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Part 10 :Betrayal (AR)

  Our First Meeting

Recap:  Maya is introduced to everyone, and Armaan isn't happy with her arrival.  He's at the terrace, when Rahul comes, and he tells him everything.  Rahul decides to help him out.  The gang decides to go to Kasauli and Armaan and Riddhima have a romantic moment in the car.  Once they all reach Kasauli, Rahul tells Amit and Atul the truth, and they all decide to help Armaan.

The next morning, the gang was sitting in the garden, talking about what to do.

The garden:

" So guys.  Aaj hum kahaan jaayein? " asked Armaan.

" Let's go the club! " said Rahul.

" You mean the Kasauli Club? " asked Anjali.

" Haan.  Kyun?  Koi problem hain kya? "

" Nahin, problem toh koi nahin hain.  Main sirf yeh soch rahi thi ke iss club ke liye to tourists allowed nahin hain.  Toh phir hum kaise jaa sakte hain? "

" Anjie!  Bhul gayi kya?  Main aur Muskaan uss club ke members hain.  Aur hum apne friends ko vahaan le jaa sakte hain.  Toh ab toh kissi ko koi problem nahin hain na? " Rahul clarified.

" Nope! "

" Toh hum aaj shaam ko theek chhe baje Kasauli club mein milte hain.  Ok? "

" Ok! " The gang said in unison and they left for their rooms.
" Sab kahaan hain? " asked a female voice.

" Mujhe nahin pata. " said a male voice.

" Toh tum vahaan karte kya ho?  Maine tumse kaha tha naa, ki unn par nazar rakho. "

" Chill!  Main pata lagata hoon ki woh sab kahaan hain.  Tum fikar matt karo. "

" You better find out ki woh kahaan hain.  Otherwise you know what I can do. " She cut the call and stood there for a while, in the darkness.  There was absolutely no light in the room.

She slowly raised her hand up and took the phone.  She went to the contact directory and dialed Armaan's number.  She waited for Armaan to pick up the phone, but instead got a message that said that the phone is switched off.  She got angry and threw the phone against the wall.  She went in front of the mirror and took out the lighter from the drawer.  She turned on the lighter and took it towards the mirror, where Armaan's picture was clipped.  She looked at it with fire in her eyes.

" Armaan... tum chahe jahaan bhi ho... main tumhe dhoond kar rahungi.  Tum sirf mere ho.  Sirf... mere. "  Her eyes flickered to Riddhima's photo that was right beside Armaan's photo.  A knife was placed on the table and she picked it up.

" Riddhima Mallik.  Jis tarah se tumne mere Armaan ko mujhse ek saal pehle chheen liya tha,  ussi tarah ab main mera Armaan tumse chheen lungi.  WOH SIRF MERA HAIN RIDDHIMA!  SIRF... MERA!  Jab tak tumhe sach ka pata chal jayega, tab tak Armaan mera ho jayega. " The girl said with gritted teeth, while putting a big 'x' on her photo.  She then laughed evilly.
Armaan and Riddhima's room...

Riddhima was standing in front of the mirror getting ready to go to the club.  Since the weather was pretty warm and nice for the evening, she had decided to wear a simple brown strapless dress that landed just about an inch above her knee.

She was giving final touch up to her light make up which included kohl, light eyeshadow, and a tinge of lip gloss.  She finished giving touch up to her make up, and turned around, only to bump into Armaan.

Riddhima was about to fall, but Armaan held her by her waist and Riddhima's hands went around his neck on an impulse.  Their faces were so close to each other, that they could feel each other's breaths.

 Suddenly, the winds decided to change their route.  Since the window to their room was open, the chilly wind came and caressed both of their bodies.

Riddhima softly closed her eyes, and then opened them, revealing those big, beady eyes of her, that were getting drowned into those oceanic blue ones.

 Just then, she came back to her senses, and stood up, bringing Armaan back to his, too.  She looked down on the floor and then started to head towards the door when Armaan grabbed her wrists and pinned her to the wall.

" K... kya kar rahe ho? "

" Kyun?  Mere aisa karne se tumhe koi faraq padta hain kya? " Armaan said in a husky voice which sent shivers down her spine.

" Tum chaahe kuch bhi karo, mujhe koi faraq nahin padta. " She was trying to prove that his presense wasn't effecting her, but she knew very well that she was failing.  Armaan went closer to her and her breathing increased.

" Toh phir jab bhi main tumhare paas aata hoon toh tumhari saasein kyun tez ho jaati hain? " he said in a voice only audible to Riddhima.  He gently caressed her hair and cupped her face.  Riddhima closed her eyes, and then opened them.

" Jab main tumhe choota hoon toh tum kaap kyun uthti ho? " he whispered seductively.  He rested his forehead against Riddhima's, and cupped the other side of her face as well.

" Tum toh mujhse nafrat karti ho na?  Toh phir mera tum par itna asar kyun hota hain? " Riddhima closed her eyes as she felt his hot breath on her parted lips.  She had no answer to his questions.

Both of their hearts raced at like 1,000 m/s.  Their lips brushed against each other when Armaan's cell phone rang.  She opened her eyes, and looked at Armaan.  She immediately jerked his hands away from her face and ran out of the room and into the elevator to go the first floor as she knew she was late.  She leaned against the elevator, and tried to catch her breath.

" Tumhara asar mujh par iss liye hota hain Armaan... because I love you.  Tumhare chhone se main iss liye kaap uthti hoon, kyunki main tumse pyaar karti hoon.  Tumhare paas aane par meri saasein iss liye tez ho jaati hain, kyunki main tumse bohat pyaar karti hoon.  I love you a lot. " she accepted the truth to herself.  She closed her eyes for a second, trying to composed herself.  She waited for the door to open, and then she went to where the gang was standing.

" Hey Ridzi!  You're looking nice. " Amit complimented.

" Thanks Amit. " Riddhima said with a fake smile.

" Armaan kahaan hain? " Riddhima's smile faded at Rahul's question.

" Woh... room mein hain.  Thodi der mein aata hi hoga. "

On the other hand, Armaan was mad at the call.  He took out his phone and was about to give a good lecture to that person, but the caller started to talk even before he spoke.

" Oye khotte!  Tu kahaan hain?  Kabse hum log tera wait kar rahe hain!
" Muskaan yelled into the phone.  Then Armaan remembered that he had to go to the club with everyone.

" Sorry yaar Muski.  Woh kya hain na yaar- " Muskaan cut him off.

" Haan, haan, mujhe pata hain.  Tu Ridzi ke saath romance karne mein busy tha.  Right? " Armaan looked around the room to see if there were any cameras around.  He put his phone against his black jacket so that Muskaan doesn't hear him.

" Room mein cameras toh nahin hain.  Toh phir issko kaise pata? " Armaan wondered to himself when Muskaan yelled back.

" Oye khottiya!  Kithe gaya! " His cell phone almost fell out his hands when he heard Muskaan.

" I'm sorry Muski!  Main abhi aaya! " Armaan said panicking and then ran out of his room.

He quickly reached the place where the gang was and looked at Riddhima, who looked at everyone, but him.

" I'm sorry guys.  Main late ho gaya. "

" Koi baat nahin Armaan.  Ab chalo.  Jaldi chalte hain. " Rahul said, and they all left for the club.

At the Club...

The gang arrived at the club, which was crowded with people as it was a Saturday evening.  The club was really stylish.  They had a bar on the right, which had all sorts of drinks, the huge dance floor in the middle, which was crowded, and a big rest area on the left, which had red, stylish sofas.

The gang went to the rest area and sat there.

" Wow Rahul!  Yeh club toh bohat hi achha hain! " said Sapna.

" I know! " Anjali agreed with her.

" Thanks sweety!  Anything for you. "  Rahul flirted with Sapna, and received a murderous glare from both Amit and Muskaan.  Rahul mentally kicked himself.

" Guys!  I was just kidding!  Chill out! " he defended himself, and Amit and Muskaan looked away, trying to cool themselves down.  Atul, to lighted up the mood, spoke up.

" Boys.  Let's go to the bar and get a drink! " Anjali gave him 'the' look and Atul gulped.

" I... I mean... soft drinks. " Atul clarified himself.  Anjali looked down, and the rest of the gang tried to stifle their laughs.

" Yea, let's go! " Armaan said, and the boys left for the bar.  The girls sat there and laughed.

" God Anjie!  Tum AJ ko kitna daraogi? " said Sapna.

" Main ussko dara kahaan rahi hoon?  Tumhe nahin pata?  Ki alcohol peena humari body ke liye kitna hazardous hota hain? "

" Anjie!  Kabhi, kabhi chalta hain yaar!  It's just one time for God sake!  Anyways,  girls, let's go and hit the dance floor! " said Muskaan.  All the girls, except for Riddhima, stood up and started to go.

" Arre Ridzi!  Chal naa! " said Muskaan.  Riddhima came back from her thoughts and replied to her.

" Umm... nahin Muski.  Main actually yahin rehna chahti hoon.  I don't feel like dancing. "

" Kyun? " asked Anjali.

" Bas.  Aise hi.  Mera mann nahin hain.  I'll join you all later. "

" Ok. " And the girls left to dance, and Riddhima just sat there, thinking about something.  The club was reminding her of a very special day.  It sent her nearly a year back, when she had first met Armaan.


Three girls were standing together, talking to each other about something.

" Please Molly.  Tumhe aana hi hoga.  Tum Sumit ko nahin jaanti.  Woh sirf dikhne mein acchha hain, andar se nahin. " One girl said.

" Haan Molly.  Anjie Di bilkul theek keh rahi hain.  Please.  Ek baar hamari saath chal kar dekhlo.  Tumhe khud pata chal jayega ki sach kya hain. " Another girl said.

" Ok fine Riddhima.  Main aaungi.  Lekin agar tum dono galat saabit huye, toh phir tum dono kabhi bhi Sumit ki buraayi nahin karoge.  Ok? " Molly finally said.


" Ok. " The three girls then left the room they were in.  The three went to Moonlight Club and went to the changing room.  Riddhima grabbed a goldenish dress and went to change.  She came back in no time and then then started to do her make-up.

" Ridz?  Are you 100% sure ki Sumit bachelor's party karega? " Molly asked.

" Haan Molly.  Main bilkul sure hoon.  Maine khud usska message padha tha yaar! " Riddhima said while putting on some lip gloss.

" Agar Sumit ne bachelor's party ki, ya phir kissi bhi ladki ke saath dance kiya, toh main usska cold-blooded murder kar dungi! "

" I won't be surprised babes, if you do! " said Anjali.

" Tum bas dekhti jao Molly.  Main Sumit ki sachaayi kaise saamne laati hoon. " Riddhima said with her arms crossed, and then she heard a car noise.  She went to the window and saw Armaan, Rahul, Amit, and Sumit getting out of the car.

" Nice place Amy! " said Rahul.

" I know!  After all it's Armaan Mallik's choice. " Armaan bragged himself and the boys rolled their eyes.

" Tum apni taarif karna kab band karoge? " asked Amit.

" Kabhi nahin! " the other boys responded.

" Lekin Amy.  Mujhe bohat dar lag raha hain.  Agar Molly ko pata chala toh I'm so dead! " Sumit whined.

" Mtch.  Molly ko tab pata chalega na jab hum mein se koi usse batayega.  Aur yahaan hum paanch, aur unn sexy strippers ke alaava aur kissi ko pata nahin hoga ki humara plan kya hain. " Armaan calmed him down.

" Hmm.  I wish AJ bhi aaya hota.  Kitna maza aata na! " said Amit.

" Ya.  Lekin tujhe toh pata hain na.  Ki Champ kaisa hain. " Armaan said.

" Ab chalo guys.  Andar chalte hain.  I'm dying to dance! " Armaan said and they all went inside with a huge smile.  On the other hand, the girls were listening to everything.

" Dekha Molly.  Yeh hain tere Sumit ki assliyat.  Khud suna na tumne? " said Riddhima.

" Lekin main tab tak yakeen nahin karungi jab tak main khud usse doosri ladkiyon ke saath dance karte hue nahin dekh leti. " Molly remained stubborn and Anjali and Riddhima sighed at this.

" Ok Molly.  Ab mera time ho gaya hain.  Main chalti hoon. " Riddhima looked at Anjali and told her through her eyes to take care of her and Anjali nodded.

The boys entered the club, and the music started.

They all were dancing when Riddhima stopped and looked and the boys, especially Sumit, with an expression that said 'dude, you're gone now' and then Molly came.  Riddhima moved away from Sumit, and Molly stood in front of Sumit and then suddenly slapped him.  Sumit looked at her shocked.

" Molly?! "

" Haan!  Molly!  Tumhari hone waali biwi!  Oops!  I'm sorry!  I don't think ke ab main tumhari hone waali biwi hoon! "

" Molly I'm sorry!  Woh... woh... mujhe yeh Amy zabardasti yahaan lekar aaya tha!  Meri iss mein koi galti nahin thi baby! "

"  Amy lekar aaya tha toh kya hua?  Maine dekha ki tum kis tarah inn strippers ke saath besharmo ki tarah dance kar rahe the!  Meri saari friends kehti thi.  Ki tum bachelor's party zaroor karoge.  Lekin nahin.  Main hi hamesha kehti thi ke nahin.  Mera Sumit aisa nahin.  But I was so bloody wrong!  Thank God!  Agar Riddhima ne yeh plan nahin banaya hota, toh aaj main tumhari sachaayi kabhi nahin jaan pati! " Molly said angrily.  Riddhima's name catched Armaan's attention.

" One sec!  Who's this Riddhima? "

" I'm Riddhima. " Riddhima came up from behind and the boys were shocked.

" You are Riddhima? " asked a bewildered Armaan.

" Haan.  Mujhe bohat pehle se pata tha ki Sumit kaisa ladka hain.  Toh maine aur Anji Di ne milkar yeh plan banaya tha ki hum iss tarah se Sumit ke sachaayi saamne laayenge.  And guess what?  My plan succeeded! " Riddhima said this as a matter-of-fact.  She then crossed her arms.

" Riddhima.  Main airport jaa rahi hoon.  Meri flight ab aadhe ghante mein hain. " Molly hugged Riddhima and then left.  Riddhima looked at the boys and was about to go when Armaan spoke up.

" Yo!  Riddhima! " Riddhima stopped and turned around.

" Tum kahaan jaa rahi ho?  Tum kaho toh, ruki huyi party, phirse shuru karein?  Or can we have a replacement?  You know.  The night is young babe! " Armaan said smugly and Riddhima went up to him.  She looked at him for a second, and then gave him a tight slap.  Armaan's hand automatically went up to his cheek and looked up and Riddhima.

" Why don't you take THIS as the replacement?  What say guys? " Riddhima said with a smug smile and then left, leaving an astonished Armaan behind.

" Nice!  I like this girl.  Iss ne Armaan Mallik ko thapar mara hain.  Toh kuch baat toh zaroor hain iss mein. " Armaan said with a smile.

" Armaan!  Tera dimaag toh thikhaane hain na?  Dude!  She just insulted you!  And you are saying, ki uss ladki mein koi baat hain?! " Rahul said shocked at Armaan's statement.

" Haan!  Aaj tak koi bhi ladki... Armaan Mallik ke charm se bach nahin paayi.  Sivaaye iss Riddhima ke.  Toh iss mein koi baat toh hogi hi naa? " Armaan turned around and answered with full confidence.

" Whatever Amy! " said Amit.  Soon they all left the club.

Flashback ends...

Riddhima came back to the present and looked at Armaan, who was standing at the bar, staring at Riddhima, with love and affection.  Both kept staring into each others' eyes for God knows how much time, when Sapna came, and took Riddhima with her to the dance floor. Soon the boys, too, joined the girls, and they all danced and danced for a long time. 

" Ok guys!  I'm tired now!  Bhookh bhi bohat lagi hain.  Let's go get something to eat! " Riddhima said, and the gang went back to the hotel.  They ate there and the boys went to the reception to get the keys.

" Thanks Rahul.  Club bohat hi achha tha.  It was really fun. " said Armaan.

" I know.  Lekin tune toh almost marva hi diya tha.  Dekha nahin?  Drink ke naam par Anjali kitna gussa ho gayi thi? " said Atul.

" Maine kya kiya?  Drink ka idea toh tera tha! "

" Guys!  Please!  Raat ke gyaara baje toh jhagra matt karo! " said Amit, and they all went to get the keys from the reception.  Once they got the keys, they turned around, only to be shocked.

Maya and Vivek were standing in front of them with their luggage being sent to their rooms.

' Maya?  Yeh yahaan kya kar rahi hain? ' Armaan thought to herself.

" Hey guys! " said Vivek.  He went up to them and hugged them.

" Not fair!  Tum log yahaan Kasauli aa gaye, aur mujhe ek baar bhi nahin bataya!  That is so unfair! " Vivek whined.

" Toh tu tha kahaan?  Kitni baar to tujhe phone try kiya.  Tu tha hi nahin, toh hum kya karein? " said Amit.  Rahul, who was standing beside Armaan, looked at him, and saw the tension on his face.

" Maya?  Aap yahaan kaise? " Rahul asked suspiciously.

" Woh mujhe actually tumse aur Armaan se business ko lekar kuch important kaam tha.  Iss hi liye main Vivek ke saath yahaan aa gayi. " Armaan, who wasn't able to tolerate her even for a second, left with his keys and went to his room.

" Um.  I think ab hume chalna chahiye.  We all are very tired.  Business ki baatein kal kar lenge.  If you don't mind. "

" No, no.  Of course not.  I totally understand. " Maya said and she went to get a room, while the boys went back to their rooms.

Armaan's Room...

Armaan went inside his room.  He took off the jacket that he was wearing, and threw it on the bed.  He sat on the bed and held his head.

" Woh ab yahaan kyun aa gayi?  Meri life puri tarah se barbaad karne ke baad kyun aayi hain woh?  Socha tha ki thode din use door rahunga aur Riddhima ko sab kuch sach, sach bata dunga lekin... damn!  Jee toh karta hain ki maar daaloon usse. " Armaan said to himself.  He was totally frustrated at Maya.

He got up and went to get changed.  He then went to bed, though sleep was miles away from him.  His thoughts wandered off to his second meeting with Riddhima.


Armaan was standing in the shower thinking about last night when he had met Riddhima.

After his encounter with Riddhima, Armaan wasn't able to get her off his mind for even a second.  He kept thinking about the way her body moved as she danced.  Every curve of her body was visible in that dress that she wore.  The way she moved her body was tempting.  He wanted to know how it would feel like to hold her in his arms, and when he danced with her, holding her really close to his body, he was sent off to a different planet.

She was very soft and silky like pure milk.  The fragrance coming from her made him want to taste her, but couldn't.

Armaan smiled at his own thoughts.

" Man, I wish.  Ek baar usse dobara mill jaaun.  He is so freakin' hot and sexy man!  Lekin Amy, usske chakar mein tu khud paagal, matt ho jana. " Armaan said to himself and then turned off the shower. He quickly got dressed and then drove off to college.

 He parked the car there and then went to the boys' locker room and met his friends there.

" What's up boys! "

" S'up! "

" Up for a match? " asked Rahul.

" No ways man! "

" Waise kal bohat bura hua Sumit ke saath.  Bechaara pakda gaya. " said Amit.

" Yup!  Lekin dude, yeh toh hona hi tha na.  Molly jaisi ladkiyaan hamesha one-woman man dhoondti rehti hain.  Aur aaj kal ke ladke aise nahin hote.  You know?  So I think it's good ki unn dono ka rishta toot gaya. "

" Tu aur teri philosophy. " Atul rolled his eyes.

" Ok guys!  Let's go to class.  Mujhe phirse late nahin hona. " The boys left for their classes.  They were going when they saw a few people staring in one direction.

" Yeh log kya dekh rahe hain? "

" Pata nahin. " They went further and saw a girl coming, though they couldn't see her face as the wind was blowing really hard for some reason.

The girl was wearing a rich pink strapless top with faded jeans.  She had high heals on for footwear, a watch in her left hand, and a couple of matching bangles on her right hand with matching butterfly earrings.  Her mouth was moving as she was chewing gum.  She had a small bag around her shoulder and she shaked her head in such a way that the hair moved away from her face.  Armaan breath almost stopped as he saw the girl's face.  It was none other than Riddhima!

She was walking with an attractive gait.  She had a smug smile on her face as she saw the boys checking her out.

" Stupid boys. " Riddhima slowly shook her head and said to herself.

She looked at the signs that were hanging down from the ceiling and one of the signs said 'Principal's Office ->'.  She smiled and went in the that office.

" Yeh toh kal raat waali ladki hain na?  Kya naam tha usska? " Rahul thought.

" Riddhima. " Armaan answered.

" Yea, yea.  Riddhima.  Lekin woh yahaan kya kar rahi hain? "

" Pata nahin.  Aur hume isse kya yaar.  Chal class mein jaate hain, warna Professor Shubhankar bohat bada lecture denge. " Armaan said, and they left for the class.  They entered the class and sat down in their seats.  After a minute or two, Professor Shubhankar entered the classroom and everyone took their seats.

" Good morning students. "

" Good morning sir. "

" Students aaj hum- " He started to speak when one of the administrators interrupted him.

" Professor Shubhankar. " He turned around and saw Ms. Lovely, the counselor, there.

" Yes Ms. Lovely? "

" You have a new student in your class from now on.  May I? "

" Yes of course. " He moved to the side to let Ms. Lovely come and she came and stood in front of the class.

" Hello students.  From now on you will have a new student in your class.  And she is Ms. Riddhima Gupta. Yeh abhi kuch dino pehle hi US se aayi hain. " Ms. Lovely called her, and Riddhima came into the class proudly and stood beside her.

" I hope that you don't have any problems here, and that you make many friends. " Ms. Lovely said with a smile.

" Thanks. " Ms. Lovely went away and she, then shook hands with Shubhankar.

" So Ms. Riddhima.  Why don't you go and sit over there beside Mr. Armaan? " He pointed towards the seat Armaan was sitting in, and she followed his gaze to see Armaan there.

' Oh.  So he's a student here?  Didn't quite expect this. ' Riddhima thought to herself.  She smiled at Shubhankar and then went to the seat assigned to her.

" Hmm.  So you're a student huh?  Kal ke dance ke baad toh aisa nahin lag raha tha. "

" Yes, I'm a student.  Aur jahaan tak baat rahi kal ke dance ki, toh you can forget about it.  Woh maine apni dost ki life bachaane ke liye kiya tha. " Riddhima answered looking straight at Shubhankar, who was teaching the class.

" Not bad.  You know what?  I like you.  We 2 together can make a really hot couple together?  Don't you think? "

" Nice try Armaan, but not interested.  Main tum jaise ladko ke mun bhi lagna pasand nahin karti.  Then just forget about making a hot couple. "

" Fine then.  Wanna bet?  Yeh hamara senior year hain.  So yeh year khatam hone se pehle, you're going to be my girlfriend.  What say? " Riddhima smirked.

" Shart mat lagao Armaan.  Haar jaoge. "

" Oh really? "

" Yup. "

" Toh bet lagao. " Riddhima scoffed.

" Fine.  It's a bet then. " She turned to him and said.  She turned back and they payed attention in class though only one thing was going on in their mind.  Beat the other one!  The class was soon over, and they were told to go home as they didn't have any other class left to attend.

Flashback ends...

Armaan thought about that day when everything had started.  As he kept thinking about it, he never knew when sleep came to him.  Soon Riddhima, too, came in and saw Armaan asleep.  She was surprised at first, but then thought that he probably would've been really tired.  So she didn't really think about and then went to sleep.

Who is that girl that is trying to snatch Armaan away from Riddhima?  Why does she hate Riddhima so much?  What had happened a year ago?  What truth is she talking about?  Stay tuned to find out...


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