Monday, 18 November 2019

Last part : Here to change his life forever

Life was now perfect for the two of them Armaans past was obviously something he couldn't forget however Riddhima was sent by God and she had come as an angel and changed his life forever. These two lived like any other normal couple did they had there share of love,arguments. All these things together made their relationship much stronger. It was Saturday night and the two had a small argument over Armaan wanting to finish some of his work for the project he had to present on Monday They had promised each other that they would do nothing but spend weekends with each other but today he seemed more engrossed in other things and this had pissed Riddhima off. The two still were business partners but this was some of the work Riddhima could not help him out in and that just added to his work load. He was extremely stressed about getting this project and his pissed of wife was just adding to the burden. Only way the poor guy could feel better was by apologizing to her and spending time with her would always relieve his stress. She sat there on the couch reading one of her romantic novels. He walked up to her and apologized for being rude earlier on. Convincing her wasn't really an easy job and it was after a lot of apologies she finally agreed.
That's how these two were extremely kiddish but madly in love with each other. The two of them had been married for 2.5 years now and everything was going so smoothly in there lives. It had been some time they were married and Riddhima wanted to plan a family and she had to speak to Armaan about this.She wasn't to sure how to bring the topic about but she had to do it she was sure he'd understand. After he had finished watching his favorite Tv show she went and cuddled next to him. He noticed she was all lost "is something wrong baby" He asked "hmm nothing Armaan now that are business is going well and we've been married for two years I think we should think about" Said Riddhima. Armaan smiled he knew what Riddhima was talking about but he did not know why she was so hesitant. "Don't be scared in telling me Riddhima,just say what you feel" Said Armaan. "Armaan I think we should have a baby now, please don't over react but I want to fulfill the desires of me becoming a mom one day now"Said Riddhima.Armaan had always dreamed of becoming a father but why was Riddhima so hesitant in telling him he wondered. "Of course I want to become a father" he said slightly kissing her forehead "but why were u scared of telling me  did you think I would say no" he asked. " No I trusted you Armaan but it's a big decision so I was a bit afraid" answered Riddhima. "Aww just remember I am am always there for you and will always be there no matter what happens" He said. She smiled at him and then he moved his lips closer to her and they kissed passionately. She unbuttoned his shirt buttons and pecked his chest several times. They couldn't control there desire anymore and he moved his hand inside her shirt and ripped if open she then opened his jean buttons and pulled them down. He then entered her slowly and she moaned the two continued to make love and did so until they were tired. It had been some time since that night and Riddhima had gotten her reports she found out she was pregnant. Both of them were on top of the world poor Riddhima she had wanted to be a mother but how was she supposed to know Armaan would become even more possessive for her and ended up creating a to do not list for her. He took good care of Riddhima during her pregnancy and was extremely understanding. It was Sept 26th and Riddhima was due in less than a week Armaan had been taking great care of her during these days. Both of them were sleeping that night when Riddhima suddenly shouted in pain she was crying a lot and the pain was unbearable Armaan could not see her like that and a few tears dropped down his eyes. He quickly rushed her to the hospital and she gave birth to a beautiful girl who they named Alisha. Both of them were proud parents of a beautiful girl and life could have not been any better. Indeed Riddhima had come into his life to change it for the better.


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