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Intro & part 1 : Here to change his life forever

Poem for the FF:BY MARCY

Before i met you i hated life
And i felt like there wasn't a reason to live
But then i met you had my life changed
Now i have a reason to live
You even say that you love me
You are an angel sent down from heaven
You brighten my day and I brighten yours
You changed my life
And I never wanna go back to the life before i met you
I think about you every nite and every day
There isn't one moment that i don't think about you
You changed my life



Riddhima Gupta(Jennifer Winget):

Concept:Armaan is always engrossed in his work, he keeps himself isolated from everyone, is depressed...Only thing he does is work, he work till late nights, even on the weekends but one day a girl name Riddhima Gupta his Business parnter comes into his life and changes his life. His life takes a 90 degree turn.

Mallik Empire:

He was in his cabin, engrossed in his files when there was a knock on the door. He said Come In, and there was a young woman who enters the cabin and says Yes Sir, did you call me? The man sitting on his black chair engrossed in his files says "Yes, I want to tell you that my Business partner is coming next week and I want you to organize a party". "What Sir?" said the woman? Didn't you hear, I told you to organize a party welcoming my Business Partner who is coming next week. Okay Sir said the woman and left the cabin. She came out and started talking to other employees in the office about how their employer, Biggest Business tycoon in India Mr. Armaan Mallik told her (his PA) to organize a party for his Business partner that is coming next week. Everyone in the office was shock to hear this as they know that their Boss wasn't social, he was always engrossed in his work, kept himself isolated from everyone and was depressed. He never attended any functions and suddenly he was telling him to organize a party.

Scene shifts U.S.

Beta utho, subah ho gayi hai. Tumhe office nahi jana. Haan ma uth rahi hoon bas panch aur min. Theek hai uth jana ab main tumhe nahi uthane wali. Ten minutes later, Riddhima, her mom scream from down stairs. Yes mom I was up. She goes to the bathroom, gets ready and comes out in black skinny jeans and pink and black top. Goes to the dressing table, put jewelry and light make up and goes downstairs for breakfast. So here is Miss Riddhima Gupta, biggest business woman in U.S. She is very professional, along with that she is a family oriented girl even though she was born and raised in U.S. she has all the Indian values in her. She is outgoing and believes that love is the most important part in life and without love life is nothing.
Gupta Empire

Shashank: Riddhima I need to talk to you.
Riddhima: Yes dad.
Shashank: Riddhima, I need you to go to India for an important project in which you are going to help the biggest businessman of India Mr. Armaan Mallik. I have already booked you tickets and you will be leaving next week.
Riddhima: Okay dad. This is great opportunity for me to work with the biggest business of India.

Part 1

Gupta Mansion
Padma: Riddhima are you done with your packing?
Riddhima: Yes mom, I am almost done. 10 more minutes.
Padma: Okay come down after you are done with ur packing.
Riddhima: Tony (servant) carry my bags downstairs and put them in my car.
Tony: Yes mam
Riddhima, Padma and Shashank leave for the airport. Padma and Shashank were going to drop Riddhima off. They reach the airport and are standing when they hear an announcement requesting all the passengers that are taking flight to India to come for checking.
Riddhima: Alright mom and dad. I think I should leave now.
Padma: Riddhima take care of yourself. And don't forget to eat regularly and don't stress too much. Padma gets emotionally and has tears in her eyes.
Riddhima comforts her saying Mom don't worry about me. You take care and don't forget to take your medicines regularly. I promise I will give you a call whenever I am free. Riddhima hugs Padma and Shashank and bids them Good bye.
Scene shifts to Airport in India.
Man: Are you Riddhima Gupta?
Riddhima: Yes that is me. Who are you and why are you asking my name?
Man: Hello Mam. I am here to receive you. Mr. Armaan Mallik had sent me to receive you from Airport and take you to the Mallik Mansion.
Riddhima: Alright. Here is my luggage, put it in the car.
They leave from the Airport for Mallik Mansion. Riddhima is nervous to meet Armaan and is thinking how does he look? what is his personality like? What will his attitude be towards her?
Driver: Mam, Mallik mansion is here.
Riddhima: huh'she didn't release that they were already at their destination (The Mallik Mansion), she was busy thinking about Armaan and how will he react seeing her.

Mallik Mansion:

Wow this place is gorgeous. It is so huge and pretty. Riddhima goes inside the house and sees a guy sitting on the couch drinking and he looked depressed. Riddhima at face did not like him sitting their getting drunk but then when she had a closer looks she started day dreaming about how hot and sexy he was. . That guy is none another than Mr. Armaan Mallik.
Armaan: Excuse me. Who are you? He asked annoyingly why was some outsider here at his private time
Riddhima was  still day dreaming and didn't hear what Armaan said.
Armaan: Hello. *snaps* and gets Riddhima out of her day dreaming.
Riddhima: huh'yes
Armaan: Can I please ask you who are you and why  you are here?
Riddhima: Ohh Hi I am Riddhima Gupta. I am from U.S. for a project to work with Armaan Mallik. Can you please tell me where  I can find  him?
Armaan: Oh i am Armaan Mallik. By the way welcome to India.
A servant enters with Riddhima luggage.
Armaan: (to servant) Put Ms. Gupta's luggage in the guest room and guide  her there.  he said in a professional manner
Riddhima expected him to be more friendly but he seemed way to business oriented
Servant: Yes sir. (He leaves to put Riddhima's luggage in the guest room)
Armaan: (to Riddhima) Get ready you have to attend a party; I have organized for you .
Riddhima: Ohh really. Thanks i really appreciate it .You also get ready and then we can leave for the party together.
Armaan: Actually My Driver will take you there, I don't attend parties
Riddhima:  You were the one who  organized it therefore should you not be coming.
Armaan: I don't attend parties.
Riddhima: Then what was the point of  organizing a   party for me, if you weren't attending.
Armaan: In order to welcome you and so that you can meet my staff and the people that we are going to work with.
Riddhima: Okay but I won't attend the party if you don't attend. Since you have thrown a party for me you should also be there. If you are not there who will introduce me to everyone
Armaan: Don't worry i have arranged everything my PA will do the work.
Riddhima: No but I won't go if you are not coming.
Armaan: Didn't I say I don't attend parties.
Riddhima: I just said i won't go without you and i am sure the famous business man does not want to embarrass himself.
This girl was so stubborn and extremely smart she knew exactly how to get her way around Armaan
The servants were shocked she had managed to convince Armaan Malik to attend a party. Both of them went to their room to get ready for the party. An hour later, Armaan comes down dressed in a black suit. Looking Hot and Handsome.

He is waiting for Riddhima to come down. It has already been 10 minutes since he has been waiting for her. 5 Minutes after Riddhima walks down in a beautiful black dress with less make up since she was naturally beautiful.

Riddhima: Mr. Mallik can we leave now? It is already late.
Armaan: Yes, lets go Miss Gupta. And both of them left for the party.


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