights and let her mumma sleep. (it was a part of phase 1, added here by some technical error)"

He looked up at her reading the last line, especially how it was a 'technical error' and not a 'mistake'. He felt like kissing her tight, but continued reading further-

18.I would not wake my child when he/she is sleeping only coz I want to play with him/her.

19.I would not fight with my baby over riddhima's time and how much importance does she give to him/her and me.

20.I would take my family on a long, very long vacation on the baby's first birthday.

21.I would just love my baby. Just like I do now.




                                                                          Dr. armaan mallik

He smiled. Looked at her. Kissed her. Got a smack on his shoulder. continued kissing. Felt her ruffling his hair. Held her tightly. Never left her. And,

Abided by the contract in the most armaanlicious way ;)


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