Saturday, 2 November 2019


You know sometimes, when she's lying in bed watching tv while I try to sleep(I can't really sleep with all the noises and lights) and then she suddenly sees something so funny that she actually gets up and sits straight, or go to the corner of the bed, closer to the tv, still laughing heartily, that sight is to die for.

And then in the morning when I keep staring at her while she's asleep and then she frowns, and blushes (I still don't know how she manages the both together) , and tells me to go away while her hands go round my neck bringing me closer to her, that feeling is to die for.

There are times when she cooks something new and asks me how it is, that moment between she asking and me replying, that moment when her eyes look smaller than they are, coz of her anticipation and her lips curled amusingly and hands tight, waiting for my reaction, that moment is to die for.

And then there are times when her eyes are red coz of sleepiness and she still sits waiting for me late in the night,those eyes are to die for.

The way her eye lashes looked curled up everytime she makes her eyes big threatening me to stay away and refrain from all the kissing while she works, those lashes are to die for.

Those days when she feels cranky and wants nothing else but to hug and kiss me, oh! Those days are to die for. (and since we can't really do much at night in those specific days of the month…I literally feel like dying!)

Those nights when I simply lie with my head in her lap and her hand in my hair, whne we don't talk at all….when I just stare at her face while she plays with my hair and eyebrows, and what not, those quite nights are to die for.

Those times when she's jealous of me talking to a female patient and takes back at me by hiding the tv remote and making me warm up the food, those days are to die for.

That smile of hers when I leave soe not in her locker or send her an 'I love you' text, that smile is to die for.

That laugh that she laughs when I tell her some stupid incident with my ex girlfriends, that laugh is to die for.

The caress of her hands on my cheek when I complain of being tired of work, that caress is to die for.

That sound of her playing with the ring on her finger while she tries to hide something, that sound is to die for.

And then when not even I can satisfy her, when she demands for a chocolate and then licks it off her lips. And then I lick it off her lips. Those chocolates, no wait, that girl eating those chocolates is to die for.

Also, when sometimes, she's hell tired to cook and still does (for she knows I love the food made by her), that sweat on her smiling face, and those strands disturbing her, those strands are to die for.

When she puts her hands round my neck and kisses my lips, welcoming me home from a long day at work, that welcome is to die for.

When she raises her palm showing me a slap and her eyes widen(that's mostly when I ask for around of love making after we have just finished one), those widened eyes are to die for.

Mornings, when she hug me from the back when I stand at the window, her hands landing on my chest and her lips on my back. Those mornings are to die for.

That cup of coffee she brings into my cabin right in time when I think of one, that already sipped coffee with her lip mark on the cup is to die for.

Those boring novels she zabardasti read out to me late at nights making all the cute expressions and telling each dialog, those novels are to die for…shit no, don't tell her I said this! Kill those novels and those writers! I mean jo novel padh rhi hoti hai she is to die for!

Trust me, I can go and on and on….coz she is all I live for.

kritika kashian

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