Sunday, 3 November 2019


"Sir you have 32 voice mails…you were in the meeting and.." his p. a informed him running after him to another conference hall just after having finished a meeting.

"is someone dieing?" armaan asked walking briskly with a plain face. He had important things to look after than attend his voice mails!

"uh- uhm no- no sir.."

"is there any from shilpa mallik?"

" sir.."

Armaan took out his phone and listened to shilpa's voice mail… "voice mails are for office clients and people you don't wanna talk to…dare you put me on this thing again armaan.." he smiled. If there was one person in the world who could talk to armaan in that air, it was mrs. Shilpa mallik!

"what time is it?" he asked plainly to his p.a..

"uh…6.19 sir.." armaan always needed to know the exact point time. Rounding off was not his style…

11 minutes for the next meeting to start…he could at least afford a phone call… he quickly pressed his speed dial and waited for her to pick up.. now that he had missed her calls, she would definitely keep him waiting, he thought. But he was wrong; she picked up his phone in a second… "hey, you called?" he asked sweetly..

"ask samar how many times..." she answered rudely…

"I am sorry baby, I was busy. Let's not waste this time fighting na…" he tried to pacify her…

"ask him armaan!" boy, she was hell angry!

He bit his tongue as he turned to his p.a , faking a tough look, he asked for how many missed calls were there from shilpa… samar tried to hide his smile, seeing his sturdy boss as a loving husband, and answered sincerely.. "sir 42.."

"42! 42 missed calls and you didn't care to tell me!!" he kept a hand on the phone's speaker so shilpa couldn't listen anything and this time he did not need to fake any toughness. It came quite naturally!

"but sir you said not to disturb you even if sky's falling.." samar tried to put his word in a meek voice..

"you jerk! Falling sky is important or shilpa's missed call? Idiot!"

"idiot!" he heard shilpa giggling from the other side… apparently it had been no use keeping a hand on the speaker, as she was obviously able to listen to everything…"idiot who hai ya tumhari voh mrs. Raichand? Usi ke sath thi meeting?  Mari nahi vo kameeni abhi tak?"

"come one yaar shona! She's married! And you know I don't let her come close to me…"

"I think she herself has forgotten she's better be careful…and you know what, no need to share a meal or even a glass of water with her! Lest she mixes up something!"

"you really hate her na!" armaan chuckled and made shilpa smile too… "yeah I do! Khair…leave that now, how was your meeting? And the next one's is in five minutes I guess? All the best! I just called to say that! Don't be rude and our company needs the project…donot insult any official and please don't start telling them the armaan style of working! No one's as workaholic as you!"

He smiled…only she could have the nerve to tell him all this! "and no one's as lovaholic as you!" he replied back..

"aaha! Ab bohot meethi baatein aa rhi hain! I haven't forgotten the 42 missed calls yet! You'll have to pay for them when you get back!"

"oh! I'd love to!" he said cheekily..

"whatever! Now bye…and remember I love you!" she blushed…

He sighed. He was the luckiest man alive! "love you too! I'll call you and tell you if I'll have dinner at home…I'll be late I guess…

"no problem..i'll be waiting!"

"bye.." he smiled cheek to cheek now..


"she saved you today! Idiot!" armaan shot back at samar..

"she always does!" samar smiled comfortably. After talking to shilpa, there can't be any expectation of anger from armaan…he was quite safe!

They entered the conference hall and samar handed him the file for the meeting… "mr. sinha and his son" he introduced the clients as the formal meeting started….


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