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Last Part :Betrayal (AR)

 Happy Ending

Recap: Atul and Anjali get married.  Armaan and Riddhima romance.

The next day, the gang was packing their bags, as they were leaving for Mumbai.  They had the best time of their life in Delhi, and they really didn't want to leave, but they had to.
" Riddhima beta.  Main andar aa sakti hoon? " Padma asked standing at the door.
" Arre Mama.  Aaye na. " Riddhima said with a smile.  Padma came in and sat down on the bed.
" Riddhima... mujhe tumse kuch baat karni thi. "
" Boliye. "
" Beta, main... maine ek baat notice ki hain. "
" Kaunsi? "
" Riddhima jab tum yahaan aayi thi, toh aisa lag raha tha jaise ki tumare aur Armaan mein kuch hua hain.  Koi problem.  Tum Armaan se door bhaagti thi.  Aur jab tum dono Kasauli se wapas aaye, toh sab kuch pehle jaisa tha.  Sach batao Riddhima.  Kya hua tha? "
" Ku... kuch nahin Mama.  Aa... aapko koi galat faimy huyi hain. "
" Jhooth mat bol.  Maa hoon teri.  Tujhe bohat achhe se jaanti hoon.  Ab bata, kya baat hain. " Riddhima closed her eyes, and sighed.

" Mama, main aap se kuch chhupaana nahin chahti, lekin main uss baat ke baare mein, koi baat nahin karna chahti.  Yeh baatein beet chuki hain.  Please aap mujhe majboor matt kijiye. "
" Kitni badi ho gayi ho tum.  Koi baat nahin.  Agar tum nahin chahti, toh main tumse kuch nahin poochhungi. "
" Thank you Mama. " She hugged Padma.
" Riddhima beta, jaana zaroori hain kya? "
" Mann toh nahin kar raha, lekin jaana toh padega na. "
" Hmm. "
" Kya baatein ho rahi hain? " Armaan asked, entering the room.
" Kuch nahin beta. "
" Yeh kya?  Aap roh rahi ho kya?  Mtch.  Aapko pata hain na, ki mujhe apni sexy Mom ki aankhon mein aansoon bilkul achhe nahin lagte. "
" Badmaash! " Padma pulled Armaan's ear and Riddhima chuckled.
" Oww!  Mom, dukh raha hain! " She left his ear, and Armaan rubbed it.
" Pata hain, jab tum dono yahaan se chale jaoge na, toh mujhe tum dono ki bohat yaad aayegi. "
" Humme bhi aapki bohat yaad aayegi Mom. " Armaan and Riddhima hugged Padma, and Padma caressed their head lovingly.
Very soon, the gang left for Mumbai in Rahul's private jet.

In the jet...

Riddhima was looking outside the window, absorbing the beauty of the atmosphere.
" Wow!  Yahaan se sab kuch kitnaaa sundar dikhta hain.  Armaan, dekho na. " Riddhima said with amazement.
" Dekh hi toh raha hoon. " He said in a velvety voice.  Riddhima turned her face, and saw Armaan staring at her intently.  She narrowed her eyes.
" Mujhe nahin, baahar dekho. "
" Kyun? "
" Arre!  Baahar ka nazaara kitnaa khoobsurat hain! "
" Lekin tumse kam. " Riddhima lowered her gaze as blood gushed through her cheeks.
" I love how you look when you blush. " Riddhima blushed even more.
On the other hand, Rahul and Muskaan were having sweet talks with each other.
" Rahul, hum apne baby ka naam kya rakhenge? "
" Well agar ladka hua, toh Maan, aur ladki hui, toh Geet. "
" Haan.  Naam toh achhe hain.  Hum yeh hi rakhenge. "
" Muskaan, thank you very much. "
" Kiss liye? "
" Mujhe itni badi khushi dene ki liye.  Tumne meri zindagi khushiyon se bhar di hain.  Thank you very much. "
" Rahul, thank you toh mujhe tumhe kehna chahiye.  Meri zindagi mein aaj jitni bhi achhi cheezein ho rahi hain, woh sab kuch tumhare vajah se.  Tumhari vajah se mujhe itne achhe dost, itne achhe saas-sasur milein hain.  " They hugged each other, and stayed like that for a long time.
Along with them, Amit and Sapna were having their moment as well.
" Amit, hum wapas Mumbai toh jaa rahe hain, lekin tum Mummy-Papa se baat kab karoge? "
" Tum jab kaho, tab. "
" Toh phir main aaj unse baat kar lungi, aur phir kal tum aa jaana.  Ok? "
" Mmm.  Someone's really keen on getting married. "
" Amit!  Tum toh jaante ho na mere parents ko.  Humesha mere liye ladke dekhte rehte hain.  Aur main nahin chahti, ki woh meri shaadi kahin aur kar de. "
" Don't worry Sapna.  Main hoon na. " Sapna smiled and hugged him.
In no time, they were back in Mumbai.  Rahul and Muskaan went to their house, Amit dropped Sapna, and Armaan and Riddhima went to their house.

Mallik Mansion...

Riddhima was unpacking her bags and putting the clothes back in the closet.
Dehli had been pretty eventful for her, and pretty much the entire gang.  She had gotten her Armaan back, Maya was in jail, Vivek was dead, Atul and Anjali got married, Sapna realized her love for Amit, and the most happiest thing of all- Rahul and Muskaan were to have another member in their family.  Life was at it's best.   
Armaan came up from behind and crept his arms around her waist.  He moaned as he nuzzled into the crook of her neck.
" Ar... Armaan... chh... chhodo. " Riddhima stuttered.  Armaan placed deep kisses on her nape, savoring her taste.
" Armaan... de... dekho... k... koi aa jaayega. "
" Yahaan humare ilaava... aur koi nahin hain. "
" D... dekho Armaan... ab... abhi bohat saara kaam baaki hain.  Abhi masti nahin. " Armaan turned her around in his arms and looked at her intently.
" Kaam toh baad mein bhi ho sakta hain. "
" Armaan. "
" Riddhima. "
" Mem-saab, issko kahaan rakhoon? " Ganga asked coming inside their room, but she immediately regretted it, and turned around.  Armaan broke apart from Riddhima, and both looked at Ganga with embarrassment.
" Sorry saab.  Mujhe pata nahin tha ki aap yahaan ho. "
" Koi baat nahin.  Tum jao. "
" Ji saab. " Ganga left the room.  Armaan  turned to Riddhima and was walking towards her again, when Ganga entered the room again as she forgot to ask Riddhima where to place the jar.
" Mem-saab main issko kahaan rakhoon? " Armaan stood apart from her again.
" Issko tum vahaan store room mein rakh do. "
" Ji. " After Ganga left, Riddhima got back to work and Armaan quickly went and closed the door before Ganga would come back again to disturb them.
" Thoda aaraam kar lo.  Thak gaye hoge. " Riddhima suggested.
" Jo hokum mere aaka. " Armaan bowed and then flopped himself on the bed.
Riddhima was finished unpacking soon and then she gave Ganga an off as she knew that Ganga had worked hard during the time they weren't there.  She came back and layed down on the bed, with her eyes closed.
Armaan turned around and looked at her.  He felt very nice to be back in his house, and even more better to have his Riddhima back.  He entwined his hand with hers.  Riddhima opened her eyes as she felt his hand on hers and looked at him.  She saw him smiling at her and she turned to her side so that they could face each other.
" Kya soch rahe ho? " She asked.
" Yeh hi.  Ki duniya ki sabse khoobsurat ladki, aaj mere paas hain, mere saath. " Riddhima smiled.­
" Ek baat poochhoon? "
" Hmm. "
" Tumhe meri kaunsi baat sabse zyaada achhi lagti hain? "
" Mujhe... umm... " He pretended to think.  Riddhima pouted and smacked him on his arm.
" Jao.  Main tumse baat nahin karti. " She crossed her arms.
" Sorry yaar, main toh mazaak kar raha tha.  Mujhe tumhari yeh, baadi, baadi aankhein bohat pasand hain.  Inn mein hum doopki laga sakte hain.  Aur phir tumhari yeh cute si naak.  Jiss pe gussa 24/7 chadha rehta hain. " He pinched her nose and Riddhima smiled, but then pouted again.
" Mera gussa meri naak par rehta hain? " She asked very cutely.
" Ji haan.  Lekin tumhe pata hain?  Jab tum gussa hoti ho na, toh bohat cute lagti ho? "
" Sachi? "
" Muchi. " She smiled.
" Toh... tumhe meri aankhein aur meri naak bohat pasand hain? " He nodded.
" Ab tum batao.  Tumhe meri kaunsi baat sabse zyaada pasand hain? "
" Tumhare yeh cute se dimples. " She poked his dimples, making him flash his dimples.
" I know!  Sab ladkiyaan mere inn dimples par marti hain. " Armaan said proudly making Riddhima look at him with wide eyes.
" You mean woh, short skirts waali? "
" Yup.  They are soo hot man. " Armaan said to make her jealous.
" Toh tum unke baare mein sochte ho?! "
" Nope.  Main unke baare nahin sochta.  Sirf dekhta hoon. "
" Armaan main... main maar daalungi. " Armaan chuckled.
" Pata hain mujhe aur kya pasand hain? "
" Kya? "
" Jab tum mere liye itni possessive ho jaati ho. " Riddhima smiled.
" Tum bhi kuch kam nahin ho. "
" Jaanta hoon. " They chuckled.  They spent the rest of the time like that, talking to each other and soon it was time for her to make dinner.  Armaan wasn't letting her go at first, but then Riddhima somehow left the room and left for the kitchen.
While she was making dinner, Armaan wouldn't leave a chance to tease her.  He would come from behind and tickle her, call her for some silly reasons, and what not.  Soon, they finished dinner, and right after it, Amit called Armaan.  He called him to get tips for meeting Sapna's parents.  Armaan helped him out and then went inside his room.
When he entered the room, he saw Riddhima sitting on the bed, looking a little restless.
" Riddhima?  You okay? "
" Yea, I'm fine. "
" Kuch ho raha hain kya? " He asked worriedly.  Riddhima got up and ran into the bathroom, holding her hand over her mouth, and Armaan followed her.  She started to vomit, and Armaan rubbed her back, to calm her down.  After a while, Riddhima stopped vomiting, and Armaan made her lay down on the bed.  He immediately called Kirti, who was a doctor by profession, and told her to come, and check on Riddhima.
In a matter of no time, Kirti came and checked on Riddhima, and Armaan was kept outside during the check up.  Very soon, the check up was over, and Kirti came outside.
" Dr. Kirti.  Kya hua Riddhima ko?  Is she fine? " Armaan asked worriedly.
" Yes Armaan, she's fine. " She said with a smile.
" Lekin ussko hua kya tha? "
" Well, yeh aapko Riddhima bataayegi. " Armaan looked at her confused.
" Riddhima? " Kirti nodded.
" Ok.  Chaliye main aapko aapki fees de deta hoon. " Kirti nodded.  Armaan gave her, her fees and she left.  He immediately ran to Riddhima's room, and saw her happy.
" Riddhima?  Kya hua tha tumhe?  Dr. Kirti ne bhi kuch nahin bataaya. "
" I know.  Maine hi manna kiya tha. "
" Kyun? "
" Jaldi pata chalega. "
" Riddhima batao na.  Kya baat hain? "
" Chalo hum beach par chalte hain. "
" Kya?! "
" Haan.  Let's go to the beach. " She got out of the bed, and pulled Armaan.  Armaan thought that she has gone mad.  What the hell is going on?!
Riddhima said that she would drive, but Armaan said otherwise, and drove the car over to the beach.  Riddhima started to walk in to the water, and Armaan stopped her, but she pulled him along as well.  They played in the water for a while, but Armaan still couldn't help but think that something's gone wrong with Riddhima.
" Riddhima, chalo ab hum chalte hain.  Warna tumhe thand lag jaayegi. "
" Haan, chalo. " They walked to a certain distance, and then Riddhima stopped Armaan.
" Armaan.  Ab hum yahaan se saath, saath chalenge. "
" Hum saath hi toh chal rahe hain. " He said confused.
" Mtch.  Arre aise nahin.  Apna left leg aage karo. " Armaan did what Riddhima told him to do and Riddhima did the same.
" Ab right. "
" Yaar tum mere se itni raat ko parade karva rahi ho kya? "
" Armaan!  Jo keh rahi hoon, woh karo! " Armaan did what Riddhima told him to do.
" Left... right... left... right... left... right... left... it's a girl! " They both walked to the shore like that, and then Riddhima stopped and jumped in happiness.
 " Say what? " Armaan asked in confusion.
" Yea!  Mtch.  Agar right leg aage hota, then it would've been a boy. " Riddhima said with a smile.  Armaan was confused at first, but then his brain registered her words, and he went into a shock.  He couldn't feel anything around him, and he just stared at Riddhima with wide eyes and his mouth hanging down.
" You... you... are... pr... preg... nant... " Armaan said in an inaudible voice with a smile on his lips, but Riddhima understood him.  She nodded with a watery smile.
" Yes Armaan.  You're going to be a father very, very soon. " Riddhima cupped a side of his face.  Armaan's heart jumped in joy.  The smile on his lips stretched about a mile wide and he immediately picked her up and spinned her around in happiness.
" YES!  I'M GOING TO BE A FATHER!  I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU RIDDHIMA MALLIK! " Armaan shouted and Riddhima laughed.  He brought her down and placed kisses all over her face.
" Thank you so much Riddhima!  Tumhe nahin pata ki tumne mujhe kitni badi khushi di hain!  I love you so much! "
" I love you, too Armaan. " He hugged her tight and Riddhima hugged him back.
" Lekin tumne mujhse yeh baat abhi tak chhupaayi kyun? "
" Kyun main jaanti thi.  Ki yeh baat sunn kar, tum jhoom utho ge.  Aur issi liye main tumhe yahaan laayi.  Taaki hume yeh bhi pata chal sake ki ladka hoga, ya ladki. "
" Of course ladki hogi.  Kyunki woh bilkul tumhari jaisi honi chahiye.  Beautiful. "
" Haan.  Meri jaisi beautiful, aur tumhari jaisi naughty. " Armaan smiled and pulled her into a long, loving kiss, telling her how much he loves her and how happy he was.  He broke apart from her, and both breathed heavily.
" I love you. " said Armaan.
" I love you, too. " Both left for home, and then changed into their night wear.  Laying on the bed in each other's arm, they felt heavenly.  Their happiness was at it's peak.  What more could they want?  Life was perfect.


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